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For my brother,Hamish Hamilton Ltd,Published by the Penguin Group. 27 Wrights Lane London W8 5TZ England, Viking Penguin Inc 40 West 23rd Street New York New York 10010 USA. Penguin Books Australia Ltd Ringwood Victoria Australia. Penguin Books Canada Ltd 2801 John Street Markham Ontario Canada L3R 1B4. Penguin Books NZ Ltd 182 190 Wairau Road Auckland 10 New Zealand. Penguin Books Ltd Registered Offices Harmondsworth Middlesex England. First published in France by Editions Olivier Orban 1988. First published in Great Britain by Hamish Hamilton Ltd 1990. Copyright C Viktor Suvorov 1990,1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2. All rights reserved Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above no part of this publication may. be reproduced stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of both. the copyright owner and the above publisher of this book. Filmset in Linotron Bembo at The Spartan Press Ltd Lymington Hants. Printed in Great Britain by Richard Clay Ltd Bungay Suffolk. A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN 0 241 126223,By the same author,THE LIBERATORS. INSIDE THE SOVIET ARMY,SOVIET MILITARY INTELLIGENCE.
List of Maps, MAP I Destruction of the Red Army s Defensive System. MAP 2 First Strategic Echelon of the Red Army, MAP 3 Preparations to Destroy the Rumanian Oil fields. List of Illustrations,Icebreaker in Action,Soviet Tanks. Soviet Parachutists,In Training,Winged Tank KT A 40. Invasion Preparations,BT Soviet Tanks,Exercises in Bridge building.
Marshal Timonshenko and Marshal Zhukov Troops Ready for an Offensive. GULAG Prisoner,List of Maps vii,List of Illustrations ix. To the Reader xv,CHAPTER 1 The Road to Happiness 1. CHAPTER 2 The Main Enemy 8,CHAPTER 3 Why Arms for the Communists 14. CHAPTER 4 Why Stalin Partitioned Poland 25,CHAPTER 5 The Pact and its Results 31. CHAPTER 6 When Did the Soviet Union Enter World War II 37. CHAPTER 7 Extending the Foundations of War 47, CHAPTER 8 Why Howitzer Artillery for the Chekists 58.
CHAPTER 9 Why the Security Zone was Dismantled on the Eve of War 67. CHAPTER 10 Why Stalin Abolished the Stalin Line 82. CHAPTER 11 Partisans or Saboteurs 100, CHAPTER 12 Why Did Stalin Need Ten Airborne Assault Corps 107. CHAPTER 13 The Winged Tank 115,CHAPTER 14 On to Berlin 121. CHAPTER 15 The Marine Infantry in the Forests of Byelorussia 131. CHAPTER 16 What are Armies of Covering Forces 135, CHAPTER 17 Mountain Divisions on the Steppes of the Ukraine 151. CHAPTER 18 The Purpose of the First Strategic Echelon 163. CHAPTER 19 Stalin in May 166,CHAPTER 20 Words and Actions 182. CHAPTER 21 Living Peaceably with Sharp Teeth 188,CHAPTER 22 The TASS Report 195.
CHAPTER 23 The Military Districts 226,CHAPTER 24 The Black Divisions 234. CHAPTER 25 The Kombrigs and the Komdivs 242, CHAPTER 26 Why the Second Strategic Echelon was Formed 248. CHAPTER 27 Undeclared War 265,CHAPTER 28 Why Stalin Deployed the Fronts 275. CHAPTER 29 Why Stalin Did Not Trust Churchill 302, CHAPTER 30 Why Stalin Did Not Trust Richard Sorge 313. CHAPTER 31 How Hitler Frustrated Stalin s War 325,CHAPTER 32 Did Stalin Have a War Plan 336.
CHAPTER 33 The War Which Never Was 344,The West with its imperialist ogres has. become a centre of darkness and slavery,The task is to destroy this centre to the joy. and relief of the workers,STALIN Zhizn Narsional nosti. To the Reader, Who started the Second World War There is no single answer to this question The Soviet government for. example has repeatedly changed its official line on the issue. On 18 September 1939 they stated in an official note that the government of Poland was the instigator of. the war On 3o November 1939 however Stalin named other culprits in the newspaper Pravda France and. Britain attacked Germany thereby taking upon themselves the responsibility for the present war he. wrote By 5 May 1941 the story had changed again in a secret speech to graduates of military academies. Stalin laid the responsibility on Germany, After the war had ended this circle of culprits grew Stalin announced that the most blood stained war in.
the history of humanity had been started by all the capitalist countries in the world in other words all the. sovereign states in the world including Sweden and Switzerland but excluding the Soviet Union. Stalin s view has long been established in communist mythology During the times of Khrushchev and. Brezhnev and as recently as Andropov and Chernenko these accusations against the rest of the world were. frequently repeated Under Gorbachev much is changing in the Soviet Union but Stalin s view about who. started the war remains unchallenged Lieutenant General P A Zhilin chief historian of the Soviet Army. repeated during the Gorbachev era that the perpetrators of the war were not only the imperialists of. Germany but of the whole world Red Star 24 September 1985. I would like to suggest that from the beginning of the war the Soviet communists made accusations against. every country in the world with the deliberate intention of concealing their own role as its instigators. After the First World War the Treaty of Versailles deprived Germany of the right to a strong army and. offensive weapons including tanks military aircraft heavy artillery and submarines German commanders. were unable to use German territory to train for the waging of offensive wars So they began to make their. preparations in the Soviet Union Everything possible was done on Stalin s orders to enable German. commanders to carry out military training on Soviet territory They were given training classes artillery and. shooting ranges as well as tanks heavy artillery and military aircraft which under the terms of the Treaty. they had no right to receive Similarly German commanders were given access to Soviet tank manufacturing. plants the most powerful in the world Look remember and copy From the 1920s on sparing neither. resources nor effort nor indeed time Stalin revived the strike power of German militarism Certainly not. against himself For what purpose There is only one answer so that war would be declared on the rest of. Stalin understood that a powerful aggressive army does not start a war by itself A mad fanatical leader is. also needed Stalin did a great deal to see that just such a leader should appear at the head of the German. nation Once the fascists had come to power Stalin persistently and doggedly pushed towards war The high. point of these efforts was the Molotov Ribbentrop pact In this pact Stalin guaranteed Hitler freedom of action. in Europe and in effect opened the floodgates of the Second World War. Even before the Nazis came to power the Soviet leaders had given Hitler the unofficial name of Icebreaker. for the Revolution The name is both apt and fitting The communists understood that Europe would be. vulnerable only in the event of war and that the Icebreaker for the Revolution could make it vulnerable. Unaware of this Adolf Hitler cleared the way for world communism by his actions With his Blitzkrieg wars. Hitler crushed the Western democracies scattering and dispersing his forces from Norway to Libya This. suited Stalin admirably The Icebreaker committed the greatest crimes against the world and humanity and. in doing so placed in, Stalin s hands the moral right to declare himself the liberator of Europe at any time he chose while changing. the concentration camps from brown to red, Stalin understood better than Hitler that a war is won by the side which enters it last and not by the one. which goes into it first Stalin granted Hitler the doubtful honour of being the first while he himself prepared. for his unavoidable entry into the war after all the capitalists will have fought amongst themselves Stalin. Vol 6 p 158, Much has been done to uncover the crimes of Nazism and find the butchers who perpetrated atrocities in its. name This work must be continued and stepped up But while unmasking fascists one must also expose the. Soviet communists who encouraged the Nazis to commit their crimes so that they could avail themselves of. the results of these crimes, The communists weeded their archives thoroughly a long time ago but what still remains preserved there is. almost inaccessible to researchers I was fortunate enough to work briefly in the archives of the Soviet. Ministry of Defence but quite intentionally I am making little use of secret archival material Overt Soviet. publications are my main source Even these are quite sufficient to place Soviet communists in the dock with. My chief witnesses are Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky Stalin and all the Soviet wartime marshals and many. leading generals The Soviet communists admit that they used Hitler to unleash a war in Europe and. prepared a sudden blow at Hitler himself in order to seize a Europe which had been destroyed by him The. value of my sources lies in the fact that it is the criminals themselves who speak of their own crimes. I know that on the communist side there are many apologists I took the communists at their word so let us. allow them to defend themselves independently,Viktor Suvorov.
ICEBREAKER Who Started the Second World War Viktor Suvorov Translated by Thomas B Beattie HAMISH HAMILTON London For my brother Hamish Hamilton Ltd Published by the Penguin Group 27 Wrights Lane London W8 5TZ England Viking Penguin Inc 40 West 23rd Street New York New York 10010 USA Penguin Books Australia Ltd Ringwood Victoria Australia Penguin Books Canada Ltd 2801 John Street

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