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CEO of Positive Real Estate and key contributor author of Think and. Grow Rich in Property Ready Set Goal Property and author of How to Be. in Debt for Millions and Be Happy about It,How to Be a Part Time. Property Millionaire,The Mentor The Broker,The Property Deal Maker. From 5 000 in the bank to 10 000 000 in real estate. in just over a decade,Sam Saggers,How to Be a Part Time Property Millionaire. Copyright 2011 Sam Saggers, All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a. retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic. mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written. permission of the publisher, The information views opinions and visuals expressed in this publication are.
solely those of the author s and do not reflect those of the publisher The. publisher disclaims any liabilities or responsibilities whatsoever for any. damages libel or liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the contents of. this publication, A copy of this publication can be found in the National Library of Australia. ISBN 978 1 742841 58 8 pbk,Published by Book Pal,www bookpal com au. DISCLAIMER, The information strategies comments concepts techniques and suggestions. within this book are of general nature only and do not constitute professional or. individual advice in any way You must seek your own independent. professional advice relating to your particular circumstances goals and risk. profile if you intend to take any action as a result of reading this publication. The author does not accept any responsibility for any actions arising from their. work Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the material. contained in the book Please take note that this book was completed October. Email sales support positiverealestate com au,Website www positiverealestate com au. The nearer we live to the source of wealth the more wealth we. shall receive,Wallace Wattles,About the Author,Sam Saggers CEO of Positive.
Real Estate, Estate CEO Sam Saggers bought his first property in 1998 at. age 23 He bought in an area where he lived and worked He had. scrupulously saved 30 000 and went out to buy a two bedroom. unit in Putney Sydney for 250K He had been working in real. estate for five years and wanted to make money via investing. Looking back Sam says it was his naivety which resulted in. buying a dud He obtained the property well after the growth. cycle had hit its ceiling and he failed to negotiate well Sam. I got caught up by my own emotions and I fell in love with the. property and just had to have it At the time of buying the. property I didn t look at the true income and expense I didn t. conduct research at arm s length and I had no idea about the. cash flow or growth potential The decision to hand over my life. savings of 30 000 as a deposit was entirely emotional I soon. discovered I was out of my depth and that I certainly wasn t the. unit area expert I had built myself up to be, Although Sam suffered a huge loss in his first property investing. experience it absolutely did not dampen his passion to invest in. property in the future He did not see this experience as negative. and it did not cause him to refrain out of fear in fact it. triggered the exact opposite response Sam was inspired by his. surroundings the network of people in the real estate world and. the excitement at the prospects of financial success it presented. and he now had the benefit of experience These very valuable. lessons early on have impacted every investing decision he has. made since, Sam grew up on the lower end of the middle classes however he. was exposed to very wealthy people who were making money. through real estate His family worked seven days a week at. Paddy s Market in Sydney so they could send him to a private. school with very wealthy kids Sam explains, I owed it to my parents to adapt to learn from the rich they. encouraged me to do so The rich kids and their parents. influenced me to invest They knew I was from a poorer. background and would teach me and show me what they had. done they would take me to properties they had bought and talk. about investment around me, Sam s wealthy friends became his mentors and he was like a.
sponge thirsty to learn from those willing to teach For example. the father of one of his friends owned the Franklins supermarket. chain and sold it for millions in the 70s The family soon began to. use property to continue accumulating their fortune and bought. hundreds of properties The family now owns some of the best. residential and commercial real estate in Australia and has a. property portfolio worth billions It was the wisdom that this. family shared with Sam that first encouraged him to get into. property investment,Today Sam Saggers is the Chief Executive. Officer of Positive Real Estate one of,Australia s leading property investment. companies and is a very successful,property millionaire Sam has brokered over. a billion dollars in real estate over his,exciting 19 year career and is a licensed. real estate agent in every state of Australia,Sam Saggers alongside co founder Jason.
Whitton has perpetuated the company from,its start up in 2003 transforming it into one. of Australia s largest and most highly regarded real estate groups. which has been extended to include educational property. investment seminars and programs that teach and empower clients. to be successful property investors Additionally Sam Saggers. heads Positive Real Estate s national buyers agency which. negotiated 250M in property throughout Australia in the 2010. financial year alone, Sam has helped to educate more than 5 000 people in real estate. principles through Positive Real Estate He has featured in Your. Property Investor Magazine the Sydney Morning Herald Money. Magazine and Smart Property Investor Magazine Many of. Australia s top CEOs as listed in Business Review Weekly s. Rich 200 often pursue Sam s advice to understand marketplace. trends and seek investment guidance, Sam is a contributing author of Think and Grow Rich in. Property by Stuart Zadel and the author of How to Be in Debt. for Millions and Be Happy About It Sam is currently in the. process of writing another book sharing his invaluable insight on. successful property investment strategies in Australia. As a passionate educator Sam is also a sought after world class. keynote spokesperson on real estate principles and offers his. wealth of experience to educate investors on understanding the. complexities of real estate investing, Having experienced every area of purchasing real estate he is. amongst Australia s most experienced property investors and. mentors Sam has a personal property portfolio worth millions of. dollars and has personally brokered more than 2200 property. deals including developments subdivisions strata titling capital. growth blue chip off the plan and positive cash flow deals. Positive Real Estate s impact on thousands of Australian real. estate investors is largely due to Sam Saggers driving ambition to. help ordinary people do extraordinary things through property. Sam was influenced by successful smart and wealthy people. from an early age and learnt from many mentors which has led to. his ultimate success within the real estate investing realms He. By having extreme confidence and grit and by learning through. observation and listening to experienced investors I have learnt. what is right and have been able to avoid what is wrong I believe. property investing is no fluke there are so many aspects to. learn By having a high moral compass and by being slow and. steady I have been able to avoid get rich quick ideas and stick to. sensible methodical and profitable buying, In Sam s core funnily enough even though he is an industry.
icon presenter and successful entrepreneur he truly is an. introvert and enjoys time on his own to think very carefully about. his ideas thoughts and his strategic investment decisions Sam is. also a highly analytical and positive person combining these. traits has helped him to continuously move forward. Sam explains that his greatest success has been building an. amazing business and growing as a person Becoming wealthy is. about what you discover about yourself along the way It is not. about securing a successful deal rather it s about the life that I. get to lead from investing wisely, My success is that I can walk down the street every day with my. head held high knowing I make a difference in helping people. invest correctly in the Australian property market I know that my. success is not driven by me rather it is driven by the people I. have supported I don t make me successful my customers do. Sam s advice to those just starting their property investment. journey is to Educate yourself Find a mentor and follow the. path of people who have already invested We all make mistakes. I have learnt you need to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. No one is born a naturally successful property investor You. need to make mistakes learn from them and keep powering on. Sam Saggers is living his dreams through property investing and. through the unique company he has helped create He loves the. opportunities he is exposed to every day He loves that real estate. is not an experiment at Positive Real Estate and that he knows a. good property at a glance He loves the team he has helped shape. helping his clients grow and watching them succeed and do well. from the ideals he has instilled, Find out more at http www positiverealestate com au. Free events available at,http www positiverealestate com au bookevents. Sam Saggers L Jason Whitton R Positive Real,Estate Founders. Why I Wrote This Book, The idea of sharing is very personal for people For me it is.
personal because I want to spread my knowledge and help. people create wealth and succeed with their goals The idea. of sharing real estate strategies simply by studying and. practicing concepts from people who have already paved. the path of success was without question a revelation that I. had to explore, Being contributor of Think and Grow Rich in Property by. Stuart Zadel and writing my previous book How to Be in. Debt For Millions and Be Happy About It are a result of 18. years of adapting modifying testing and applying the. techniques of buying real estate well, Reading is one of the most important forms of self. education and by absorbing the things you read you will. increase your chances of buying the right property. Investing in real estate successfully is about understanding. the fundamentals of a secure property I would like to share. simple easy ideas and techniques with you that will propel. you along the path of prosperity that many other investors. have discovered in recent years, As you will further uncover in this book it is easy to. sound knowledgeable but it s harder to persist and deliver. results This book is meant to pass on the importance and. tremendous power of using a team gathering information. surrounding yourself with wealth ideas and understanding. real estate fundamentals With the knowledge you gain. through this book you will have the tools to make your. own wealth and the opportunity to be accountable for. wealth creation to the most important person yourself. This book is set out in two parts wealth and wisdom. In the first part you will learn about real estate strategies. and fundamentals that will give you a big picture idea of. how real estate works In the wisdom section you will. learn about the experiences and lessons that have helped 3. ordinary people become multi millionaires You will learn. about their mindsets the tools they used to be successful. and how they have made their money work for them Pay. close attention to the importance of positive affirmations. and actionable steps in this book these will help ensure. that you also start on your path to wealth creation and. ultimately financial freedom,Sam Saggers,Part 1 How to Be a Part Time Property Millionaire. Chapter 1 Introduction 3,Chapter 2 Goal Setting 9,Chapter 3 The Scotoma 18.
Chapter 4 Serve and Protect 24,The Real Estate Guide to Success. Chapter 5 Guide 1 The Property Strategies and,Buying Cycles 35. Chapter 6 Guide 2 Property Shares and Business 57, Chapter 7 Guide 3 The Property Guide to Finance 63. Chapter 8 Guide 4 The Property Guide to,Speculation 73. Chapter 9 Guide 5 Town Planning 83,Chapter 10 Guide 6 A Guide to House and Land.
Packages 92,Chapter 11 Property Guide 7 Guide to Mining. Markets 96,Chapter 12 Guide 8 Joint Ventures Self,Managed Super Funds 102. Chapter 13 Guide 9 What to Buy New or Old 116,Chapter 14 Guide 10 Property Management 120. Part 2 How to Be a Part Time Property Millionaire,Chapter 15 Jason Whitton 135. Chapter 16 Tabitha Bright 152,Chapter 17 Naomi Beaumont 168.
Chapter 18 Library 180,Chapter 19 The Last Word 182. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CRACKING THE CODE OF WHAT MAKES A SUCCESSFUL PROPERTY INVESTOR SAM SAGGERS How To Be a Part Time Property Millionaire The Mentor The Broker

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