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IT Overview Index of contents Panoramica Indice dei contenuti Vue d ensemble Table des mati res. FR Descripci n Sumario,RU Technical data EN,Dati tecnici IT. Donn es techniques FR 3,Datos t cnicos ES,Working fields EN. Campi di lavoro IT,Domaine de fonctionnement FR 4,mbito de funcionamiento ES. Dimensions EN,Dimensioni IT,Dimensions FR 5,Dimensiones ES. Operating instructions for authorised specialists EN 6 18. Istruzione per l uso per il personale qualificato IT 19 31. Notice d emploi pour l installateur sp cialiste FR. Instrucciones de montaje para el instalador especialista ES. Electric diagrams EN,Schemi elettrico IT,Sch mas lectrique FR 45 46.
Esquemas el ctrico ES,Spare parts list EN,Parti di ricambio IT. Pi ces de rechange FR 47 48,Piezas de recambio ES,2 www ecoflam burners com 420010602200. Technical data Dati tecnici Donn es techniques Datos t cnicos MAXFLAM 10 MAXFLAM 20 MAXFLAM 30. Potencia del 136 68 227 108 340 170, Burner output Potenza bruciatore Puissance du br leur. max min kW kcal h max min kW kcal h max min kW kcal h. 420010602200, m x min kW kcal h 117600 58800 196000 93100 352800 176400. Oil throughput Portata gasolio D bit de fuel Caudal de gas leo. 12 6 20 9 5 30 15, max min kg h max min kg h max min kg h m x min kg h.
Operation type Sistema idraulico Syst me hydraulique Sistema hidr ulico. stage stadio 1 allure 1 etapa 1,Rapporto di Relaci n de. Regulating ratio Rapport de r gulation 1 1,regolazione regulaci n. Fuel oil Combustibile Fuel Combustible Heavy oil L C V 9 800 kcal kg max visc 50 E at 50 C. Emission class Classe di emissione Classe d mission Tipo de emisi n. Apparecchiatura di, Control box Coffret de s curit Cajet n de seguridad Siemens LMO 14. Surveillance, Flame monitor Rivelatore di fiamma Vigilancia de llama photoresistor. Fuel oil pump Pompa di pressione Bomba de pulverizaci n suntec. pulv risation, Electric motor Motore elettrico Moteur Motor 2800 rpm.
rpm watt giri motore watt rpm watt rpm watt watt 450 W 450 W 740 W. Voltage Tensione Tension Tensi n 230 400 V 50 Hz,Overview Panoramica Vue d ensemble Descripci n. Power consumption Potenza elettrica Puissance lectrique Pot el ctrica absorbida. 6000 W 6000 W 6000 W, operation assorbita Esercizio absorb e en service en funcionamiento. Protection level Classe di protezione Indice de protection ndice de protecci n IP40. Sound pressure Livello pressione Niveau presion Nivel de presion. level dB A sonora dB A acoustique dB A ac stico dB A. Ambient temp for Temperatura ambiente Temp rature ambiante Temperatura ambiente. storage di stoccaggio de stockage de almacenamiento. Temperature Temperatura Temp rature Temperatura ambiente. for use d utilizzazione d utilisation de utilizaci n. www ecoflam burners com, Overview Working fields Panoramica Curve Vue d ensemble Domaine de fonctionnement Descripci n mbito de funcionamiento. mbar 2 5 mbar,Maxflam 10 3 0,2 0 Maxflam 30,Maxflam 20 1 0. www ecoflam burners com,100 150 200 250 300 350 400 kW.
25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 kcal h,x 1000 100 150 200 250 300 350 kcal h. 50 100 150 200 250 kW,10 15 20 25 30 35 kg h,5 10 15 20 kg h. Working field Curva Domaine de fonctionnement mbito de funcionamiento. The working field shows burner Il campo di attivit indica la Le domaine de fonctionnement El mbito de funcionamiento. output as a function of potenza del bruciatore in funzione correspond aux valeurs mesur es corresponde a los valores. combustion chamber pressure della pressione della camera di lors de l homologation registrados en el momento. It corresponds to the maximum combustione Elle correspond aux valeurs de la homologaci n. values specified by EN 267 Corrisponde ai valori massimi max mesur es sur tunnel d essai Corresponde a los valores. measured at the test fire tube previsti dalla norma EN 267 d apr s l EN 267 m x medidos en el t nel de. The efficiency rating of the misurati sul tubo della fiamma Pour le choix du br leur tenir ensayo seg n la EN 267 EN 267. boiler should be taken into di controllo compte du rendement de la Para la elecci n del quemador. account when selecting a In occasione della scelta del chaudi re se ha de tener en cuenta el. burner bruciatore si deve tenere rendimiento de la caldera. conto del rendimento Calcul de la puissance, Calculation of burner output energetico della caldaia calorifique C lculo de la potencia. calor fica,QF Calcolo della potenza del QF QF,bruciatore QF N. QF Burner output kW QF Puissance calorifique kW QF. QN Rated boiler output kW QF QN Puissance nominale QF Potencia calor fica kW QN. K Boiler efficiency chaudi re kW QN Potencia nominal. QF potenza bruciata kW K Rendement chaudi re de la caldera kW K. 420010602200,QN potenza nominale della K Rendimiento de la.
caldaia kW caldera,K rendimento energetico,della caldaia. Overview Dimensions Panoramica Dimensioni Vue d ensemble Dimensions Descripci n Dimensiones. MAX FLAM 10 20 MAX FLAM 30,A D D1 E L A D D1 E,420010602200. Model A B C D D1 E F G I L M, MAXFLAM 10 520 290 230 205 325 535 130 201 160 160 M8. MAXFLAM 20 520 290 230 205 325 535 130 201 160 160 M8. MAXFLAM 30 562 302 260 210 330 653 160 280 185 200 185 200 M10. D short head,D1 long head,d M H1 when silencer is fitted. Boiler plate drilling,Dimensions mm,Model a b c,MAXFLAM 10 140 b.
MAXFLAM 20 140 226 c,MAXFLAM 30 170 262 283,Model X Y Z Kg. MAXFLAM 10 605 830 470 53 Z,MAXFLAM 20 605 830 470 53. MAXFLAM 30 786 1045 565 74 X Y,www ecoflam burners com. Contents Index General warnings Conformity declaration. Overview Technical data 3 Declaration of conformity. Working fields 4 for oil burners,Dimensions 5,Contents Index 6 Ecoflam Bruciatori S p A. General warnings 6,declare under our sole responsibility.
Conformity declaration 6 that the heavy oil burners named. Burner description 7, Function General safety functions 8 conform to the following standards. Siemens LMO 14 control and safety unit 9 EN 267 2010. EN 60335 1 2008,Oil burner pump 10 EN 60335 2 30 2006. EN 60335 2 102 2007, Installation Burner assembly 11 EN 55014 1 2008 A1 2009. Electrical connection 12 EN 55014 2 1998 A1 2001 A2. Checks before commissioning 12, Heavy oil feeding and suction line 13 These products bear the CE mark in. accordance with the stipulations of the, Start up Setting data table air regulation 15 following directives.
Adjusting burner output 16 2006 95 EEC Low Voltage Directive. Oil pressure regulation 16 2004 108 EEC EMC Directive. 2006 42 EC Machinery directive,Service Maintenance 17. Troubleshooting 18,Resana 28th June 2011,Overview Electrical diagrams 45 46 M PANIZZON. Spare parts list 47 48, Important notes EN 60335 2 Provision of the system and the. The MAXFLAM burners are designed for Safety of electrical equipment for domestic operating instructions. the combustion of heavy oil use The firing system manufacturer must. supply the operator of the system with, Assembly commissioning and Installation location operating and maintenance instructions on. maintenance must be carried out only by The burner must not be operated in rooms or before final delivery These instructions. authorised specialists and all applicable containing aggressive vapours e g spray should be displayed in a prominent. guidelines and regulations must be perchloroethylene hydrocarbon location at the point of installation of the. observed tetrachloride solvent etc or tending to heat generator and should include the. heavy dust formation or high air humidity address and telephone number of the. Burner description Adequate ventilation must be provided at nearest customer service centre. The MAXFLAM burner is a fully automatic the place of installation of the furnace. monoblock type burner It is suitable for system to ensure a reliable supply with Notes for the operator. use within its range of performance with combustion air The system should be inspected by a. boilers complying with EN 303 or hot air Variations may arise as a result of local specialist at least once a year It is. generators in line with DIN 4794 DIN regulations advisable to take out a maintenance. 30697 or EN 621 contract to guarantee regular servicing. Use for any other application requires the We can accept no warranty liability. approval of Ecoflam whatsoever for loss damage or injury. caused by any of the following, The following standards should be Inappropriate use.
observed in order to ensure safe Incorrect assembly or repair by the. environmentally sound and energy efficient customer or any third party including the. operation fitting of non original parts, Ecoflam burners have been designed and built in compliance with all current regulations. and directives, All burners comply to the safety and energy saving operation regulations within the standard. of their respective performance range The quality is guaranteed by a quality and management. system certified in accordance with ISO 9001 2008,6 www ecoflam burners com 420010602200. Contents Burner description,MAXFLAM 30 TC,MODEL SIZE. MAXFLAM 30,OPERATION TYPE,AB 2 stages,TC Short head.
TL Long head,A1 Siemens LMO14 control box,M1 Electric motor for pump and. blower wheel,T1 Ignition transformer,5 Fastening screws for equipment plate. 9 Electric switch board,15 Burner flange,16 Release knob. 102 Heavy oil pump,103B Air regulation,113 Air intake. Scope of delivery KIT ACS delivered separately,CB COMPLETE BURNER.
1 bag including,multilanguage technical manual,filter and hoses. nozzle and spanner,screws nuts and washer,420010602200 www ecoflam burners com 7. Function General safety functions, Operating function The fuel oil solenoid valve closes and. the flame is extinguished, Switch on the burner When reaching Burner motor switches off. the preset temperature on the working Burner enters standby. thermostat and with boiler s thermostat, closed the control box starts the fan Safety function.
the fuel pump and the ignition A safety shutdown occurs. transformer At the same time the if a flame signal is present during. resistors are activated to keep fuel preventilation parasitic flame. temperature into the heater at a monitoring, constant value if no flame is produced within 5 seconds. The motor starts the igniter is switched safety time of start up fuel. on and the preventilation period of 25 authorisation. seconds commences if no flame is produced after an. During the preventilation period the unsuccessful restart attempt in the. furnace is monitored for flame signals event of flame failure during operation. At the end of the preventilation period A safety shutdown is indicated by the. the fuel oil solenoid valve opens and the malfunction lamp lighting up and it is then. burner starts only possible to reenable the burner by. The igniter remains switched off while pressing the reset button after the cause. the burner is in operation of the malfunction has been rectified. For further information see the, Controlled shutdown automatic combustion control unit. Boiler thermostat interrupts heat description,A Low Flame solenoid valve N C. D Orifice I,F Anti gas valve,I Fuel pump,N Manometer. O Solenoid valve N O,N C Norm closed,N O Norm open.
8 www ecoflam burners com 420010602200,Function Siemens LMO14 control and safety unit. Connection diagram and internal diagram LMO14 Control sequence LMO14. R A A B C D,EK1 C1 C control C2,1 2 10 8 3 6 7 4 5 9 11 12. OW EK2 t3 TSA,N QRC Only with LMO14 113B2 re ignition. L M Z BV1 br,7130a01e 0700 11,7130d02e 1002 12, Always disconnect the power supply before installing or removing the control unit Do not attempt to open or carry out repairs. on the control unit, AL Alarm device QRB Photoresistive flame detector t1 Prepurge time.
BV Fuel valve QRC Blue flame detector t1 Purge time. EK1 Lockout reset button bl blue br brown sw black t3 Preignition time. EK2 Remote lockout reset button R Control thermostat or t3n Postignition time. FS Flame signal pressurestat t4 Interval from flame signal to. FSV Flame signal amplifier SB Safety limit thermostat release of BV2. K Contacts of control relay Si External primary fuse A Start of startup sequence with. kbr Cable link required only W Limit thermostat or pressure burners using an OH. when no oil preheater is used switch A Start of startup sequence with. LED 3 color signal lamp Z Ignition transformer burners using no OH. M Burner motor TSA Ignition safety time B Time of flame establishment. OW Release contact of oil preheater tw Waiting time C Operating position. OH Oil preheater D Controlled shutdown by R,Color code table for multicolor signal lamp LED. Status Color code Color,Waiting time tw other waiting states. Oil preheater on waiting time tw, Ignition phase ignition controlled Flashing yellow. Operation flame o k Green,Operation flame not o k Flashing green. Extraneous light on burner startup,du bruleur Green red.
Undervoltage Yellow red,Fault alarm Red,Error code output refer to Error code. table Flashing red,Interface diagnostics Red flicker light. Legend Steady on Red Green,Off Yellow,420010602200 www ecoflam burners com 9. Heavy oil feeding and suction line 13 Start up Setting data table air regulation 15 Adjusting burner output 16 Oil pressure regulation 16 Service Maintenance 17 Troubleshooting 18 Overview Electrical diagrams 45 46 Spare parts list 47 48 420010602200 EN 6 www ecoflam burners com

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