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Dear Educator, The Barnes Noble Summer Reading Program Everything you ll need to introduce your students. marks its eighteenth year celebrating the power to the Barnes Noble Summer Reading program. of books to expand children s horizons Once is in this package including classroom activities. again we re partnering with educators like you that build on the good work you ve done all year. to inspire readers in first through sixth grades to long You ll find downloadable versions of this kit. have a summer filled with reading adventures and the Summer Reading Journal online at. and earn a FREE book BN COM summerreading, Our program encourages students to let books Enjoy your vacation but first invite your students. transport them to the most exciting destination to have fun and earn a FREE book as they. of all the imagination The activities in this plot their course to Imagination s Destination. Summer Reading kit are designed to reinforce,learning nurture skills and motivate students. to extend their reading through the summer,vacation Whether they are staying home or. traveling students can pick the books they want,to read and proceed at their own pace.
ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS,Activity sheets are included in this kit. They are also available online at BN COM summerreading. 1 Find Your Favorites 2 Fiction and Non Fiction, Identifying Authors and Illustrators Exploring Different Kinds of Books. Barnes Noble Summer Reading,Imagination s Destination. Using the questions on Activity Barnes Noble Summer Reading. Introduce genres to your class,Imagination s Destination. ACTIVITY 1 Sheet 1 ask your students to think ACTIVITY 2 mystery biography fantasy history. Find Your Favorites FICTION NON FICTION, about what makes their favorite humor Which are fiction.
Identifying your favorite authors and illustrators is an important part of exploring the world of books. Answer the questions below to explain why you like the work of your favorite writers and artists While all books can nourish your imagination it s important to understand the difference between fiction. and non fiction Fiction is a story invented by the writer It can include real people and events but the story. 1 Who is your favorite author or illustrator is made up Non fiction is based entirely on factual information. There are a number of different types or genres of books you can read Use the check boxes to mark. 2 What makes him or her your favorite which types of books are fiction and which are non fiction Then list a book you have read in that genre. writers and artists so special Which are non fiction Discuss the. Fiction Non Fiction Book Titles, 3 What was the first book you read by this person Adventure. 4 How did you find out about this book, 5 Who would you recommend this book to and why Mystery. characteristics of each genre and, 6 What other books have you read by your favorite author or illustrator Sports. Just as you should eat a well balanced diet you should read different types of books Have fun this. 7 Can you always identify this person s art or writing style summer by exploring different genres Start your reading list here. Genre Fiction or Non Fiction Book Title,8 If you can what makes it so easy to recognize. Ask students to recommend a book, 9 Does anything else you ve read share similar qualities.
10 Is there a story or subject that you would like this person to explore ask students to pick their favorites. 113590 07A,by their favorite author or illustrator. B N 2014 Summer Reading Kit N A,SP113590 07A,113590 07B. B N 2014 Summer Reading Kit,113590 07B BN Activity Sheet 2 V1R1. SP113590 07B,to their classmates and have them describe the. 100 113590 07A BN Activity Sheet 1 V1R1 8 5 x 11 02 05 14 N A. 02 05 14 N A,MECHANICAL 1 1 C M Y K REG,MECHANICAL 1 1 C M Y K REG.
reasons why they think it would appeal to others Ask your students to fill out Activity Sheet 2 You. can encourage the use of classroom tools or use, Ask older students to imagine the title of their this activity as the starting point for a library lesson. favorite author s or illustrator s next book Have Go over the books the students have listed. them compose the opening of this book in the Discuss which types of books they like and which. style of the author or illustrator and share their new genres they might like to explore. ideas with the class,Bonus Activity Your students can produce a TV. or radio commercial or write an ad for a newspaper. or magazine describing their favorite genre Let,them decide which program or publication would. reach the most receptive audience then have them, perform their skits or post their ads on a bulletin board. 3 Playing Roles 5 The Reading Journal, Imagining People and Places Participating in the Summer.
Reading Program,Ask students to write the names,Barnes Noble Summer Reading. Discuss with your students the kinds of books,Imagination s Destination. of their favorite characters from,ACTIVITY 3,PLAYING ROLES. books on slips of paper and add, Whether a book is fiction or non fiction reading allows us to imagine ourselves in the roles played by other people. whether they re historical figures or invented characters List five characters or people you ve read about who have. captured your imagination and describe one way in which each is like you and one way in which each is different they might enjoy reading over the summer. 1 Character Person Similarity, others you know all students will You know better than anyone which books will best.
Book Difference,2 Character Person,Similarity,Difference. be familiar with Have each student,Character Person. Similarity,Difference,meet the needs of your class. 4 Character Person Similarity,pick a name and take turns. Book Difference,5 Character Person Similarity, Explain to your students that Barnes Noble started.
Book Difference,acting out the clue with no words SP113590 07C. or sounds until someone guesses the right answer its Summer Reading Program to offer kids a real. 113590 07C B N 2014 Summer Reading Kit N A,100 113590 07C BN Activity Sheet 3 V1R3 8 5 x 11. 02 05 14 N A,MECHANICAL 1 3 C M Y K REG,reward for reading a chance to earn a free book. Ask students to fill out Activity Sheet 3 As above. you can encourage the use of classroom tools or Dear Reader. A book is a magical thing Once you open one up and start to read. you can find yourself transported to any place in the world any time in. history or any realm of fantasy an author can invent or your imagination. Distribute the Reading,Journal The rest is simple, can envision The best part is that you can reach the most exciting. destinations without ever leaving home Barnes Noble Summer Reading. use this activity to initiate a library lesson, The Barnes Noble Summer Reading Program is here to help you.
on your way encouraging you to read books of your own choosing Imagination s. Destination, and earn a FREE book simply by following these three easy steps. 1 Read any eight books this summer and record them in this. Imagination s Destination Journal Be sure to let us know to. Reading Journal,whom you would recommend each book and why. students enter the names, 2 Bring your completed journal to a Barnes Noble store. between May 20th and September 2nd 2014, 3 Choose your FREE reading adventure from the book list. featured on the back of the journal,of their books in their Reading.
This Imagination s Destination Journal belongs to,To spark classroom collaboration ask students to. STUDENT NAME,SCHOOL GRADE,PARENT GUARDIAN NAME,PARENT GUARDIAN SIGNATURE. Journal as they read them,PARENT GUARDIAN PHONE,choose destinations they d like to travel to this. FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE,PARENT GUARDIAN EMAIL, CHECK HERE TO RECEIVE COUPONS SPECIAL OFFERS AND MORE. Your email address will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found at BN COM privacy. summer These can be real places imaginary lands When they ve read eight. SP113590 08,113590 08 B N 2014 Summer Reading Kit N A.
77 113590 08 BN Tear Pad V1R5 11 x 8 5,02 06 14 INTERIOR N A. MECHANICAL 1 5 you ve,PANTONE 355 C REG,books they can return the. Write the titles and authors of the books read in the boxes below. Choose your FREE BOOK from the list below,historical periods or even future careers Ask. Tell us to whom you would recommend each book and why. Title Author ISBN,Title Author GRADES 1 2,1 Bad Kitty School Daze Nick Bruel 9781250039477. Recommendation Jorge el curioso Un hogar para las abejas H A Rey 9780544348707. Lego Ninjago Attack of the Ninjadroids Tracey West 9780545643900. Title Author National Geographic Readers Dinosaurs Kathy Weidner Zoehfeld 9781426307751. completed journal to any,2 Pete at the Beach James Dean 9780062110725.
students to help each other find books related to,Recommendation. Ricky Ricotta s Mighty Robot Dav Pilkey 9780545630092. Snuggle Buddies Courtney Carbone 9780736431552,Title Author. The Never Girls Series In a Blink Kiki Thorpe 9780736427944. Recommendation,GRADES 3 4, Just Grace Series Just Grace Charise Mericle Harper 9780547014401. Barnes Noble bookstore,Title Author, La guerra de la limonada Jacqueline Davies 9780544252035. their destinations, Sideways Stories from Wayside School Louis Sachar 9780380698714.
Recommendation, The World According to Humphrey Betty G Birney 9780142403525. Title Author,GRADES 5 6,Dragonbreath Ursula Vernon 9780142420959. Recommendation, Horse Diaries Series Elska Catherine Hapka 9780375847325. How to Train Your Dragon Series Cressida Cowell 9780316085281. to get a free book see journal,Title Author,How to Be a Pirate. 6 I Survived the Japanese Tsunami 2011 Lauren Tarshis 9780545459372. Recommendation,Masterpiece Elise Broach 9780312608705.
Philippa Fisher s Fairy Godsister Liz Kessler 9780763645960. Title Author,Schooled Gordon Korman 9781423105169,Spy School Stuart Gibbs 9781442421837. Recommendation, Summer Reading Program Offer Summer Reading Program Offer entitles Customer to one 1 complimentary Bookseller Instructions Scan all items then scan. book listed in the Barnes Noble Summer Reading Imagination s Destination Journal upon return of a coupon barcode or enter coupon code to apply discount. Alternatively highlight item to be discounted and select. for details Parent guardian, completed Barnes Noble Summer Reading Imagination s Destination Journal to a Barnes Noble store This. Offer is only valid at participating Barnes Noble retail stores and may be redeemed once per customer from Item Coupon F2 Use Free Item F3 and scan coupon. Title Author May 20 2014 through September 2 2014 at close of business while supplies last In order to take advantage barcode or enter coupon code Collect coupon with. purchase as coupon may only be redeemed once, of this Offer Customer must return a completed Barnes Noble Summer Reading Imagination s Destination. Journal to a Barnes Noble store between May 20 2014 and September 2 2014 at close of business. Additional Rules Governing This Offer This Offer is i not redeemable for cash or cash equivalents including. Gift Cards or eGift Cards ii not valid on past or pre ordered purchases iii not eligible for any other products. Recommendation other than books listed in the Barnes Noble Summer Reading Imagination s Destination Journal iv not valid. on purchases made from third parties accessible from the BN com website e g used books PC and video. games etc and v not valid at barnesandnoble com or Barnes Noble College Bookstores This Offer may. not be combined with any other coupon or the Educator Discount Void where prohibited by law. 4 Realms of Imagination 113590 08,MECHANICAL,PANTONE 355 C REG.
B N 2014 Summer Reading Kit,113590 08 BN Tear Pad V1R5. signatures are required,Mapping Your Story,Upon completion of their. Barnes Noble Summer Reading,Imagination s Destination. Discuss how our imaginations Reading Journal, ACTIVITY 4 shape our sense of what is possible students will earn. REALMS OF IMAGINATION,and how nourishing the imagination.
Reading can lead us to all sorts of destinations both actual and invented Use the space below to plan. your ideal summer vacation as a map mixing elements of your real life such as playgrounds beaches. A FREE BOOK, or get togethers with friends and relatives with places you like to visit when you read such as the past. distant countries or realms of fantasy Draw a circle around the destinations you d most like to spend time. in this summer and illustrate how you might get there by car bus train plane or book. can inspire us in unexpected ways,Ask students to complete Activity. 113590 07D,Sheet 4 treating elements of both,B N 2014 Summer Reading Kit. 113590 07D BN Activity Sheet4 V1R2,SP113590 07D, their real lives and their reading experiences as a. 02 05 14 N A,MECHANICAL 1 2 C M Y K REG,country to be mapped.
Bonus Activity Have your students turn their maps, into a Me Collage transferring it to a poster board. and pasting photos and cut outs to further express. their interests and personalities,Educator Discount Card Barnes Noble Bookfairs. Barnes Noble offers pre K through grade 12 With exciting store events featuring your. educators 20 off most educational materials students plus in store and online shopping to. Ricky Ricotta s Mighty Robot Dav Pilkey 9780545630092 Snuggle Buddies Courtney Carbone 9780736431552 The Never Girls Series In a Blink Kiki Thorpe 9780736427944 GRADES 3 amp 4 Just Grace Series Just Grace Charise Mericle Harper 9780547014401 La guerra de la limonada Jacqueline Davies 9780544252035

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