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Table of Contents,1 Introduction,1 1 About NH 1800 1 2. 1 2 Features 1 2,1 3 What is in this Manual 1 3,2 Precautions for Safety. 2 1 Overview 2 2,2 2 Description of Precaution Symbols 2 3. 3 Hardware Specifications,3 1 Dimension 3 2,3 2 Component Locations 3 3. 3 3 LCD Customer Keypad 3 4,3 4 Cash Dispenser Unit 3 5.
3 5 Receipt Printer 3 6,3 6 Magnetic Card Reader 3 7. 3 7 Main Control Board 3 8,3 8 Operating Environment 3 9. 4 Installation, 4 1 Installation Requirements and Necessary Tools 4 2. 4 2 Unpacking 4 4,4 3 Physical Installation 4 5,4 4 Hardware Installation 4 7. 5 Operating Instructions,5 1 Opening and Closing the Door 5 2.
5 2 Replenishing the Cash Cassette 5 8,5 3 Emptying the Reject Bin 5 11. 5 4 Loading the Receipt Paper 5 12,5 5 How to clear a Receipt Jam 5 15. 5 6 How to clear Jam 5 16,6 Operator Functions,6 1 Basic System Operation 6 2. 6 2 Settlement 6 7,6 3 Journal 6 16,6 4 Report 6 27. 6 5 Diagnostics 6 35,6 6 Customer Setup 6 46,6 7 System Setup 6 59.
6 8 Host Setup 6 77,6 9 Transaction Setup 6 101,7 Appendix. A System Specifications 7 2,B Bill Conditions Acceptable Unacceptable 7 4. C Receipt Paper Specifications 7 9,D Magnetic Card Specifications 7 10. E Operating and Changing the Electronic Combination Lock 7 11. F Error Codes 7 13,G How to Clear NV RAM 7 32,H AP Software 7 34. NH 1800 1 Introduction,Chapter 1 Introduction,NH 1800 1 Introduction.
1 Introduction,1 1 About the NH 1800, The NH 1800 is designed to meet the everyday demands of immediate cash needs for. individuals with a compact size to fit in virtually any place This Automated Teller Machine. ATM is connected to a network processor to verify accounts and any other inquires through. the insertion of a customer s card The NH 1800 is easy to use easy to service and is able to. support customer s needs,1 2 Features,H W Features. z Mechanical combination lock,z Electronic combination lock optional. z 7 inch wide TFT LCD,z 480 234 Resolution of back lit LCD. z Dial up telephone line instead of expensive leased line. z 1 000 new notes capacity USD,z DIP type magnetic card reader.
z Automated receipt printer paper loading, z Thermal receipt printer for high speed printing with graphics. z Modular design for easy maintenance,Functional Features. z Electronic journal with up to 2 000 transactions up down loading supported. z Supports English Spanish French Korean and Japanese. z Detailed average history report feature,z Quick setup feature. z Advertisement feature for store promotion,z Error code description for easy to service. NH 1800 1 Introduction,1 3 What is in this manual, This NH 1800 Automated Teller Machine Manual contains all information needed for normal.
operational use, This manual contains Unit Specifications ATM Opening Closing Procedures Operator. Functions Customer Transactions Error Recovery and etc. Some of the information in this manual may differ according to the network processor to be. NH 1800 2 Precautions for Safety,Chapter 2 Precautions for Safety. NH 1800 2 Precautions for Safety,2 Precautions for Safety. 2 1 Overview,Common Precaution for Safety, Precautions outlined this manual provide information on. safe and proper handling of the product Non compliance. of the precautions may result in injury or damage to the. This precaution symbol with sample term tells you safety. warnings during equipment handlings, Please read the following instructions before operating equipment.
z Operate equipment in the order outlined in this manual. z Follow precautions indicated in this manual as well as the equipment itself. Failure to properly address these precautions may lead to injury or damage to. the product,z Avoid operations not addressed in this manual. z If you cannot remedy system problems using the methods outlined in this manual. please refer to contact information listed in the manual. NH 1800 2 Precautions for Safety,2 2 Description of Precaution Symbols. Symbol Description,Electrical Shock, Do not remove cover Only a maintenance engineer is allowed to. open the cover,Do not touch You may receive electric shock. Make sure to turn off the power when servicing the equipment. High Temperature,Do not touch the equipment when it is running.
The equipment can get extremely hot and may cause a burn. Make sure to close the cover before running the equipment. Be Careful when Moving, The equipment is heavy Make sure at least 2 people to lift or move. the equipment, Do not attempt to move the equipment alone You may be injured by. dropping the heavy equipment,Fire Hazard, Place the equipment in an area away from any combustible materials. The equipment may catch on fire from overheating or short circuit of. the power supply unit,Disassembly, Do not disassemble or modify the equipment unless you are a. certified engineer, Contact the service center for maintenance adjustments and repairs.
Improper disassembly may cause fire or electrical shock. Do not place the equipment where the floor cannot sustain the weight. of the equipment or on slanted or unstable surface. Equipment may fall down and cause injury or damage. NH 1800 2 Precautions for Safety,Symbol Description. Unplug the Equipment, Stop using the equipment immediately if it smokes emits an unusual. smell makes abnormal sounds or if liquids or other foreign materials. enter the equipment, If the above mentioned abnormalities occur immediately turn off the. power unplug the equipment and contact the service center. If you ignore these symptoms the equipment may catch on fire or. cause electric shock, 1 TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE USE ONLY No 26 AWG OR LARGER. TELECOMMUNICATION LINE CORD, 2 RISK OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS REPLACED BY AN INCORRECT TYPE DISPOSED.
OF USED BATTERIES ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS, 3 FOR PLUGGABLE EQUIPMENT THE SOCKET OUTLET SHALL BE INSTALLED NEAR THE. EQUIPMENT AN SHALL BE EASILY ACCESSIBLE, 4 THE EQUIPMENT IS TO BE SECURED TO THE BUILDING STRUCTURE BEFORE. NH 1800 3 Hardware Specifications,Chapter 3 Hardware Specifications. NH 1800 3 Hardware Specifications,3 Hardware Specifications. 3 1 Dimensions,Width x Length x Height 410 x 580 x 1304 mm.
Fig 3 1 NH 1800 Dimension,NH 1800 3 Hardware Specifications. 3 2 Component Locations,Illuminated Topper,Display 3 Thermal Printer. 7 480 x 234 TFT Color LCD Electronic journal,4 2 Function Key NDC. Card Reader,4x4 Numeric key,Voice Guidance for ADA. Safe Security,UL291 Business Hour Cash Dispenser,Mechanical combination lock and Spray tray Type.
Optional Electronic lock and,key lock Cencon 2000 lock Communication. TCP IP Dial up,Front Access,ADA Compliance,Fig 3 2 Component Location. NH 1800 3 Hardware Specifications,3 3 LCD Customer Keypad. Fig 3 3 LCD Customer Keypad,z Screen Size 7 0,z Wide TFT Color. z Resolution 480 234 pixels, z 10 Alphanumeric 3 4 CANCEL CLEAR ENTER BLANK Keypads.
z 8 Function Keys, z Each Keypads has integral raised Braille symbols. ADA Port optional, z Voice assisted operation available through the headphone jack on the front bezel. NH 1800 3 Hardware Specifications,3 4 Cash Dispenser Unit. Fig 3 4 Cash Dispenser Unit,Cash Dispenser Unit,z Dispensing speed 4 notes second. z Capacity of 1 000 new notes,z Reject bin with capacity of 200 notes.
z Low level cassette detection,z Double note detect module. This NH 1800 Automated Teller Machine Manual contains all information needed for normal operational use This manual contains Unit Specifications ATM Opening amp Closing Procedures Operator

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