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DVI HDMI Reprint 2 24 03 9 54 PM Page 60,DVI And HDMI. A Post CES Update,A L E N K O E B E L, HDMI Is Real And gressive An extended but rarely used form. Almost Here of the interface known as dual link DVI can. handle pixel formats as high as 2048 x 1536, In the previous Issue 69 February 2003 QXGA at 60 Hz. of Widescreen Review I reported on the When applied to consumer electronics. technology of DVI and its successor HDMI CE products DVI most often includes an. DVI And HDMI Digital A V Interfaces For encryption protocol known as High band. A New Age Issue 69 That article was width Digital Content Protection HDCP nected together using simple passive. written just as the HDMI specification was Endorsed by most of the major Hollywood adapters with the only loss being the new. being officially released and prior to the studios as well as by the satellite and cable features added by HDMI such as the trans. 2003 Consumer Electronics Show CES industries HDCP was specifically designed port of audio and control data This is. HDMI seemed then merely an idea waiting to prevent DVI signals from being copied A important given the large number of con. to happen Now however only a few days DVI receiver most often a display device sumer products currently available with DVI. after the CES as I write this the situation is must be HDCP capable in order for it to interfaces Most of these should not become. very different The CES essentially served receive and display protected content from obsolete if and when HDMI replaces DVI in. as the venue for HDMI s public unveiling an HDCP capable source e g a set top box newer products. with a number of significant announcements When used to connect a PC to a flat. and demonstrations proving that HDMI is panel monitor DVI usually transports 24 bit HDMI At CES. not only real but also almost here The RGB data However when it is used to con. show also featured a large number of new nect CE devices together in particular those Silicon Image a leading manufacturer of. displays and source devices with DVI inter that are high definition capable it also integrated circuits for DVI and a founding. faces that include HDCP content protection allows the transmission of digital component member of the HDMI Working Group intro. technology Significant enough in their own YCbCr data This version of DVI which duced at the CES the world s first HDMI. right all of these products should be back also includes HDCP is commonly identified transmitter and receiver ICs Under the. ward compatible with HDMI This update as DVI HDTV name PanelLink Cinema these ICs are. describes these and other related develop High Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI available now post CES to selected manu. ments and their importance to the future of is a new digital interface based on DVI that facturers in sample quantities with full pro. consumer A V products was specifically created for use on con duction expected sometime in the second. sumer products Even though it is very new quarter of this year In partnership with sev. An Overview Of DVI V1 0 of the HDMI specification was offi eral CE manufacturers Silicon Image also. And HDMI cially released only last December a num demonstrated prototype consumer products. ber of Hollywood studios satellite TV utilizing these new chips The products. I described the fundamentals of both DVI providers and CE manufacturers have included a terrestrial over the air high defi. and HDMI in some detail in the previous already endorsed it A DVI connection as nition set top box from Samsung with HDMI. issue However in case you missed that its full name suggests carries only picture output connected to a Samsung 63 inch. issue or don t have it handy for reference I information i e video and sync HDMI plasma display with HDMI input Also. will briefly describe the capabilities of both adds to that the ability to carry multi chan demonstrated was a Panasonic rear projec. interfaces here nel digital audio in either compressed or tion HDTV with HDMI input connected to a. Digital Visual Interface DVI is a standard uncompressed forms and to distribute Japanese model Panasonic set top box with. for digital video signals that was originally basic control data between A V compo HDMI output JVC provided a 48 inch rear. designed to connect a PC to a flat panel nents To make it even more practical as a projection HDTV with HDMI input while. monitor In its most basic and common form consumer interface it uses a smaller con Meridian provided a DVD player with HDMI. DVI provides enough bandwidth to handle nector than DVI and adds enhanced sup output. all of the HDTV formats defined by the port for high definition digital component The reason these manufacturers were. American Television Standards Committee formats beyond those supported by DVI able to demonstrate prototypes so soon. ATSC in uncompressed form as well as HDTV And as with DVI HDTV HDMI after the HDMI specification was officially. computer formats as high as 1600 x 1200 includes HDCP technology for protection of released is because they were alpha sites. UXGA at 60 Hz higher frame rates are content for the Silicon Image chips To speed up. supported at lesser resolutions It can even HDMI is backward compatible with DVI development Silicon Image provided mod. handle 1080p 60 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz pro That is DVI and HDMI devices can be con ules containing circuitry exactly emulating. 2 WIDESCREEN REVIEW ISSUE 70,DVI HDMI Reprint 2 24 03 9 55 PM Page 61. the functionality of the HDMI chips before meters the last nearly 100 feet Although. those chips even existed they are based on fiber optics this fact is. Mainly because of this early start Silicon transparent to the user since the conversion. Image expects that production versions of to and from DVI is done by electronics inte. these and other HDMI products to be avail grated in the cable s plug housings which. able relatively soon many by the third draw power from the equipment through the. quarter of this year Panasonic for one DVI ports Similar fiber optic based DVI. intends to market HDTVs with both HDMI cables are also available from other manu. inputs and digital cable compatibility by facturers including Gefen Goldmund and. September or October according to David OPHIT in lengths of up to 100 meters. Naranjo Senior Manager Product Planning, and Marketing for Matsushita Television and What s In Store For.
Network Systems of America A few prod The Future, ucts from other manufacturers may be avail DVI At CES. able even sooner Meridian claims its VE12 As evidenced by the large and growing. HDMI and Progressive Video Output Card There are as yet no consumer products number of video products with DVI connec. for the company s high end 800 model DVD that use HDMI at time of writing But there tors at CES DVI is now an accepted dare. player which was demonstrated at the CES are plenty that use DVI increasingly with I say popular digital video interface for. will be available sometime in the spring of HDCP and digital component input capabili consumer electronics HDMI as its ordained. this year Meridian also will offer at that time ty DVI HDTV Many new models of HDTVs successor is following fast on its heels so. a VE11 card with DVI output instead of HDMI and set top boxes with DVI inputs and out quickly in fact that it may obsolete DVI in. To ensure that HDMI is implemented cor puts respectively were introduced at the consumer products before the latter is. rectly in consumer products the HDMI CES far too many to list here All but a tiny embraced fully by all CE manufacturers. Working Group intends to release a compli few of them conformed to DVI HDTV there are a few notable DVI holdouts such. ance specification later this quarter All although not all manufacturers use that as Mitsubishi This may actually be a good. HDMI adopters will need to meet this speci name It s probably safe to say that the few thing for two reasons First HDMI is ulti. fication When it is released the group also products shown that did not conform will do mately a better solution for consumer A V. intends to announce the creation of at least so as soon as their manufacturers realize products than DVI Second an early transi. two compliance test centers according to how greatly non conformance will cripple tion to HDMI will limit the number of prod. Kristen Fuller Senior Director Corporate their products in the consumer market ucts in the field that use the older less suit. Marketing for Silicon Image Manufacturers especially a lack of HDCP able DVI interface and thus reduce the time. will be required to submit their products to One of the problems that users of DVI span over which future HDMI products will. one of these centers to be tested as have traditionally encountered is insufficient need to provide whatever special support is. sources as sinks devices that receive cable length The DVI standard does not required to accommodate DVI equipment. HDMI signals or as cables Products like specify a maximum cable length that is But any transition causes some hardship. A V receivers will need to be tested as both guaranteed to work but DVI cables typically and this one will be no different Even though. sources and sinks Only products that pass do not exceed 5 meters about 16 feet as HDMI is backward compatible with DVI. the applicable tests will be allowed to carry previously discussed While HDMI by virtue there will be some compatibility problems. the HDMI logo thus assuring consumers of improved chips and a better connector the exact nature of which we probably can t. that HDMI branded products will perform extends this considerably to 25 meters entirely predict today The more complex. correctly together In contrast a compliance about 82 feet this may still not be long the technology the more likely such prob. effort for DVI was not in place until two enough for some home theatre installations lems are and the harder they are to predict. years after the DVI specification itself was typically high end ones Besides which I don t think anyone would claim that DVI. released And while so called Plugfest HDMI products aren t here yet and installa and HDMI are simple technologies. events at which manufacturers can test tions with mixed DVI and HDMI products One thorny problem created by the emer. their DVI products occur every six months will be the norm for quite some time during gence of DVI which will not be completely. attendance is not mandatory As a result DVI the transition solved by HDMI until older DVI sources are. compatibility problems have been plentiful Two solutions for DVI equipment were a distant memory is how to switch between. although the situation is improving rapidly shown at the CES One is offered by Monster multiple digital A V sources It has only. Aside from better compliance testing Cable which claims to be able to get much been within the last few years that analog. some of the problems that have plagued longer distances than other cable manufac component inputs have become common. DVI in years past may not apply to HDMI or turers by using superior materials and better on A V receivers and A V processors. at least not to the same degree for techni cable construction the details of which are Equivalent function digital video inputs are. cal reasons Not only are the HDMI chips proprietary of course A spokesman at the not yet common In fact they are as rare as. better at transmitting and receiving than CES said that the company is shipping 40 hen s teeth TAG McLaren Audio s AV192R. previous generations of DVI chips but the foot cables now with 60 foot cables avail is one of the few such products to include. smaller HDMI connector is better suited to able by the end of the first quarter them in this case two optional DVI inputs. proper PCB layout and impedance match Theatre Automation Wow TAW offers a Most of the manufacturers I talked to at CES. ing These improvements allowed Silicon different solution one that was mentioned in have a wait and see attitude concerning. Image to demonstrate at the CES a 25 last issue s article To connect a source digital video inputs on A V receivers and. meter about 82 feet HDMI cable which is device TAW s own ROCK Universal Scaler processors Not enough customers are ask. five times longer than the 5 meters about for example to their Evolution digital pro ing for them yet to justify the added cost. 16 feet usually recommended as a practi jector the company offers optical fiber based This situation leaves most owners of mul. cal maximum for DVI DVI cables in lengths of 10 20 and 30 tiple DVI sources those who can t afford. WIDESCREEN REVIEW ISSUE 70 3,DVI HDMI Reprint 2 24 03 9 55 PM Page 62. something like the AV192R in any case products sporting the HDMI logo But some. with a problem They can send the audio functions within the HDMI specification are. from each source to an A V receiver or optional meaning that equipment may still. processor but what do they do with the not work together in quite the expected. video Even if the display device includes fashion HDMI s Consumer Electronics Control. two or more DVI inputs which some now CEC protocol is one possible example of. do how do they cleanly and easily switch this Manufacturers can choose to imple. audio and video simultaneously without ment all or none of it in a given product The. sending the audio to the display device intent of CEC is to distribute commands. which is not recommended for anything but between A V components using a common. a minimum cost setup Currently available communication protocol based on the. Krell KAV 2250 amp Home Theater Standard HDMI Interface The Next A V StandardThe Next A V Standard REVIEWS Home Theatre PWSR r o o d u c c t s I n R R ev v ii w TM amp InFocus ScreenPlay 7200 DVI HDMI Reprint 2 24 03 9 54 PM Page 59 HDMI Is Real And Almost Here In the previous Issue 69 February 2003 of Widescreen Review I reported on the technology of DVI and its successor HDMI

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