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Basic classroom courses,for teenagers and young adults 16. Schritte Interactive Teacher s DVD Volume 1 2, international Book The DVD offers a lively look into. The interactive and user friendly everyday German speaking life The. Target group Adult and young, teacher s handbook on DVD ROM five entertaining stories featuring. adult learners 16 throughout the, facilitates classwork preparation the likeable young folks Emma and. world at elementary level A1 B1, and goes far beyond a regular Walter are about the subjects.
Content Each lesson of our new teacher s handbook Introducing and Getting to Know. elementary course begins with an Each Other Dining and Living. It contains methodical information, entertaining photo story based on Work and Job Hunting Getting. on all tasks and exercises in the, interesting topics amusing stories Around Town and Clothes and. coursebook all audio texts numer, and cultural background informa Appearances The stories are. ous photocopiables with tests dic, tion Interludes encourage learn especially tailored to follow the. tation and reading texts a vocabu, ers to have fun with listening and course progression of Schritte.
lary database film sequences from, reading texts that deal with intercul international 1 and 2 so the DVD. the DVD with suggestions for use in, turally relevant points of interest can easily be used for classroom. the classroom and an exercise, Two volumes of the six volume work or individual language learn. sheet generator to help you create, course lead up to levels A1 A2 and ing Major passages can be selected. extra exercise sheets for grammar, B1 respectively and prepare for the individually complete with German.
and vocabulary tailored to fit the, corresponding examinations Each sub titles Eight bonus chapters con. needs of your course without any, of the six stages is composed of a taining cultural information com. Coursebook Workbook combination plete the DVD,including an Audio CD CD ROM. DVD ROM 221851 4,with listening material and interac DVD 301851 9. tive practice for use with a PC,Vocational Language The additio.
nal Online Material for Schritte,international offers a wide range. of exercises worksheets and audio,files for the levels A1 A2 and B1. www hueber de schritte,international de,2 ISBN 978 3 19. Intermediate classroom courses,for teenagers and adults. www hueber de ziel,Ziel Ziel B2 Volume 1 Ziel B2,German courses have now a new Coursebook 001674 7.
goal Coursebook 501674 2, Target group Young adults and 2 Coursebook Audio CDs. adults in all institutions of non 031674 8 2 Coursebook Audio CDs. school education as well as in the 531674 3,upper classes of secondary schools. Workbook with Learner s,Workbook with Learner s, Content Improving everyday lan Audio CD CD ROM 011674 4. Audio CD CD ROM 511674 9,guage improving German skills for. work or university passing an,Workbook 171674 5,exam winning a scholarship your Workbook 671674 0.
course participants at intermediate, level may be working towards dif Workbook Audio CD 191674 9. Workbook Audio CD 691674 4,fering goals They have differing. prior knowledge and work at differ,Workbook Key 181674 2. ing speeds so you need a course Workbook Key 681674 7. in which you can set individual,study priorities Teacher s Book with in pre. paration Package Coursebook and,Teacher s CD ROM,Ziel is hands on with a fasci Workbook 701674 0.
nating variety of topics, Ziel is versatile and individ DVD with Worksheets paration Package Coursebook and. ual 251674 0 Workbook with Learner s Audio,CD CD ROM 711674 7. Ziel is multimedial and sim Extra CD ROM in pre,ple at the same time paration. Ziel is independent and goal,oriented learning,Package Coursebook and. Workbook 201674 5,Package Coursebook and,Workbook with Learner s Audio.
CD CD ROM 211674 2,ISBN 978 3 19 3,Vocational Language. Alltag Beruf Target group All students over,16 of German for business purpose. Alltag Beruf Co 1 in 2009,Co who need German skills for every. day life and for communication at,Coursebook Workbook with. Workbook Audio CD 101590 9,Content Alltag Beruf Co Coursebook.
teaches both everyday language as Audio CD 131590 0. well as professional language It,covers elementary level content. Vocabulary Book,A1 A2 B1 in six volumes and,with Exercises 151590 4. leads to the exams Start Deutsch 1,and 2 as well as to the Zertifikat. Deutsch Teacher s Book 141590 7,Alltag Beruf Co provides. material for approx 50 classroom,units in each volume and is not only.
suitable for use in general language Alltag Beruf Co 2. courses with a work related focus, but also for in company courses Coursebook Workbook with. The course introduces general lan Workbook Audio CD 201590 8. guage tools which are needed in,day to day as well as work related. Coursebook,situations Therefore it is suitable,Audio CD 231590 9. for participants from all professional,backgrounds. Vocabulary Book,with Exercises 251590 3,Teacher s Book 241590 6.
www hueber de alltag beruf,4 ISBN 978 3 19,Elementary classroom courses for children. Target group Children aged 3 to 8,KIKUS Deutsch KIKUS Englisch. in Germany and abroad who are Flashcards Flashcards for. learning the language in kinder for the teacher 351431 8 the teacher 551431 6. gartens and schools, Content The material design is Flashcards Worksheets Flashcards Worksheets for the. very open and follows no particular for the children 361431 5 children 561431 3. progression It is extremely flexible,and can be used in different ways. Worksheets 1 for children up Worksheets 1 for children up. as particular class situations arise,from 3 years 321431 7 from 3 years 521431 5.
Even non specifically trained educa,tors teachers can quickly grasp. Worksheets 2 for children up Worksheets 2 for children up. how to use the material Auxiliarly,from 4 years 331431 4 from 4 years 531431 2. aids are provided on the informa,tion DVD in the guidebook on the. KIKUS method and in the further Worksheets 3 for children up Worksheets 3 for children up. education measures from 5 years 341431 1 from 5 years 541431 9. Beside the DVD and the guidebook, the KIKUS material contains Audio CD with songs 221431 8 Audio CD with songs 581431 7. three sets of worksheets the Audio,CD as well as the songbook Guten.
Songbook 211431 1 Songbook 571431 0,Morgen and 480 picture cards por. traying different areas of childhood, experience without any written ele Information DVD 281431 0. ments thus enabling use in any,foreign language courses. Teacher s Book 311431 0,www hueber de kikus,ISBN 978 3 19 5. Primary Schools Beginners,www hueber de planetino,Planetino Planetino 1 Planetino 2 published.
Target group Seven to eight year, olds inside and outside of Germany Coursebook 301577 8 Coursebook 301578 5. who are learning German without prior,knowledge of the language. 3 Audio CDs 331577 9 3 Audio CDs 331578 6,Content Planetino adheres to the. guidelines of the CEFR concretely,Workbook 311577 5 Workbook 311578 2. implements the portfolio approach,and leads in three volumes to level A1.
Teacher s Book 321577 2 Teacher s Book 321578 9,Every volume offers 5 modules each. arranged according to the same princi,ple European Language will be. Portfolio Learner s in 2009,1 2 theme oriented introductory. Booklet 341577 6,comics based on already familiar,structures. 3 4 short lessons with 2 4 pages,a one page overview with gram.
mar and common expressions,A play cultural information with activi. ty games a chronological list of the,active and passive vocabulary and. phonetic exercises complete the vol,Following Planetino work can easily. be continued with Planet 2 and,Planet 3 or with any other course. suitable for youths,6 ISBN 978 3 19,Secondary Schools Beginners.
www hueber de planet,Planet Planet DVD,Make Planet part of your. The DVD provides not only cultural,information on the themes of hob. Target group Teenagers with no bies school housing shopping. prior knowledge of German sports and my day but also. describes daily life situations in the,Content Planet is based. lives of young people in funny light,thematically on the real world as. acting scenes This adds some reali,experienced by German teenagers.
ty to the classroom in an entertain,today and on the language they. ing way The acting scenes can be,use The 5 6 page chapters have. selected individually in any order,been carefully structured. Pronunciation exercises and games Thus the DVD supports teaching. for partner and classwork help to with Planet by adding fun and. vary the materials The course has a information However it is not. flat progression and takes students required for teaching the course. volumes through CEFR levels A1 DVD 281678 9,A2 and B1 It also prepares them. for the Fit in Deutsch 1 Fit in,Deutsch 2 and Zertifikat Deutsch.
f r Jugendliche examinations,Available Workbook 2 Audio. CDs Cassettes with listening texts,listening comprehension exercises. and songs as well as an Audio,CD Cassette with pronunciation. practice a Teacher s Book,Vocabulary Trainer on CD ROM. ISBN 978 3 19 7,Secondary Schools Beginners,www hueber de deutsch com.
deutsch com deutsch com 1 deutsch com 2, Target group Teenagers and young Coursebook 001658 7 Coursebook 001659 4. adults with no prior knowledge in,Germany and abroad. Coursebook Audio CDs Coursebook Audio CDs,Content 051658 2 051659 9. deutsch com stands for the idea of,Workbook with Workbook Workbook with Workbook. the CEFR the basic leitmotif of multi,Audio CD 011658 4 Audio CD 011659 1.
lingualism Learning German happens,inside the heads of students in a con. text of multilingualism Therefore the Teacher s Book 041658 5 Teacher s Book 041659 2. teaching and the learning of a lan,guage must be perceived within this will be. context The goal is to offer efficient as CD ROM in 2009. well as time saving teaching and learn 301658 4,ing methods will be. deutsch com actively involves stu DVD in 2009,dents in teaching as well as learning 071658 6. and offers a broad panorama of the,lifestyles and realities of young people.
in Germany presented from surprising,perspectives,deutsch com leads up to levels A1. A2 and B1 of the CEFR in three,volumes and prepares students for the. exams Fit in Deutsch 1 and 2 and,Zertifikat Deutsch f r Jugendliche. 8 ISBN 978 3 19,Secondary Schools Beginners,Ideen Ideen 1 Ideen 2 will be. From the unusual to a personal Coursebook 001823 9 Coursebook 001824 6. experience, Target Group Teenagers and 3 Coursebook Audio CDs 3 Coursebook.
young adults without previous 051823 4 Audio CDs 051824 1. knowledge in Germany and abroad,Workbook with, Content Ideen is a course that Workbook with Workbook. Workbook Audio NEW, provides professional material for Audio CD 011824 3. the particular challenges of teach,ing teenage classes In making the. Teacher s Book 021824 0,transition from childhood to adult will be. Workbook with published,hood the teenagers must newly in 2009.
define their own identity Therefore,Audio CD and CD ROM 101823 8. everything in Ideen is stream,lined to meet these requirements NEW. Teacher s Book,Ideen is built on texts far,removed from teenage daily life. making it easier for teens to show will be, interest in the subject matter In the CD ROM in 2009. following sections however such 301823 6,subjects are brought into connec will be.
tion with the world of teenagers published,DVD in 2009. and simultaneously with the major,teaching subjects Thus learning. German becomes motivating and,effective for teens,www hueber de ideen. Ideen leads up to levels A1 A2,and B1 of the CEFR in three. volumes and prepares students,for the exams Fit in Deutsch 1 and 2.
and Zertifikat Deutsch f r,Jugendliche,ISBN 978 3 19 9. Secondary Schools,Intermediate Level,www hueber de ausblick. Target Group Advanced teen stu AusBlick leads up to the follow AusBlick 2. dents knowledge of level B1 ages ing exams Goethe Zertifikat B1 and. 13 to 18 C1 Zentrale Mittelstufenpr fung Coursebook 001861 1. neu Deutsches Sprachdiplom der,Concept AusBlick offers a. Kultusministerkonferenz DSD I, wealth of motivating topics espe 2 Coursebook Audio CDs. and DSD II and final exams in,cially directed at teens Teenagers 031861 2.
German Level B2 at schools in var,from Germanspeaking countries talk. ios states, about themselves their interests Workbook with Workbook. and experiences The texts are Audio CD 011861 8,taken from the Internet youth. magazines and young adult litera,ture and stimulate reading and lis. AusBlick 1 Teacher s Book 021861 5,tening The course promotes inde.
Coursebook 001860 4,pendent student work through,tasks and exercises through learn. ing techniques and hints through 2 Coursebook Audio CDs. self evaluation at the end of each 031860 5,lesson and through a wide range of. projects AusBlick combines Workbook with Workbook,grammar and vocabulary work with Audio C. Hueber Freude an Sprachen www hueber de Novelties 2008 2009 German Language Teaching

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