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Step 3 As you read your books keep a quote journal of the important aspects in each book These. quotes should be used to help you write your essays upon your return to school You must have a total. of 10 entries PER BOOK but you may complete more,Questions to ask yourself when looking for quotes. How do people demonstrate strengths and weaknesses Look for examples each character s strengths or a weaknesses. How do these strengths or weaknesses affect the individuals Think about what happens to the individuals how their. lives changes what becomes of them etc, What are some examples of when strengths and weaknesses lead individuals to grow and learn something new. What does this text say regarding weaknesses strengths and ultimate success. What are the main ideas presented in this text, What do you think is the main message of this text. What quotes do you think provide wisdom for the reader. What quotes do you think teach a moral lesson, What are the main conflicts within the book human vs human human vs nature human vs society etc. How are these conflicts resolved If they remain unresolved speculate as to why the author chooses to do so. What point s are made in the novel through the conflict. Quote Journal Format Example,Title of Book,A Long Way Gone Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.
Author Ishmael Bea,Page Quotes, write down the quote itself Notes How does this quote help you answer prompt A. and who said it B or C, I became frustrated with living in fear I C At this moment the narrator is faced with fear a constant. felt as if I was always waiting for death to and intense fear that is the product of the story s primary. 46 come to me so I decided to go somewhere conflict the intense war and his fear of the rebels This is. where at least there was some peace definitely a human vs society conflict that has yet to be resolved. Quote Journal Format,Title of Book, Page Quotes write down the quote Notes How does this quote help you answer prompt A. itself and who said it B or C,Honors English I Name. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet,By Jamie Ford.
Please note that these are dense multi layered questions designed to get you thinking about the novel s most. important issues Your responses should be far more developed than a sentence or two Instead they should be. thoroughly developed in multiple paragraphs on separate pieces of paper typed responses would be ideal but are not. required Your comprehension and views will be used to build our whole class understanding of the novel. This is your initial opportunity to demonstrate your writing and critical thinking skills Use those wonderful skills to. the best of your ability, Choose one question to respond to per section This means you should have a total of five written responses upon. completion, Why does Henry s father refuse to allow his son to speak Cantonese at home but. require him wear a button that reads I Am Chinese whenever he is out of the house Do you believe Henry s father s. attitudes toward his Japanese American neighbors are determined by his view of Japan as an enemy of China How does. Henry s father s identity as a Chinese nationalist come into conflict with his desire to have his son Henry live life as an. How does Keiko Okabe s arrival as a fellow scholarship student at Rainier Elementary change Henry s feelings about. his job in the school kitchen What accounts for their unusual bond What do the unkind comments made by their. classmates reveal about the mistrust many Americans felt toward Asian Americans during World War II. Keiko surprises Henry when she reveals to him that she doesn t understand or speak Japanese like Henry s parents. her parents want her to speak only English What do the aspirations the Okabes and Lees have for their American born. children suggest about the collective desire of immigrants from all walks of life to assimilate or fit in to their new. When Henry and Keiko attend Sheldon s jazz performance at the Black Elks Club. Henry observes patrons of different races mingling together What does jazz represent to Henry and Keiko individually. and how do their families feel about their appreciation for it What is it about jazz specifically that allows Henry and. Keiko to bend rules in their own lives, When Chaz Preston s father needs Henry s father s support to advance his plans for developing Japantown why does. Henry intentionally deceive his father What does the internment of ethnically Japanese U S citizens threaten to do to. the character of Seattle s Nihonmachi What does Henry s behavior reveal about his loyalties to his father and to his. classmate Keiko, Why does Henry agree to conceal the Okabe family s photo albums in his parents. apartment Why are the Lees worried about their son s possession of hidden mementos belonging to an interned. Japanese family and to what extent can you understand this. concern When Henry justifies his actions on the grounds. that Keiko is an American,why does his father disagree.
If you walk out of that door you are no longer part of this family You are no. longer Chinese You are not part of us anymore p 185 so speaks Henry s father. Compare and contrast Henry s mother s and father s treatment of him in the wake of his. concealment of Keiko s family s photographs Why do Henry s actions threaten his very. identity in the eyes of his family, 9 What do the conditions Henry witnesses at Camp Harmony suggest about the government s. treatment of the Japanese American internees Why does Mrs Beatty recruit Henry to accompany her on her trips to. the camp How sympathetic does Mrs Beatty seem to Henry and Keiko s plight. 10 How does Henry s physical appearance enable him to gain access to parts of Camp. Harmony that would normally be off limits for civilians How does he benefit from. this same confusion to gain access to the belongings of Japanese families in the. Panama Hotel To what extent do you think his acts of deception are justified. 11 Compare and contrast Henry s relationship with his son Marty to the relationship. he had with his, father In what ways is Henry s relationship with his father healed by. his engagement to Ethel Chen How does Marty s engagement to Samantha impact. his relationship with his father, 12 Why does Henry s father make a deathbed confession about preventing the delivery of. Henry s letters to Keiko To what extent is his father s interference indirectly responsible. for Henry s relationship with Ethel What does Henry s decision to go to China in spite. of his father s dishonesty reveal about his sense of filial obligation. 13 His father had said once that the hardest choices in life aren t between what s right. and wrong but between what s right and what s best p 204 How does this statement. apply to some of the choices Henry makes in his behavior toward Keiko and her. family during the war, 14 What is the significance of the Panama Hotel in Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. In what ways does the Panama Hotel function like a character in its own right in the. novel How does the hotel participate in both the bitter and the sweet of the book s. title over the course of Henry s life, 15 The narration of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet shifts between Henry Lee s.
perspective as a 56 year old retiree in the mid 1980s and his perspective as a schoolboy. living in Seattle during World War II Why do you think the author chose to write a novel from two different periods in. his protagonist s life spanning some 40 years What does the adult Henry have in common with his younger self and in. what ways does his character change over the course of the novel. Sunrise over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd A Long Way Gone Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah Disclaimer this non fiction text details the story of a 12 year old boy who was taken and forced to become a soldier It involves violence and true but troubling scenes

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