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HS100 Integrated Home Theater System harman kardon. SERVICING PRECAUTIONS,NOTES REGARDING HANDLING OF THE PICK UP. 1 Notes for transport and storage, 1 The pick up should always be left in its conductive bag until immediately prior to use. 2 The pick up should never be subjected to external pressure or impact. Drop impact,Storage in conductive bag,2 Repair notes. 1 The pick up incorporates a strong magnet and so should never be brought close to magnetic materials. 2 The pick up should always be handled correctly and carefully taking care to avoid external pressure and. impact If it is subjected to strong pressure or impact the result may be an operational malfunction. and or damage to the printed circuit board, 3 Each and every pick up is already individually adjusted to a high degree of precision and for that reason. the adjustment point and installation,screws should absolutely never be touched.
4 Laser beams may damage the eyes, Absolutely never permit laser beams to enter the eyes. Also NEVER switch ON the power to the laser output part lens etc of the pick up if it is damaged. NEVER look directly at the laser beam and don t let contact. fingers or other exposed skin,5 Cleaning the lens surface. If there is dust on the lens surface the dust should be cleaned away by using an air bush such as used. for camera lens The lens is held by a delicate spring When cleaning the lens surface therefore a cot. ton swab should be used taking care not to distort this. How to hold the pick up,Cotton swab,Conductive Sheet. 6 Never attempt to disassemble the pick up, Spring by excess pressure If the lens is extremely dirty apply isopropyl alcohol to the cotton swab Do. not use any other liquid cleaners because they will damage the lens Take care not to use too much of. this alcohol on the swab and do not allow the alcohol to get inside the pick up. HS100 Integrated Home Theater System harman kardon. NOTES REGARDING COMPACT DISC PLAYER REPAIRS,1 Preparations.
1 Compact disc players incorporate a great many ICs as well as the pick up laser diode These compo. nents are sensitive to and easily affected by static electricity If such static electricity is high voltage. components can be damaged and for that reason components should be handled with care. 2 The pick up is composed of many optical components and other high precision components Care must. be taken therefore to avoid repair or storage where the temperature of humidity is high where strong. magnetism is present or where there is excessive dust. 2 Notes for repair, 1 Before replacing a component part first disconnect the power supply lead wire from the unit. 2 All equipment measuring instruments and tools must be grounded. 3 The workbench should be covered with a conductive sheet and grounded. When removing the laser pick up from its conductive bag do not place the pick up on the bag This is. because there is the possibility of damage by static electricity. 4 To prevent AC leakage the metal part of the soldering iron should be grounded. 5 Workers should be grounded by an armband 1M, 6 Care should be taken not to permit the laser pick up to come in contact with clothing in order to prevent. static electricity changes in the clothing to escape from the armband. 7 The laser beam from the pick up should NEVER be directly facing the eyes or bare skin. 1 Mohm Conductive, HS100 Integrated Home Theater System harman kardon. ESD PRECAUTIONS,Electrostatically Sensitive Devices ESD. Some semiconductor solid state devices can be damaged easily by static electricity Such components com. monly are called Electrostatically Sensitive Devices ESD Examples of typical ESD devices are integrated cir. cuits and some field effect transistors and semiconductor chip components The following techniques should. be used to help reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static electricity. 1 Immediately before handling any semiconductor component or semiconductor equipped assembly drain off. any electrostatic charge on your body by touching a known earth ground Alternatively obtain and wear a. commercially available discharging wrist strap device which should be removed for potential shock reasons. prior to applying power to the unit under test, 2 After removing an electrical assembly equipped with ESD devices place the assembly on a conductive sur.
face such as aluminum foil to prevent electrostatic charge buildup or exposure of the assembly. 3 Use only a grounded tip soldering iron to solder or unsolder ESD devices. 4 Use only an anti static solder removal device Some solder removal devices not classified as anti static. can generate electrical charges sufficient to damage ESD devices. 5 Do not use freon propelled chemicals These can generate electrical charges sufficient to damage ESD. 6 Do not remove a replacement ESD device from its protective package until immediately before you are. ready to install it Most replacement ESD devices are packaged with leads electrically shorted together by. conductive foam aluminum foil or comparable conductive materials. 7 Immediately before removing the protective material from the leads of a replacement ESD device touch the. protective material to the chassis or circuit assembly into which the device will by installed. CAUTION BE SURE NO POWER IS APPLIED TO THE CHASSIS OR CIRCUIT AND OBSERVE ALL. OTHER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, 8 Minimize bodily motions when handing unpackaged replacement ESD devices Otherwise harmless motion. such as the brushing together of your clothes fabric or the lifting of your foot from a carpeted floor can gen. erate static electricity sufficient to damage an ESD device. HS100 Integrated Home Theater System harman kardon. HS 100 SPECIFICATIONS,DVD Player Video Outputs, Pickup Semiconductor laser wavelength 650nm Component video output Y 1 Vp p 75 ohms sync negative polarity. Video signal system NTSC Pr 0 7 Vp p 75 ohms, Video signal horizontal resolution 480 lines DVD Pb 0 7 Vp p 75 ohms. Video signal to noise ratio 60dB DVD Composite video output 1 Vp p 75 ohms. Audio frequency response DVD PCM 20Hz 22kHz 1dB S video output Y 1 Vp p 75 ohms. Stereo CD PCM 20Hz 20kHz 1dB C NTSC 0 286 Vp p 75 ohms. Audio signal to noise ratio 80dB PCM,Total harmonic distortion 0 01 PCM Audio Section. Amplifer power 35 watts per channel 20Hz 20kHz,Dynamic range DVD PCM 85dB EIAJ 2kHz.
0 5 THD into 6 ohms,CD 85dB EIAJ,Line output 1 Vrms 1 kilohm. System PLL quartz locked digital synthesizer system General. Power requirements AC 120V 50Hz,Tuning range 87 50 108 00MHz. Power consumption 3W Standby 380W Maximum,Antenna terminals 75 Ohms unbalanced. Dimensions HxWxD 2 11 16 x 17 15 16 x 2 3 16,Intermediate frequency 10 7MHz. Weight 10 6 lb,AM Tuner Section,Frequency range 520 1720kHz.
Signal to noise ratio 45dB,Usable sensitivity Loop 500 V. Distortion 1kHz 50 Mod 0 8,Selectivity 10kHz 30dB, Depth measurement includes knobs buttons and terminal connections Height measurement includes feet and chassis. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Harman Kardon and Power for the Digital Revolution are registered trademarks of Harman International Industries Incorporated. Dolby Pro Logic and the double D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories registered in the United States and or other countries All rights reserved. DTS is a trademark of DTS Inc, Windows Media Audio WMA is a proprietary file format developed by Microsoft Microsoft Windows and Windows Media are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States. and or other countries, This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain U S patents and other intellectual property rights owned by Macrovision. Corporation and other rights owners Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision Corporation and is intended for home and other limited. viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision Corporation Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. Supplied Accessories, The following accessory items are supplied with the HS 100 controller If any of these items are missing please contact Harman Kardon customer service at.
www harmankardon com,A system remote control An AM loop antenna. An FM wire antenna Three AAA batteries,AC power cord. 5 SPECIFICATIONS 33, HS100 Integrated Home Theater System harman kardon. No Part No Description Qty,1 01 00 BZ X W E232 Carton box HS100 EU version 1. 01 00 BZ X W E231 Carton box HS100 US version 1,2 Barcord label 1.
2 3 01 00 YS SM1 E261 Owner manual HS100 US version 1. 01 00 YS SM1 E262 Owner manual HS100 EU version 1,4 Plastic bag for manual 25 35cm 1. 5 01 00 YS FY3 345 Safety instruction manual HS100 EU 1. 01 00 YS FY3 346 Warning card HS100 US version 1, 01 00 YS FY3 347 Guarantee card HS100 US version 1. 6 01 47 CNT CTX 042 AM antenna AM 300 AWM 1,7 01 47 CNT CTX 037 FM antenna FM 075 1. 01 47 CNT CTX 038 FM antennab FM TV 75 A 1,8 01 47 CNT LJX 5 012 SCART cable 1. 9 01 47 CNT ACX E052 AC power cord EU version 1,01 47 CNT ACX E053 AC power cord US version 1.
10 01 00 RC 100 Remote control HS100 1,11 Plastic bag for RC 9 27 5cm 1. 12 01 14 DX B 0007 battery 7 battery 3,13 Plastic bag for battery 6 9c 1. 14 accessories box 1,15 accessories Polyfoam 2,01 00 BZ F P E100 Polyfoam HS100 left 1. 01 00 BZ F P E101 Polyfoam HS100 right 1,16 Main unit 1. 17 Plastic bag for unit 54 5 60cm 1, PDF created with pdfFactory trial version www pdffactory com.
HS100 Integrated Home Theater System harman kardon. FRONT PANEL CONTROLS,1 2 3 4 5 6, PLAYERJPEG MP3 CD DVD AUDIO 5 1ch PROG RAND REP 1 ALL A B P SCAN TEST. RADIOVCD GROUP TITLE TRACK CHAP HOUR PBC V OFF MIN SEC. DIGITALDVD, NOTE To make it easier to follow the instructions that refer to this illustration a larger copy may be downloaded from the Product Support section for this product. at www harmankardon com,Power On Off Standby 5 Stop A Volume Control. 1 Open Close 6 Source B Disc Drawer,2 Skip Previous 7 Headphone Jack. 3 Skip Next 8 Information Display,4 Play Pause 9 Remote Sensor.
Power On Off Standby When the HS 100 4 Play Pause Press to initiate playback or to 8 Information Display This display delivers mes. is connected to AC power the ring around this button momentarily pause playback To resume playback sages and status indications to help you operate the. will glow amber indicating that the unit is in Standby press the button again If a DVD is playing action will HS 100 controller. and is ready to be turned on Press this button or the freeze and a still picture will be displayed when the 9 Remote Sensor The infrared sensor that. Power On Button 0 on the remote control to turn button is pressed receives commands from the remote control is behind. the unit on When the unit is on the amber illumination 5 Stop Press this button once to place the disc in the front panel lens in this area To ensure proper. around the button turns blue and the lighting surround the Resume mode which means that playback will operation of the HS 100 it is important that this area. ing the Volume Control A will turn blue stop but as long as the tray is not opened DVD play is not blocked or covered. 1 Open Close Press this button to open or close back will continue from the same point on the disc. A Volume Control Turn this knob clockwise to, the Disc Tray when the Play button is pressed again Resume will. increase the volume counterclockwise to decrease the. 2 Skip Previous Press this button to move also work if the unit was turned off When this button. volume If the HS 100 is muted adjusting the volume. backward through the music tracks on a CD or the is pressed twice playback of the disc will restart at. the beginning of the disc control will automatically release the unit from the. chapters on a DVD silenced condition, 3 Skip Next Press to move forward through the 6 Source Press this button repeatedly to scroll. through the available audio and video sources B Disc Drawer This drawer holds the discs played. music tracks on a CD or the chapters on a DVD in the HS 100 Be certain to properly seat all discs. 7 Headphone Jack This jack may be used to listen carefully in the recess in the drawer tray Do not. to the system s output through a pair of headphones press down on the drawer when it is open as this. with a standard 3 5mm stereo mini plug Note that the will damage the player. main room speakers will automatically be turned off. when the headphone jack is in use,7 FRONT PANEL CONTROLS 5. HS100 Integrated Home Theater System harman kardon. FRONT PANEL DISPLAY,A B C D E F G H I JK, PLAYERJPEG MP3 CD DVD AUDIO 5 1ch PROG RAND REP 1 ALL A B P SCAN TEST. RADIOVCD GROUP TITLE TRACK CHAP HOUR PBC MIN SEC,DIGITAL IN.
NOTE To make it easier to follow the instructions that refer to this illustration a larger copy may be downloaded from the Product Support section for this product. at www harmankardon com, A Disc Type Indicators G A B Repeat Indicator M Playback Mode Indicators. B Program Indicator H Angle Indicator N Title Indicators. C Random Indicator I Progressive Scan Indicator O Chapter Track Number Indicators. D VCD Playback Control Indicator J Parental Lock Indicator. E Repeat Indicators K Test Indicator,F Time Indicators L Source Indicators. A Disc Type Indicators The CD DVD or DVD Audio G A B Repeat Indicator This indicator lights when N Title Indicators These two positions in the dis. The following accessory items are supplied with the HS 100 controller If any of these items are missing please contact Harman Kardon customer service at www harmankardon com A system remote control An AM loop antenna An FM wire antenna Three AAA batteries AC power cord 5 HS100 Integrated Home Theater System harman kardon

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