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TABLE OF CONTENTS,FORWARD Introduction to Chakra Awareness. INTRODUCTION,CHAPTER ONE Root Chakra 1st Chakra,CHAPTER TWO Navel Chakra 2nd Chakra. CHAPTER THREE Solar Plexus Chakra 3rd Chakra,CHAPTER FOUR Heart Chakra 4th Chakra. CHAPTER FIVE Throat Chakra 5th Chakra,CHAPTER SIX Brow Chakra 6th Chakra. CHAPTER SEVEN Crown Chakra 7th Chakra,CHAPTER EIGHT Opening to Possibility.
CONCLUSION Flowing with the Positive Current,CHAPTER OUTLINE. Each chakra will have its own chapter 7 main energy centers. a The beginning of each chapter will include location color element gems. essential oil musical note and plant associated with each individual chakra. b The body will cover what to expect if a chakra is shut down or working properly. c The I Am affirmations highlighted with impactful images and color. d Post Clearing Observation Journal Pages,2013 Stephanie Barton. ENERGY CLEARING,Introduction to Chakra Awareness, The intention of this book is to help clear the way for you to experience and claim the many. possibilities and gifts the universe has to offer Consider this an introduction into understanding. what a chakra is and how it can serve or hinder your life You will find yourself feeling open. and connected with a higher awareness of how your energy plays a part in creating your reality. We exercise our minds and bodies for optimal health Now science is proving that by paying. attention to our energy and connection to intelligence we are able to become more conscious. creators of our reality Chakras have been recognized by eastern and ancient shamanic cultures. for thousands of years Many westerners have been intrigued but the concept has seemed. overwhelming Here is your shortcut It s time for the entire human race to expand open and. When I first began energetic clearing years ago I felt like the experience took place only in my. imagination but I continued to practice and began to see amazing shifts in my life I decided. to integrate I Am affirmations with my personal clearing to give me a deeper connection to. my internal experience I received such profound insights and results that I began teaching the. clearing to clients and students I was interested in seeing whether my personalized concept. would have the same positive effect for others,as it had for me People began releasing fear. simply by recognizing how they felt in specific,parts of their body They also began to realize.
how negative self talk had been impacting,their reality The overwhelming response to. create a recorded version had to be answered,thus the CD was born. The guided visualization CD is included in this,package as a tool to help you stay on track and. focus during your energy clearing The journal,pages included at the end of each chapter are. a great way to track your experience and take, you even deeper into self awareness As you continue to practice you will notice your days.
becoming more inspired and effortless once you tap into the unseen power of your own energy. When things aren t working in a certain area of your life you will learn how to connect the. issue to one or more chakras do a clearing and make the correction energetically Use it as a. tool to heal anxiety and fear in your body and mind and you will find it shifting your physical. reality as well, As you continue to practice spend time writing in the observation journal sections of this book. Meditate on the specific chakra or emotion that needs to be tended to once it is brought to. light from the clearing Use the cards to help you visualize the specific chakra and imagine the. color of light that corresponds with it as you go deeper into your own meditation You WILL. notice subtle positive shifts and be amazed as you claim new and empowered parts of yourself. through this process You will learn the importance of staying grounded and connected to the. wisdom of the earth while connecting and listening to your own higher guidance and direct line. to the universe As your energetic field expands so will your life your relationships and your. creativity As we heal ourselves and enhance our awareness the planet and mankind receive. the gift as well, There are many wonderful books and teachers to support further study and to delve deeper into. understanding your chakras I am glad you are starting here I feel it is time for this simplified. version and information to whet your appetite and curiosity of your role in the energetic pool. The I AM clearing is designed to remind you of the truth of who you really are It is my wish for. you to find inspiration joy and connection through this journey Enjoy the ride and stay open. to the magic You are a powerful creator,Stephanie Barton. INTRODUCTION, For practical purposes I want to give you a definition and image of what chakras are so your. mind can relax and visualize them while listening and practicing the guided visualization. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel Think of these wheels as. spinning discs of light We each have seven primary chakras starting at the base of the spine. and ending at the top of our head Picture a funnel lying on its side with the wide open mouth. extending beyond your body and the end of the cone connecting in the center of your body. near your spine The reverse happens in the back There is a web within the funnel that filters. different energies into our systems creating harmony or discord depending on our awareness. Think of these energy centers as your antennas to the universe When a chakra is functioning. optimally it is clear and available to receive love based energy which is what we all strive. for every day By being aware of what you are attracting or choosing to hold onto in your. energy centers you can access tremendous personal appreciation and power The key is taking. personal responsibility for your inner state and reality. As I guide you through the meditation with the CD pick a specific method that works best for. you to clean and clear each chakra Some people imagine a white feather or cloth wiping. away the stuck energy Some imagine a broom sweeping it out I personally like to imagine. any clogged energy spinning out and dissolving Choose something that resonates with you. Not everyone will see images You may just have an energetic sense that something good is. happening or feel the energy rearranging itself It s OK Trust any images or thoughts that. come to you and stay with it I use the word universe throughout the clearing to keep the. concept open for interpretation You can replace the word with God Creator or whatever is in. alignment with your own belief system Make it real for you. I use I Am affirmations in this chakra clearing because of the power of the phrase Always be. careful what you are referring to when using I Am Never use phrases like I am an idiot or. I am so stupid The universe doesn t really have a sense of humor and your word is translated. as truth It s imperative that you are selective about what you are programming into your. biocomputer Be sure to consciously choose positive loving repetitive thoughts to feed your. system I Am is not intended to discount we or us In fact it s the ultimate goal to get you. to realize that your own positive clear perception of self actually contributes to the wellbeing of. global consciousness We need to understand our own beauty and power before we can truly. recognize it in others Let s take the I Am to We Are. St Germain s I Am Discourses,When the individual says I AM he is using the.
Creative Attribute of the Godhead and announcing,Creation at his particular point in the Universe. The vibratory action of the Word I AM either in, thought or spoken word is the Release of the Power. of Creation and whatever quality follows that Decree. is instantly imposed upon the electronic substance in. the ethers This being the only substance and energy in. existence whose nature is to be qualified in some manner. it must outpicture the pattern within the Decree,If the Decree be always for Perfection then the. experiences in the individual s world express the Fullness. of the Plan of Life but if the individual does not send. forth that Decree it is impossible for that Perfection to. outpicture in his experiences until the Decree is,released into the ethers in which he lives. Every individual can think Perfection at every instant if. he only will and it takes no more substance and energy. to build Beautiful Perfect Forms and Experiences than. it does the imperfect but if the individual wants this. Perfection expressed in his own world he must use his. own energy to utter the Decree which will release that. Perfection unto him Such is the Law of his Being,The Root Chakra.
CHAPTER ONE,LOCATION Base of the spine coccyx,ELEMENT Earth. GEMS MINERALS Ruby garnet obsidian red jasper smoky quartz. hematite and bloodstone,ESSENTIAL OILS Cinnamon sandalwood and garlic. MUSICAL NOTE C,PLANT Sage, The root chakra is associated with the physical plane and your connection to it There are. several ways to tell if you are out of balance with this chakra. An unbalanced root chakra can contribute to all kinds of upsets in your everyday life Stress. about finances your physical body your home safety and basic security are all due to your root. chakra being out of sorts By learning how to notice these imbalances you can energetically. make the connection clear your chakra and make the adjustments in your physical world. The root chakra is the connecting force to Mother Earth and is what keeps you grounded Being. grounded is essential to living a conscious life and making choices for your highest good. When you are grounded you are able to be present and aware of the people in your life as. well as your surroundings, Once you claim your connection to the planet as well as the whole of the human race you will. know that all worries are a waste of time If you are truly the master of your reality what is there. to worry about Take responsibility for your own actions and thoughts by staying grounded. claiming your power and embracing your gift of life. The Root Chakra, When your root chakra is balanced you will feel a sense of protection and unwavering certainty.
that all is well You will soon see the gifts the universe has to offer you Eating a healthy diet. getting physical exercise on a regular basis and taking impeccable care of your body are all. fabulous ways to keep your root chakra cranking,ROOT CHAKRA. I am perseverance I am grounded,I am the master of my physical world. I am the master of my physical body I am safe,I am secure I am stable I am still I am patient. I am healthy I am success,I am courage I am integrity I am nurturing. I am selfless service,ROOT CHAKRA OBSERVATION JOURNAL.
What I Am affirmations for the root chakra were difficult for you to recognize in. yourself What is the underlying issue in your life that might be causing resistance to. The Root Chakra, Based on your energy clearing experience rate yourself from 1 10 on the following. 1 being shut down and 10 being expanded and flowing. I am perseverance I am grounded,I am the master of my physical world. I am the master of my physical body,I am safe I am secure. I am stable I am still,I am patient I am healthy,I am success I am courage. I am integrity I am nurturing,I am selfless serving.
What self talk do I need to correct throughout my day. Create a new personalized affirmation and mantra based on the above. The Root Chakra,The Navel Chakra Sacral Plexus,CHAPTER TWO. LOCATION Two inches below the naval,COLOR Orange,ELEMENT Water. GEMS MINERALS Carnelian coral gold calcite amber citrine peach. aventurine and gold topaz,ESSENTIAL OILS Orange blossom jasmine and neroli. MUSICAL NOTE D,PLANT Jasmine, The sacral plexus or navel chakra is where your passions and pleasures are stored Your joy and. enthusiasm for life are governed by this chakra as well as the flow and exchange of money. When your sacral chakra is out of balance you may find yourself feeling irritable or jealous. This could lead to the unhealthy desire to possess someone or something You may have a. tendancy to over indulge in food or sex or you may have trouble being intimate if this chakra. isn t clear Money may be a worry or you may have an unhealthy focus on monetary gain. By clearing the sacral chakra it will be easier to embrace change and movement in your life. Rather than fearing and resisting any change it will be more natural to welcome and embrace. something new and different in your world After all the one thing that is constant in life is. change No matter what you do you cannot avoid it You can however make choices that will. make the transitions in your life much easier, New ideas are easy to assimilate when your sacral chakra is clear You are moving up your.
power centers and this chakra is where the wheels can really get turning. The Navel Chakra Sacral Plexus, You may find you have higher tolerance for people and situations when this chakra is clear. Family ties and relationships are connected to this chakra Keep it clear and see how your. personal exchanges begin to shift Notice how the flow of money to and from you improves. As far as I m concerned this chakra is about enjoying our passionate physical experience on. As your energetic field expands so will your life your relationships and your creativity As we heal ourselves and enhance our awareness the planet and mankind receive the gift as well There are many wonderful books and teachers to support further study and to delve deeper into understanding your chakras I am glad you are starting here I feel it is time for this simplified version and

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