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Copyright 2008 Hewlett Packard Development Company L P. Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by Hewlett Packard Company under license Intel and Core are trademarks or. registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries Microsoft Windows and. Windows Vista are U S registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation SD Logo is a trademark of its proprietor. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in. the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an. additional warranty HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. First Edition November 2008,Document Part Number 487263 001. Safety warning notice, WARNING To reduce the possibility of heat related injuries or of overheating the computer do not place the computer directly. on your lap or obstruct the computer air vents Use the computer only on a hard flat surface Do not allow another hard surface. such as an adjoining optional printer or a soft surface such as pillows or rugs or clothing to block airflow Also do not allow. the AC adapter to contact the skin or a soft surface such as pillows or rugs or clothing during operation The computer and the. AC adapter comply with the user accessible surface temperature limits defined by the International Standard for Safety of. Information Technology Equipment IEC 60950,1 Product description. 2 External component identification,Top components 2 1. Display components 2 1,Buttons speakers and fingerprint reader 2 2.
Lights 2 5,Pointing devices 2 6,Front components 2 7. Right side components 2 7,Left side components 2 8. Rear component 2 8,Bottom components 2 9,3 Illustrated parts catalog. Service tag 3 1,Computer major components 3 2,Plastics Kit 3 7. Display assembly components 3 8,Mass storage devices 3 10.
Miscellaneous parts 3 11,Sequential part number listing 3 12. 4 Removal and replacement procedures,Preliminary replacement requirements 4 1. Tools required 4 1,Service considerations 4 1,Grounding guidelines 4 2. Unknown user password 4 5,Component replacement procedures 4 6. Service tag 4 6,Computer feet 4 7,Battery 4 8,Optical drive 4 9.
Hard drive 4 11,TV tuner module 4 13,RTC battery 4 14. Memory module 4 15,WLAN module 4 16,Contents iv,Switch cover 4 18. Keyboard cover 4 20,Power button board 4 22,Bluetooth module 4 23. Keyboard 4 24,Power button board cable 4 27,Bluetooth module cable 4 28. LED board cable 4 29,Speaker assembly 4 30,Display assembly 4 31.
Top cover 4 39,TouchPad on off button board 4 43,System board 4 45. Audio infrared board 4 50,TV tuner module cable 4 52. USB board 4 53,Power connector cable 4 54,Subwoofer 4 56. Fan heat sink assembly 4 58,Processor 4 61,5 Setup Utility. Starting the Setup Utility 5 1,Changing the language of the Setup Utility 5 1.
Navigating and selecting in the Setup Utility 5 1,Displaying system information 5 2. Restoring default settings in the Setup Utility 5 2. Using advanced Setup Utility features 5 2,Closing the Setup Utility 5 2. Setup Utility menus 5 3,Main menu 5 3,Security menu 5 3. System Configuration menu 5 3,Diagnostics menu 5 4. 6 Specifications,Computer specifications 6 1,16 0 inch FHD display specifications 6 2.
16 0 inch HD display specifications 6 2,Hard drive specifications 6 3. Blu ray ROM DVD RW SuperMulti DL Drive specifications 6 5. DVD RW and CD RW SuperMulti Double Layer Combo Drive specifications 6 6. System DMA specifications 6 7,System memory map specifications 6 7. System interrupt specifications 6 8,System I O address specifications 6 9. Contents v,7 Screw listing,Phillips PM2 5 7 0 screw 7 1. Phillips PM2 0 4 0 screw 7 4,Phillips PM2 5 6 0 captive screw 7 10.
Phillips PM3 0 4 0 screw 7 11,Phillips PM2 5 5 0 broadhead screw 7 12. Phillips PM2 5 11 0 captive screw 7 13,Phillips PM2 5 5 0 captive screw 7 14. 8 Backup and recovery,Recovering system information 8 1. Creating recovery discs 8 1,Backing up your information 8 2. When to back up 8 2,Backup suggestions 8 2,Using system restore points 8 3.
Performing a recovery 8 4,9 Connector pin assignments. Audio in microphone 9 1,Audio out headphone 9 2,External monitor 9 2. RJ 45 network 9 4,Universal Serial Bus 9 4,10 Power cord set requirements. Requirements for all countries and regions 10 1, Requirements for specific countries and regions 10 2. 11 Recycling,Battery 11 1,Display 11 1,Contents vi.
Product description,Category Description,Product name HP HDX 16 Entertainment PC. Processors Intel Core 2 Duo processors, T9600 2 80 GHz processor 6 MB L2 cache 1066 MHz front side bus FSB. T9500 2 53 GHz processor 6 MB L2 cache 1066 MHz FSB. T8600 2 40 GHz processor 3 MB L2 cache 1066 MHz FSB. T8400 2 26 GHz processor 3 MB L2 cache 1066 MHz FSB. T7550 2 13 GHz processor 3 MB L2 cache 1066 MHz FSB. T7350 2 00 GHz processor 3 MB L2 cache 1066 MHz FSB. Chipset Northbridge Intel PM45,Southbridge Intel ICH9M. Graphics nVidia GeForce 9650M GT with 1024 MB or 512 MB of dedicated video memory. Panel 16 0 inch dual channel low voltage differential signaling LVDS full high definition FHD. 1920 1080p and high definition HD 1366 768 AntiGlare display assemblies equipped. with dual lamp and single lamp variations,16 9 ultra wide aspect ratio. Typical brightness 250 nits, Supports flush glass AntiGlare panel cover support.
Lighted logo on display enclosure, All display assemblies include 2 wireless local area network WLAN antennae. Memory 2 customer accessible upgradable memory module slots. Supports dual channel memory,Supports up to 8 GB of system RAM. PC2 6400 800 MHz DDR2,Supports the following configurations. 8192 MB total system memory 4096 x 2 dual channel,4096 MB total system memory 2048 2 dual channel. 3072 MB total system memory 2048 1024,2048 MB total system memory 1024 2 dual channel.
2048 MB total system memory 2048 1,1024 MB total system memory 1024 1. Product description 1 1,Category Description, Hard drives Supports 9 50 mm 6 35 cm 2 50 inch hard drives. Supports second hard drive,Supports HP 3D DriveGuard protection. Customer accessible,Serial ATA,Supports the following hard drives. 500 GB 5400 rpm,400 GB 5400 rpm,320 GB 7200 rpm,320 GB 5400 rpm.
250 GB 5400 rpm,160 GB 7200 rpm,160 GB 5400 rpm, Supports the following dual hard drive configurations. 1000 GB 5400 rpm 500 GB 2,800 GB 5400 rpm 400 GB 2. 640 GB 7200 rpm 320 GB 2,640 GB 5400 rpm 320 GB 2,500 GB 5400 rpm 250 GB 2. 320 GB 7200 rpm 160 GB 2,320 GB 5400 rpm 160 GB 2,160 GB 5400 rpm 80 GB 2. Optical drives 12 7 mm tray load,Serial ATA SATA,Fixed removal of 1 screw required.
Customer accessible,Parallel ATA,Supports no optical drive option. Supports the following drives, Blu ray ROM DVD RW SuperMulti DL Drive with LightScribe. Blu ray ROM DVD RW SuperMulti DL Drive,Blu ray ROM DVD RW Drive. DVD RW and CD RW SuperMulti Double Layer Combo Drive with LightScribe. Microphone 2 omni directional dual array digital microphones with beam forming echo cancellation. noise suppression software,Product description 1 2. Category Description,Audio High definition audio,Integrated subwoofer.
Supports Microsoft premium requirements,2 Altec Lansing Pavilion branded speakers. Webcam Low light VGA camera,Fixed no tilt,Activity LED 640 480 by 30. 24 frames per second, Modem 56K V 92 1 5 inch data fax modem with digital line guard. Modem cable is not included, Ethernet Intel Realtek 8111C 10 100 1000 network interface card NIC. Intel Realtek 8102E 10 100 NIC,Ethernet cable included.
Wireless Integrated WLAN options by way of wireless module. 2 wireless antennae built into display assembly,Supports no WLAN option. Support for the following WLAN formats,Intel WiFi Link 5100 802 11a b g n. Intel WiFi Link 5100 802 11a b g n with Bluetooth,Intel WiFi Link 5100 802 11a b g. Intel WiFi Link 5100 802 11a b g with Bluetooth,Atheros 802 11a b g n. Atheros 802 11a b g n with Bluetooth,TV tuner DVB T TV tuner module.
DVB T ANG TV tuner module,NTSC ATSC ANG TV tuner module. TV tuner external antenna cable with both F PAL and PAL jacks. External media cards One ExpressCard slot supporting optional ExpressCard 54 cards. Digital Media Slot supporting Memory Stick MS Memory Stick Pro MSP MultiMediaCard. MMC Secure Digital SD Memory Card and xD Picture Card XD. Product description 1 3,Category Description,Ports 1394. Audio in mono microphone,Audio out stereo headphones 2. Consumer infrared,Multi pin AC power,RJ 45 Ethernet includes link and activity lights. VGA Dsub 15 pin supporting 1600 1200 external resolution at 75 GHz hot plug unplug. with auto detect, Docking Supports expansion port 3 docking connector.
Keyboard pointing devices Spill resistant keyboard. TouchPad with 2 TouchPad buttons,Supports 2 way scroll. Taps enabled as default, Power requirements 90 W and 65 W AC adapters with localized and pointing stick cable plug support 3 wire plug. with ground pin supports 3 pin DC connector,8 cell 2 55 Ah 73 Wh Li ion battery. Security Security cable slot, Fingerprint reader with Digital Persona software support. Operating system Preinstalled,Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
Windows Vista Premium 32 and 64 bit,Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit. Serviceability End user replaceable parts,AC adapter. Battery system,Hard drive,Memory module,Optical drive. WLAN module,Product description 1 4,External component identification. Top components,Display components,Item Component Function.
1 Internal display switch Turns off the display if the display is closed while the computer is on. 2 Wireless antennae 2 Send and receive wireless signals to communicate with WLANs. The antennae are not visible from the outside of the computer. For optimal transmission keep the areas immediately around the. antennae free from obstructions,3 Internal digital dual array Record sound. microphones 2,4 Integrated webcam light On The webcam is in use. 5 Integrated webcam Records audio and video and captures still photographs. To see wireless regulatory notices refer to the section of the Regulatory Safety and Environmental Notices that applies. to your country or region These notices are located in Help and Support. External component identification 2 1,Buttons speakers and fingerprint reader. Item Component Function, 1 Power button When the computer is off press the button to turn on the computer. When the computer is on briefly press the button to initiate Sleep. When the computer is in the Sleep state briefly press the button to. exit Sleep, When the computer is in Hibernation briefly press the button to.
exit Hibernation, If the computer has stopped responding and Windows shutdown. procedures are ineffective press and hold the power button for at least. 5 seconds to turn off the computer, To learn more about your power settings select Start Control Panel. System and Maintenance Power Options,2 Speakers 2 Produce sound. 3 Media button Launches the MediaSmart program from any power state. Ifbetheasked, computer has been set up to require a logon password you may. to log on to Windows MediaSmart starts after you log on. For more information on using MediaSmart select Start Help and. 4 Previous rewind button Plays the previous track or chapter when the button is pressed once. Rewinds media when the button is pressed in combination with the fn key. 5 Stop button Stops playback,6 Play pause button Plays or pauses media.
7 Next fast forward button Plays the next track or chapter when the button is pressed once. Fast forwards media when pressed in combination with the fn key. 8 Optical drive button Releases the media tray, 9 Volume mute button Mutes and restores speaker sound. External component identification 2 2,Item Component Function. Volume scroll zone Adjusts speaker volume Slide your finger to the left to decrease volume and. to the right to increase volume You can also press and hold the minus sign. to decrease volume or press and hold the plus sign to increase volume. q Treble bass button Alternates between treble and bass volume controls. w Treble or bass volume scroll zone Adjusts treble or bass volume Select the treble or bass volume by pressing. the treble bass button and then slide your finger to the left to decrease. volume and to the right to increase volume using the treble or bass volume. scroll zone You can also press and hold the minus sign to decrease. volume or press and hold the plus sign to increase volume. e Wireless button Turns the wireless feature on or off but does not establish a wireless. connection, You must set up or access a wireless network in order to establish a. wireless connection, r Fingerprint reader Allows a fingerprint logon to Windows instead of a password logon. This table describes factory settings For information about changing factory settings refer to the user guides located in. HP HDX 16 Entertainment PC Maintenance and Service Guide Document Part Number 487263 001 November 2008 This guide is a troubleshooting reference used for maintaining and servicing the computer It provides comprehensive information on identifying computer features components and spare parts troubleshooting

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