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Table of Contents,Wired Connected,Lighting System,Solutions overview 4. Built in energy saving lighting control strategies 5. iLumin Plus system and integration 6 7,iLumin Plus system 8. Benefits 9 13,System components 14 15,Network devices and accessories 16 17. Tools for facility managers 21,Basic steps to design an iLumin System 22 23. Best practices FAQs 24 25,Installation design guidelines 26 29.
ControlSpec design tool 30 31,Energy codes application notes 32. Quick Reference Guide 33,Application code compliant sequence 34 35. 2 EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide,Wired Connected Lighting System. Eaton s iLumin Plus is one single lighting control The iLumin Plus system can be. solution for all traditional wired control application. needs This DIN Rail based lighting control system,configured using one or more of the. is capable of supporting energy management code standard IL Series panel configurations. compliance DMX lighting and individual addressable to create a powerful lighting control. lighting control applications all from a single platform. solution that can perform a variety of,Each panel configuration is fully networkable and.
commissioned via the iCANSuite software package,functions such as. Occupancy Vacancy sensing A V Integration,Scheduling Partitioning. Daylighting DMX control,Shade Control BMS integration. Modular Scalable Simple,EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide 3. Solutions overview, Eaton provides a number of product solutions to meet your code and application.
requirements This guide provides information on how iLumin Plus can be used to. meet or exceed your code and application requirements. Distributed,Room Low Voltage LumaWatt,WaveLinx iLumin Plus Fifth Light PoE. Controller Power Pro, Space type Interior Interior Interior Interior Interior Any. Stand alone or Network Both Stand alone Both Network Network Network Network. Need based feature progression,Basic compliance only. Occupancy sensing,Daylight harvesting,Zone control. Scheduling,0 10V dimming,Individual fixture control.
Retrofit Building Integration,Total wireless connectivity. A V integration,BMS integration,UI options touchscreen apps etc. Enterprise level building integration,Facility management tools. Floor plan reporting tools,Value added services,Asset tracking. API integration,Analytics higher problem solving,Cost progression.
per sq ft controls only 0 75 1 25 1 00 1 75 1 75 2 00 2 50. Installation cost controls fixtures,Commissioning cost. Return on investment, Based on same coverage area installed with Eaton fixtures. Price above is only for comparison For actual pricing contact your local sales representative. 4 EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide,Built in energy saving lighting. control strategies, iLumin Plus provides these energy saving strategies with a simple configuration app. STRATEGY DESCRIPTION SAVINGS, Manual personal dimming control is one of five alternative methods to meet.
Manual the multi level lighting control requirements. Occupancy vacancy sensing provides Manual On Automatic Off or. Automatic On Automatic Off and Partial Off capabilities. Daylight dimming provides multiple daylight dimming zones that. automatically adjust the lighting based on daylight available in the space or 20 45. Daylighting, fixture integrated sensors for completely granular daylighting control. Plug load control automatically turns On receptacles upon occupancy. regardless of light status Ensures receptacles are turned Off when the space. Receptacle Controlled loads, High end Task Tuning lowers the maximum light level for automatic energy. Tuning savings, Demand Response automatically reduces light level based on signal from. Demand 3rd party system,BACnet Coordinate control through BMS. Remote Signal Remote Signal Control Communicates to 3rd party systems via API. Outdoor Control automatically adjust area site flood lighting via. Outdoor scheduling or astronomic clock,EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide 5.
iLumin Plus System and Integration,PANELS MODULES,SCMR1220 NA. 12 ea 20A Relays,SCMH1200 NA,12 ea 0 10V Outputs,Medium 4 ea DALI buses. Ethernet Gateway,PC Connection,iCANSoft Suite iLumin Remote. System Setup Area control,Commissioning Zone control. Scheduling Control Scene control,6 EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide.
2 wire topology,5 wire bus,polarity free device,Touchscreen. Wallstation Wallstation,Ceiling TC1,2 Wire Sensor Highbay Multi. Sensor Time,Powerpack Sensor Sensor,Relay Phase,0 10V Fixture Control Forward Phase Dimmer. INTEGRATION,BMS Pro 2 EG 2 NA SCD96 NA RI 2 NA S1 2 NA. BACnet Ethernet DMX Relay Serial,Interface Interface Interface Interface Interface.
LOW VOLTAGE EMERGENCY,INTEGRATION,UIM UIG 2 NA, Partition and Partition and IRTR Partition RRU UNV Emergency CEPC 1 D Emergency. Input Interface Input Interface Sensor Panel Control Circuit Control. EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide 7,iLumin Plus System. Simplified,controls wiring,2 wire controls wiring polarity topology free. wallstation occupancy LED luminaire with DALI driver. daylight Sensor,0 10V LED powerpack relay pack for. controller LED or plug load,iLumin Plus panel,ILS 0020 0 10V LED luminaire.
8 DALI buses dual technology,occupancy sensor,system offering Facility Manager. ICANSoft Suite,Reverse phase track lighting,DMX Fixture Curtain Blind BACnet. Control Control BMS Pro Building,Management,DMX Fixture. RS 485 GND,Relay Out 0 10V to Reverse,Phase Module Circuit Breaker Panel. Building LAN or VLAN,Large Panel,36 Relays 36 0 10V EG2 inside.
Building WLAN,AV Partitoning,36 Relays Small Panel. 24 Relays 0 10V zones 0 Relays 0 10V 8 DALI bus,Circuit Breaker Panel zones. Touchscreen,Medium Panel,24 Relays 12 0 10V 4 DALI bus. Circuit Breaker,TC1 8 DALI buses,Network timeclock. iCANet Daisy chain CANBUS network using Belden 1502 or 1502P cable. 2 wire control wiring polarity topology free,8 EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide.
Reduce installation cost and time for sensors switches and individual fixture control with 2 wire topology. polarity free bus, Achieve more applications with plenum rated panels that include 25K SCCR. Simplify complete building integration and control with a system that supports sensors touchscreens Partitioning 0 10V. relays DALI DMX BACnet and AV integration, Get smart building ready with internal Ethernet Gateways allowing IoT connectivity. Problems Solved, Do you want to control complete building lighting via area relay zone 0 10V individual DALI or DMX. all from the same system, Are you looking for a system that can integrate with commercial AV systems. Do you need a system that can provide partitioning control of complex spaces. Would you need to connect your system to a BMS or other system to extract value added data and gather. data from the system, Do you need a future proof system that provides simplified control wiring to complete your complex system faster.
2 wire control wiring polarity topology free,Wallstation. Relay pack for,LED or plug load,2 wire control wiring polarity topology free. Wallstation,Daylight Sensor Occupancy Sensor,controller. Occupancy Wallstation,LED Luminaire Daylight Sensor. with DALI driver,LED Luminaire,with 0 10V driver,EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide 9.
A Selecting the right panel configurations, 1 Before selecting the panel configurations emergency circuits must be identified separately from normal circuits. Initially use guidelines below keeping normal circuits in mind Revert back if you need to for the emergency circuits. once you have determined the emergency scheme, 2 Selecting the correct panel configuration requires that you have determined the total number of relays 0 10V. dimmers and or DALI devices and types that are needed within your panel There are rules to be followed to. complete this step Use tables next page for reference. 3 Use the formulas below to determine how many of each module is needed. 4 iLumin Plus panel configurations are defined with the quantity of each module specified in the product catalog. number See available catalog options below,Number Number Number. of Relays of 0 10V of DALI,Dimmers Devices,Divide by 12 Divide by 12 Divide by 64. for number of for number of for number of,SCMR1220 NA ILM 2111.
SCMH1200 NA buses, The iLumin Plus panel configuration includes place holders within the catalog number to define how many of each. module to include within the panel,NUMBER OF NUMBER OF NUMBER OF NUMBER OF. Sample iLumin Plus panel configuration,SCMR1220 NA SCMH1200 NA SCMD4 EG2. This section of the catalog number defines how many of each module are contained within the panel configuration. Selecting the right iLumin Plus panel configuration. Using the information provided select the appropriate configuration from the list of iLumin Plus panel. configurations below,SIZE OF NUMBER OF NUMBER OF NUMBER OF NUMBER OF. PANEL SCMR1220 SCMH1200 SCMD4 EG2,10 EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide.
PANEL SIZE CATALOG NO DESCRIPTION,Small ILS 0010 Small IL Panel with 4 DALI buses. Small ILS 1100 Small IL Panel with 12 20A Relays and 12 0 10V dimmers. Small ILS 0020 Small IL Panel with 8 DALI buses,Small ILS 2000 Small IL Panel with 24 20A Relays. ILM 2201 Medium IL panel with 24 20A Relays and 24 0 10V dimmers and EG2. ILM 2200 Medium IL panel with 24 20A Relays and 24 0 10V dimmers. ILM 2111 Medium IL panel with 24 20A Relays and 12 0 10V dimmers 4 DALI buses and EG2. ILM 2110 Medium IL panel with 24 20A Relays and 12 0 10V dimmers 4 DALI buses. ILM 0041 Medium IL panel with 16 DALI buses and EG2. ILM 0040 Medium IL panel with 16 DALI buses, ILM 3001 Medium IL panel with 36 20A Relays and EG2. ILM 3000 Medium IL panel with 36 20A Relays, ILM 4001 Medium IL panel with 48 20A Relays and EG2. ILM 4000 Medium IL panel with 48 20A Relays, ILL 3301 Large IL panel with 36 20A Relays and 36 0 10V dimmers and EG2.
ILL 3300 Large IL panel with 36 20A Relays and 36 0 10V dimmers. ILL 4401 Large IL panel with 48 20A Relays and 48 0 10V dimmers and EG2. ILL 4400 Large IL panel with 48 20A Relays and 48 0 10V dimmers. iLumin Plus module information, The table below provides information about each module to assist with loading calculations. SCMR1220 NA SCMH1200 NA SCMD4, Size 8 35 x3 54 x2 28 8 35 x3 54 x2 28 4 48 x3 9 x2 20. of Loads 12 12 64 4,Load types LED LED LED, Voltages 120 230 277VAC 0 10VDC 16V 250mA per loop. 80 drivers per channel,20A per relay, Current 500 drivers total per module 2mA per device. 192A total per module,Assumes 2mA per driver,Requires relay for On Off control.
Requirements,SCMR1220 NA,For each LDCM dimmer add,1 SCMH1200 channel. EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide 11,B Selecting the right emergency scheme. Do you need,individual fixture or,INDIVIDUAL circuit level control CIRCUIT. FIXTURE LEVEL,Is the fixture,powered by,Emergency Circuits YES Do you want UL924. for the entire panel,or just a circuit,Is the fixture iLUMIN.
ADD BATTERY PACK ADD THE RRU UNV,See individual fixture iLumin Plus panel. for ordering information must be powered by,emergency power. ADD THE CEPC 1 D,DALI Circuit must have,normal and emergency. power sources,ADD THE RRU X UNV,Integrated in fixture. Fixture must have,both normal and,emergency power,ADD THE FLT DAC DALI DC2.
Integrated in fixture,Fixture must have,emergency power. 12 EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide, iLumin Plus panel with a RRU UNV for emergency override. Emergency Hot,Light Load,Normal hot,Alarm input,SCMR1220 NA. Normal neutral,SCMR1220 NA 0 10V Fixtures,Emergency Neutral. iLumin Plus panel must be power by emergency power source. iLumin Plus controlled circuit with CEPC 1 D for emergency override. Normal Hot Normal,Sensing Hot,Relay output,SCMH1200 NA Light Load.
Switched Hot,Normal Hot Emergency,0 10V Fixture,UL924 Control. Fixture always powered by emergency source,Forced to full bright upon loss of normal power. SCMR1220 NA,Normal Neutral, iLumin Plus controlled fixture with FLT DAC DALI DC1 for emergency override. Normal Hot,Normal Hot,Relay output,SCMD4 Normal Neutral. FLT DAC DALI DC1 Light Load,FLT DAC DALI DC2,SCMD4 0 10V Fixture.
Normal Neutral,EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide 13. System components,ILUMIN PLUS SYSTEM COMPONENTS,SCMR1220 NA. This feed through relay unit provides outstanding features and performance in a. truly competitive and compact package Each channel is rated for up to 20A and is. designed to switch heavy loads including LEDs Recommend using only 16A per. channel due to the overall module max of 192A,12 20A feed through relays. 120 277VAC 50 60Hz, Switches resistive inductive and capacitive lighting loads. Manual override of loads,DALI interface 12 address DALI end device.
Panel Control INPUT DEVICES Ineo Wallstation Touchscreen FDW Wallstation Highbay Sensor 8 EATON iLumin Plus design and application guide wallstation 0 10V LED powerpack controller occupancy daylight Sensor 2 wire controls wiring polarity topology free dual technology occupancy sensor iLumin Plus panel ILS 0020 8 DALI buses SCMD4 SCMD4 relay pack for LED or plug load LED luminaire with

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