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world we will mostly examine piracy in Caribbean and Atlantic waters c 1550 1750. the era and area from which most popular images of piracy come Although we will. historicize piracy within this period one can study piracy in other centuries and places. the Greek and Roman Mediterranean Viking Europe Medieval Ireland and Baltic 1400. 1820 North Africa 19th c China and the Caribbean 1830s Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. 1990s Adriatic and Indonesia and 2005 present Somalia to name a few examples As a. term piracy has also been adopted to refer to violations of print copyright 19th c and. illegal media distribution of music films and software Historical pirates generally. sadistic thieves and thugs with boats depart considerably from our popular modern. image of pirates derived from literature films video games and Halloween costumes. Tracing and explaining the cultural divergences of real and fictional pirates provides. another useful way of understanding how successive generations have projected. contemporary values and anxieties upon pirates Pirates therefore offer an ideal subject. for both studying history and considering how historical perspectives on a subject are. constantly changing, Assessment Your grade in this class is based on class participation 20 a book. review 10 a pirate primary source analysis paper 10 a substantive critique of a. pirate videogame 10 and written work associated with developing your research. paper 50 Your class participation grade includes various short exercises small. writing assignments and in class debates over the course of the semester. Class Participation You are expected to attend every class read the assigned material. and come prepared to answer the questions posited below and talk about what you have. read Seminars are by nature designed to be question driven so you will be expected to. think on your feet In contributing to discussion quality is more appreciated than. quantity Be courteous and respectful to your peers A history seminar is not a spectator. sport if you are silent I will assume you are unprepared rather than brilliant but shy. Unexcused absences will also cause your class participation grade to suffer. Written Work The rest of your grade is based on three short 5 page papers a critical. review of Marcus Rediker s Villains of All Nations Feb 28 a primary source analysis. paper March 12 and a critical appraisal of a pirate videogame or film from a selected. list April 4 and a 12 page double spaced exclusive of illustrations and bibliography. research paper addressing a topic that you will develop in consultation with me In week. XIV you will give a 10 minute presentation on your research topic which will be part of. your class grade, We will develop your final research paper incrementally throughout the semester Think. about potential topics NOW and have one or two tentatively in mind from the start You. have until March 1 before you have to commit fully to any topic By the end of Week 6. you will hand in a written prospectus identifying your topic choice a bibliography listing. primary and secondary sources and overview of your research progress thus far This. will be graded and is worth 5 of your research paper grade During Week X you will. turn in an outline of your developing paper when we meet to discuss progress which is. also worth 5 of your research paper grade A full text properly referenced draft of your. research paper is due on April 18 and is worth 10 of your grade This should NOT be a. rough draft and will be graded as if it is your final submission You will get back two. sets of comments and suggestions one from me one from a student peer that should. guide you to make further refinements and improvements before submitting the revised. final version of your research paper on Wednesday May 8 by noon This will be worth. 30 of your grade Late submissions will not be accepted. Required Texts, John Arnold History A Very Short Introduction Oxford 2000. Alexander Exquemelin Buccaneers of the Americas 1678. Capt Johnson Daniel Defoe A General History of the Pyrates 2004. Kris Lane Pillaging the Empire Piracy in the Americas 1500 1750 New York 1998. Marcus Rediker Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Cambridge 1986. Marcus Rediker Villains of All Nations Atlantic Pirates in the Golden Age Boston. Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island any edition will do. William Storey Writing History A Guide for Students 5 ed Oxford 2015. Required Viewing, Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003. Captain Phillips 2013,Required Playing sign up to select one.
1701 A D Gold,Age of Pirates Caribbean Tales,Assassin s Creed IV Black Flag. Commander Conquest of America,East India Company Collection. Ocean Trader,Pirates of the Caribbean At World s End. Port Royale 3,Sid Meier s Pirates Live the Life,The Settlers. Tortuga Two Treasures,Uncharted Waters, OR other pirate or oceanic trade related games with instructor permission.
NOTE that there are also many articles and chapters from books for which you are also. responsible You will find most of them on the course Blackboard webpage or can get. them via JSTOR see the Rush Rhees Databases Google Books or the old fashioned. way paper copies in the library stacks, The College s credit hour policy for undergraduate courses is to award 4 credit hours for. courses that meet for the equivalent of 3 periods of 50 minutes each week Students. enrolled in HIS 200 are expected to devote at least one hour each week to identifying the. main lines of argument in course readings to prepare for discussions and researching in. depth their topics for the final seminar paper, U of R Writing Speaking and Argument Program Over the course of the semester. while developing your reaction and research papers you are allowed and very much. encouraged to work with writing tutors and specialists in the College WSAP Center. http writing rochester edu center html Rush Rhees Ground floor They will help you. to improve your prose and organization and can serve as ideal readers sounding boards as. you develop your research projects As a fortune cookie I once opened stated Good. writing is clear thinking made visible The writing center staff can help you to achieve. this ideal if you work with them, Rush Rhees Research Librarians You are also encouraged to consult Alan Unsworth. early and often while developing your research paper Alan is a specialist in U S British. and European sources and can help you at all stages of the research project especially in. finding relevant source materials You can contact him at the Reference Desk or by. email phone aunsworth library rochester edu x59298. Intellectual Honesty Students and faculty at the University must adhere to high standards. of academic honesty in all of the work that we do You have already read and signed an. academic honesty policy statement indicating that you understand the general principles. upon which our work is based The College Board on Academic Honesty website gives. further information on our policies and procedures www rochester edu college honesty. You are encouraged to discuss course readings and assignments with your fellow. students All written work however must be done independently and not in collaboration. with one another To gain appropriate help for your essays I encourage you to consult. fellows in the College Writing Speaking Argument Program Your papers will require. footnotes endnotes and a Works Cited section following the Chicago Manual of Style. 17th edition format The Chicago Manual is accessible via the River Campus Libraries. Voyager catalogue http www library rochester edu If you are in doubt about citation. methods which we will go over in class or are worried about situations that may violate. the U of R honor code or constitute plagiarism I am happy to advise you in advance of. submitting your work For a helpful discussion of plagiarism including subtle instances. see the American Historical Association s Defining Plagiarism. https www historians org teaching and learning teaching resources for. historians plagiarism curricular materials for history instructors defining plagiarism. Cheating and plagiarism are serious offenses and will be treated as such Anyone who. engages in such activities will be turned over to the College Board on Academic Honesty. for disciplinary action as outlined at http www rochester edu College honesty. Please include the UR honor pledge at the end of every paper you submit I affirm that I. have not given or received any unauthorized help on this assignment and that this work. Accommodation If you have a disability for which you require an academic. accommodation you are encouraged to contact the Office for Disability Resources and. me We will work together to find a solution Access coordinators in the Office of. Disability Resources can meet with you to discuss the barriers you are experiencing and. explain the eligibility process for establishing academic accommodations The director of. disability resources is Amy Wight amy wight rochester edu The access coordinators. are Pamela Spallacci pamela spallacci rochester edu and Elizabeth Carpenter. elizabeth carpenter rochester edu The access assistant is Anne Staub. anne staab rochester edu The Office of Disability Resources is located in Taylor Hall. can be reached via telephone at 585 276 5075 and maintains a website at. http www rochester edu college disability, A Note on Communication It is your responsibility to get to class on time and to submit. all your work on time or early in paper form I check my email and phone messages. regularly and usually am good about responding to correct and courteously worded. missives but don t expect instant responses and do not assume I got your email Informal. and poorly punctuated capitalized emails annoy me If a truly urgent or important. situation arises try to contact me in person relay a message via the history department. or call me at home 678 4704 rather than trust email alone Also do not simply. disappear if you find yourself overwhelmed or struggling I can only work with you if I. know this is happening and an early timely intervention can do far more than damage. control at semester s end, Grading Scale For the papers and other assignment graded out of 100 points I use the.
following scale,A 93 100 C 73 76,A 90 92 C 70 72,B 87 89 D 67 69. B 83 86 D 63 66,B 80 82 D 60 62,C 77 79 E Failure 59 or below. For more information on the undergraduate grading scheme please see Grading. Schemes AS E Office of the University Registrar, https www rochester edu registrar grading scheme html. SCHEDULE OF, Jan 17 Th Signing On Setting Out Mutual Virtual Introductions. Because I take my job as a pirate Atlantic maritime public historian very seriously I will. be somewhere between the volcano ravaged island of Montserrat and Dutch St Maarten. when our first class meets Please go over this syllabus during class introduce. yourselves to each other and fill in and send me by email the first day questionnaire. also the last page of this syllabus to Michael jarvis rochester edu so I can get to know. you better before I return state side, Jan 22 Tu What is History What is the relationship between the past and history.
How do we interact with and recover the past What remains unrecoverable and is this. a problem Why do historians do what they do How are histories framed Researched. Written What gets left out and why Who uses history How and why Is history. Read and be prepared to discuss all of John Arnold History A Very Short Introduction. Jan 24 Th What do historians do What sorts of theoretical and methodological. perspectives do they adopt as they do their research How do these and other factors age. ethnicity class race culture gender shape historians interpretations and choice of. subject Why does every generation write its own history. Assignment single page notes bullet points are fine Study the U of R history. department s website especially its faculty homepages philosophy and course offerings. Pick two faculty members other than Prof Jarvis and report in class on the sorts of. history they do their research interests and their course offerings Better yet look up. their office hours and talk with them directly about what their interests are Choose two. courses from the department s course list that you would like to take Why these. Week II Where do historians do it, Where do historians find the evidence they use to reconstruct the past How accessible. are these sites What types of sources do they use What potential problems and biases. exist within primary sources Where and how do historians assemble their information. into a scholarly product How long does it take Where do historians present their. research and how do they evaluate each other s work. Jan 29 Tu Primary sources what are they Where do we find them. Assignment go to ONE of the following archival catalogs databases and search for. contemporary printed manuscript and visual sources related to pirates and piracy. Library of Congress http catalog loc gov, British Library http www bl uk reshelp findhelprestype catblhold all allcat html. National Archives UK http discovery nationalarchives gov uk SearchUI. National Maritime Museum http www nmm ac uk explore collections NB has. both library and mss Archive catalogs, National Archives and Records Administration http www archives gov. than recorded history and occurred in most periods of the past as well as in our present world Because of my scholarly focus on maritime history in the early modern Atlantic world we will mostly examine piracy in Caribbean and Atlantic waters c 1550 1750 the era and area from which most popular images of piracy come Although we will historicize piracy within this period one can

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