Holistic Tarot and the Practitioner of Craft

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HOLISTIC TAROT AND THE PRACTITIONER OF CRAFT, During your first 10 000 hours of lessons for mastering violin it s about how you hold the bow. how to string your own instrument how to straighten your own bridge how to tune your. instrument how to hold a whole note with no vibrato not allowing you to use any vibrato at all. until you ve mastered your bow work then how to master the vibrato perfecting the execution. of various techniques rote learning stripping you of all personal creativity and compelling you. to learn technique your teacher s way playing boring scales and etudes until your fingers are. blistered and your neck is bruised It s hardly musical at all You could argue that such an. approach is stripping the musicality from music, Yup that s my violin with the Tabula Mundi Tarot by M M Meleen. Yet under such an approach after you have memorized the Shostakovich concerto and the. precision of your technique is daunting what does your teacher tell you presuming perhaps. that you re studying under a world renowned violin teacher at Julliard. It was always such a wtf moment for me when after a year of rigorous drilling on one single. concerto to the point where violin felt more like an athletic sport than music your teacher tells. you to forget all technique to let go and to feel into the emotions of the concerto to speak my. pain through the song, Only after technical mastery was I unleashed to play music At that point it was no longer about. just playing the piece that Mendelssohn wrote but about using those notes to convey my point of. view my world and my philosophy of life That of course doesn t come until after a prolonged. trial of being forced to focus only on technique and to rote copy my teacher s method to playing. the concerto You are not given a voice until you learn the full range and potential of your voice. HOLISTIC TAROT AND THE PRACTITIONER OF CRAFT, My favorite analogy for learning tarot comes from pop culture the Karate Kid movies and how. the first step of mastering martial arts is mastery over mundane tasks that seem to have nothing. at all to do with martial arts wax on wax off,Boy do these photos bring back memories.
It s like when my mother used to ship me off to recluse monasteries for the summer to cultivate. who knows what and before any of us kids were even given meditation mats we were given. brooms The first step of spiritual cultivation was cleaning the temples and having a bunch of. nuns micro manage how you cleaned the temple omigod I remember being so ticked off like. dude if this is what it takes to attain enlightenment I could do this at home Mom makes me do. these chores all the time I should hit nirvana any day now if this is what it takes My friend Lisa. whose mother also shipped her off to the monastery every summer because her mom like mine. was batshit crazy would roll her eyes while both of us were stooped over knees on the cold. tiles with a duster no bigger than our forearms sweeping a ginormous sprawling temple ground. despite the invention of the vacuum being a thing remarking to me I thought we were shipped. here to learn about enlightenment Instead it turns out the nuns just needed free child labor And. I d giggle because I agreed with her That of course is an immature child s perspective. Maturation experience spiritual cultivation and wisdom reveals the extraordinary virtues of. what we were being taught If you read Holistic Tarot and interpreted it as stripping the magic. from tarot you may be experiencing my approach the same way 13 year old Lisa and I viewed. our monastery experience, My point of view is this anyone can perform divination and when I say divination I mean to. achieve direct communion with divinity but not just anyone can do so without first achieving. mastery over the self and of the universe,Sounds like a tall order because it is. HOLISTIC TAROT AND THE PRACTITIONER OF CRAFT, That said it s achievable when you understand the archetypal figures we all represent archetypal. motifs and archetypal situations that manifest both internally and externally Fortunately for us. we ve got an app for that It s called the tarot, Tarot is a form of human technology where we infuse a mundane object with our ingenuity and. transform it into something that connects the personal unconscious to the collective unconscious. and in that manner facilitate communion with divinity or the artful practice of divination. The Tabula Mundi Tarot by M M Meleen, Divination is an art but to achieve mastery of the art you first need to Step 1 master actual.
knowledge of the self and of the universe through mastery of the archetypal imagery and. symbolism of the tarot because as it turns out tarot symbolism reflects the composite of our. personal unconscious and the collective unconscious and Step 2 forget the actual knowledge. you ve mastered to truly be a tabula rasa so that you can then experience psychic knowledge. The difference there between Step 1 and Step 2 is actual knowledge versus psychic knowledge. You can of course approach beginner s tarot first through psychic knowledge and then at an. intermediate point endeavor for actual knowledge though that isn t the approach espoused in my. book It s like asking can you learn violin through the Suzuki method Sure you can but then. you wouldn t seek me out as your violin teacher because I don t teach the Suzuki method By. the way no I don t teach violin In fact I haven t touched my violin in years Or it s like asking. whether improvisational music is a thing Yes of course it s a thing You can pick up a tarot. deck right now have no actual knowledge of the tarot and read the deck in an improvisational. HOLISTIC TAROT AND THE PRACTITIONER OF CRAFT, manner what people like to call intuitive tarot as if rational tarot readers don t also exercise. their intuitions, If you are not a born psychic but want to tap into psychic knowledge then yes anybody can do. so but not without work Holistic Tarot sets forth the roadmap for the work it requires and it. doesn t look magical because it isn t not initially If you believe yourself to be a born psychic. and you ve been kissed by the divine from birth to read tarot cards then you definitely don t. need my book, Back to the story of sweeping temple floors as a kid There had to be 50 kids there each. summer sweeping temple floors waking up at the crack of dawn to do shaolin out in the. freezing cold courtyard having to eat vegan all summer and having to sit in meditation position. for a torturous number of hours while nuns policed the rows of children with a hitting rod 50. kids each summer sat out under the hot afternoon sun while a shi fu a master teacher lectured. them about the cosmos, However decades later not all 50 kids chose to take a decidedly spiritual or religiously devout. path Not all 50 kids decided to endeavor for an interactive relationship with divinity. Reflecting back on the class of kids I was with those summers only 1 went on to cultivate that. Eastern spirituality in their lives Yet what I believe with all my heart is all 50 kids had their. lives enriched by the experience, That s Holistic Tarot It s not a book meant to take everyone on the path to practicing divination.
Teaching divination was not the objective of my book Teaching tarot was I advised against. using tarot initially for fortune telling because that would be putting the cart before the horse I. advised against using tarot predictively because you first need to understand how tarot expresses. the present Unless you ve been doing loads of self reflection and shadow work there is plenty. about the present that you know nothing about Learn to exercise wisdom over the present and to. master actual knowledge of the archetypes manifested in the moment before tapping into the. collective unconscious, There are plenty of people who enjoy the health benefits of yoga but do not advance onward to. cultivate the spirituality of yoga Holistic Tarot is that entry level monastery experience for all. 50 kids but is also calibrated in such a way that those who are called to The Path will after. Holistic Tarot find their own way to advance up the mountain. Holistic Tarot is that strict violin teacher I had in junior high who told me to do it his way until I. got my technique down and then when I could play the runs in my sleep see the sheet music. photographically in my mind then told me to forget everything he d taught me to now use music. to say what I have to say The song he says expresses an archetypal emotion that he knows I. must feel inside at some point too Tap in to how that emotion manifests for me and express that. manifestation through the song Express me through the song That s music interpretation He. made me learn all the rules so that if and when I decided to break the rules then even the. decision to break rules and which rules I broke were part of my voice part of my artful. expression,HOLISTIC TAROT AND THE PRACTITIONER OF CRAFT. To understand magic or the forces of the metaphysical realms you first need to understand the. physical realm Understanding the physical realm requires discipline which many of us dislike. because discipline is hard We want easy Mickey Dee s drive thru spirituality We want to. believe a one time transcendental vision a lucid dream or just heredity is all it takes to master. the art of divination to possess that ability for communion We d like to fancy ourselves as being. born psychic or at the very least so much more psychic than everybody else around us so we. don t and shouldn t have to put in the effort And yet when that so called psychic transcendental. divinatory experience doesn t happen for us simply because we snapped our fingers and. commanded it to be so we lose hope in tarot or worse yet lose hope in ourselves or in the. existence of a divinity, Recently I came across a remark somewhere online in the tarot community about not believing in. the efficacy of tarot about losing faith That s like not putting in the effort to master the. techniques of playing a violin just holding the instrument up and playing willy nilly finding the. sounds coming out of your instrument to not be musical and thus declaring you no longer. believe in music anymore Don t try to play music on your violin if you don t know how to play. a violin Try to understand your instrument and how to get that instrument to do what you want it. to do Then you can try your hand at music, Holistic Tarot has been out for over two years now and for just as long I ve had the free Holistic. Tarot Study Guides available for you to download and work through I am currently at work on. producing a companion video lecture to complete the online beginner s tarot course tarot. analytics style I should be rolling out with that soon enough. Practitioners of craft irrespective of tradition or heritage are a universally funny bunch It takes. so very little for us to feel ideologically threatened and then we go on the defensive alleging that. when someone is giving her own opinion she s condemning your approach and attacking you. personally For example someone says true story commentary on recent tarot events ahead. Based on my subjective world view and personal experiences I believe only Jesus saves None. of the other ascended masters save people from hell So I think in the past I was wrong about. ascended masters I d like to recant what I said before because I don t believe it anymore Today. I believe only Jesus saves What happens next the New Age community tarot readers. especially are in an uproar convinced that the expression of such an opinion is an attack on any. other belief system Maybe it is but it s a pretty stupid attack not worth crying over It was the. expression of an opinion formed from laughably poor logical reasoning which by the way is. totally okay Most religious views are formed from laughably poor logical reasoning It s cool. It s called faith And yet so many felt personally attacked Why. Isn t that the question It is perhaps not too different from my assertion of a point of view that. instructs on tarot analytics which then incites significant chunks of tarot readers to be convinced. that such an assertion is an attack on their love of fortune telling I can not practice fortune. telling with the tarot and you can practice fortune telling with the tarot harmoniously in co. existence ya know,HOLISTIC TAROT AND THE PRACTITIONER OF CRAFT.
Anyhow there are many approaches to tarot and Holistic Tarot represents one very specific and. defined analytic approach which doesn t mean it s an attack on any of the other approaches It s. just distinguishing itself from other approaches You have to find the approach that works for. you and just because my analytic approach doesn t work for you doesn t mean you need to feel. threatened or attacked by the existence of my approach. That being said despite the book seeming to strip magic entirely from tarot is my book. calibrated with the intent of building a strong foundation for mastery of the magical realms Yes. Originally Posted https benebellwen com 2017 04 19 holistic tarot. Holistic Tarot gets criticized for allegedly being unkind in its treatment of practitioners of craft in particular witchcraft Folks have interpreted my book as proposing that the magic of divination ought to be stripped of tarot entirely and that I m telling you to approach tarot from a staunchly atheistic point of view I wonder why for so many life choices must be so mutually exclusive

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