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1987 2017 HERE All rights reserved,READ THIS FIRST. MapCare Update Authentication Key,Retrieval Instructions. This update is provided by HERE MapCare,for Mitsubishi Motors a program that includes. the delivery of two complimentary annual map,updates after the purchase of a 2014 or newer. model year Mitsubishi Motors vehicle with a,Mitsubishi Multi Communication System.
IMPORTANT READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS,IN THEIR ENTIRETY BEFORE YOU BEGIN. UPDATING YOUR NAVIGATION SYSTEM,What s New,MapCare 2017 Release. This update contains improvements in design layout operation and. performance including, I Default Settings Changes provide more immediate and. convenient access to popular features, II Word Changes improve intuitive understanding of on screen. III Design Changes utilize more common or larger symbols. IV Layout Changes clarify information and screen flow. V Operation Changes activate or deactivate certain features. VI Display Addition Changes improve display speed button. functions clarifies on screen information,VII Setting Additions simplify map displays.
VIII Performance Functional Improvements allow quick access. to popular features and increases speed of map scrolling. For more information please visit the Mitsubishi Motors Owner Site. at https www mitsubishicars com owners support,Or visit the HERE Maps website at. http www navigation com MitsubishiMotors 2017key,Or use the QR code below and click on Learn More. Acquiring the Authentication Key, To install your new map update with the included SD card an. Authentication Key is required The process to obtain your Authentication. Key requires the Map Registration Code from your navigation system. Instructions How to obtain your Map Registration Code. 1 Turn on your navigation system,2 Press the Info button on your navigation system. 3 Select Map Reg Code Map Registration Code the Map Reg. Code button may be located on the second display page. 4 Obtain your Map Registration Code, Instructions How to obtain your Authentication Key.
1 Enter the following URL in your browser, a http www navigation com MitsubishiMotors 2017key. b This is a link to the Mitsubishi Motors SD Card, 2 On the right hand side of the screen click on the Add to Cart button. 3 Enter your Map Registration Code previously obtained and follow the. on screen instructions, 4 You will be emailed your Authentication Key This is a code you will be. prompted to enter when you install your SD Card map update. 5 The Authentication Key will be displayed on screen with the capability. to print the code,Installing the Map and Software Update. An SD Card is required to successfully install the map update. Installation can take up to 70 minutes and will only work while. the engine is running This was designed to protect the vehicle s. When the engine is switched off the installation is paused and. will then resume automatically once the engine is running again. During installation the navigation system and the other functions. of the infotainment system will be deactivated during the update. Map Data Version Update Procedure, The MAP Update SD is for updating map data of the Mitsubishi Multi Communication.
System hereinafter MMCS Please read the precautions carefully and follow the. procedures to perform version update,Before You Start. The required time to complete the version update is approximately 70 minutes. However the time required for completion may vary depending on the conditions of use. The version update does require some time so please have the engine running while. the version update is being performed, Please have your Authentication Key readily available. The navigation and audio system cannot be used until the version update is complete. Even if power to the MMCS is turned OFF during the version update the update. process will start again when power is turned back ON. After starting the version update do not remove the Map Update SD until the version. update is complete, The user assumes any and all risk s of loss or problems when he she is performing. the installation of the version update This includes but is not limited to such things. as data loss or deletion preset user preferences modified data loss of music files. POI bookmarks etc,Installing the Update,1 Turn the ignition switch to ON. Turn on the MMCS to display either the map screen or AV screen. 2 Insert the Map Update SD, Press the OPEN key and touch Monitor OPEN Then insert the MAP Update SD.
into the USER slot Close the monitor panel and when SD has been read the message. Update map database During file update route guidance and menu operation will. not be available will be displayed on the screen and Update and Do Not Update. buttons will also be displayed, Note These messages are displayed only when the map database version in the. update SD is newer than the present database version in the system. 3 Touch Update,Touching Update displays the Authentication. Screen Even if you touch Do Not Update,you can update map database later from the. INFO screen User SD,Update map database,Map Update SD. 4 Input the Authentication Key,The Authentication Key is the map.
card s unique ID You received,this code by email for use with. the map database,5 Touch Set, If no problem occurs with authentication the system reboots and update automatically. starts Update takes approximately 70 minutes,6 Remove the Map Update SD. The system automatically restarts and will display. the map screen Remove the Map Update SD 1 Map Update SD. The Map version can then be checked,in Version Info on the INFO screen. The version update process is now,complete and the system can.
be used in the usual manner, 1 Push the SD card in the user slot until you hear a click. Note This MAP Update SD can be used ONLY once You may then format your new. 16G SD card and use it with other devices, The updated map data from this product may not match present road conditions due. to factors such as the time at which the data was created etc The map may not. display new road facilities and may display old roads that are no longer useable. Additionally after version update is complete please be aware that objects that were. in existing data may be deleted as a result of data correction and deletion similarly. routes that were found previously through route search may result in different routes. HERE MapCare,Support Information,For additional questions related to the map. update process please contact HERE MapCare,Support Center at 866 347 9666 The Support. Center is available Monday Friday 8 00 AM,8 00 PM Eastern Time Hours subject to change.
1987 2017 HERE Derechos reservados,LEA ESTO PRIMERO. Instrucciones para obtener la clave de,autenticaci n para la actualizaci n de. Esta actualizaci n se le proporciona a trav s,de HERE MapCare para Mitsubishi Motors. un programa que incluye la entrega de dos,actualizaciones de mapas gratuitas anuales. luego de la compra de un veh culo Mitsubishi,Motors a o modelo 2014 o m s reciente con.
un sistema de comunicaci n Mitsubishi Multi,IMPORTANTE LEA ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES. EN SU TOTALIDAD ANTES DE COMENZAR,LA ACTUALIZACI N DE SU SISTEMA DE. NAVEGACI N,Lanzamiento MapCare 2017, Esta actualizaci n contiene mejoras en el dise o la plantilla el. funcionamiento y el rendimiento incluyendo, I Cambios de configuraciones predeterminadas proporcionan un. acceso m s inmediato y conveniente a caracter sticas populares. II Cambios de palabras mejoran la comprensi n intuitiva de las. caracter sticas de la pantalla, III Cambios en el dise o utilizan s mbolos m s comunes o m s grandes.
IV Cambios en la plantilla aclaran la informaci n y el flujo en la pantalla. V Cambios en la operaci n activar o desactivar ciertas caracter sticas. VI Adici n cambio en la pantalla mejoran la velocidad en pantalla y. funciones de botones aclara la informaci n en la pantalla. VII Adici n de ajustes simplifican la visualizaci n de los mapas. VIII Mejoras en el desempe o funcionalidad permiten el acceso r pido. a las funciones m s populares y aumentan la velocidad de. desplazamiento del mapa, Para obtener m s informaci n por favor visite el sitio web de due os de. Mitsubishi Motors en https www mitsubishicars com owners support. O bien visite el sitio web de HERE Maps en,http www navigation com MitsubishiMotors 2017key. O bien utilice el c digo QR a,continuaci n y haga clic en M s informaci n. La adquisici n de la clave de autenticaci n, Para instalar la nueva actualizaci n de mapas con la tarjeta. SD incluida es necesaria una clave de autenticaci n El proceso para. obtener su clave de autenticaci n requiere el c digo del registro del. mapa de su sistema de navegaci n, Instrucciones C mo obtener su C digo de registro de mapa.
1 Encienda su sistema de navegaci n, 2 Presione el bot n Info en su sistema de navegaci n. 3 Seleccione Map Reg Code C digo de registro del mapa el bot n. Map Reg Code puede encontrarse en la segunda p gina de la. 4 Obtener el c digo de registro del mapa, Instrucciones C mo obtener su Clave de autenticaci n. 1 Introduzca la siguiente URL en su navegador, a http www navigation com MitsubishiMotors 2017key. b Este es un enlace a la tarjeta SD de Mitsubishi Motors. 2 En el lado derecho de la pantalla haga clic en el bot n A adir al. 3 Ingrese su C digo de registro del Mapa obtenido previamente y siga. las instrucciones en pantalla, 4 Se le enviar a trav s de correo electr nico su clave de autenticaci n. Este es un c digo que se le solicitar que ingrese al instalar su. actualizaci n de mapa de la tarjeta SD, 5 La clave de autenticaci n se mostrar en la pantalla con la.
capacidad de imprimir el c digo,Instalaci n del mapa y la. actualizaci n de Software,IMPORTANTE, Se requiere una tarjeta SD para instalar correctamente la. actualizaci n de mapas, La instalaci n puede tardar hasta 70 minutos y s lo funcionar. mientras el motor est en marcha Este fue dise ado para. proteger la bater a del veh culo, Cuando el motor est apagado la instalaci n pausar y. comenzar autom ticamente una vez el motor est en marcha. Durante la instalaci n el sistema de navegaci n y otras funciones. del sistema de informaci n y entretenimiento se desactivar n. for Mitsubishi Motors a program that includes the delivery of two complimentary annual map updates after the purchase of a 2014 or newer model year Mitsubishi Motors vehicle with a Mitsubishi Multi Communication System

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