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Welcome to the Pearson,Higher Education Catalogue,for Local Titles. We believe that students bring about positive change in their. communities and at Pearson we want to provide resources that. help them acquire the skills they need to be the most sought after. candidates in the workplace, Because we believe in unlocking the potential in every student we only. work with respected educators and practitioners to author our content. Our authors know and understand the South African Higher Education. curricula which helps them to create our industry leading content that. guides university students on their learning path towards success. At Pearson we are proud of our history and experience in. helping students find their path to a rewarding and fulfilling career. Because wherever learning flourishes so do people,Operations Management Financial Management. Global and Southern African Perspectives in Southern Africa. Third Edition Fifth Edition,Print ISBN,9781776100996. Print ISBN ePDF ISBN,9781775789345 9781776102525,ePDF ISBN ePUB ISBN.
9781775956600 9781776102532,Authors N Slack Authors. A Brandon Jones J Marx C de Swardt,R Johnston H Singh M Pretorius and. and K Phihlela W Rosslyn Smith,Copyright 2017 Copyright 2017. Extent 576 pp Extent 512 pp,Contents Contents, Part 1 Introduction Part 1 Fundamentals of Financial Management. 1 Operations management 1 The financial goals of a firm. 2 Operations performance 2 Financial markets institutions and securities. 3 Operations strategy 3 Understanding financial statements. Part 2 Design 4 Analysing financial statements, 4 Process design 5 Business and financial planning.
5 Innovation and design in services and products 6 Risk and return. 6 Supply network design 7 The time value of money, 7 Layout and flow 8 Valuation of shares and debentures. 8 Process technology Part 2 Short term Financial Management. 9 People jobs and organisation The management of working capital. 9 Net working capital and cash flow management,Part 3 Planning and control. 10 The management of accounts receivable,10 The nature of planning and control. 11 The management of inventory,11 Capacity management. 12 Inventory planning and control Part 3 Long term financial management Investments. 13 Supply chain management 12 Capital budgeting and cash flow principles. 14 Enterprise resource planning ERP 13 Capital budgeting techniques. 15 Lean synchronisation 14 Risk adjustments and other refinements to capital. 16 Project management, 17 Quality management Part 4 Long term financial management Financing.
15 The cost of capital,Part 4 Improvement,16 Leverage and capital structure. 18 Operations improvement,17 Leasing and convertible securities. 19 Risk management,18 Dividend policy,20 Organising for improvement. 19 Business rescue,Part 5 The operations challenge. 21 Operations and corporate social responsibility CSR. Economics Principles of Marketing, Global and Southern African Perspectives Global and Southern African Perspectives.
Third Edition Second Edition,NEW EDITION Print ISBN. 9781775789499,Print ISBN 9781928226505,9781485709176 ePub ISBN. ePDF ISBN 9781776102372,9781485716808 Interactive ePUB. Authors Authors P Kotler,M Parkin G Antrobus G Armstrong M Tait editor. J Bruce Brand A Fourie J Beneke K Bhowan,M Kohler N Mahonye E Botha S Cassim J de Jager.
M Mlilo L Neethling R George C Gerber,B Rhodes A Saayman N Mazibuko M Mpinganjira. V Sch er D Scholtz I Niemann Struweg S Perks,K Thompson C Smit C Rootman R Rugimbana. Copyright 2019 M Tait J van Zyl and M Wait,Extent 771 pp Copyright 2015. Extent 752 pp,Contents Contents, 1 What is Economics 1 Creating and capturing customer value. Understanding our Changing World 2 Organisational and marketing strategy. 2 The Economic Problem 3 Analysing the marketing environment. 3 Demand and Supply 4 Managing marketing information. 4 Elasticity 5 Consumer markets and consumer buyer behaviour. 5 Efficiency and Equity 6 Business markets and business buyer behaviour. 6 Government Actions in Markets 7 Customer driven marketing strategy. 7 Global Markets in Action 8 Products branding and services strategy. 8 Utility and Demand 9 New product development and product. 9 Possibilities Preferences and Choices lifecycle strategies. 10 Organising Production 10 Pricing Understanding and capturing customer value. 11 Output and Costs 11 Pricing strategies, 12 Perfect Competition 12 Marketing channels and supply chain management.
13 Monopoly 13 Retailing and wholesaling, 14 Monopolistic Competition 14 Communicating customer value Integrated marketing. 15 Oligopoly communications strategies, 16 Public Choices and Public Goods 15 Advertising and public relations Integrated. marketing communications,17 Externalities,16 Personal selling and sales promotion. 18 Markets for Factors of Production,17 Direct and online marketing Building direct. 19 Economic Inequality,customer relationships,20 Uncertainty and Information.
18 Creating competitive advantage,21 An Introduction to the Origins and Issues. 19 The global marketplace,of Macroeconomics,20 Sustainable marketing. 22 Measuring GDP and Economic Growth,23 Monitoring Jobs and Inflation. 24 Economic Growth,25 Finance Saving and Investment. 26 Money the Price Level and Inflation,27 The Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments.
28 Expenditure Multipliers The Keynesian Model,29 Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand. 30 Inflation Unemployment and the Business Cycle,31 Fiscal Policy. 32 Monetary Policy,Managing Public Money Macroeconomics. Third Edition Global and Southern African Perspectives. Second Edition,NEW EDITION,Print ISBN,9781485709213. 9781485716891,Print ISBN,9781775950233,Blanchard Johnson.
ePDF ISBN Alsemgeest Bhoola,9781928226116 Biyase Dikang Essop May. Authors Mukanjari Naik Serfontein,J Pauw G van der Linde Swanepoel Theoduloz. D Fourie and C Visser Tshitaka,Copyright 2015 Copyright 2019. Extent 400 pp Extent 579 pp,Contents Contents, 1 The public in public money 1 A tour of the world. 2 Statecraft and politics in public money 2 A tour of the book. 3 Governmental budget organisation at national level 3 The goods market. in South Africa 4 Financial markets, 4 Preparing your budget 5 Goods and financial markets The IS LM model.
5 Managing budget execution 6 Financial markets The extended IS LM model. 6 Financial management technologies 7 The labour market. 7 Working your capital 8 The Phillips curve the natural rate of unemployment. 8 Procuring goods and services and the supply chain and inflation. 9 Managing municipal money 9 From the short to the medium run The IS LM PC model. 10 Upholding ethical standards 10 The facts of growth. 11 Saving capital accumulation and output,12 Technological progress and growth. 13 Technological progress The short the medium and. the long run,14 Financial markets and expectations. 15 Expectations consumption and investment,16 Expectations output and policy. 17 Openness in goods and financial markets,18 The goods market in an open economy. 19 Output the interest rate and the exchange rate,20 Exchange rate regimes.
21 Should policymakers be restrained,22 Fiscal policy A summing up. 23 Monetary policy A summing up,24 The story of macroeconomics. Principles of Managerial Finance Money Talks, Global and Southern African Perspective Communication in Business Context. Second Edition First Edition,Print ISBN,9781775788874. 9781775951520,L Gitman C Zutter Print ISBN,M Beaumont Smith J Hall 9780796231758.
D Makina M Malan J Marx Authors,R Mestry S Ngwenya D du Plessis F Dowling. and B Strydom and S Steinberg,Copyright 2014 Copyright 2009. Extent 864 pp Extent 244 pp,Contents Contents, Part 1 Introduction to managerial finance 1 Introduction to communication. 1 The role of managerial finance 2 The reading process. 2 The financial market environment 3 English grammar toolkit. Integrative Case 1 Zama Zama Family Stores,Part 2 Financial tools 5 The writing process. 3 Financial statements and analysis 6 Persuasive writing. 4 Cash flow and financial planning,7 Non verbal communication and listening.
5 Time value of money,8 Interpersonal communication in the workplace. Integrative Case 2 Track Software Ltd,9 Communication in groups and teams. Part 3 Valuation of securities,10 Oral presentations. 6 Interest rates and bond evaluation,7 Share valuation. Integrative Case 3 Encore International,Part 4 Risk and the required rate of return.
8 Risk and return,9 The cost of capital,Integrative Case 4 SA Energy Solutions new. electricity generation possibilities,Part 5 Long term investment decisions. 10 Capital budgeting techniques,11 Capital budgeting cash flows. 12 Risk and refinements in capital budgeting,Integrative Case 5 Lasting Impressions Company. Part 6 Long term financial decisions,13 Leverage and capital structure.
14 Payout policy,Integrative Case 6 Tomlinson Leather Company. Part 7 Short term financial decisions,15 Working capital and current assets management. 16 Current liabilities management,Integrative Case 7 Conti Furniture. Part 8 Special topics in managerial finance,17 Hybrid and derivative securities. 18 Mergers LBOs divestitures and business failure,19 International managerial finance.
Integrative Case 8 Organic Solutions,Risk Management Organisational Behaviour. Fourth Edition Global and Southern African Perspective. Third Edition,Print ISBN,9781775951513,Print ISBN ePDF ISBN. 9780796231185 9781775789529,ePDF ISBN ePUB ISBN,9781775956556 9781775956372. Authors Authors,AC Valsamakis RW Vivian S Robbins and T Judge. and GS du Toit A Odendaal and G Roodt,Copyright 2010 Copyright 2016.
Extent 410 pp Extent 758 pp,Contents Contents, 1 Principles of management applied to managing risk Part 1 Introduction. 2 Concept of risk 1 What is organisational behaviour. 3 Decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty 2 Organisational behaviour in global and diverse contexts. 4 Corporate governance and enterprise risk management Part 2 The individual. 5 Risk identification 3 Diversity in organisations. 6 Risk evaluation 4 Attitudes and job satisfaction. 7 Operational risk management 5 Emotions and moods. 8 Risk response Risk control 6 Personality and values. 9 Risk financing 7 Perception and individual decision making. 10 Risk retention 8 Motivation concepts, 11 Captive insurance companies 9 Motivation From concepts to applications. 12 Insurance,Part 3 The group,13 Finite insurance,10 Foundations of group behaviour. 14 Capital market instruments,11 Understanding work teams. 15 Composite financing strategies,12 Communication.
13 Leadership,14 1Power and politics,15 Conflict and negotiation. 16 Foundations of organisation structure,Part 4 The organisation system. 17 Organisational culture,18 Human resource policies and practices. 19 Organisational change and stress management,Part 5 Appendices glossary and index. A Research methodology,B Comprehensive cases,Introduction to South Arican Law Commercial Law.
Fresh Perspectives Fresh Perspectives,Third Edition Third Edition. Print ISBN,Print ISBN 9781485702092,9781776102235 ePDF ISBN. ePDF ISBN 9781485702122,9781485702115 Editors,Editor A Govindjee and K Pillay. L Meintjes vd Walt Authors,Authors J Botha S Driver. P Singh M du Preez V Etsebeth A Govindjee,SA de Freitas K Chinnian D Holness J Katzew.
A Barratt A Govindjee S Newman K Pillay,P Iya H Kruuse L Tshingana H Schoeman A Shirk. and H van Coller M Tait and T Wagenaar,Copyright 2018 Copyright 2018. Extent 512 pp Extent 550 pp,Contents Contents, Section 1 The roots of the law Part 1 Introduction to Commercial Law. 1 What is the law 1 Background to South African law. 2 History and development of South African law 2 Branches of the law. 3 Interpreting statutes,Section 2 The trunk that supports our law. Part 2 General principles of contract,3 The Constitution.
4 Contractual capacity,4 Legislation,5 Reaching agreement. 5 Ethics and law 6 Problems with the formation of a contract. 6 Case law 7 Formalities certainty possibility and lawfulness. 7 Common law of contracts,8 Customary law 8 Contents of a contract. 9 Common contractual terms,9 Secondary sources,10 Forms of breach of contract. 10 The court structure,11 Remedies for breach of contract. 11 The legal profession,12 The passing varying and ending ofrights.
Section 3 The branches of our law and duties by agreement. 12 Constitutional law and human rights 13 Termination of contracts by law. 13 Criminal law Part 3 Types of contracts, 14 Law of persons and family law and law of succession 14 The law of sale. 15 The law of lease, 15 Law of property and law of intellectual property. 16 Credit agreements,16 Law obligations,Part 4 Important aspects of Commercial Law. 17 Commercial law,17 The Consumer Protection Act,18 Law of evidence. 18 The law of agency,19 Criminal procedure,19 Online contracts and e commerce.
20 Civil procedure 20 Methods of payment, Section 4 The international branch 21 The law of insolvency. Global and Southern African Perspectives Second Edition Contents 1 A tour of the world 2 A tour of the book 3 The goods market 4 Financial markets 5 Goods and financial markets The IS LM model 6 Financial markets The extended IS LM model 7 The labour market 8 The Phillips curve the natural rate of unemployment and inflation 9 From

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