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Table of Contents,1 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. 1 1 Overview 1, 1 2 Warning Caution and Note Styles Used In This Manual 1. 1 3 General Safety Precautions 1,1 4 Automatic Generator Start Control Hazards 3. 1 5 Electrical Shock and Arc Flash Can Cause Severe Personal Injury or Death 3. 1 6 Generator Voltage Is Deadly 3,1 7 Engine Exhaust Carbon Monoxide Is Deadly 4. 1 8 Fuel Is Flammable and Explosive 5,1 9 Battery Gas Is Explosive 5.
1 10 Moving Parts Can Cause Severe Personal Injury or Death 5. 1 11 CARB 6,1 12 Generator Set Warning Labels 6,2 INTRODUCTION 9. 2 1 About this Manual 9,2 2 Related Literature 9,2 3 Model Identification 10. 2 3 1 Nameplate Location 10,2 4 How to Obtain Service 10. 2 4 1 In North America 11,2 4 2 Outside North America 11. 2 4 3 Information To Have Available 11,3 OVERVIEW 13.
3 1 Electromagnetic Compatibility Compliance 13, 3 2 Information for Generator Set Users Spark Ignited Exhaust Emissions 13. 3 3 Build Standards 14,3 4 Specifications 15,3 4 1 Gasoline Model Specifications 15. 3 4 2 LPG Model Specifications 16,3 5 List of Acronyms 17. 4 OPERATION 21,4 1 Key Component Locations 21,4 2 Control Panel 23. 4 2 1 Generator Set Control Panel 23,4 2 2 Remote Control Panel 23.
4 3 Starting and Stopping the Generator Set 25,4 3 1 Pre start Checks 25. 4 3 2 Priming the Fuel System 25,4 3 3 Starting the Generator Set 26. 4 3 4 Stopping the Generator Set 26,A035D009 Issue 8 i. Table of Contents 4 2014,4 3 5 Engine Run Only Operation 26. 4 4 Loading the Generator Set 26,4 4 1 Power Versus Altitude 28.
4 4 2 Operating at High Altitude 29,4 5 Exercising the Generator Set 29. 4 6 Resetting Line Circuit Breakers 30,4 7 Connecting Shore Power 31. 4 8 Operating in Weather Extremes 31,4 9 Operating in Dusty Environments 31. 4 10 Care of New or Rebuilt Engine 31,5 MAINTENANCE 33. 5 1 Periodic Maintenance 33,5 1 1 Periodic Maintenance Schedule 33.
5 2 Consumable Parts 34,5 3 General Inspection 34,5 4 Maintaining the Battery 34. 5 5 Maintaining the Lubrication System 35,5 5 1 Oil Level 35. 5 5 2 Engine Oil Recommendations 36,5 5 3 Changing Engine Oil and Oil Filter 37. 5 6 Maintaining the Fuel System 38,5 6 1 Fuel System 39. 5 6 2 Fuel Recommendations 39,5 6 3 Replacing the Fuel Filter 40.
5 7 Exhaust System 41,5 8 Mechanical System 42,5 9 Replacing the Air Filter Element 42. 5 10 Replacing the Spark Plug s 43,5 11 Cleaning the Spark Arrester 44. 5 12 Storing the Generator Set 45,5 12 1 Carburetor Float Bowl Drain Valve 48. 5 13 Returning the Generator Set to Service 49,6 TROUBLESHOOTING 51. 6 1 Overview 51,6 2 Fault Codes 51,6 2 1 Code 2 Low Oil Pressure 52.
6 2 2 Code 3 Service Check 52,6 2 3 Code 4 Over Crank 52. 6 2 4 Code 12 Over Voltage 53,6 2 5 Code 13 Under Voltage 53. 6 2 6 Code 14 Over Frequency 53,6 2 7 Code 15 Under Frequency 53. 6 2 8 Code 19 Governor Actuator 54,6 2 9 Code 22 Governor Actuator Overload 54. 6 2 10 Code 27 Voltage Sense 54,ii A035D009 Issue 8.
4 2014 Table of Contents,6 2 11 Code 29 High Battery Voltage 54. 6 2 12 Code 31 Over Speed 54,6 2 13 Code 32 Low Cranking Speed 54. 6 2 14 Code 35 Control Card Failure 55,6 2 15 Code 36 Engine Stopped 55. 6 2 16 Code 37 Invalid Generator Set Configuration 56. 6 2 17 Code 38 Over Current Field Overload 56,6 2 18 Code 41 Generator Rotor 56. 6 2 19 Code 42 Processor 56,6 2 20 Code 43 Processor 56.
6 2 21 Code 45 Speed Sense 56,6 2 22 Code 47 Ignition 56. 6 2 23 Code 48 Generator Field Sense 57,6 2 24 Code 51 Processor 57. 6 2 25 Code 52 Fuel Injector 57,6 2 26 Code 54 MAT Sender 57. 6 2 27 Code 56 MAP Sender 57,6 2 28 Code 57 Over Prime 57. 6 2 29 Code 58 Exhaust Gas Temperature Shutdown 57. 6 2 30 Code 81 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Open 57. 6 2 31 Code 82 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Shorted 58. 6 3 Symptom Based 58,6 3 1 Status Indicator Not Working 58.
6 3 2 Starting Batteries Run Down 58,6 3 3 Starter Engages Disengages 58. 6 3 4 No Power Generator Set Running Status Light On 59. 6 3 5 No AC Power Generator Set Running Status Light Flashing Rapidly 59. 7 MAINTENANCE RECORD 61,A035D009 Issue 8 iii,Table of Contents 4 2014. This page is intentionally blank,iv A035D009 Issue 8. 1 Important Safety Instructions,1 1 Overview, Thoroughly read the Operator Manual before operating the generator set It contains important. instructions that should be followed during operation and maintenance Safe operation and top. performance can only be achieved when equipment is properly operated and maintained The. owners and operators of the generator set are solely responsible for its safe operation. Generator set operation maintenance and installation must comply with all applicable local. state and federal codes and regulations Electricity fuel exhaust moving parts and batteries. present hazards which can result in severe personal injury or death Only trained and. experienced personnel with knowledge of fuels electricity and machinery hazards should. perform generator set installation or adjustment procedures or remove dismantle or dispose of. the generator set,Save these instructions,1 2 Warning Caution and Note Styles Used In This.
The following safety styles and symbols found throughout this manual indicate potentially. hazardous conditions to the operator service personnel or the equipment. Indicates a hazardous situation that if not avoided will result in death or serious injury. Indicates a hazardous situation that if not avoided could result in death or serious. Indicates a hazardous situation that if not avoided could result in minor or moderate injury. Indicates information considered important but not hazard related e g messages relating to. property damage,1 3 General Safety Precautions, Operation of equipment is unsafe when mentally of physically fatigued Do not operate. equipment in this condition or after consuming any alcohol or drug. A035D009 Issue 8 1,1 Important Safety Instructions 4 2014. Maintaining or installing a generator set can can severe personal injury Wear personal. protective equipment such as safety glasses protective gloves hard hats steel toed boots and. protective clothing when working on equipment, Running the generator set wihtout the cover or service door can cause severe personal injury or. equipment damage Do not operate the generator set with the cover or service doors removed. Starting fluids such as ether can cause explosion and generator set engine damage Do not use. Benzene found in some fuels has been identified by some state and federal agencies to cause. cancer or reproductive toxicity Do not ingest breathe the fumes or contact gasoline when. checking draining or adding gasoline, Used engine oils have been identified by some state and federal agencies to cause cancer or. reproductive toxicity Do not ingest breathe the fumes or contact used oil when checking or. changing engine oil, To prevent accidental or remote starting while working on the generator set disconnect the.
negative battery cable at the battery using an insulated wrench. Unsecured or loose fasteners can cause equipment damage Make sure all fasteners are secure. and properly torqued, Oily rags and other material can cause fire and restrict cooling Keep the generator set drip pan. and compartment clean, Accumulated grease and oil can cause overheating and engine damage presenting a potential. fire hazard Keep the generator set clean and repair any oil leaks promptly. Keep multi class ABC fire extinguishers handy Class A fires involve ordinary combustible. materials such as wood and cloth Class B fires involve combustible and flammable liquid fuels. and gaseous fuels Class C fires involve live electrical equipment Refer to NFPA No 10 in. applicable region,2 A035D009 Issue 8,4 2014 1 Important Safety Instructions. 1 4 Automatic Generator Start Control Hazards, Accidental starting can cause severe personal injury or death Turn off the AGS. whenever performing maintenance or service when the vehicle is stored between uses. is awaiting service or is parked in a garage or other confined area. Unexpected starting may occur if the generator set is equipped with an inverter charger or other. Automatic Generator Start AGS control This may cause exposure to. Unexpected generator starting,Moving parts hazards.
Electric shock,Exhaust carbon monoxide CO, 1 5 Electrical Shock and Arc Flash Can Cause Severe. Personal Injury or Death, Electrical shocks and arc flashes can cause severe personal injury or death Adhere to. the following guidelines, Only qualified service personnel certified and authorized to work on power circuits should. work on exposed energized power circuits, All relevant service material must be available for any electrical work performed by certified. service personnel, Exposure to energized power circuits with potentials of 50 VAC or 75 VDC or higher poses a.
significant risk of electrical shock and electrical arc flash. Refer to standard NFPA 70E or equivalent safety standards in corresponding regions for. details of the dangers involved and for safety requirements. 1 6 Generator Voltage Is Deadly, Improperly connected generator electrical output connections can cause equipment. damage severe personal injury or death Electrical connections must be made by a. trained and experienced electrician in accordance with applicable codes. Improper installations can cause equipment damage severe personal injury or death. All installations must be conducted by trained and experienced personnel in. accordance with the installation instructions and all applicable codes. Back feed to shore power can cause electrocution and damage to equipment The. generator set must not be connected to shore power or to any other source of electrical. power An approved switching device must be used to prevent interconnections. A035D009 Issue 8 3,1 Important Safety Instructions 4 2014. Live electrical equipment can cause electrocution Use caution when working on live. electrical equipment Remove jewelry make sure clothing and shoes are dry stand on a. dry wooden platform or rubber insulating mat and use tools with insulated handles. 1 7 Engine Exhaust Carbon Monoxide Is Deadly, Substances in exhaust gases have been identified by some state and federal agencies. to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity Do not breathe in or come into contact with. exhaust gases, Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas Inhalation of this gas can cause severe personal. injury or death Adhere to the following bullet points to make sure carbon monoxide is. not being inhaled by occupants of the vehicle as well as others working on or around. the generator set, Inspect for exhaust leaks and test and confirm that all carbon monoxide detectors are.
working in accordance with the manufacturer s instructions or owner s manual prior to. every startup and after every 8 hours of running, Never occupy the vehicle while the generator set is running unless the vehicle is equipped. with a working carbon monoxide detector, Never operate the generator set when the vehicle is in a confined space such as a garage. basement or building of any kind, Make sure the exhaust system is installed in accordance with the generator set installation. Never use engine cooling air for heating a working or living space compartment. Carbon Monoxide CO is odorless colorless tasteless and non irritating It cannot be seen or. smelled Exposure even to low levels of CO for a prolonged period can lead to asphyxiation. lack of oxygen,Mild effects of CO poisoning include. drowsiness,chest pain,More extreme symptoms include.
loss of consciousness,4 A035D009 Issue 8,4 2014 1 Important Safety Instructions. 1 8 Fuel Is Flammable and Explosive, Fuel and fuel vapor is highly explosive Adhere to the following bullets to avoid igniting. fuel and fuel vapors, Do not smoke or turn electrical switches on or off where fuel fumes are present or in areas. sharing ventilation with fuel tanks or equipment, Keep flame sparks pilot lights arc producing equipment and all other sources of ignition. well away from fuel lines and sources, Fuel lines must be secured free of leaks and separated or shielded from electrical wiring.
Leaks can lead to explosive accumulations of gas, LPG sinks when released and can accumulate inside housings and basements and other. below grade spaces,Natural gas is identifiable by a rotten egg smell. 1 9 Battery Gas Is Explosive, Battery gas is highly explosive and may cause personal injury or death if ignited Take. the proper precautions to avoid personal injury, For personal safety wear appropriate PPE when working on or around the generator set. To make sure battery gas is not ignited do not smoke around the generator set. To reduce arcing when disconnecting or reconnecting battery cables always disconnect. the negative battery cable first and reconnect it last. 1 10 Moving Parts Can Cause Severe Personal Injury or. Moving parts can cause severe personal injury or death and hot exhaust parts can. cause severe burns Make sure all protective guards are properly in place before. starting the generator set, Hot moving and electrically live parts can cause severe personal injury or death Keep.
HGJAA Spec J HGJAB Spec J K 6 2 Fault Codes 6 2 7 Code 15 Under Frequency

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