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COPYRIGHT OFFICE,No registration of this book I,as a preliminary to copyright protec 1. tion has been found I,Forwarded to Order Division FI. pr 5 lXl1 5 000,A n Historical P A GE A N T,OF IL LZNOIS. COPYRIGHT I9W,T H O h I A S VOOD S I EVENS,RALPH FLETCHER SETTIOUR COMPANY. T H E ALDERBRINK P R E S S,FINE M T S BUILDING NlCHlGAh BOULFYNU UilChCO.
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE,Mrs H J Patten Chairman,Mrs Chas G Little Vice Chairman. Mrs Laurence DeGolyer,Mrs J K Armsby,Miss Mary Wilson. Miss Elizabeth Whitely,Pres A W Harris,Mr T K Webster. Mr Philip Shumway,C Mr Wm Dyche,Mr R R Gilkey,Prof James. Prof Lutkin,Mr John Lee Mahin,Mr Alfred Granger,Mr Graham C Patterson.
EXECUTIVE STAFF,Thomas Wood Stevens Director,Dudley Crafts Watson Assistant Director. Donald Robertson in Charge of Scenes Played by the. Donald Robertson Players,Olaf Anderson and Frank E Barry Musical Directors. Richard F Babcock in Charge of Costumes,LIST O F PATRONS AND PATRONESSES. HISTORICAL PAGEANT O F ILLINOIS,Governor and Mrs Deneen. Governor Hadley of h4issouri,Ex Governor John L Beveridge of Illinois.
Gen and Mrs Frederick D Grant,Mr and Mrs Robt T Lincoln. Mr and Mrs H C Chatfield Tavlor,Mrs Cyrus H McCormick Sr. Mr and Mrs Harold McCormick,Mrs J V Farwell Sr,Mr and Mrs J V Fanvell Jr. Mr and Mrs Potter Palmer Jr,Mr and Mrs Arthur Meeker. 3lr and Mrs John A Spoor,Mr and Mrs R T Crane,Mr and Mrs Benj Carpenter.
Mr and Mrs Chauncey Keep,Mr and Mrs Byron L Smith,Mrs Emmons Blaine. Mr and Mrs John J Mitchell,Mr and Mrs Russell Tyson. Mr and Mrs James A Patton,Mr and Mrs David R Forgan. Mr and Mrs Wm Holabird,Mr and Mrs A C Bartlett,Mr and Mrs Chas L Hutchinson. Mr and Mrs Carter H Harrison,Mr and Mrs Clarence I Peck.
Mr and Mrs Charles G Dawes,Mr and Mrs M M Kirkman,Mr and Mrs Cyrus Hall McCormick. Mr and Mrs W J Chalmers,Mr and Mrs L F Swift,Mr and Mrs N W Harris. Baron and Baroness de St Laurent,Mr and Mrs Charles Henrotin. Mr and Mrs William Liston Brown,Mr and Mrs Frank R McMullen. Mr and Mrs Andrew McLeish,Mr and Mrs Edward Morris.
President and Mrs James of the University of Illinois. President and Mrs Harry Pratt Judson of the,University of Chicago. President and Mrs J V Nollen of Lake Forest College. Dean and Mrs Henry Wade Rogers,Director and Mrs William M R French of the Art. Dr Charles J Little,Mr Fernando Jones,Mr Simeon Farwell. Mrs G F Swift,Mrs Hugh R Wilson,Mrs McGregor Adams. Miss Nina Lunt,Mrs John B Kirk,Mr Milton Wilson,Mr and Mrs Fredrian A Howe.
Mr and Mrs James R Crandon,Mr and Mrs R N Isham,NOTE This pageant attempts to present in a. short space of time a few of the most stirring events in. the history of Illinois As the number of scenes is. necessarily limited only such as may be considered. turning points in the story of the State are chosen and. further than this the choice is governed by the avail. ability of the material for dramatic representation I t. is comparatively easy to represent a n event it is diffi. cult even to suggest the development of a common,wealth Hence the swift culmination of a frontier. struggle is preferred to the more important but slow. and undramatic progress of civilization As the early. history is clearly the more readily adapted to the pur. poses of a pageant no further justification for the. emphasis on this period need be sought, I n most cases the event itself is so presented as to. make clear its culmination rather than the diverse. causes many of them remote which brought it about, T o do this events which actually occurred during sev. eral successive days are frequently shown as taking. place in a single scene and frequently conversations. are transplanted from place to place such liberties have. i No registration of this book I as a preliminary to copyright jor the Corn Dance a long line of women bearing bundles of cut maize comes in the smoke ascends from the altar of the Corn Manitou and the chiefs conrmence the dance and the chant then a second circle of the children is formed around the men finally the women form their circle outside j the children and the dance

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