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Appendix A,Checklist Immigrant, This guide contains Visa Office specific instructions for applications to be processed in Tokyo Japan under. the following Family Class Categories,grandparents. adopted children and,other relatives, Assemble all your documents as listed Check each applicable item on the checklist and attach the. checklist to your documents a paper clip will do Send originals of the immigration forms and all other. documents unless instructed otherwise If your documents are not in English or French send a notarized. certified translation with the original documents, Original documents will be returned to you after they have been examined If other documents are required. we will advise you If there are any discrepancies in the civil status documents you have submitted provide. a sworn affidavit explaining those discrepancies,1 IMMIGRATION FORMS.
Check that they are complete and where applicable signed. Additional Family Information IMM 5406 You and each of your family member 18 years of age. or older must complete their own copy of this form. Use of a Representative IMM 5476 If you want us to deal with a representative on your behalf. be sure you have completed and signed this form, 2 IDENTITY AND CIVIL STATUS DOCUMENTS FOR EACH APPLICANT. Birth or baptismal certificate if the birth is late registered include the original baptismal certificate. and or other original documents establishing identity such as old school records voter s ID etc. If you are married marriage certificate original certificate issued by the authority of the country. where you married, Note IRCC does not recognize a marriage which does not conform to the laws of the. country in which the marriage took place, If you are not married provide a Certificate of non marriage if possible. Certified copies of final divorce copy of divorce petition annulment or separation certificates for. you and spouse or common law partner death certificate for former spouse if applicable. If you are in a common law or conjugal relationship provide proof of that relationship. For Japanese nationals a certified official copy of and translation of your Koseki Tohon and. Kaiseigen Koseki Tohon All names in the register even the ones that have been removed. due to death marriage change of residence etc must be included The translation should be. done by a certified translator, For applicants who are parents or grandparents Marriage certificate if applicable Death. certificate of former spouse if widowed Birth certificates for the sponsor and applicants for parents. Birth certificate or a certified official copy of and translation of your unaltered Koseki Tohon and. Kaiseigen Koseki Tohon for the sponsor and sponsor s parents in the case of grandparents. being sponsored, Sponsorship III Parents grandparents adopted children Tokyo A 1.
3 INFORMATION ABOUT CHILDREN, Children s original birth certificates which name their parents If you are divorced or separated you. must submit proof that you have custody of the children that you have fulfilled all obligations in. custody agreements and that the children are free to move to Canada if applicable For Japanese. nationals a certified copy and translation of your unaltered Koseki Tohon and Kaiseigen. Koseki Tohon, If your child s age was locked in before August 1 2014 also submit. For dependant children aged 22 or over you must provide proof of continuous full time studies. complete school records transcripts since attaining age 22 letters from the school s indicating the. number of hours of classes attended per day and the number of days attended per week proof of. financial support by sponsor since attaining age 22 or medical history if they are unable to provide. for themselves due to a medical condition, For children adopted by the sponsor Adoption petition adoption decision certified true copy. child study report and home study report from Canada original birth certificate indicating the names. of the natural parents certified copy and translation of their unaltered Koseki Tohon and. Kaiseigen Koseki Tohon or amended birth certificate indicating the names of the adoptive. parents and evidence of communication with the sponsor including correspondence with. envelopes photos long distance phone calls receipts for financial support if applicable. For applicants who are orphaned Death certificates of parents or for Japanese nationals a. certified copy and translation of the applicant s unaltered Koseki Tohon and Kaiseigen Koseki. 4 TRAVEL DOCUMENTS AND PASSPORTS, Send copies of your passports or travel documents for you your spouse or common law partner and. dependent children The expiry date of the passport must be at least 18 months from the date of. your submission Include only copies of pages showing the passport number date of issue and. expiration your photo name date and place of birth If you are not a Japanese citizen include a. copy of your visa or proof of your current status in Japan. 5 PROOF OF RELATIONSHIP IN CANADA, Proof of relationship to your sponsor in Canada such as birth adoption and marriage certificates.
If your sponsor is a permanent resident of Canada photocopy of his or her Record of Landing. IMM1000 Confirmation of Permanent Residence IMM5292 or IMM 5688 or Permanent. Resident Card, If your sponsor is a Canadian citizen proof of Canadian citizenship such as a photocopy of the. bio data pages of his or her Canadian passport or Canadian citizenship card or proof of birth in. For Japanese nationals a certified official copy of your unaltered Koseki Tohon and. Kaiseigen Koseki Tohon All names in the Family Register even those which have been. removed due to death marriage change of residence etc must be included This document. must be translated and certified as a true translation of the original. 6 POLICE CERTIFICATES AND CLEARANCES, Please consult our Web site for specific and up to date information on how to obtain police. certificates from any country,7 ENGAGEMENT, Engagement if your intention is to live in the province of Qu bec. 8 PHOTO REQUIREMENTS, Supply two 2 recent photos for each member of your family and yourself Follow the instructions in. your guide see Photos in section on completing the Application for Permanent Residence in. Canada and in Appendix B Photo Specifications,9 A COPY OF THIS DOCUMENT CHECKLIST.
A 2 Sponsorship III Parents grandparents adopted children Tokyo. Mailing your application, Place all your documents and this checklist in a sealed envelope and mail them to. Sponsorship Type of sponsorship,Case Processing Centre Sydney. P O Box 9500,Sydney Nova Scotia, If you re sending the application using a courier service instead of by mail use the. following address,Sponsorship Type of sponsorship,Case Processing Centre Sydney. 49 Dorchester Street,Sydney Nova Scotia, Sponsorship III Parents grandparents adopted children Tokyo A 3.
Appendix B,Photo Specifications,Notes to the applicant. TAKE THIS WITH YOU TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER, Make sure that you provide the correct number of photos specified in this guide. You must provide identical and unaltered photographs. Photographs may be in colour or in black and white. Photographs must be original and not altered in any way or taken from an existing photograph. Photographs must reflect your current appearance taken within the past six 6 months. Notes to the photographer,The photos must be,taken by a commercial photographer. 50 mm x 70 mm 2 inches wide x 2 3 4 inches long and sized so the height of the face measures between 31 mm. and 36 mm 1 1 4 inches and 1 7 16 inches from chin to crown of head natural top of head. clear sharp and in focus, taken with a neutral facial expression eyes open and clearly visible mouth closed no smiling. taken with uniform lighting and not show shadows glare or flash reflections. taken straight on with face and shoulders centered and squared to the camera i e the photographs must show. the full front view of the person s head and shoulders showing the full face centered in the middle of the. photograph, taken in front of a plain white background with a clear difference between the person s face and.
the background Photographs must reflect and represent natural skin tones. The back of one 1 photograph must, bear the name and date of birth of the subject as well as the name and complete address of the photography. bear the date the photograph was taken, The photographer may use a stamp or handwrite this information Stick on labels are unacceptable. Appendix C,Medical Instructions, Everyone included in your application whether accompanying you or not must undergo a medical. examination with a physician on the list of designated doctors If you are a divorced or separated parent a. minor child of whom you have joint or sole custody is considered a dependent child even if he or she usually. lives with the other parent and is not accompanying you to Canada. This office will forward medical instructions as soon as we receive your completed Application for. Permanent Residence in Canada form and have reviewed your application You will be responsible for the. costs of the medical examination for all your family members At the time of medical examination you and. all family members will be required to present individual passports as evidence of identity If each of your. family members does not already have an individual passport you should apply to obtain them now. The permanent resident visa usually has the same validity period as the medical results that is 12 months. from the date of the first examination or test,Family Class Application Tokyo C 1. Citizenship Canada Immigration R fugi s et Citoyennet Canada IMMIGRATION Canada Family Class Sponsorship of parents grandparents adopted children and other relatives Visa Office Specific Instructions Japan IMM 3041 E 09 2019 Table of Contents Appendix A Checklist Immigrant Appendix B Photo Specifications Appendix C Medical Instructions Ce guide est galement disponible en fran ais

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