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FOR ADULTS ONLY,The Mysteries,Esoteric Anthropology. DR T L NICHOLS,7 6 post free, A very full and confidential explanation by a well. known medical man of the structure of the body the. passional attractions of the sexes for each other and. the conditions which must be observed to ensure,true happiness. LONDON W FOULSHAM CO LTD,61 FLEET ST E C 4,WOOD LIBRARY MUSEUM. OF ANESTHESIOLOGY,HYPNOTISM SIMPLIFIED,SIMPLIFIED,A PRACTICAL AND EASY.
VI SOMNAMBULANCE LUCIDITY AND TRANCE 37,VII PRACTICAL DIRECTIONS 46. VIII AWAKENING THE SUBJECT 54,IX SELF HYPNOTISM 5 7. EDMUND H PEER,IN ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF HELP ADVICE,AND ENCOURAGEMENT. IF any excuse were needed for another book on,the subject of Hypnotism and Mesmerism the. best perhaps that could be urged would be the,one of price Although there are many books.
written on this very interesting subject there are. none at the popular price of ninepence,But another good reason for the writing and. publication of this one is the fact that it affords. a simple guide to the practice of Hypnotism,and an explanation in language easily under. stood of a subject that is generally treated far,too technically The present writer has him. self experimented in Mesmerism and Hypno,tism so that the reader is assured of practical. Use has been made in the preparation of this,little work of material from the works of Heiden.
hain Bramwell Coates and Lawrence and,acknowledgments are tendered accordingly to. the authors Readers who require a more,extended survey of the subject might refer to. some of the books mentioned in the bibliography,on page viii of this work These can be obtained. at the prices quoted from the publishers of,Hypnotism Simplified. HYPNOTISM SIMPLIFIED,WHAT HYPNOTISM IS,UNTIL quite recently there have been two very.
decided opinions about Hypnotism and Mes,merism in the popular mind One was that. Hypnotism was just quackery used by knaves,to impose upon fools The other opinion was. that Hypnotism and Mesmerism were inven,tions of the Devil and had best be left severely. Now it is perhaps almost unnecessary to say,that both these opinions were wrong Hypnotism. is neither quackery nor the art of the Devil applied. by human means,Hypnotism as a label a term comes from.
the Greek word hypnos sleep And this is,just in a word what it means sleep But it. is a sleep of a particularly wonderful sort allow,ing hitherto unknown powers of the mind or soul. to become apparent These powers of the mind, are varied and usually become evident in a definite. order Each corresponds to a particular stage,of the hypnotic sleep and the subject passes. easily from one stage to the other after becom,ing influenced by the operator.
HYPNOTISM SIMPLIFIED,It is not proposed here to mystify the reader. by a long scientific dissertation But some refer,ence to the scientific reasons which underlie Hyp. notism and Mesmerism will make what follows,the easier to grasp. It is a matter of common knowledge that the,old distinction of man as a trinity of body soul. and spirit is beginning to be recognised as true,in science For a long time the materialistic.
theory was that man was merely a physical mass,that dissipated at death into the chemical. But even the materialist was compelled to,distinguish between the mass of the body the. matter and its movements and the forces that,caused them He had to admit of the existence. of energy as well as of that of matter Then,he began to see that in addition to the physical. movements of the body there were mental move,ments reflections of the mind or ideas as well.
as feelings and sensations,If for that mysterious something that science. calls energy we substitute the term spirit and,for that entity or consciousness the part of. man that thinks reflects idealises and judges or,wills we substitute the term mind or soul we. shall have the trinity of man complete,Now the body of man is undoubtedly the. servant of his mind or soul Man thinks first,and then he acts Every action is at first a.
thought or an impulse of some kind It is there,fore true to say that as a man thinks so he. becomes We take advantage of this by hold,WHAT HYPNOTISM IS u. ing up as examples to our young people ideals,of what we wish them to become We do this. because we know that if they think aright they,will act aright. Psychology is the study of these mind pro,cesses and reactions to impulses or suggestions.
The study of psychology takes into account not,only our waking states of consciousness but also. dreaming and other kinds of mental conditions,One of the first axioms of philosophy which is. the science of sciences is that That which is,not cannot act Now we know that in dream. ing we certainly think and feel that we are doing,things even if we do not do them in what we call. No one doubts that in dreaming he is doing,something that is dreaming and the fact of.
dreaming establishes not only the existence of,the mind as something which we may think about. as acting independently of the body at times, but it also establishes the fact that the mind pos. sesses powers which the body does not As an,example we may instance the limitations of time. and space For the body to get from one,point to another in space takes time The. greater the distance the longer is the time,In dreaming space does not seem to exist.
for the mind It traverses distance as though,it were not appreciable Now the body also. knows only one direction in time it passes,steadily forward or onward through the pre. sent The body ages steadily It cannot go,HYPNOTISM SIMPLIFIED. backward It cannot get younger It cannot,get to the future suddenly It is always acting. in the present,Here again the mind is different Time.
does not exist for it in this manner The mind,can go back in time It can go forward as far. as it desires The mind is not limited to the,present It is free to travel at a jump into the. future or into the past As a matter of fact the,mind is constantly doing this It is continually. referring to and reflecting on all the time that,has passed And it is also constantly idealising. about the future and future states of mind and,Science admits that all this mental action is.
due to impulses or stimuli from the outside Our, ideas are the result of certain external activities. producing in us certain states of mind or feelings. The feelings are the result of sensations caused,by impacts from outside Another thing that. science in psychical research admits is the action. of mind upon mind in telepathy This has been,called in simpler language thought trans. That the thought of one individual can affect,another may appear strange It may even seem. to be impossible But yet we know from a great,number of experiments that ordinary persons in.
their ordinary consciousness may be so affected,by the thought of another This fact is in a. measure the basis of Hypnotism For both,in Hypnotism and Mesmerism it is the thought. of the operator in suggestion that begins the,WHAT HYPNOTISM IS 13. train of the wonderful effects that may be wit,But Hypnotism and Mesmerism offer much. more than the mere imposition of the will of one,person upon that of another In the higher.
phases of Hypnotism the powers of the mind,the subconscious mind are exhibited But first. we must make clear what is meant by the sub,conscious mind. In addition to its admission of the reality of,the soul or mind in man science now agrees to. accept a subdivision of the mind into two dis,tinct phases of activity The first is the. ordinary normal or waking mind conscious,ness The second phase is that of the mind that.
does not often come into contact directly with the. outer world It is called as was said the sub,conscious mind or the subliminal conscious. It would seem as though there were a second,or higher set of apparatus in the brain for regis. tering all the impressions that it receives and,storing these in case they may be required at. some time whilst the ordinary consciousness is,concerned only with the more dominant impres. sions and even these fade as newer ones come to,replace them It has been said that the sub.
conscious mind never forgets,But much more than this the subconscious. mind seems to be in touch with much larger,issues than the ordinary consciousness It seems. to possess distinctive and singular powers of,exercising judgments not based on logical deduc. HYPNOTISM SIMPLIFIED A PRACTICAL AND EASY GUIDE TO MESMERISM BY STEPHEN MARTIN LONDON W FOULSHAM amp CO LTD SIXTY ONE FLEET STREET E C 4 WOOD LIBRARY MUSEUM Accession no mi Hi 83 First Published November 1916 Reprinted July 1919 Reprinted July 1920 K K s K vu Q T CONTENTS

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