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Heating Cable,Heat Tracing Products,Applications,Industrial Process. Electric Heat Tracing Products Maintenance Applications Commercial Applications. Chromalox heating cable line includes cables When industrial process piping and vessels In a large number of regions in the world. suitable for most process maintenance pipe must be maintained above the ambient air buildings are susceptible to damage caused by. and vessel freeze protection and roof and gut temperature Chromalox has the heating cable water freezing Primarily this damage involves. ter de icing applications to fit the application Cables range in the maxi either the bursting of pipes or structural. mum maintenance temperature from 150 F for damage due to the weight of ice and snow. Industrial Heating Cables are ideal for process SRL to 1100 F for MI cables building up on the roof Chromalox Commer. maintenance applications Maintenance cial Application Cables are intended to prevent. temperatures up to 1100 F can be achieved in Petroleum Refineries Maintain petroleum this damage. a variety of hazardous and corrosive environ and by products at process temperature. ments Industrial Cables include Cooling Tower Pipes. Waste Water Treatment Facilities Prevent, SRL Self Regulating Low Temperature the precipitation of NaOH from solutions Parking Garage Drain Lines. SRP Self Regulating Process Maintenance Food Processing Plants Maintain Chiller Water Lines. viscosity of products in processes such as, SRM E Self Regulating Medium Tempera chocolate oils and tallow Exposed Pipe Traps. ture Enhanced,Instrument Lines Exposed Storm Water Pipes. SLL Constant Wattage Medium Temperature,Storage Tanks Sump Discharge Pipes and Equipment.
CWM Constant Wattage Medium Tempera, ture Div 1 and Div 2 Hazardous Location Appli Wet Sprinkler Fire Systems where approved. cations Contact your Local Chromalox Sales by Local Codes. MI Mineral Insulation High Temperature office for Div 1 applications. Outdoor Sports Facilities and Stadiums, Tube Bundles Pre Installed Traced Tube Freeze Protection of Steam Cleaned Lines. Bundles Roof and Gutter De icing,Power Generating Plants Trace steam. Commercial Application Cables are designed condensate lines and other chemical additive Hot Water Maintenance. to meet specific needs of winterizing applica lines. tions such as water line freeze protection and, preventing ice damage to building structures Asphalt Lines. Commercial Cables include,SRF Self Regulating Freeze Protection.
SRF RG Self Regulating Roof and Gutter,Freeze Protection. HWM Hot Water Maintenance Applications,Heating Cable. Heat Tracing Products, Industrial Commercial Grade Cables Control Systems. Heat Tracing Products Section Outline,Type Model Page Type Model Page. Industrial Application Guidelines G 5 HL Series HL PC HL S HL T G 90 to. Self Regulating Div 1 Connection Kits HL ES D1SL1 DLSL2 G 93. Low Temperature SRL G 10 Freeze Protection Thermostats THR THL TXR TXL G 94. Process Temperature SRP G 13 B100 E100 Thermostats G 96. Medium Temperature SRM E G 16 RBF Heat Trace Sensor RTD Kit RBF G 98. Long Line Cable SLL G 19 Ambient Heat Trace Sensor GIC AMB G 99. Constant Wattage CWM G 22,RTD Heat Trace Sensor RBF HT G 100.
Mineral Insulated MI G 25,Tubing Bundle,Hazardous Location. Low Temperature HSRL G 32 Pre Insulated Tubing 2200 Series G 101. Medium Temperature HSRM G 35 2210 Series G 103, Commercial Application Guidelines G 39 Low Temperature Maintenance Self 2256 LTM 2266 LTM G 105. Regulating Electric Traced Tubing,Self Regulating Freeze Protection SRF G 38. Hot Water Maintenance HWM G 43 High Temperature Maintenance 2256 HTM 2262 HTM G 107. Roof Gutter SRF RG G 46 Self Regulating Electric Traced. Edge Cutter System PLD EC G 48 Tubing, Snow Melt Mats WSMM G 50 Constant Wattage Electric Traced 2252 CPD 2262 CPD G 109. Snow Melting Controls APS 4C APS 3C,G 52 Single Multiple Process Tube 2211 2213 G 111.
SC 40C PD Pro GF,to Heavy Steam Traced Bundles for. Pro LCD 1 CIT 1,G 72 High Temperature Applications. GIT 1 SIT6 E RCU, U Series UPC UMC UES UESL G 73 Tubing Bundle Accessories G 113. UBC UAS CCH 2 SSK to DL Series Integrated Temperature RTAS RTBC G 117. SPA AT 1 FT 3 PS 1 G 78 Controls RTAS EP RTBC EP, PS 3 PS 10 PS 10 Heat Trace Control Panel Selection G 120. U Series Long Line G 79 Guide, Connection Acessories to G 81 Electronic Controls Control Panels DTS ITC ITAS ITLS G 122.
DL Series Integrated RTPC RTST RTES G 82 ITASC1D2 ITLSC1D2 to. Connection Accessories RTPC SL RTST SL to G 86 Wireless FPAS FPLS G 156. EL Series Standard SSK PJB RT RST G 87 FPASM FPLSM. Connection Accessories RT TST RT RES to G 88 Skin Effect TTEP G 157. General Application Accessories AT 1 FT 3 PS 1 PS 3 G 89 Impedance Heating System G 158. PS 10 PS 20 BL 1,BL 2 BL 3 ST 1 CL 1,Industrial Cable Applications Constant Wattage. Self Regulating Chromalox CWM Constant Wattage Heating Cables are ideally suited for ap. HEAT TRACING, plications where a particular watt density is required at all times The heater. Chromalox SRL SRP and SRM E Self Regulating Heating Cables provide. element consists of a nichrome wire wrapped around parallel insulated. the most versatility in heat trace designs and applications Constructed of a. buss wires At specific intervals a short section of insulation is removed. semiconductive heater matrix extruded between parallel buss wires a self. from alternating buss wires to create connection nodes for the nichrome. regulating cable adjusts its output to independently respond to tempera. wire The result is a network of parallel resistors along the entire length of. tures all along its length As temperatures increase the heater s resistance. constant wattage cable, increases which lowers the output wattage Conversely as the temperature. decreases the resistance decreases and the cable produces more heat The Constant wattage cables are flexible can be cut to length in the field and. result an energy efficient heating cable are manufactured for use on voltages from 120 to 480V Although not suited. for overlapping its constant output makes it an ideal choice for higher. Self regulating cables are flexible can be cut to length in the field and can. temperature applications where higher watt densities are required Equipped. be overlapped without fear of burnout in areas where complex piping and. with a ground braid and optional FEP jacket Chromalox constant wattage. equipment require additional heat trace cable, cables are third party tested and approved for use in harsh corrosive and. Chromalox manufactures low SRL Process SRP and medium SRM E hazardous areas Contact your local Chromalox Sales office for hazardous. temperature self regulating heating cable for use on 120 and 208 to 277V area designs. Equipped with a ground braid and optional TPR or FEP jacket Chromalox. self regulating cables are third party tested and approved for use in harsh. corrosive and hazardous applications,Heating Cable.
Heat Tracing Products,Industrial Commercial Grade Cables cont d. SLL Series Long Line Cables Commercial Cable Applications Self Regulating Roof Gutter. Chromalox SLL Series Long Line cable Self Regulating Freeze Protection De Icing. provides safe reliable heat tracing for process, Chromalox SRF Self Regulating Freeze Protection SRF RG Heating Cable is specifically designed for. temperature maintenance and freeze protec, Heating Cable is a self regulating cable designed roof and gutter de icing applications. tion of pipes valves tanks and similar ap, for the freeze protection of water lines The self SRF RG features a self regulating matrix that re. plications Constructed of industrial grade 16, regulating matrix allows for overlapping and easy duces output as snow melt requirements decrease.
14 12 or 10 AWG buss wire with metal braid, field installation SRF also lowers its output and or when warm weather is present. and fluropolymer overjacketing SLL ensures,energy consumption as the temperature increases. operating integrity in most hostile industrial The braided and overjacketed construction pro. thus lowering energy costs The 16 AWG buss, environments The 450 F 232 C maximum vides reliable moisture protection The 16 AWG. wires provide for long circuits which reduce the, exposure temperature rating allows steam buss wires allow ample circuit lengths and rugged. number of accessories required, cleaning of process equipment with up to 300 design Accessories are available for mounting to.
psig steam A braided and braided with overjacket construc roofs and gutters. tion is available Braided cable should be used,on dry pipes and dry locations The overjacket. Mineral Insulated construction is suitable for wet locations where. occasional exposure to moisture is expected,Chromalox MI Mineral Insulated Heating Cables. are the most rugged heating cable in Chromalox s SRF heating cable is not for use in hazardous. product line Constructed of a solid series resistor locations Consult the Industrial Cable Products. element embedded in highly compacted mineral in this section for cables suitable for hazardous. insulation MI cables are built to handle high locations. temperature high wattage applications The series, resistor and mineral insulation are encased in a Self Regulating Hot Water Maintenance. metallic jacket of Alloy 825 for high temperature, or corrosive applications HWM Cable is specifically designed for hot water. temperature maintenance applications HWM, Mineral insulated cables are factory assembled features a self regulating matrix that varies its.
and tested ensuring the highest quality product output to accommodate changes in ambient or. Since the units consist of a series resistor virtu pipe temperature This cable is designed to make. ally any wattage voltage length cable configura up heat losses through the piping insulation and. tion can be produced within the cable s physical maintain consistent pipe temperatures for sink. operating limits Chromalox mineral insulated shower dishwashing laundry and kitchen service. cables are available for use up to 600V and are applications HWM will maintain temperatures. tested and approved for use in corrosive and haz between 90 F and 140 F for these applications. ardous areas Optional accessories include pulling with service voltages between 120 and 277. eyes and reverse glands Other special features volts Circuit lengths up to 500 feet are available. are also available HWM cable and accessories provide a low cost. alternative to expensive recirculation systems,for domestic hot water temperature maintenance. applications,Heating Cable,Heat Tracing Products,Application Selection. Guidelines, Step 1 Collect Required performing heat loss calculations For Com. General Product Summary Application Data Determine mercial Freeze Protection please see Cable. Selection Tables in this section, This section is designed to assist you in Heat Loss. determining the appropriate cable for use in The second category of data required is the. Application data required can be split into two application and environmental conditions This. your application, categories The first is the heat loss data This includes.
Step 1 Collect Required Application Data includes, and Determine Heat Loss Maximum Exposure Temperature. Maintenance Temperature Power Off Condition,Step 2 Choose the cable that best meets. Minimum Ambient Temperature Circuit Length Considerations. your specific application parameters based, on the summary Consideration of application Pipe Size Available Voltage. temperature exposure temperature applica, tion requirements and environmental ratings Insulation Type or K factor Hazardous Area Requirements. should be made Insulation Thickness Type of Pipe Plastic or Metal. Step 3 Select Heating Cable Wattage Rating Indoor Outdoor Installation Chemical Exposure. Step 4 Determine Total Cable Required Maximum Expected Wind Speed Fire Resistance. Step 5 Determine Circuits and Circuit Required Safety Factor. Protection Step 2 Select the Cable,Refer to the Technical section of this catalog.
Step 6 Select Appropriate Accessories Determining Heat Energy Requirements Choose the cable that best fits your specific. Pipe Tank Tracing for details on application parameters and wattage require. Heat Tracing Product Features,Industrial Commercial. Features SRL SRP SRM E CWM SLL Alloy 825 MI SRF SRF RG HWM. Max Maintenance Temp F 150 225 302 320 302 900 100 50 225. Max Exposure Temp F,185 275 420 400 450 1 100 185 185 275. Max W Ft 10 15 20 12 12 50 8 12 15, Max Circuit Length Ft 95 660 55 750 150 750 225 900 7 500 330 1 000 180 660 135 540 500 800. Buss Wire Size 16 16 16 12 16 14 12 10 N A 16 16 16. 120 120 120 120 120 120 120,Voltages 120 600 Up to 600. 208 277 208 270 208 277 208 277 480 208 277 208 277 208 270. HEAT TRACING, Hazardous Ratings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No.
Usable on Plastic Pipe Yes No No No No No Yes Yes Yes. Cut to Length in Field Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes. Field Splicable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes. Can be Overlapped Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes. Output Varies with Temp Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes. Varies Output Along Length Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes. Design of System Simple Simple Simple Simple Involved Involved Simple Simple Simple. Installation of System Easiest Easiest Easiest Simple Simple Involved Easiest Easiest Easiest. A heat tracing system is a group of process equipment and piping which is heat traced and controlled in a logical and economical manner There are many reasons for making up the heat loss of a system With any heat loss there is a corresponding drop in temperature In many cases a drop in temperature brings about unacceptable consequences These consequences could be freezing of water in

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