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from the President,It s All About Our Vision,What do I want to be when I grow up. This question has been asked of us many times and is often answered without much. thought with a simple I don t know While this answer may be acceptable for individuals. it can be ruinous for organizations, Strategic plans position organizations to answer this question clearly The heart of a. strategic plan is its vision statement Too often such statements are generic A vision statement. should do two things identify the institution and define its priorities We have written a new. vision statement for IIT that meets these two criteria see p 15. From February 2008 until May 2009 we engaged the entire IIT community in developing. the university s vision priorities and goals and the outcome is a new strategic plan for IIT. Many Voices One Vision We worked hard to answer the questions what do we want to be. and how do we get there, Now we embark on the next important stage implementation Task forces are being set. up to define and execute the initiatives required by the vision for example an Innovation. Sandbox an International Academy and elements of a distinctive IIT education This stage. is not easy but I believe that setting a high target as described by our vision statement was. even more difficult Now we know what we are aiming to do. Our strategic plan is a living document and will be adjusted annually to reflect changes in. circumstances internal and external to the university Strategies will be modified to cope. with changing conditions and to exploit new opportunities but the vision remains constant. It is our target and will not move until it is achieved. An important facet of strategic planning is its level of expectations There is great value. in setting high expectations My four decades of faculty service have convinced me that. when you expect more you get more Expectations of oneself and others represent a critical. component to improvement We are aiming high and we intend to get there. It s all about our vision It is aggressive and optimistic To reach our goals we need the. help of the entire IIT community alumni and friends faculty staff students the Board of. Trustees and our local community I invite you to participate and look forward to hearing. from you as we implement our plan You are welcome to submit your ideas to Many Voices. One Vision via email at manyvoices iit edu,John L Anderson. iitmagazine,ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT,DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS.
Jeffrey D Bierig,Chelsea Kalberloh Jackson,CONTRIBUTORS. Pat Cronin,Marcia Faye,Richard Harth,Steve Hendershot. Julie Morley,Linda Packer,ART DIRECTOR,Nancy Niequist Schoon. Scott Benbrook,Marty Schalm,Nancy Niequist Schoon,Jessica Serafin. IIT MAGAZINE IS PUBLISHED,THREE TIMES A YEAR BY THE 13.
OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS,COVER STORY,IIT Magazine was a 2007 and 2009. recipient of the Publicity Club of The Sum of Its Parts. Chicago Silver Trumpet Award, for Excellence in Newspapers IIT s new strategic plan Many. or Magazines Voices One Vision is the result,2009 of a 16 month effort to define. IIT Magazine is printed on quantify and embark on the. FSC certified recycled paper, Read it share it recycle it university s future path. SEND LETTERS TO,IIT Magazine,Office of Communications.
3300 South Federal Street Suite 503,Chicago IL 60616 3793. OR EMAIL iitmagazine iit edu,SEND ALUMNI NEWS TO,alumni iit edu. Founded in 1890 Illinois Institute,of Technology is a private Ph D. granting university that awards,degrees in engineering the sciences. architecture law design psychology,humanities and business 16 18 20.
IIT MISSION STATEMENT Life as Laboratory The Whole Picture No 1 FAN. To provide distinctive and relevant, education in an environment For new Armour College When assessing work Scarlet Fever is taking over. of scientific technological and Dean Natacha DePaola and life Hank Kohlbrand Main Campus and Ray. professional knowledge creation science and engineering finds appreciation in his Ballard CHE 4th year is. and innovation, have been her life s global view leading the outbreak. IIT Armour College of Engineering work both at home. IIT Center for Professional Development and in the lab. IIT Chicago Kent College of Law,IIT College of Architecture. IIT College of Science and Letters,IIT Institute of Design. Departments,IIT Institute of Psychology 2 Campus News.
IIT Stuart School of Business,8 Faculty News, ADA STATEMENT IIT MAGAZINE ONLINE only content 10 Research Briefs. Illinois Institute of Technology provides, individuals with disabilities reasonable A new Web only component has been added to 22 Alumni News. accommodations to participate in IIT Magazine online Read extended coverage of. university activities programs and 32 Rewind, stories featured in the print edition as well as special. services Individuals with disabilities, requiring an accommodation should online only content Visit www iit edu magazine. call the activity program or service and find more. director For further information about,IIT s resources contact the IIT Center for.
Disability Resources at disabilities iit edu,Letters campusnews. Story Sparks Personal Playboy Memory YPO Event Draws Leaders. In connection to the spring 2009 IIT Magazine,article on Playboy alumnus Art Paul you might be. to Main Campus, interested in the following story which I recounted. in my December 2001 Commencement speech at On May 19 the Young President s Organization YPO held its reception and dinner. IIT s winter graduation on Main Campus to discuss the topic Going Green at 150 mph. My father Haim Reingold was on the IIT faculty Guests were invited to test drive Tesla roadsters high performance all electric. since before my birth so I had spent many many sports cars around campus IIT faculty members also showcased some of their. days with him on campus work in energy and sustainability biomedical science and engineering and. and could not as an company startups, undergraduate suddenly The featured dinner speaker was Bob Galvin IIT regent and former YPO chapter. become anonymous One president He discussed both the early years of YPO which he helped found along. day as a new freshman with fellow university regents Bob Pritzker IE 46 and Al Self and his Perfect. in 1963 I was sitting in Power initiative,the barbershop in The.
Commons waiting to get,a haircut The barber,a man who had been. cutting my hair since I was a little boy announced. to all assembled that I was the reason there was,no Playboy magazine to be read there a staple in. barbershops for decades,He went on to explain that when I was 9. around 1955 I was in the barbershop waiting for,my turn when I discovered and read a copy of that. magazine That evening I told my mother about it,She was not pleased so she called the wife of.
John Rettaliata president of IIT whom she,knew through the faculty wives club Playboy. disappeared from the barbershop and was gone,for at least a dozen years. Professor Edward M Reingold MATH 67 IIT Regent Bob Galvin test drives a Tesla. IIT Department of Computer Science,Is It Less or More. The smart grid New Grid in Town spring 2009,keeps sounding like more stuff for me to manage. keeping track of my house s power If it s so, smart it should require less attention from me Not.
more right More isn t always better,Interesting thanks. Thom Westergren,Write back,IIT Magazine welcomes all signed letters to the. editor and edits letters for content and clarity,Please send correspondence to. Among the YPO event attendees were several IIT trustees including. IIT Magazine front row left to right Craig Duchossois Bob Pritzker IE 46 and Antonio Gracias. c o Letters back row left to right Tim Haggerty current president YPO Chicago Chapter. 3300 South Federal Street Suite 503 IIT President John Anderson Al Self Bob Galvin and IIT Trustee Tim Stojka. Chicago IL 60616,Email iitmagazine iit edu Photos Richard Shay. DISTINCTIVELY DEFINE THE IIT GRADUATE,IIT to Develop International Academy.
How do you build future global leaders Give them a global education. For most universities that may include teaching resources and cultural events to help students university to focus its efforts internationally. foreign languages or offering academic and expand their knowledge of multiple cultures says Wasan This program would allow IIT to. volunteer opportunities abroad While these and to give them a framework for reflection take its global efforts to the next level. efforts expose students to new cultures and and discussion so they can begin to develop a The International Academy will build on IIT s. ways of thinking there are no programs in the global mindset strengths Among U S universities IIT currently. United States that provide students a holistic We expect that the academy will help us enrolls the greatest percentage of international. experience says Darsh Wasan IIT vice attract the top students from the U S and students has offices in Paris Beijing Seoul. president of international affairs abroad says Wasan and Bangalore India and offers master s degree. A component of the Many Voices One As Wasan envisions it the academy will programs online in India In 2001 the university. Vision strategic plan the IIT International be open to undergraduate and graduate established an International Board of Overseers. Academy will become the country s signature students and will provide composed of global business leaders The. international education program for competitive scholarships International Academy would also tap. undergraduate and graduate students The goal co op experience and as a resource IIT s Leadership Academy. is to educate future global leaders who are not interdisciplinary research which provides developmental training. only proficient in their fields but also prepared projects focused on major for undergraduates with exceptional. for the demands of the global economy global issues The academy leadership potential. The concept of the IIT International will also facilitate exchanges President John Anderson has appointed. Academy expands on the traditional residential in which students and faculty a task force to help Wasan develop the. college model in which students with similar could conduct research and International Academy Wasan is also. interests or academic majors live together The study or teach at partner contacting executives of global companies. academy will provide an environment in which universities abroad to research the attributes they look for. Darsh Wasan, international and American students from all The International Academy in future leaders as well as working. majors can learn from each other informally has the potential to continue with students alumni and faculty to. in their daily lives It will also provide an the visionary work of Bob Galvin IIT trustee learn their views on the structure and facilities. integrated program of leadership workshops and regent who in the 1994 strategic plan the required of this new initiative. service projects speakers symposia language National Commission for IIT encouraged the. Green Light for Metra Stop Near IIT, The groundbreaking event in June made it official after several years. of planning a new Metra station will be built next to IIT Main Campus. Speaking at the event held at Federal and 35th streets near the station s. location Congressman Bobby Rush formally launched the construction of. the new station which will be dedicated to former State Representative. Lovana S Lou Jones who served the Bronzeville area for 20 years until. her death in 2006, One of the first shovel ready projects in Chicago to be awarded. stimulus dollars the train stop is proceeding thanks to 4 9 million in. federal funds secured by Rush and 6 9 million in stimulus funding. IIT is providing a permanent easement of its property along Federal Street. to Metra for the new Rock Island Line station which is expected to open. Illustration courtesy Skidmore Owings Merrill iit magazine 3. campusnews,What I Did Last Summer, Ryan McClure CHEM 3rd year put the carefree days of summer aside in order to pursue a Traction Developing on. modest goal discovering a cure for cancer, McClure a chemistry major in the College of Science and Letters spent the summer.
UTP s International, working with Joy Chong assistant professor of chemistry With grants from the National Soft Landing Strategy. Institutes of Health Chong is working to develop drugs that can be employed for cancer. therapeutic and diagnostic applications such as radio immunotherapy magnetic resonance. imaging and positron emission tomography PET The goal is to produce highly tumor. specific safe and effective cancer drugs, A second generation chemist his father received bachelor s and master s degrees in. chemistry and analytical chemistry respectively McClure approached Chong about. research opportunities in her lab after taking her Organic Chemistry course He worked. with her during the spring 2009 semester and then applied for and was accepted into CSL s. Undergraduate Summer Research Program The program provides students with a 5 000. stipend to spend 10 weeks concentrating on his or her research under faculty guidance. McClure s project Synthesis of a macrocyclic bifunctional lig. to all assembled that I was the reason there was no Playboy magazine to be read there a staple in barbershops for decades He went on to explain that when I was 9 around 1955 I was in the barbershop waiting for my turn when I discovered and read a copy of that magazine That evening I told my mother about it

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