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LEARNING OBJECTIVES,Human Development Origin and Context. Functionings and Capability,Human Development and Related Approaches. Human Development Principles,Characteristics of HD Approach. ORIGIN OF THE HD APPROACH,Emerged in response to demand for newer. approaches to development,Context the huge human costs of structural.
adjustment policies of 1980s,Process concept discussed at 3 North South Round. Tables organised by Mahbub ul Haq in 1980s,Proposed by UNDP with Mahbub ul Haq and. Amartya Sen as main architects origins in writings. of Aristotle and Immanuel Kant,By 1990 when concept made official debut in. Inaugural HDR consensus on concept already built,DEFINING HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. 1990 UNDP Report the process of enlarging,people s choices.
Definition enriched over time to give importance to. freedoms equity and sustainability,2010 HDR definition Human development is the. expansion of people s freedoms to live long healthy. and creative lives to advance other goals they have. reason to value and to engage actively in shaping,development equitably and sustainably on a shared. planet People are both the beneficiaries and drivers. of human development as individuals and in groups, Philosophical foundations in the capability approach. Functionings and Capability are key ideas,UNDERSTANDING FUNCTIONINGS. Functionings valuable beings and doings of people,Beings such as being well nourished being safe.
being educated,Doings such as being able to visit loved ones. travelling caring for a child,Elementary functionings being healthy and. nourished being safe being educated,Complex functionings ability to contribute to. community life achieving self respect ability to,appear in publik without shame. CAPABILITY,CONVERSION FACTORS,Resources Capability Functionings.
Bike Able to Ride around,ride around,Food Able to be Nourished. Translation of capability into functionings influenced. by personal characteristics social and environmental. CHALLENGES,No agreed list of capabilities,Capability approach too individualistic. Of the 3 different variants of individualism,1 Ethical individualism. 2 Methodological individualism,3 Ontological individualism. Capability approach relies on ethical individualism. Takes into account social relations social structures and. institutions in two ways, 1 Recognising that there is a move from capability to.
functionings and, 2 Social and environmental factors influence conversion of. capability to functionings,DEVELOPMENT AS FREEDOM,Amartya Sen reinterpreted Development as. People as Agents Agent is one who acts and,brings about change. Emphasised both opportunity freedom and,agency freedom. Freedom from as important as freedom to,Freedom has intrinsic value valuable in itself.
Freedom has instrumental value as a means to,other things. DEVELOPMENT AS FREEDOM,Emphasized 5 instrumental freedoms that are. important for human development,political freedom,economic facilities. social opportunities,transparency guarantees,protective security. HD AND HUMAN RIGHTS,Compatible and complementary,Emphasis in HD.
Enlargement of choices capabilities focus on duty,bearers and public policies. Emphasis in HR,entitlements of claim holders emphasis on legal. change social movements to generate demand, Human Rights initially viewed as political rights now. includes social cultural and economic rights,Both guarantee basic freedoms. HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMAN SECURITY,Human Security Freedom from Want and.
Freedom from Fear HDR 2000, Beyond concerns of national security to focus on 7. components at individual level,Environmental,HD GOES BEYOND. Human Resource Development Approach, Evolved in 1960s Schultz and Gary Becker s concept of human. Powerful implications human beings resources in production. process not ends in themselves, Education and health means of enhancing human capital. Rates of return important,Basic Needs Approach, Evolved in 1970s from ILO s focus on providing basic needs for.
poor food shelter clothing health care water,Focus on provision of goods and services. Ignores choices and underplays freedom, Ignores agency aspect of individuals people treated more as. beneficiaries,CHARACTERISTICS OF HD APPROACH,PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. 4 Core principles of Human Development,Equity Equity refers to a concept of justice as. Efficiency maximizing the use of material human,and community resources.
Participation and Empowerment Foundational,principle people as agents. Sustainability not merely environmental but also,economic social and cultural. All four principles to be adhered to simultaneously. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT amp APPROACH K Seeta Prabhu Tata Institute of Social Sciences Strengthening Capacity on Human Development in Asia Pacific Analysis Measurement and Processes New Delhi 29 30 October 2013 LEARNING OBJECTIVES Human Development Origin and Context Functionings and Capability Human Development and Related Approaches Human Development Principles

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