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Highlife Collection, Watkins Manufacturing Corporation congratulates you on your decision to enjoy the. finest spa available Welcome to the growing family of Hot Spring spa owners. Before you begin reviewing the manual please take a moment to register your warranty By doing so will help assist us in contacting you. for any important product notification and ensure that you and other can enjoy quality products for years to come. Prior to registering you will need the serial number that is located within the equipment compartment of your Hot Spring spa. To register please go to http www hotspring com owners product registration or simply scan the QR code below. For your records,Spa Model Serial Number,Date Purchased. Cover Serial Number,Accessory Serial Number, If you have any questions about any aspect of your spa s set up operation or maintenance contact your authorized Hot Spring. dealership They are trained professionals who are familiar with the product as well as new spa ownership concerns Their expertise will. facilitate the enjoyment of your new Hot Spring spa. Important Watkins Manufacturing Corporation reserves the right to change specifications or design without notification and without. incurring any obligation, In most cities and counties permits will be required for the installation of electrical circuits or the construction of exterior. surfaces decks and gazebos In addition some communities have adopted residential barrier codes which may require. fencing and or self closing gates on the property to prevent unsupervised access to a pool or spa by children under 5 years. Important of age Your Hot Spring spa is equipped with a locking cover that meets the ASTM F1346 91 Standard for Safety Covers. and as a result is usually exempt from most barrier requirements As a general practice your local Building Department will. inform you of any applicable barrier requirements at the time a permit is obtained for the installation of an electrical circuit. Your Hot Spring dealer can provide information on which permits may be required. Table of Contents,Safety Information Audio Optional 21.
IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1 Jet Menu,Important Grandee Model GG Jet System Menu 23. spa instructions 3,Envoy Model KK Jet System Menu 24. Getting Started Vanguard Model VV Jet System Menu 25. spa features 4,Aria Model AR Jet System Menu 26,Quick Start Up Instructions 5. Sovereign Model II Jet System Menu 27,Equipment Compartment 7. PRODIGY Model H Jet System Menu 28, Water Quality and Maintenance jETSETTER Model JJ Jet System Menu 29.
Basic Information 8,Spa Care and Maintenance,Chemical Safety 8. Drain ReFill Instructions 30,How To Add Chemicals,To The Water 8 PREVENTION OF FREEZING 30. Fundamentals of FILTER SYSTEM 31,Water Maintenance 9 FILTER CARTRIDGES. The Hot Spring spa Water Maintenance REMOVAL cleaning 31. Program 10 CARE OF THE SPA PILLOWS 31, VACATION Water CARE INSTRUCTIONS 11 CARE OF THE EXTERIOR 32. Water Terminology 12 CARE OF THE SPA COVER 32, Operating Instructions Wireless Remote Cover lifter System 33.
Control Panel,Electrical Requirements,Wireless Remote control 13. 230 Volt Permanently Connected Models 34,Home Screen 13. 115 volt GFCI Prodigy jetsetter 35,Temperature Control 14. 115 volt Operation 60Hz Only 35,Memory screen 14,115 230 Volt Convertible Model 36. Settings screens 14,230 Volt Prodigy jetsetter Conversion.
Jets control screen 16 Instructions 36, Music SYstem screen Optional 16 Service Information. lightS control SCREEN 17 GENERAL INFORMATION 38, Docking tray function buttons 17 GFCI AND HIGH LIMIT THERMOSTAT 38. Operating Instructions Standard LCD NO FAULT HEATER AND INTEGRATED PRESSURE. Control Panel SWITCH 38, Home Screen 19 Silent Flo 5000 circulation pump and. circulation pump thermal cut off 38,Temperature Control 19. MISCELLANEOUS SERVICE INFORMATION 38,Locking Features 19.
ACTS INVALIDATING WARRANTY 39,Jets Control 20,DISCLAIMERS 39. Light Control 20,WATKINS CUSTOMER Service 39,Summer Timer 20. Troubleshooting 39,Language 21,Spa Specifications 41. Brightness 21,LIMITED warranty 42,ACE water care optional 21. Safety Information Do not operate the audio main controls while inside the spa if spa is. equipped with an audio component, Do not connect any auxiliary components for example cable.
IMPORTANT SAFETY additional speakers headphones additional audio components to the. audio system unless approved by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation. INSTRUCTIONS Do not self service audio component by opening spa door as this may. expose dangerous voltage or other risk of injury Refer all servicing to. qualified service personnel, Read and follow all Do not attach an external antennae to a spa audio system unless. installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with Article 810 of the. instructions National Electric Code ANSI NFPA 70, Avoiding the risk to children To reduce the risk of electrical shock replace a damaged cord. DANGER RISK OF CHILD DROWNING immediately Failure to do so may result in death or serious personal. injury due to electrocution, Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorized access. Your spa is provided with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter GFCI. by children To avoid accidents ensure that children cannot use a spa. for user and equipment protection To ensure proper operation of this. unless they are supervised at all times, important safety device test according to the following instructions per. WARNING electrical configuration, To reduce the risk of injury do not permit children to use this spa unless Cord Connected 115 volt 20 amp models The GFCI is located at.
they are closely supervised at all times the end of the power cord Before each use with the unit operating. push the TEST button The unit should stop operating and the GFCI. To reduce the risk of injury lower water temperatures are power indicator will go out Wait 30 seconds and then reset the GFCI. recommended for young children Children are especially sensitive to by pushing the RESET button The GFCI power indicator will turn. hot water on restoring power to the spa If the interrupter does not perform in. Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorized access this manner there may be an electrical malfunction and with it the. by children To avoid accidents ensure that children cannot use a spa possibility of an electric shock Disconnect the power until the problem. unless they are supervised at all times has been corrected. DO 230 volt permanently installed or converted models. A ground terminal is provided on the terminal block TB 1 system. Make sure you always lock the child resistant locks after using the spa ground terminal located inside the control box To reduce the risk. for your children s safety Every Hot Spring spa is equipped with of electric shock connect this terminal to the grounding terminal. a locking cover that meets the ASTM F1346 91 Standard for Safety of your electrical service or supply panel with a continuous green. Covers insulated copper wire The wire must be equivalent in size to the. Test the water temperature with your hand before allowing children to circuit conductors supplying the equipment In addition a bonding. enter the spa to be sure that it s comfortable Children are especially terminal pressure wire connector is provided on the outside of. sensitive to hot water the control box for bonding to local ground points To reduce the. Remind children that wet surfaces can be very slippery Make sure risk of electric shock this connector should be bonded with a No. that children are careful when entering or exiting the spa 8 AWG 8 4 mm solid copper wire to any metal ladders water. pipes or other metal within 5 feet 1 5 m of the spa to comply with. DON T local requirements The means of disconnection must be readily. Allow children to climb onto the spa cover accessible but must be installed at least 5 feet 1 5 m from the. Allow children to have unsupervised access to the spa. Your spa is provided with a suitably rated circuit breaker to open all. ungrounded supply conductors,Avoiding the risk of electrocution. Your spa uses ground fault circuit interrupters in the electrical. DANGER RISK OF ELECTROCUTION subpanel Before each use of the spa and with the unit operating. Connect only to a grounded source push the TEST button on each breaker The switch should click. over to the Trip position Wait 30 seconds and reset each GFCI. Do not bury the power cord A buried power cord may result in death breaker by switching it completely off and then completely on. or serious personal injury due to electrocution if direct burial type cable The switch should then stay on If either of the interrupters does. is not used or if improper digging occurs not perform in this manner it is an indication of an electrical. A ground terminal pressure wire connector is provided on the control malfunction and the possibility of an electric shock Disconnect the. box inside the unit to permit connection of a minimum No 8 AWG power until the fault has been identified and corrected. 8 4 mm solid copper bonding conductor between this point and IMPORTANT Failure to wait 30 seconds before resetting the GFCI. any metal equipment metal water pipe metal enclosures of electrical may cause the spa s Power Indicator on the control panel to blink If. equipment or conduit within five feet 1 5 m of the unit as needed to this occurs repeat the GFCI test procedure. comply with local requirements,Safety Information Page 1. Persons taking medications which induce drowsiness such as. DANGER RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK tranquilizers antihistamines or anticoagulants should not use the spa. Install at least 5 feet 1 5 m from all metal surfaces A spa may. be installed within 5 feet of a metal surface if each metal surface is. permanently connected by a minimum No 8 AWG 8 4 mm solid Health Problems affected by spa use. copper conductor attached to the wire ground connector on the. terminal box that is provided for this purpose if in accordance with Pregnant women should consult a physician before using spa. National Electrical Code ANSI NMFPA70 1993 Persons suffering from obesity or with a medical history of heart. Do not permit any electrical appliances such as a light telephone disease low or high blood pressure circulatory system problems or. radio or television within 5 feet 1 5 m of a spa Failure to maintain diabetes should consult a physician before using spa. a safe distance may result in death or serious personal injury due to. electrocution if the appliance should fall into the spa. Install your spa is such a way that drainage is away from the electrical unclean water. compartment and from all electrical components, Keep the water clean and sanitized with correct chemical care The. DO recommended levels for your Hot Spring spa are, Be sure your spa is connected to the power supply correctly use a. Free Available Chlorine Total Alkalinity,licensed electrical contractor.
3 0 5 0 ppm 40 120 ppm, Disconnect the spa from the power supply before draining the spa or. servicing the electrical components Water pH Calcium Hardness. Test the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter s before each use 7 2 7 6 50 150 ppm. Replace audio components only with identical components if your spa. Refer to Water Quality and Maintenance section for complete. is equipped with an audio component,instructions, DON T Important Turn on the jet pump for a least ten minutes after adding. Use the spa with the equipment compartment door removed any spa water chemicals into the filter compartment. Place electrical appliances within 5 feet 1 5m of the spa Clean the filter cartridges monthly to remove debris and mineral buildup. which may affect the performance of the hydromassage jets limit the. Use an extension cord to connect the spa to its power source The flow or trip the high limit thermostat which will turn off the entire spa. cord may not be properly grounded and the connection is a shock. hazard An extension cord may cause a voltage drop which will cause. overheating of the jet pump motor and motor damage avoiding the risk of hyperthermia. Attempt to open the electrical control box There are no user serviceable. parts inside Prolonged immersion in hot water can result in HYPERTHERMIA a. dangerous condition which occurs when the internal temperature of. risks to avoid the body reaches a level above normal 98 6 F 37 C The symptoms. of hyperthermia include unawareness of impending hazard failure to. DANGER RISK OF INJURY perceive heat failure to recognize the need to exit the spa physical. To reduce the risk of injury to persons DO NOT remove suction fittings inability to exit the spa fetal damage in pregnant women and. filter standpipes located in the filter compartment unconsciousness resulting in a danger of drowning. The suction fittings in the spa are sized to match the specific water WARNING. flow created by the pump Never replace a suction fitting with one. The use of alcohol drugs or medication can greatly increase the risk of. rated less than the flow rate marked on the original suction fitting. fatal hyperthermia in hot tubs and spas, There is a danger of slipping and falling Remember that wet surfaces. can be very slippery Take care when entering or exiting the spa. Never operate spa if the suction fittings are broken or missing to reduce the risk of injury. do not self service audio component by opening spa door as this may expose dangerous voltage or other risk of injury Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel do not attach an external antennae to a spa audio system unless installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with Article 810 of the

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