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I will remember the deeds of the Lord,yes I will remember your wonders of old. Psalm 77 11,WELCOME to year one of LifePoint s, discipleship program Plan and Promise The Story of God s People. This four year course is designed to give you an understanding of. the big picture of God s Word The weekly classes along with this. devotional are designed to help you develop a routine and a desire to. be in the Word daily God s written Word is to be your guide and your. source of blessing The Bible reveals God for the Bible is God s very. Word Through His Word God makes Himself known You cannot. fully know God or grow in your faith without it As Moses told Israel. in Deuteronomy 32 47 For it is no empty word for you but your very. This first year of Plan and Promise will focus on the story of God s. people in God s place under God s rule experiencing God s blessing. Through it you will trace the story line of God s people from Adam. to Abraham to the calling of the nation of Israel and finally to the. establishment of the New Testament Church This first year will be. divided into two main sections, Intro to Biblical Literature 1 Creation and Calling. This foundational section is designed to introduce the issues. of Scripture rooted in the concept of God and the Biblical. understanding of Man It will examine the nature of the. relationship between God and man as seen through God s. covenants with man This study of God s people will move. from creation to the calling of Abraham and the forming of. Israel with an emphasis on the concepts of law land seed and. Intro to Biblical Literature II The Kings and King of Kings. The second part of year one builds a historical framework for. the monarchy in Israel The focus will rest upon the Messianic. promises through the Davidic line and their fulfillment in Christ. The faithfulness of God will be juxtaposed next to the rebellious. nature of Israel The story of God s people will be highlighted. by the faithful salvific plan of a sovereign and merciful Savior. and the establishment of His church in Acts, A special thanks to the following people for helping bring this. study together,David Denny,Ethan Drent,Debbie Dunn.
Becky Gluff,Mary Harris,Nate Meece,Sandy Mobley,David Trujillo a friend from Covenant. Rachel Tucker,YEAR 1 SCHEDULE,Week Scripture Title. 1 Intro The Flow of Biblical History,2 Genesis 1 3 Creation Man and Fall. 3 Genesis 4 11 The Continual Spiral of Sin, 4 Genesis 12 17 14 The Call and Covenant of Abraham. 5 Genesis 17 15 23 20 Isaac s Birth and Lot,6 Genesis 24 27 Isaac.
7 Genesis 28 36 Jacob,8 Genesis 37 50 Joseph, 9 Exodus 1 10 Israel s Plight and the Call of Moses. 10 Exodus 11 13 Passover,11 Exodus 14 18 The Journey Begins. 12 Exodus 19 24 At Sinai,13 Exodus 25 31 The Tabernacle. 14 Exodus 32 34 Covenant Broken and Renewed,15 Exodus 35 40 Tabernacle Built. 16 Leviticus 1 7 Offerings, 17 Leviticus 8 17 The Priesthood and Responsibilities.
18 Leviticus 18 27 Holiness and Obedience,19 Numbers 1 10 10 Preparing to Enter the Land. 20 Numbers 10 11 19 22 Kadesh,21 Numbers 20 36 Kadesh to Moab. 22 Deuteronomy 1 11 Moses Speech Part 1,23 Deuteronomy 12 26 Moses Speech Part 2. 24 Deuteronomy 27 34 Moses Last Days,25 Joshua 1 5 Moving Into the Land. 26 Joshua 6 12 Taking the Land,27 Joshua 13 24 Living in the Land.
28 Judges 1 9 Spiral of Apostasy Part 1,29 Judges 10 16 Spiral of Apostasy Part 2. 30 Judges 17 21 Corruption,31 1 Samuel 1 7 Samuel,32 1 Samuel 8 15 Roots of the Monarchy. 33 1 Samuel 16 21 Saul and David Part 1,34 1 Samuel 22 31 Saul and David Part 2. 35 2 Samuel 1 7 Zion and the Eternal Throne,36 2 Samuel 8 12 Grace Displayed and Grace Needed. 37 2 Samuel 13 24 Consequences A Family in Turmoil. YEAR 1 SCHEDULE continued,Week Scripture Title,38 1 Kings 1 11 Solomon.
39 1 Kings 12 16 A Kingdom Divided,40 1 Kings 17 22 Elijah. 41 2 Kings 1 10 Elisha,42 2 Kings 11 17 Israel Falls. 43 2 Kings 18 25 Judah Falls,44 Luke 1 9 Jesus and His Galilean Ministry. 45 Luke 10 19 Jesus and His Journey to Jerusalem,46 Luke 20 24 Jesus and His Passion. 47 Acts 1 12 The Early Church,48 Acts 13 15 35 1st Missionary Journey and the.
Jerusalem Council,49 Acts 15 36 18 22 2nd Missionary Journey. 50 Acts 18 23 21 16 3rd Missionary Journey,51 Acts 21 17 28 From Jerusalem to Rome. INTRODUCTION,GENESIS 1 3 CREATION MAN AND FALL, 1 Who wrote Genesis Where were the Israelites when it was being written. 2 Read chapter 1 and list all the things that it reveals about God. 3 What does it mean to be created in God s image In what ways do Adam. and Eve fail to live up to this calling, 4 What means does God use to create man How does this differ from how. He created the rest of the world What idea does that convey. 5 What were the immediate consequences of Adam and Eve s disobedience. GENESIS 4 11 THE CONTINUAL SPIRAL OF SIN, 1 In chapter four what appears to be the reason Cain s sacrifice was not.
accepted by God, 2 Why do you think Moses included a list of descendants to begin chapter 5. What is the value of these types of lists genealogies. 3 In what ways does Noah foreshadow Christ, 4 Grace and judgment appear together often Grace is extended but not at. the neglect of wrath and judgment In what ways do we see this manifested. Example An animal was killed to provide a gracious covering for Adam. 5 In what ways does the Tower of Babel signify man s complete disobedience. and disdain for God In what ways does it stand in direct contrast to God s. intentions for man and His creation How is this seen in Romans 1. GENESIS 12 17 14 THE CALL AND COVENANT OF ABRAHAM, 1 What were the three components of God s covenant with Abraham How. were they fulfilled in Christ, 2 How was Abraham s faith immediately put to the test. 3 What was the reason for Abraham s justification 15 6 Why is this so. important for us today, 4 Who is Melchizedek and how is he a Christ figure Hebrews 7.
5 Why do you think God sealed His covenant with the act of circumcision. I will remember the deeds of the Lord 2 Genesis 1 3 Creation Man and 32 1 Samuel 8 15 Roots of the Monarchy 33

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