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Rink Shape Size, An NHL goal net measures 6 W x 4 H x. 44 D , An official NHL rink measures 200 feet, 61 m in length and 85 feet 26 m in. width with corners rounded to a 28 foot, 8 5 meter radius The end zone width is. 11 feet 3 4 m and the zone between the, center blue lines is 50 feet 15 2 m . For hockey purposes the rink has, For non skating events the ice various painted markings we ll discuss.
is covered with insulating pads paint in detail later as shown in the im . age below , Even during non hockey events the, rink must be properly maintained These images include the goal lines and. creases blue lines red center line face off, Even during most non skating events circles and face off spots each of these. the ice is always there MacMillan explains must be carefully measured to fit within. that the conversion process is fairly com that 200 foot by 85 foot space . plex For NC State basketball games we, make an ice deck using 4 by 8 sheets of The goal net is 4 feet 1 2 m high and 6. plywood to cover the ice feet 1 8 m wide and is only 44 inches. 112 cm deep , Then we put the basketball floor over. that For non hockey shows we also take,down the glass surrounding the rink It.
takes six to eight hours to change from the,ice rink to the basketball court . MacMillan says the ice is only broken,up and hauled out for the circus because. they make points in the floor to hold the,trapeze and other things or for a truck. pull , An NHL goal net measures, 6 W x 4 H x 44 D . Rink Surrounds bench and the penalty box open inward . The NHL Rulebook dictates that for away from the playing surface to prevent. hockey games the rink is surrounded injury to players . with boards above the playing surface and, glass above the boards The glass that surrounds the rink for.
hockey games is very important because it, protects the fans from line drive pucks . and it protects the players from the fans , In addition to protecting the fans players . and playing surface , MacMillan says that keeping the glass. up around the rink while the floor is being, flooded helps it set up faster It keeps the. cool air in allowing it to freeze quicker , Otherwise all the cool air floats out into.
the seats , The boards provide valuable, sponsorship opportunities . There are two types of glass , Tempered glass The sides of the. The boards are a continuous wooden or, rink as well as the team benches and. fiberglass wall often used as advertising, penalty boxes are lined with seamless . space The boards sit on top of the ice sur , tempered glass Although the primary.
face and are ideally 42 inches 107 cm , purpose of the tempered glass is to provide. high Except for the official league and, an unobstructed view for the fans it can. team markings the entire playing surface, also better withstand the force of a player. and the boards are painted white , or a slap shot slamming into it . The kickplate at the bottom of the, Tempering is an annealing process in .
boards is light yellow The boards are con , volving successive heating and cooling . structed so that the surface facing the ice, and makes glass harder and less brittle . is smooth and free of any obstruction or, The pieces of side glass each 6 feet tall. any object that could cause injury to play , and 5 8 of an inch 1 6 cm thick fit to . ers The doors in front of each team s, gether smoothly .
Tempered,glass groove, Plexiglas The ends of the rink are. lined with Plexiglas acrylic plastic,sheets The end glass is 8 feet 2 4 m tall. and a 1 2 inch 1 3 cm thick The Plexi It takes between 12 000 and 15 000. glas sheets are fitted together with sup gallons 45 000 to 57 000 L to form a. ports that are mounted on the outside Hockey rink surface The maintenance. edge of the boards so they don t interfere crew forms the ice in several different lay . with play ers in many steps , The crew sprays the first two layers on. using a paint truck The paint truck, creates a fine mist of water to create. the first two layers each only 1 30 of, an inch thick The first layer freezes.
almost immediately after it is sprayed, on , Plexiglas Once the first layer is frozen the crew. groove sprays on the second layer , The crew paints the frozen second layer. According to MacMillan many players white with the paint truck allowing for. if they had to choose would rather be a strong contrast between the black. checked against the Plexiglas than the hockey puck and the ice . tempered glass Because the Plexiglas is The crew then sprays on the third. held together by supports it gives a little layer This layer which is only one . more than the tempered glass does sixteenth of an inch thick acts as a. sealer for the white paint The crew,The Ice paints the hockey markings the lines . Making an ice rink isn t as simple as creases face off spots and circles and. flooding the floor with gallons of water team and sponsor logos on top of this. The crew must apply the water care third layer , fully and slowly in order to insure ideal Once the markings and logos dry the. thickness An ice surface that is too crew gradually applies the final layer . thick requires more energy to keep fro , zen and is prone to getting soft on the The crew slowly applies the remaining.
top A surface that is too thin is also 10 000 gallons with a flooding hose We. dangerous because skaters risk cutting put on 500 to 600 gallons per hour until. straight through the ice the remaining layer is complete says. MacMillan That means 15 to 20 hours 1 gree The type of water also can change. hour 500 600 gallons for that final layer conditions For example ice made with. water that contains dissolved alkaline, Each of those layers is allowed to freeze salts may have a sticky feel to it and will. before we put the next 500 to 600 gallons dull skate blades To counteract these. on The less water you put on the floor at problems many rinks including the. one time the better your ice will be Raleigh arena use water purifiers or add. chemical conditioners to tap water ,Temperature Good Ice vs Bad Ice. When creating a new ice surface in Figure skaters and hockey skaters have. door conditions are very important Mac different ideas of what good ice and bad. Millan says he likes to keep the skating ice are Figure skaters prefer an ice tem . surface at 24 to 26 F about 4 C the perature of 26 to 28 F Ice in that tem . building temperature at about 63 F 17 C perature range is softer so it grips the. and the indoor humidity at about 30 per skate edges better It is also less likely to. cent shatter under the impact of jumps , But if it s warm outdoors and we have Hockey players though prefer colder . an event where the doors are open and all harder ice With many skaters on the ice. that warm air comes in then we have to simultaneously it s easy for the ice sur . adjust it Even one degree can make a big face to get chewed up at the temperatures. difference in the quality of the ice preferred by figure skaters For hockey. games the top of the ice is usually kept at, An indoor high humidity can create a 24 to 26 F Ice that s too warm might. fog over the ice The Raleigh arena has cause players to lose their edge during a. more than 770 000 square feet and re crucial play but ice that s too cold may. quires 12 dehumidifiers throughout the chip too readily . building to keep the air dry indoors The, outdoor temperature can also affect the ice For more on the physics of ice .
conditions http www howstuffworks com framed h, tm parent ice . The arena and ice temperatures must rink htm url http www cs cmu edu d. change to compensate for the heat and st ATG ice html. humidity that will come in when the arena, doors are opened to fans and spectators For more on the physical properties of. ice , Many NHL players have expressed con http www howstuffworks com framed h. cerns about ice conditions in very warm tm parent ice . weather cities during the Stanley Cup rink htm url http www its caltech edu. playoffs They fear the outdoor tempera atomic snowcrystals ice ice htm. ture may be hot enough to soften the ice,inside the building . Painting the Ice, In Canada the problem is just the op The Hurricanes use Jet Ice water based.
posite The buildings often have to be paint for the ice surface lines and logos . heated because the extremely low tem The white paint used for the ice surface. peratures outside can cause problems comes in 40 pound bags of powder that. with the ice have to be mixed with water The blue . black red and yellow paints used for the, Ice conditions can vary greatly with a lines and logos come in pre mixed con . temperature change as small as one de tainers , Along the bottom side of the copper. pipe you ll find the sprayers plastic , removable nozzles attached to the hollow. copper wand The pipe fills with paint or, water and allows each sprayer to spread a. fine mist so that the paint or water will, set up quicker .
After the first layer of ice is put on we, paint the entire rink white using 300 gal . lons about 1 100 liters of water based, white paint then another layer of ice . says MacMillan , The Hurricanes are one of only a few. NHL teams with a paint truck , The lines are painted by hand and we. use stencils for the Hardee s star and the, The Jet Ice paint truck that spreads the.
water based paint is the same one that Hurricanes logos Then we put a third. spreads the thin layers of water that make layer on to seal the paint and then the. rest of the ice surface is spread ,up the skating surface Not many teams. have these paint trucks says MacMillan , It certainly makes the job easier . Maintaining the Rink, The paint truck resembles the first aid No matter how well groomed the ice. carts that many major league football and rink the ice will eventually be cut and pit . baseball teams use with the driver s seat ted and dust and bugs will dull it The. ability to quickly and effectively resurface,in front of a flat bed . the ice is as important to skating as the, The flat bed carries a 300 gallon tank development of indoor ice itself .
that can be filled with either water based, paint or water The tank is hooked up to The Raleigh arena has two Olympia ice . pump that drive the liquid out and resurfacing machines a Model 2000 and a. Model 3000 The Olympia ice resurfacers,through the pipes to the sprayers . that MacMillan uses are powered by two, propane tanks and have V 8 Chevrolet. engines and four wheel drive Each ma , chine lasts about five seasons and pro . vides more than 2 000 floods each year , Most people often incorrectly refer to all.
ice resurfacing machines as Zambonis re , gardless of the machine s manufacturer . http www howstuffworks com framed h, tm parent ice . rink htm url http www zamboni com, Spray nozzles ensure even coats . Ice Resurfacing Machines, At the back of the machine you ll find Before ice resurfacing machines ice. a piece of detachable hollow copper pipe rinks were resurfaced manually using. shaped into a long rounded rectangle scrapers towels a water hose and squee . gees , Resurfacing a regulation size rink was The NHL requires that two machines.
time consuming and labor intensive In resurface the ice between periods The ice. the 1940s Frank Zamboni began to ex is resurfaced before the game after warm . periment with building machines that ups between periods during playoffs and. would shave scrape wash and squeegee when the game is over . the ice surface all at once before putting, down a fresh layer of water With two resurfacing machines it takes. three minutes to complete the floor each, Early ice resurfacing machines cost making four full passes up the ice With. about 5 000 and were built by hand on one it takes between six and seven min . war surplus jeeps Today ice resurfacing utes with eight full passes up the length of. machines cost significantly more about the ice , 55 000 are mass produced and every. rink has at least one The basic driving pattern is a clockwise. motion of slightly overlapping ovals Mac , Professional hockey teams including Millan says that he uses 80 to 100 gallons. the Carolina Hurricanes routinely use two 300 to 380 liters of heated water between. machines to cut down on the time needed periods to resurface the ice With both. to resurface the ice between periods machines says MacMillan we can. scrape about three quarters of a bucket, Most ice resurfacing machines have a during each game .
maximum speed of 9 to 10 mph 14 to 16,kph and weigh between 5 000 and 6 000. pounds 2 300 to 2 700 kg , While MacMillan s Olympia machines. have an 84 inch long 1 2 inch thick After the final pass on the ice MacMil . blade most Zamboni machines like the lan returns the machine to its garage At. one in this diagram have a 77 inch long this point the snow bucket is raised and. 1 2 inch thick blade A the snow is dumped into the snow pit As. the snow melts the pit is drained , The blade scrapes a 1 16 inch to 1 8 . inch layer of ice off the ice surface The,blade runs the width of the machine and. looks like a thick razor blade The amount,of ice ta.
or a slap shot slamming into it Tempering is an annealing process in volving successive heating and cooling and makes glass harder and less brittle The pieces of side glass each 6 feet tall and 5 8 of an inch 1 6 cm thick fit to gether smoothly

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