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Review history of occupational disease over time,z Prevention. z Diagnosis and management,z Compensation,Reflection. Definitions ILO 1993,Occupational diseases, z Having a specific or a strong relation to occupation. generally with only one causal agent and recognized as. Work related diseases, z With multiple causal agents where factors in the work. environment may play a role together with other risk. factors in the development of such diseases which have a. complex etiology,Diseases affecting working populations.
z Without causal relationship with work but which may be. aggravated by occupational hazards to health,ILO List of Occupational Diseases. Diseases caused by agents,z Chemical physical biological. e g Beryllium,Diseases by target organ system,z Respiratory skin musculoskeletal. e g Pneumoconioses,Occupational cancer,z Cancer caused by the following agents. e g Asbestos,Ancient times,Egypt Greece and Rome,z Mining one of the oldest industries.
z miners slaves criminals,z work punishment,z manual trades inferior. z miners used bags sacks animal bladders as masks to. decrease dust exposure,Middle Ages,Central Europe mining a feudal enterprise. z Serf labour unskilled,Growth of trade increased need for money and. capital mines of Central Europe,z Need for skilled labour. z Mines deeper conditions worsened,16th 17th centuries.
Mining metal work and other trades flourished,Some improvement in ventilation. Shift from feudalism to capitalism, Guilds artisans sickness benefits funeral benefits. 16th 17th centuries,Awareness of health hazards,z Agricola. Town physician in Bohemia,1556 De Re Metallica hazards of metal mining. z Paracelsus,Town physician in Austria,1567 occ diseases of mine smelter workers.
z 1572 lead,z 1575 carbon monoxide,z 1630 arsenic,18th century. Bernardino Ramazzini, z Physician professor of medicine in Modena and Padua. z Diseases of Workers 1700,Systematic study of trade diseases. z Father of Occupational Medicine,z what is you occupation. 18th century,z Importance of ventilation,Von Humboldt 1790 s.
z Gas mask safety lamps for miners,Industrial revolution. Traditionally India home of cotton industry,10th century cotton introduced into Spain. Production spread throughout Europe, Arrival of religious refugees from Antwerp brought. cotton production to England,Initially spinning weaving cottage industry. Late 18th century mechanization factory, Spread to other industries and through Europe North.
Industrial revolution,Shifts of population from rural to urban. Living conditions,z Dirt fuel crowding pests sanitation. z Epidemics typhus scarlet fever smallpox,Mechanization. z Safety issues,Science of epidemiology developed,Industrial revolution. Concept of insurance began to develop, z Payments of medical care replacement of income lost as.
result of disability,z 1750 s UK Friendly Societies. z Similar organizations sponsored by workers employers. townspeople religious groups physicians Scandinavia. Low Countries Germany,Late 18th century early 19th century. Liberalism humanism,Public concern influenced government. z Robert Peel Robert Owen Michael Sadler,Trade unions. z Act making trade unions illegal repealed in UK 1824. z Organized labour working conditions hours of work. Late 18th century early 19th century,Medical Influence.
z Percival Potts 1775 scrotal cancer and chimney sweeps. z Thomas Percival mills,z Charles Thackrah occ and disease. z Greenhow dusts and fumes and resp disease,z Arlidge potters diseases. HISTORIC PERSPECTIVE ON OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE D Linn Holness Gage Occupational amp Environmental Health Unit ILO List of Occupational Diseases

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