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Copyright 2006 2007 Hewlett Packard Development Company L P. Microsoft Windows and Windows Vista are either trademarks or. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and or. other countries Intel Core and Celeron are trademarks or registered. trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and. other countries AMD Sempron Turion and combinations thereof are. trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices Inc Bluetooth is a trademark. owned by its proprietor and used by Hewlett Packard Company under. license SD Logo is a trademark of its proprietor, The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the. express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions. contained herein,Maintenance and Service Guide,HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC. Second Edition April 2007,First Edition June 2006,Document Part Number 417981 002. Safety warning notice, WARNING To reduce the possibility of heat related injuries or of. overheating the computer do not place the computer directly on your. lap or obstruct the computer air vents Use the computer only on a hard. flat surface Do not allow another hard surface such as an adjoining. optional printer or a soft surface such as pillows or rugs or clothing to. block airflow Also do not allow the AC adapter to contact the skin or a. soft surface such as pillows or rugs or clothing during operation The. computer and the AC adapter comply with the user accessible surface. temperature limits defined by the International Standard for Safety of. Information Technology Equipment IEC 60950,1 Product Description.
1 1 Features 1 2,1 2 Resetting the Computer 1 4,1 3 Power Management 1 5. 1 4 External Components 1 6,1 5 Design Overview 1 21. 2 Troubleshooting,2 1 Setup Utility in Windows XP 2 1. Using the Setup Utility 2 2,Setup Utility Menus 2 6. 2 2 Setup Utility in Windows Vista 2 9,Using the Setup Utility 2 9.
Setup Utility Menus 2 13,2 3 Troubleshooting Flowcharts 2 15. Maintenance and Service Guide iv,3 Illustrated Parts Catalog. 3 1 Serial Number Location 3 1,3 2 Computer Major Components 3 2. 3 3 Display Assembly Components 3 20,3 4 Mass Storage Devices 3 22. 3 5 Plastics Kit 3 24,3 6 Cable Kit 3 25,3 7 Miscellaneous 3 26.
3 8 Sequential Part Number Listing 3 29,4 Removal and Replacement Preliminaries. 4 1 Tools Required 4 1,4 2 Service Considerations 4 2. Plastic Parts 4 2,Cables and Connectors 4 2,4 3 Preventing Damage to Removable Drives 4 3. 4 4 Preventing Electrostatic Damage 4 4,4 5 Packaging and Transporting Precautions 4 5. 4 6 Workstation Precautions 4 6,4 7 Grounding Equipment and Methods 4 7.
v Maintenance and Service Guide,5 Removal and Replacement Procedures. 5 1 Serial Number 5 2,5 2 Disassembly Sequence Chart 5 3. 5 3 Preparing the Computer for Disassembly 5 6,5 4 Hard Drive 5 8. 5 5 RTC Battery 5 12,5 6 Computer Feet 5 13,5 7 Memory Module 5 14. 5 8 Mini Card Module 5 17,5 9 Optical Drive 5 22,5 10 Keyboard 5 24.
5 11 Switch Cover 5 28,5 12 Display Assembly 5 32,5 13 Top Cover 5 45. 5 14 TouchPad 5 50,5 15 Wireless Switch Board 5 54. 5 16 Modem Module 5 56,5 17 Audio Infrared Board 5 58. 5 18 Bluetooth Module 5 60,5 19 USB Board 5 62,5 20 Speaker Assembly 5 64. 5 21 Display Lid Switch Module 5 66,5 22 System Board 5 70.
5 23 Power Connector Cable 5 73,5 24 ExpressCard Assembly 5 75. 5 25 Fan Heat Sink Assembly 5 78,5 26 Processor 5 86. Maintenance and Service Guide vi,6 Specifications,A Screw Listing. B Backup and Recovery in Windows XP,C Backup and Recovery in Windows Vista. D Display Component Recycling,E Connector Pin Assignments.
F Power Cord Set Requirements,vii Maintenance and Service Guide. Product Description, The HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC offers advanced. modularity Intel Core Duo Core Solo and Celeron,processors or AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology and. Mobile AMD Sempron processors and extensive multimedia. HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC,Maintenance and Service Guide 1 1. Product Description,1 1 Features,The following processors are available varying by.
computer model,Intel Core Duo T7200 2 00 GHz,Intel Core Duo T5600 1 83 GHz. Intel Core Duo T5500 1 66 GHz,Intel Core Duo T5200 1 60 GHz. Intel Core Duo T2600 2 16 GHz,Intel Core Duo T2500 2 00 GHz. Intel Core Duo T2400 1 83 GHz,Intel Core Duo T2250 1 73 GHz. Intel Core Duo T2060 1 60 GHz,Intel Core Duo T2300 1 66 GHz.
Intel Core Duo T2350 1 60 GHz,Intel Core Duo T2050 1 60 GHz. Intel Core Solo T1350 1 80 GHz,Intel Celeron M 440 1 86 GHz. Intel Celeron M 430 1 73 GHz,AMD Turion Dual Core TL 60 2 0 GHz. AMD Turion 64 MK 36 2 00 GHz,AMD Turion TL 56 1 80 GHz. AMD Turion ML 52 1 60 Ghz,AMD Turion ML 50 1 60 GHz.
Mobile AMD Sempron 3500 1 80 GHz,Mobile AMD Sempron 3400 1 80 GHz. Mobile AMD Sempron 3200 1 60 GHz,14 1 inch WXGA 1280 768 TFT display with over. 16 7 million colors varying by computer model,1 2 Maintenance and Service Guide. Product Description, 160 120 100 80 60 or 40 GB high capacity hard drive. varying by computer model,256 MB DDR synchronous DRAM SDRAM at 667 MHz.
and 533 MHz expandable to 2 0 GB,Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP. Professional or Free DOS varying by computer model. Full size Windows keyboard with embedded numeric keypad. TouchPad pointing device with on off button and dedicated. two way scroll zone, Integrated 10 100 BASE T Ethernet local area network. LAN network interface card NIC with RJ 45 jack,Integrated high speed 56K modem with RJ 11 jack. Integrated wireless support for Mini Card IEEE 802 11b and. 802 11b g WLAN device,Support for one ExpressCard, External 65 watt or 90 watt AC adapter with 3 wire power. 6 cell or 12 cell Li Ion battery,Stereo speakers with volume up and down buttons.
Integrated Web camera select models only,Integrated microphone select models only. Support for the following optical drives,DVD CD RW Combo Drive. DVD RW R and CD RW Double Layer Combo Drive,DVD RW R and CD RW Double Layer Combo Drive. with LightScribe,Connectors,Audio in microphone,Audio out headphone. Consumer infrared lens,Maintenance and Service Guide 1 3.
Product Description,Docking select models only,ExpressCard. External monitor,IEEE 1394 digital select models only. Memory Reader Slot select models only,RJ 11 modem,RJ 45 network. S Video out select models only,Universal Serial Bus USB v 2 0. 1 2 Resetting the Computer, If the computer you are servicing has an unknown password.
follow these steps to clear the password These steps also. clear CMOS, 1 Prepare the computer for disassembly refer to Section 5 3. Preparing the Computer for Disassembly for more,information. 2 Remove the real time clock RTC battery refer to,Section 5 5 RTC Battery for more information. 3 Wait approximately 5 minutes, 4 Replace the RTC battery and reassemble the computer. 5 Connect AC power to the computer Do not reinsert any. batteries at this time,6 Turn on the computer, All passwords and all CMOS settings have been cleared.
1 4 Maintenance and Service Guide,Product Description. 1 3 Power Management, The computer comes with power management features that. extend battery operating time and conserve power The. computer supports the following power management features. Hibernation,Setting customization by the user,Hotkeys for setting the level of performance. Battery calibration,Lid switch standby resume,Power button. Advanced Configuration and Power Management ACPM,compliance.
Maintenance and Service Guide 1 5,Product Description. 1 4 External Components, The external components on the front of the computer are shown. below and described in Table 1 1,Front Components,Front Components. Item Component Function,1 Power light On The computer is on. Blinking The computer is in standby,Off The computer is off.
2 Battery light On A battery is charging,Blinking A battery that is the only. available power source has reached a,low battery condition or a critical. low battery condition,Off If the computer is plugged into an. external power source the light is turned,off when all batteries in the computer are. fully charged If the computer is not,plugged into an external power source.
the light stays off until the battery,reaches a low battery condition. 3 Drive light Blinking The hard drive or optical drive is. being accessed,1 6 Maintenance and Service Guide,Product Description. Front Components Continued,Item Component Function. 4 Wireless switch Turns the wireless feature on or off but. select models only does not create a wireless connection. To establish a wireless connection a,wireless network must already be set. 5 Wireless light Blue An integrated wireless device such. as a wireless local area network LAN,device and or a Bluetooth device is.
Red An integrated wireless device is,turned off, 6 Consumer infrared Links the computer to the HP Remote. lens Control,7 Audio in Connects an optional computer headset. microphone jack microphone stereo array microphone or. monaural microphone, 8 Audio out Produce sound when connected to optional. headphone jacks 2 powered stereo speakers headphones ear. buds a headset or television audio,Depending on your computer model. the computer may have 1 or 2,audio out headphone jacks.
Maintenance and Service Guide 1 7,Product Description. The external components on the right side of the computer are. shown below and described in Table 1 2,Right Side Components. Right Side Components,Item Component Function,1 Optical drive Reads an optical disc. 2 USB ports 2 Connect optional USB devices,3 RJ 11 modem jack Connects a modem cable. 4 Power connector Connects an AC adapter,1 8 Maintenance and Service Guide.
HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein Maintenance and Service Guide HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC Second Edition April 2007 First Edition June 2006 Document Part Number 417981 002

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