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SECTION A INSTALLATION, 1 General Instructions level in the refrigerator compartment must be provided. This appliance is designed for storage of foods and for ventilation of heavier than air fuel gases The lower. storage of frozen foods and making ice vent of the recommended kits is provided with proper. size openings The flow of the combustion and, The refrigerators outlined herein have been design ventilation air must not be obstructed. certified by A G A under the ANSI 221 19 Refrigerator. Standard for installation in a mobile home or The lower side vent is fitted with a panel which provides. recreational vehicle and are approved by the Canadian an adequate access opening for ready serviceability. Gas Association of the burner and control manifold of the refrigerator. The certifications are however contingent on the, installation being made in accordance with the 3 Certlfled lnstallatlon. following instructions as applicable Certified installations require one roof vent and one. In the U S A the installation must conform with lower side vent. 1 National Fuel Gas Code ANSI 2223 1 latest For Certified vent system kits see separate list. edition For further information contact your dealer or. 2 Manufactured Home Construction and Safety distributor. Standard Title 24 CFR Part 3280, 3 Recreational Vehicles ANSI Al 19 2 latest 4 Methods of lnstallatlon. edition The methods of installation are shown in Fig 1A and. The unit must be electrically grounded in accordance 1B It is essential that all maximum or minimum dimen. with the National Electric Code ANSI NFPA 70 latest sions are strictly maintained as the performance of the. edition when installed if an external alternating current refrigerator is dependent on adequate flow of air over. electrical source is utilized the rear of the refrigerator. 4 Any applicable local code,In Canada the installation must conform with.
1 Current CGA B 149 Gas Installation Codes,2 Current CSA Standard Z 240 4 Gas Equipped. Recreational Vehicles and Mobile Housing,3 Any applicable local code. The unit must be electrically grounded in accordance. with the Canadian Electrical Code C 22 Parts 1 and 2. 2 Ventllatlon, The installation shall be made in such a manner as to. separate the combustion system from the living space. of the mobile home or recreational vehicle Openings. for air supply or for venting of combustion products shall Ventilation. have a minimum dimension of not less than l 4 inch. Proper installation requires one lower fresh air intake. and one upper exhaust vent The ventilation kits shown. in this instruction manual have been certified for use. with the refrigerator models listed in the table For. certified vent system kits see separate list The, ventilation kits must be installed and used without. modification An opening toward the outside at floor. 5 Ventllatlon helghts 7 lnstalllng refrlgerator In enclosure. Refer to Fig 1A and 1B Page 2 NOTE DO NOT install the appliance directly on. carpeting Carpeting must be removed or protected, Minimum ventilation heights in inches and mm by a metal or wood panel beneath the appliance.
Refrigerator Installation with Installation with roof which extends at least the full width and depth of the. Model upper and lower vent and lower side appliance. side vent vent, The refrigerator must be installed in a substantial. inch 37 31,enclosure and must be level When installing the. mm 940 787 refrigerator in the enclosure be certain there is a com. plete seal between the front frame of the refrigerator and. 6 Clearances the top sides and bottom of enclosure A length of seal. Minimum clearances in inches to combustible materials ing strip is applied to the rear surface of the front frame. are for this purpose Also apply a sealing strip to the. G Top 0 foremost floor of the enclosure and apply a second seal. K Side 0 ing strip to the bottom of the trim strip on the front base. L Bottom 0 as shown in Fig 3 The sealing should provide complete. M Rear 1 isolation of the appliance s combustion system from the. N Ventilation Height vehicle interior, NOTE Clearance M l is between the rearmost part of Fig 3. the refrigerator and the wall behind the refrigerator. NOTE Clearance N is the distance between the bot, tom of the lower vent to the roof material For ventilation. height refer to SectionA Installation fern 5 Ventilation. Heights See Fig 2,Sealing strip applied,to bottom of trim strip.
front of compartment floor, Be careful not to damage the sealing strip applied to the. floor of the enclosure when the refrigerator is put in. The refrigerator is secured in the enclosure with eight. screws and they must be installed in the following order. The first six screws are installed on the front frame. and the last twoscrews installed in the rear base Failure. to follow the sequence in securing refrigerator in. enclosure can cause leakage between the frame and,cabinet See Fig 4 Page 4. Any space between the counter storage areaor ceiling. and top of the refrigerator should be blocked The heat. produced at the rear of the refrigerator will become trap. ped in thisspace making the top of the refrigerator hot. and reduce the efficiency of the refrigerator,8 Gas connection. Hook up to the gas supply line accomplished at the. Fig 4 manual gasshutoff valve which is furnished with a3 8. SAE UNF 5 8 18 male flare connection All com, pleted connections should be checked for leaks with a. non corrosive leak detector See Fig 6,DO NOT USE A FLAME TO CHECK.
2 nd FOR GAS LEAKS,The gas supply system must incorporate a pressure. regulator to maintain a supply pressure of not more than. 11 inches water column, The dimensions shown in the Table below will give you CYLINDER. adequate space for service and proper installation See. Fig 5 REFRIGERATOR,VIEW FROM ABOVE, Refrigerator Overall Installation Recess Distance between. model dimensions dimensions dimensions top of condenser. and top of, Height Width Depth Height Width Depth Height Width Depth refrigerator. A B C h W d H W D e, inch 30 318 21 11116 22 l 16 29 9116 20 l 14 20 316 29 314 20 l 12 21 318 l 114.
mm 771 551 560 751 514 517 756 521 542 32, Fig 6 C Close the gas valve by turning the knob A back. to OFF position See Fig 7,MODEL RM2310,REFRIGERATORS WITH PIEZO. D Wait one 1 minute, HEATING E Remove burner cover plate See Fig 6 Open the. ELEMENT gasvalve by turning knob A to position GAS. without pushing the buttons C and D See,Fig 7 Apply commercial leak check bubble. solution to the burner jet See Fig 8 Be careful, When testing the gas supply system at test pressures not to damage the burner jet.
in excess of l 2 psig the refrigerator and its individual. shutoff valve must be disconnected from the gas supply. piping system Fig 8 Clear Blue Color of Flame, When testing the gas supply system at pressures less. than or equal to l 2 psig the appliance must be isolated. from the gas supply piping by closing its individual. manual shutoff valve, In casedetailed instructionson the installation and con. nection to the gas supply are required contact your. dealer or distributor RM2310,Thermocouple,Connection Spring Thermocouple. 9 Gas safety shutoff,The gas safety shutoff must be tested after the. refrigerator is connected to the LP Gas supply,To test the gas safety shutoff proceed as follows.
H Refrigerator with Piezo lgnitor,I Burner jet, A Start the refrigerator according to the instructions. for gas operation with piezo ignitor See Section,8 Operating Instructions kern 3 Gas Operation. B Check that the gas flame is lit This can be,observed through reflector E See Fig 7. F No bubble should appear at the opening of the 11 12 volt DC connection. burner jet Bubbles indicate a defective gas safety. n 3 WAY REFRIGERATOR MODEL,shutoff and service is required. The 3 way model has a 12 volt DC terminal block, G If no bubbles were present at the burner jet rinse located under a plastic cover on the back of the.
the orifice with water Replace the burner cover refrigerator for the refrigerator heater See Fig 6. plate Start the refrigerator by following the,The refrigerator must be connected by a separate. instructions for gas operation with piezo ignitor,curcuit to the battery with two wires of adequate. See Section B Operating Instructions tern 3 Gas, capacity to avoid voltage drop when the 12 volt DC. Operation Normal gas operation should occur,heater is being operated The wire gauge should be. Allow the burner to operate for a minimum of five, chosen with consideration to the length refer to the.
Table below for wire size The 12 volt DC circuit must. be fused refer to the Table below for fuse size, WARNING DO NOT use the body or chassis of the vehicle as a. DO NOT USE A FLAME TO CHECK substitute for either of the two conductors DO NOT. FOR GAS LEAKS connect any other electrical equipment or lighting. to the refrigerator circuit, MAXIMUM TOTAL CONDUCTOR WIRE LENGTH IN FEET METERS. L MODEL AWG SIZE,14 12 10 8,10 120 volt AC connection RM2310. loft 17ft 27 ft 43ft,3m 5 2 m 8 2 m 13m,The refrigerator is equipped with a three prong. grounded plug for protection against shock hazards. and should be plugged directly into a properly grounded. DO NOT operate the refrigerator on 12 volt DC when. three prong receptacle DO NOT cut off or remove the. the vehicle is parked The amperage draw of the 12, grounding prong from this plug The free length of the.
volt DC heating element can discharge a battery in. cord is 2 feet and therefore recommended that the, a very short time The installation of a 12 volt DC. receptacle be located to the left side of the refrigerator. operated refrigerator requires a relay to be installed. viewed from the rear and approximately6 inches from. on the tow vehicle or in the caravan The relay will. the floor See Fig 9 This allows easy access through. automatically shut off the 12 volt DC power to the. the vent door The cord should be routed to avoid, refrigerator when the ignition is turned off See Fig. contacting the burner cover flue cover or any other. components that could damage the cord insulation,120 Volt AC. fib receptacle RELAY,BAllERY Fig 10, 12 Changing door hinges from one side to the other 13 Instructions for mounting the door panel. Refer to Figure 11 The refrigerator is normally delivered without door. A Remove the top hinge pin and lift out the door panels s Before starting the mounting work check the. panel dimensions for compliance with those given in the. B Remove lower hinge pin including washers and Table below and read the instructions thoroughly See. relocate them to the hole on the opposite side Fig 12 When mounting the panel proceed as follows. hinge A The decoration strip s are taped inside the door. If installed on thedoor removethedoordecoration,C Unscrew the travel latch and relocate it on the.
strip 2 by removing its two screws 1,opposite side. B Insert one of the vertical edges of the panel into the. D The bushing and the latch retainer on the top of. groove of the door frame 3,the door should be reversed. C Bend the panel gently so that the free side of the. E Replace the door back on the refrigerator and,panel can be slipped into the corresponding. install the top hinge pin,groove of the door frame 4. F Remove the door handle and refasten it on the, D Slide the panel down into the groove of the bottom.
opposite side Insert the plastic caps found in the. miscellaneous parts bag into the screw holes left, open on the door E Between the upper edge of the panel and the door. frame there is a gap which should be covered by, G Check the door to determine if it opens and closes. the decoration strip, easily and the gaskets seal on all sides also make. sure the travel catch operates properly If F Put the decoration strip across the door so that the. adjustments are required remove the plastic gap is covered and push upward 6 The tabs on. cover snapped over the top hinge loosen the two the inside of the strip should fit in behind the flange. screws and reposition the door Tighten the of the door frame Secure the decoration strip with. screws and replace the plastic cover the two screws removed in Step A 1. PANEL DIMENSIONS,MAX THICKNESS 5 32 4mm,e Relocatkavel. latch to opposite side p 0 Reverse bushing,and latch retainer.
Replace door and,0 install top hinge pin,Relocate lower. hinge pin and,i Move door,SECTION B OPERATION, 1 Importance of leveling a refrigerator 2 Controls. In an absorption refrigerator system ammonia is Refrigerators with Piezo lgnitors. liquified in the finned condenser coil at the top rear of A ON OFF Switch. the refrigerator The liquid ammonia then flows into the B Thermostat Gas Electric. evaporator inside the freezer section and is exposed C Safety Push button. to a circulating flow of hydrogen gas which causes the D Piezo lgnitor. ammonia to evaporate creating a cold condition in the E Flame View Port. The tubing in the evaporator section is specifically. sloped to provide a continuous movement of liquid,ammonia flowing downward by gravity through this. section If the refrigerator is operated when it is not level. and the vehicle is not moving liquid ammonia will, accumulate in sections of the evaporator tubing This. I 81 Dometic SERVICE OFFICE The Dometic Corp 509 S Poplar St LaGrange IN 46761 CANADA Dometic Distribution Inc 866 Langs Drive Cambridge Ontario CANADA N3H 2N7 ABSORPTION REFRIGERATOR FOR LP GAS AND ELECTRIC OPERATION WARNING This unit must be serviced by an authorized serviceman Modification of the appliance can be extremely hazardous and could lead to serlous Injury or death INDEX

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