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Jaradat and Zaid BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2019 19 194 Page 2 of 12. Background hormones and other drugs to in vitro fertilization opera. Ethnopharmacological surveys have been found to be tions 15 In 2010 the World Health Organization. one of the most reliable tools for the discovery of the WHO estimated that about 48 5 million couples world. natural and semi synthetic drug In fact herbals and wide were infertile and 1 9 of women aged 20 44 who. other natural products including their chemical deriv wanted a child were unable to have their first live birth. atives represented about 50 of all currently utilized In addition 10 5 of women who had previously given. medications worldwide 1 The usage of plants King birth were unable to have another baby after five years. dom by human beings as a source of medicines of trying This may raise the question about the used. started from the immemorial time for treatment pro measures that caused this high percentage 14 16 17. tection and prevention of various illnesses Till recent In the West Bank area the infertility rate among men. time herbals are considered one of the most import and women is relatively high with a rate of about 15 in. ant branches of traditional medicine In fact this kind 2016 according to World Health Organization the. of medicine plays until now an important role in Sixty ninth World Health Assembly report 18. health care systems especially in rural areas in devel The treatment of infertility in males and females. oped and developing countries 2 6 In fact trad are varying in their associated risks intensity and in. itional medicine is considered a very important vasiveness which depend on the duration cause age. branch of pharmacy and medicine and besides that and personal preferences Meanwhile the physical fi. the used plants in this medicine are considered major nancial and time commitment is the required factors. sources for the investigation of pharmacologically ac for infertility treatment The infertility treatments can. tive drugs in the pharmaceutical industry In addition range from medication therapy to induce ovulation to. the global public interests are in continuous growing invasive manipulation of eggs and sperm outside of. toward the use of this type of medicine In fact about the body 19 As well as all the infertility treatments. 80 of people in rural areas of developing countries are very expensive many of poor patients or patients. utilized traditional medicine since it is available who believe in alternative medicine or others people. cheap and has a variety of health benefits 7 9 which their previous infertility treatments had failed. In Palestine and other countries traditional healers are all of those are seeking for the alternative herbal. well known by different names such as traditional med medicine to solve this problem 20. ical practitioners traditional doctors people s doctors Throughout this ethnopharmacological survey the. healers practitioners of Arabian traditional medicine current study aimed to collect information about herbal. Arabian therapists therapists in prophet medicine and remedies used by local rural traditional healers in 9 re. Islamic practitioner healers 10 gions of the occupied West Bank Area of Palestine. According to the World Health Organization and the which used in the treatment of infertility in males and. International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Repro females The collected data including the plant s names. ductive Technology infertility is a disorder of the repro used parts methods of preparations and route of. ductive system which is defined by the failure to achieve administrations. a clinical pregnancy after one year or more of regular. unprotected sexual intercourse 11 Materials and methods. Recently a huge number of factors caused an increase Study areas. in infertility levels among males and females especially Palestine has been the battleground of the great powers. in developed countries These factors include the in and civilizations in the region throughout its history. creased use of contraceptives rising maternal age smok which occurred due to its specific location at the cross. ing alcohol genetic factors pesticides narcotics rates roads of Africa Asia and Europe Conquerors of the re. of abortion and critical economic situations Besides gion included Egypt Assyria Macedonia Rome. that an increase in male impotency could be due to the Byzantium Arabia and Turkey Settlement in the area is. psychogenic factors vascular disturbances neurogenic believed to date back to about 8000 B C E to the village. disorders endocrine system disturbances and drug treat of Jericho in the West Bank West Bank area is one of. ment 12 13 This health care problem can lead to the important parts of historical Palestine Holy Land. serious psychological disorders severe stressful and de which considered holy by Jews Christians and Muslims. pressing life for parents In fact this global problem Part of the significance of the land stems from the reli. ranked in the fourth position after the death of the gious significance of Jerusalem the historical region of. mother the death of father and unfaithfulness of partner Jesus ministry the holiest city to Judaism and the site. 14 Accordingly the treatment of infertility has become of the Isra and Mi raj event in Islam Accordingly this. a large pharmaceutical and medical industries issues ar region represents a very important source of information. ranging from manufacturing and prescribing fertility for the field of ethnomedicine Due to specific geographical. Jaradat and Zaid BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2019 19 194 Page 3 of 12. location and climatic conditions mostly Mediterra, nean West Bank area of Palestine is a suitable place. for growing a huge variety of herbals Nowadays of, about 2700 plant species which have been identified in. this country 21, The West Bank is an area of extensive wild biodiver. sity farming and valuable rangelands, Its central mountain chain endowed with a mild cli. mate is grooved by deep valleys rich in natural re. sources and stretches into rolling hills that plunge. further east into the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. which considered the lowest point on earth and has a. worldwide attraction 22 Due to its distinctive geo. graphical location climatic diversity historical profile. and religious variables all these factors affected posi. tively and enriched the diversity of ethnomedicine in this. small area of the world 23,Data collection from traditional healers.
Ethnopharmacological data about herbal remedies used. in the treatment of infertility in males and females were. collected through open ended semi structured inter. views with 51 traditional healers informants during. fieldwork The interviews were conducted in the Arabic. language which is the native language of the informants. This survey was conducted between June and August Fig 1 Map of the West Bank Palestine showing all surveyed areas. 2017 During the transect walks plants were collected. under the supervision of the traditional healers Plant. voucher specimens were collected and deposited at the of Nablus Jenin Tulkarem Qalqilya Ramallah Jericho. Natural products Laboratory An Najah National Uni Jerusalem Bethlehem and Hebron regions in the West. versity for identification Plant names have been checked Bank Palestine These traditional healers were well. and updated with the online website www theplantlist known in the various Palestinian communities and herb. org of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew accessed on 3 alists which utilized herbal products to treat infertility. July 2017 Areas visited included some rural regions of The plant s vernacular names methods of preparation. the West Bank Palestine including rural areas of Nab and administration of these herbal remedies were col. lus Jenin Tulkarem Qalqilya Ramallah Jericho lected throughout these interviewees Social demo. Jerusalem Bethlehem and Hebron regions Fig 1 graphic factors are presented in Table 1. The study protocol and the informed consent, forms were approved by the Institutional Review Data analysis. Board IRB at An Najah National University Ar The Choice Value CV method is a valuable assessment. chived number 9th June 2017 The study was con tool to measure related plant species for the treatment. ducted in accordance with the requirements of the of infertility in males and females 24. declarations of Helsinki World Medical Association The CV is calculated as in the following equation. 2008 Harmonization ICH1996 Guidelines the,current Good Clinical Practice GPC Guidelines Pcs. CVspecies x 100,EME 1997 and the International Conference and Sc. written informed consent for participation in the, study was obtained from all informants Pcs percent of informants that cited certain plant. To protect the interest of traditional healers they were in species for the treatment of infertility in males and. formed by the researchers in details about the current study females. and its purposes also they were not offered any incentives Sc is the total number of species mentioned for the. and they were able to withdraw from this study at any time treatment of disease by all informants Choice values are. The survey was carried out by using interviews among ranked from 0 to 100 with 100 indicating complete pref. 51 traditional healers N 51 from different rural areas erence and fewer alternatives. Jaradat and Zaid BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2019 19 194 Page 4 of 12. Table 1 Social demographic factors related to the informants. Variable Number of folkloric healers N 51,Male 23 45 1 45 1.
Female 28 54 9 54 9,Education level,Uneducated 52 9 52 9. Elementary school 25 5 25 5,Secondary school 21 6 21 6. Bethlehem region rural areas 9 17 6,Hebron region rural areas 7 13 7. Jenin region rural areas 3 5 9,Jericho region rural areas 16 31 4. Jerusalem region rural areas 5 9 8,Nablus region rural areas 3 5 9.
Qalqilya region rural areas 3 5 9,Ramallah region rural areas 3 5 9. Tulkarem rural areas 2 3 9,Age mean SD years 53 5 19 6. Years of experience as a healer,Between 1 and 10 years 1 2 0. Between 11 and 20 years 8 15 7,Between 21 and 30 years 7 13 7. Between 31 and 40 years 27 52 9,Between 41 and 50 years 6 11 8.
More than 51 years 2 3 9, The sources of traditional healer acquired knowledge. Ancestors 48 94 1,Books and magazines 2 3 9,Internet 1 2 0. The frequency of citation FC for all plants species in comprised 45 1 of the males and 54 9 females The. this study was calculated by using the following formula majority of traditional healers were uneducated 52 9. 25 while the elementary and secondary schools education. levels represented 25 5 and 21 6 respectively Table 1. The highest percent of informants was from Jericho. FC Number of times a particular species was mentioned rural area followed by Bethlehem and Hebron which. by traditional healers a total number of occasions that represented 17 6 and 13 7 In addition the majority of. all species were mentionedj x 100 them 52 9 had experienced between 31 and 40 years. as well as the most important thing in this survey 94 1. of these traditional healers acquired their knowledge. Results from their ancestors,Social demographic informant s details. The results of social and demographic factors of infor. mants showed that the percentage of female healers is Results and discussion. slightly higher than males and most of them were un The results of the present study showed that a total of. educated Precisely the selected 51 traditional healers 31 plants from 24 families used for the treatment of in. from various rural areas of West Bank Palestine fertility in females meanwhile 24 plants from 20 families. Jaradat and Zaid BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2019 19 194 Page 5 of 12. Table 2 The used herbals for the treatment of infertility in females the plant s parts used Frequency of Citation FC Choice values. modes of administration and methods of preparation. Scientific Local names English Family Voucher Part used and mode of preparation Method of Number FC CV. names names number preparation of, Ceratonia Locust Leguminosae Pharm Pollen grains About 0 2 g of the Powder 50 98 04 3 16. siliqua L bean PCT 584 pollen grains inhaled 2 h before. sexual intercourse, Anastatica Rose of Brassicaceae Pharm Fruits Soak 50 g of the crushed fruits Infusion 45 88 24 2 85.
hierochuntica Jericho or PCT 156 in 500 ml water 100 ml of this. L Dinosaur infusion is to be given once daily for,plant 7 days after the finishing of. Parietaria Spreading Urticaceae Pharm Leaves Boil about 15 g of the leaves Decoction 43 84 31 2 72. judaica L pellitory or PCT in 150 ml water About 50 ml of this. Pellitory of 1790 decoction is to be given orally before. the wall each meal, Saussurea Costus or Compositae Pharm Roots Boil about 50 g of roots in 250 Decoction 41 80 39 2 59. costus Falc kuth PCT ml water for 15 min This decoction is. Lipsch 2800 to be given three times a day after, Peganum Syrian Rue Nitrariaceae Pharm Fruits Boil 10 g of the fruits in 500 ml Decoction 39 76 47 2 47. harmala L PCT water and used intensively as vaginal. 1801 douche, Phoenix Date or Arecaceae Pharm Fruits Take two of Date fruits and Decoction 34 66 67 2 15. dactylifera L date palm PCT boil them in water about 50 ml and. Herbal remedies used for the treatment of infertility in males and females by traditional healers in the rural areas of the West Bank Palestine Nidal Jaradat and Abdel Naser Zaid Abstract Background Infertility is considered one of the global public health problems and during human history it is also

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