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About the Book, A defining moment that inspired radical social reform in America. On December 1 1955 Rosa Parks a forty two year old seamstress at Montgomery Fair department store in. Montgomery Alabama walked as usual to her regular stop boarded a city bus as she did twice daily and took. a seat in the middle section of the bus When the driver demanded that Parks. give up her seat to a white man she quietly refused but was arrested taken to. the city jail and ultimately fined fourteen dollars At this point the Negro. community led by E D Nixon began mobilizing their efforts to put an end. to segregated buses Ministers organized through their churches and elected. Martin Luther King Jr a,young minister at the his,toric Dexter Avenue. Baptist Church to help,plan a nonviolent fight,Rosa Parks. AP Wide World Photos for their cause They, walked instead of rode setting off a bus boycott that last. ed 381 days This courageous act was the beginning of the. modern civil rights movement Thousands of people, bravely and peacefully walked their way to freedom They.
were known as freedom walkers and this is their story King in center wearing hat is one of the first bus riders on December 21 1956. AP Wide World Photos,Pre reading Activity, Ask students to find out about the NAACP www naacp org about history. When was it formed,What was its purpose,Read the constitution of the organization. Refer to the Freedom Walkers poster or to the poster time line on the Holiday House. website www holidayhouse com and write a brief paper that discusses how the. objectives and mission of the NAACP applied to Jo Ann Robinson Emmett Till Rosa. Parks Martin Luther King Jr and all of the freedom walkers. Classroom Discussion, Discuss the involvement of the black clergy in the civil rights There were a few people in the black community who didn t. movement Why were the churches the logical places to com choose to participate in the bus boycott Discuss how they. municate the plans for the Montgomery bus boycott to the might have been viewed as courageous among the white pop. 40 000 black bus riders Discuss how a bus boycott was the ulation and cowards among the people in their own neighbor. best weapon the black community could have used to fight hoods. segregation, Discuss the relationship between human rights and civil. In October 1955 Mary Louise Smith was arrested for not giv rights Many blacks involved in the Montgomery bus boycott. ing up her seat on a Montgomery bus She pleaded guilty and began to realize their self worth Explain how self worth. was fined five dollars Discuss why Mary Louise Smith had might be considered a human right How does racism and. the courage to sit here but wasn t the right person to inspire bigotry destroy self esteem What did Rosa Parks and the. a battle thousands of people who participated in the bus boycott. teach others about self worth, Why was E D Nixon such an important person in the black.
community of Montgomery Explain what he meant when he What did Martin Luther King Jr learn about the true pur. scolded the black ministers saying You ministers have lived pose of segregation How did his goal of eliminating injustice. off the sweat of these washerwomen for the last one hundred and inequality take his work beyond the Montgomery bus. years and ain t never done nothing for them p 42 Why boycott Discuss how King dealt with fear. did he call the ministers cowards,Describe the treatment that Rosa Parks enjoyed in. Discuss the role of the white activists for equal rights Why Montgomery when she returned for the 40th anniversary of. did it take courage for them to support the efforts of the black the Montgomery bus boycott in 1995 How did this celebra. citizens of Montgomery tion prove that time heals Rosa Parks died on October 24. 2005 In his eulogy on Mrs Parks Kwame Kilpatrick mayor of. A test case was needed to prove that segregated buses were Detroit said She stood up by sitting down Explain how. illegal under the U S Constitution Explain why E D Nixon this statement summarizes the poignancy and power of Rosa. and other leaders of the black community didn t feel that Parks s act. Claudette Colvin or Mary Louise Smith were the proper can. didates for a court case Why was Rosa Parks the best person In August 1963 Martin Luther King Jr delivered his famous. I Have a Dream speech from the steps of the Lincoln. Explain why the act of being arrested became a badge of Memorial in Washington D C Why did the organizers of the. honor in the black community How were the blacks freed Civil Rights March on Washington select the Lincoln. from fear Memorial as the place for King to deliver this speech. Freedman says of Martin Luther King Jr More than any I had no idea when I. other leader of his turbulent era he had been able to give. America s conscience a voice p 96 Define the term refused to give up my seat. America s conscience How did King give it a voice How. was King different from other leaders of the civil rights era on that Montgomery bus that. Discuss how his teachings and leadership are as important. today as they were when he so passionately fought for human. my small action would help,put an end to the segregation. What obstacles did the freedom walkers face How did their laws in the South. plight become more difficult as days of boycotting turned. into weeks What and who gave them the courage to contin ROSA PARKS. ue their efforts,Curriculum Connections,Language Arts Writing Communications Media. In 1965 President Lyndon B Johnson signed the Voting Rights Prepare a newscast that might have aired in Montgomery on the. Act in the same room where President Abraham Lincoln had day that fourteen year old Emmett Till was killed in Money. signed the Emancipation Proclamation Find out about the Mississippi in the summer of 1955 Discuss how his murder fur. Emancipation Proclamation and the Voting Rights Act Write a ther galvanized the efforts of the Negro citizens of Montgomery. brief paper that compares the basic tenets of each of these laws How was he a victim of the Jim Crow laws. Comment on why it is symbolic that both were signed in the. same room off the Capitol Rotunda Art and Media, The black community organized the taxicab army to help. Find out about the freedom riders How was their mission simi transport those who were boycotting the buses in Montgomery. lar to the freedom walkers Write a brief paper titled Riders Create a brochure that explains the taxicab army that might. and Walkers for Freedom have been distributed in the churches. On December 1 1955 when Rosa Parks walked to the bus stop U S History Research. after work she passed a banner that read Peace on Earth Jo Ann Robinson was elected president of the WPC Women s. Goodwill to Men Write a brief essay that discusses the irony of Political Council The formation of this organization was part. this banner ly because the local League of Women Voters wouldn t allow. black women to join Find out about both organizations and. Mother Pollard an elderly black woman was encouraged to ride write a brief comparison of purpose history and activities How. in private cars rather than walk during the boycott She chose was each organization formed because of some type of discrim. to walk and responded My feets is tired but my soul is rest ination. ed Her words later became a slogan for the protesters Write a. eulogy on Rosa Parks called My Soul Is Rested Geography Working with Maps. Find out about Freedom Park in Atlanta the fifteen mile green. In 1999 President Bill Clinton presented Rosa Parks with the way that connects the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic. Congressional Gold Medal the nation s highest civilian honor Site with The Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter Library and. Write a letter that Rosa Parks might have received from Coretta Museum www nps gov malu pdf MALU 31 pdf Write a brief. Scott King the widow of Martin Luther King Jr congratulating description of the park for the Atlanta Visitors Bureau Explain. her on the award the connection between Martin Luther King Jr and former. president Jimmy Carter,Language Arts Poetry, Martin Luther King Jr strongly believed that we must meet Performing Arts Music.
hate with love p 66 Write a poem that extends the meaning Freedom songs and spirituals were often sung by the freedom. of this quote to our daily lives and to how we treat others walkers and some of these songs were sung at the funeral of. Rosa Parks Divide the class into small groups and ask each. Math group to locate and learn one of these songs Perform them in. Research the Jim Crow laws www ferris edu jimcrow and class. make a chart that reveals how the laws varied among the south. ern states,Commusnications Media, Parks s defiance on that December evening in 1955 set in motion a peaceful revolution that. led to the death of Jim Crow segregation in the South and brought black Americans into the. nation s political life But the success and true impact of the Montgomery boycott depended. on the sacrifices and determination of thousands whose names are lost to history maids. laborers teachers students cooks and others ordinary people who rose above the safe. routines of their daily lives to become actors in an historical drama that changed a nation. R U S S E L L F R E E D M A N from Freedom Walkers. The National Civil Rights Museum International Civil Rights Center Museum. www civilrightsmuseum org www sitinmovement org, This museum in Memphis Tennessee explores the history This center marks the site where four North Carolina College. and lessons of the American civil rights movement freshmen initiated a sit in at the whites only lunch section at. Woolworth s in Greensboro North Carolina,Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. www bcri org Ebenezer Baptist Church Museum in Atlanta. Documents the struggle of Birmingham s African American www nps gov malu. citizens as they became participants in the city s government This National Historic Site was established to commemorate. and business communities Dr King and his work, Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church Parsonage. www dexterkingmemorial org, Information on the civil rights movement and the church.
where Dr Martin Luther King Jr pastored from 1954 1960. Guide prepared by Pat Scales retired school librarian and independent consultant Greenville South Carolina. About the Author, Russell Freedman one of America s most honored writers of nonfiction books grew. up in San Francisco and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley After. serving with the Second Infantry Division during the Korean War he worked as a. reporter and editor for the Associated Press and later as a publicist for several net. work television shows His first book Teenagers Who Made History was published in. 1961 Since then he has been a full time writer, The Association for Library Service to Children a division of the American Library. Association has called Russell Freedman America s Historian for Young People The. author of more than fifty nonfiction titles Mr Freedman has received numerous. awards including the Newbery Medal three Newbery Honors the National. Humanities Medal the Orbis Pictus Award the Robert F Sibert Medal the May Hill. Arbuthnot Honor Lecture Award and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for a substan. tial and lasting contribution to literature for children Russell Freedman lives in New. York City and travels the globe to gather material for his works. Photo Credit Evans Chan, Like every other writer a nonfiction writer is essentially a storyteller. Whatever my subject I always feel that I have a story to tell that is worth. telling and so I want to tell it as clearly and simply and effectively as I. can in a way that will stretch the reader s imagination and make that. reader care RUSSELL FREEDMAN 5,Books from Holiday House. BUFFALO HUNT IN DEFENSE OF LIBERTY,Ages 8 12 The Story of America s Bill of Rights.
HC 978 0 8234 0702 6 PB 978 0 8234 1159 1 Grades 5 up. HC 978 0 8234 1585 4,FREEDOM WALKERS,The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Grades 4 7 INDIAN CHIEFS,HC 978 0 8234 2031 5 Grades 5 up. HC 978 0 8234 0625 8 PB 978 0 8234 0971 6,GIVE ME LIBERTY. The Story of the Declaration of Independence AN INDIAN WINTER. Grades 5 up Grades 5 up, HC 978 0 8234 1448 2 PB 978 0 8234 1753 7 HC 978 0 8234 0930 3. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF CRAZY HORSE,Grades 5 up,HOLIDAY HOUSE THE FIRST SIXTY FIVE YEARS.
HC 978 0 8234 1219 8,Russell Freedman and Barbara Elleman. HC 978 0 8234 1559 5,THE WRIGHT BROTHERS,How They Invented the Airplane. Grades 5 up,HC 978 0 8234 0875 7 PB 978 0 8234 1082 8. Newbery Honor Book,Log on when you,ay H have the time. Hol Online for free educators,guides and classroom.
reproducibles,Holiday House,www holidayhouse com, Reproducible activity sheets H O L I DAY H O U S E. Educators guides 425 Madison Avenue,Author and illustrator biographies. with links to their websites,Click on New York NY 10017. Sign up for our monthly electronic Free www holidayhouse com. newsletter for all the latest Materials,information. Freedom Walkers The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott Russell Freedman One day a half century ago the black citizens in Montgomery rose up in protest and united to demand their rights by walking peacefully It all started on a bus RUSSELL FREEDMAN from Freedom Walkers About the Book A defining moment that inspired radical social reform in America On December 1 1955 Rosa

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