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elements of nonfiction persuasive techniQues, Writers use persuasive techniques to help convince readers Call of the Wild. about an issue Such techniques include emotional appeals Beginning in 1960. statements intended to stir up strong feelings In the following British naturalist. example Jane Goodall includes disturbing details and and author Jane. emotionally charged words to arouse pity in readers Goodall devoted. herself to observing, young chimpanzees in similar tiny prisons rocked back and the behavior of wild. forth or from side to side far gone in misery and despair chimpanzees in. the Gombe Stream, Emotional appeals can be an important element of an effective Chimpanzee Reserve. argument However writers sometimes exaggerate problems in Tanzania There. or use appeals to cover up flawed reasoning As you read Goodall made some. Jane Goodall, I Acknowledge Mine notice Goodall s use of emotional appeals startling discoveries born 1934. For example she saw,chimpanzees make and use tools disproving.
reading strategy summarize the theory that only humans use them. When you summarize an argument you briefly restate the She also observed a chimpanzee adopt. text s main ideas and important information Summarizing can a younger orphaned chimpanzee. help you understand and remember what you read When you Championing Chimps Goodall s. summarize you should observations over several decades. support her belief that chimpanzees are, present ideas and information in the same order in which highly intelligent creatures capable of. they appear in the text feeling emotions and forming long term. relationships As a leading authority on, leave out examples and details that are not essential for. chimpanzee behavior Goodall has written, understanding the writer s key points dozens of books ranging from scholarly. As you read use a chart like the one shown to help you works to illustrated children s books Today. she dedicates her time to lecturing about,summarize important ideas and information. wildlife conservation and animal welfare,Main Idea Details more about the author.
Chimpanzees in the lab suffered The youngest were kept in pairs in For more on Jane Goodall visit the. from overcrowding and isolation small dark cages Literature Center at ClassZone com. Older ones lived alone without any,companionship or stimulation Background. Chimpanzees and Research Because,about 98 percent of chimpanzees genetic. material is identical to ours they have, vocabulary in context long been used by researchers for studying. To see how many vocabulary words you know substitute the progression and treatment of human. a different word or phrase for each boldfaced word diseases In recent years they have been. used in the study of hepatitis C and HIV The, 1 Criminals feared the stark 4 Must you disagree use of chimpanzees in research has grown. prison so stridently increasingly controversial however and. has been banned in some nations including,2 The crowd was loud 5 I admit my complicity.
Great Britain Sweden and New Zealand,and boisterous in the error. 3 This pill can alleviate pain,i acknowledge mine 605. I Acknowledge Mine Jane Goodall, It was on December 27 1986 that I watched the videotape that would ANALYZE VISUALS. change the pattern of my life I had spent a traditional Christmas with my What aspects of this. photograph give it an, family in Bournemouth England We all sat watching the tape and we were. emotional appeal, all shattered Afterward we couldn t speak for a while The tape showed scenes.
from inside a biomedical research laboratory in which monkeys paced round. and round back and forth within incredibly small cages stacked one on top. of the other and young chimpanzees in similar tiny prisons rocked back and. forth or from side to side far gone in misery and despair I had of course known. about the chimpanzees who were locked away in medical research laboratories. 10 But I had deliberately kept away knowing that to see them would be utterly. depressing thinking that there would be nothing I could do to help them. After seeing the video I knew I had to try a a SUMM ARIZE. How would you, The videotape had revealed conditions inside Sema a federally funded summarize the. laboratory in Maryland Goodall took action criticizing Sema for violating information in. government standards and causing psychological harm to chimpanzees The lines 1 12. president of Sema denied these charges Several months after Goodall first. viewed the videotape she received permission to visit the laboratory. Even repeated viewing of the videotape had not prepared me for the stark stark st rk adj. reality of that laboratory I was ushered by white coated men who smiled harsh or grim. 20 nervously or glowered into a nightmare world The door closed behind us. Outside everyday life went on as usual with the sun and the trees and the. birds Inside where no daylight had ever penetrated it was dim and colorless. I was led along one corridor after another and I looked into room after room. 606 unit 6 argument and persuasion, lined with small bare cages stacked one above the other I watched as monkeys. paced around their tiny prisons making bizarre abnormal movements. Then came a room where very young chimpanzees one or two years old. were crammed two together into tiny cages that measured as I found out. later some twenty two inches by twenty two inches at the base They were. two feet high These chimp babies peered out from the semidarkness of their. 30 tiny cells as the doors were opened Not yet part of any experiment they had. been waiting in their cramped quarters for four months They were simply. objects stored in the most economical way in the smallest space that would. permit the continuation of life At least they had each other but not for long. Once their quarantine was over they would be separated I was told and. placed singly in other cages to be infected with hepatitis or AIDS or some. other viral disease And all the cages would then be placed in isolettes. What could they see these infants when they peered out through the tiny. panel of glass in the door of their isolette The blank wall opposite their prison. What was in the cage to provide occupation stimulation comfort For those. 40 who had been separated from their companions nothing I watched one. isolated prisoner a juvenile female as she rocked from side to side sealed off. from the outside world in her metal box A flashlight was necessary if one wanted. to see properly inside the cage All she could hear was the constant loud sound. of the machinery that regulated the flow of air through vents in her isolette b b PERSUASIVE. A technician for so the animal care staff are named after training was TECHNIQUES. Reread lines 37 44, told to lift her out She sat in his arms like a rag doll listless apathetic He did. Why might Goodall, not speak to her She did not look at him or try to interact with him in any have chosen to include. way Then he returned her to her cage latched the inner door and closed her rhetorical questions. isolette shutting her away again from the rest of the world questions that do not. 50 I am still haunted by the memory of her eyes and the eyes of the other require answers in her. appeal to the reader s, chimpanzees I saw that day They were dull and blank like the eyes of people sympathy.
who have lost all hope like the eyes of children you see in Africa refugees who. have lost their parents and their homes Chimpanzee children are so like c c GRAMMAR AND STYLE. human children in so many ways They use similar movements to express their Reread lines 50 53. Notice how Goodall uses, feelings And their emotional needs are the same both need friendly contact. imagery and figurative, and reassurance and fun and opportunity to engage in wild bouts of play And language comparing the. they need love chimpanzees to orphaned, Dr James Mahoney veterinarian at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine refugee children to. and Surgery in Primates LEMSIP recognized this need when he began convey a sad tone. 60 working for Jan Moor Jankowski 1 Several years ago he started a nursery in. that lab for the infant chimpanzees when they are first taken from their mothers. It was not long after my visit to Sema that I went for the first of a number of. visits to LEMSIP, Once I was suitably gowned and masked and capped with paper booties. over my shoes Jim took me to see his nursery Five young chimps were there at. the time ranging in age from about nine months to two years Each one was. 1 Jan Moor Jankowski director of LEMSIP,608 unit 6 argument and persuasion.
dressed in children s clothes to keep their diapers on really said the staff. member who was with them Someone is always with them throughout the. day The infants played vigorously around me as I sat on the soft red carpet. 70 surrounded by toys I was for the moment more interesting than any toy. and almost immediately they had whisked off my cap and mask Through a. window these infants could look into a kitchen and work area where most of. the time some human activity was going on They had been taken from their. mothers when they were between nine and eighteen months old Jim said He. brings them into the nursery in groups so that they can all go through the. initial trauma together which is why some were older than others And he. explained he tries to do this during summer vacation so that there will be no. shortage of volunteer students to help them over their nightmares Certainly. these boisterous youngsters were not depressed boisterous boiPstEr Es. 80 I stayed for about forty minutes then Jim came to fetch me He took me to adj noisy and lacking in. restraint or discipline, a room just across the corridor where there were eight young chimpanzees who. had recently graduated from the nursery This new room was known as Junior. Africa I learned Confined in small bare cages some alone some paired. the youngsters could see into the nursery through the window They could. look back into their lost childhood For the second time in their short lives. security and joy had been abruptly brought to an end through no fault of their. own Junior Africa the name seems utterly appropriate until one remembers. all the infants in Africa who are seized from their mothers by hunters rescued. and cared for in human families and then as they get older banished into. 90 small cages or tied to the ends of chains Only the reasons of course are. different Even these very young chimpanzees at LEMSIP may have to go. through grueling experimental procedures such as repeated liver biopsies2 and. the drawing of blood Jim is always pleading for a four year childhood before. research procedures commence but the bodies of these youngsters like those. of other experimental chimps are rented out to researchers and pharmaceutical. companies The chimpanzees it seems must earn their keep from as early an. age as possible, During a subsequent visit to LEMSIP I asked after one of the youngsters. I had met at the nursery little Josh A real character he had been there a. 100 born group leader I was led to one of the cages in Junior Africa where that. once assertive infant who had been so full of energy and zest for life now sat. huddled in the corner of his barred prison There was no longer any fun in his. eyes How can you bear it I asked the young woman who was caring for. him Her eyes above the mask filled with tears I can t she said But if I. leave he ll have even less, This same fear of depriving the chimpanzees of what little they have is what. keeps Jim at LEMSIP After I had passed through Junior Africa that first day Jim. took me to the windowless rooms to meet ten adult chimps No carpets or toys. for them no entertainment This was the hard cold world of the adult research. 2 biopsies removals of tissue samples from a living body for examination. i acknowledge mine 609, 110 chimps at LEMSIP Five on each side of the central corridor each in his own. small prison surrounded by bars bars on all sides bars above bars below Each. cage measured five feet by five feet and was seven feet high which was the legal. minimum cage size at that time for storing adult chimpanzees Each cage was. suspended above the ground so that feces and food remains would fall to the. floor below Each cage contained an old car tire and a chimpanzee That was all. JoJo s cage was the first on the right as we went in I knelt down new cap. and mask in place along with overalls and plastic shoe covers and rubber. gloves I looked into his eyes and talked to him He had been in his cage at least. ten years He had been born in the African forest Could he remember I. 120 wondered Did he sometimes dream of the great trees with the breeze rustling. through the canopy the birds singing the comfort of his mother s arms Very. gently JoJo reached one great finger through the steel bars and touched one of. the tears that slipped out above my mask then went on grooming the back of. my wrist So gently Ignoring the rattling of cages the clank of steel on steel. the violent sway of imprisoned bodies beating against the bars as the other. male chimps greeted the veterinarian, His round over Jim returned to where I still crouched before JoJo The.
tears were falling faster now Jane please don t Jim said squatting beside. I Acknowledge Mine Jane Goodall 606 unit 6 argument and persuasion 30 40 50 60 lined with small bare cages stacked one above the other I watched as monkeys paced around their tiny prisons making bizarre abnormal movements Then came a room where very young chimpanzees one or two years old were crammed two together into tiny cages that measured as I found out later some twenty two

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