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Sentara Healthcare Overview,Sentara Heart,2016 Annual Report. 5 Sentara Heart Hospital It is with great pleasure that we share the 2016 Sentara Heart Annual Report. with you We are exceptionally proud to highlight some of the accomplishments. Our electrophysiology EP team was one of the first in Virginia to. offer the world s smallest leadless wire free pacemaker that is implanted. 15 Sentara Heart Promise of cardiac services across all Sentara Heart locations directly into the heart with a catheter Our team of electrophysiologists and. 6 Sentara Heart Network In 2016 we marked the 10 year anniversary of the opening of Sentara Heart. cardiothoracic surgeons continue to provide a unique comprehensive program. to address cardiac rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation Our EP program. 16 Non Invasive Cardiology Hospital the region s only dedicated heart hospital For the 16th consecutive. year Sentara Heart was listed as a top 50 heart program by U S News World. Report We are proud of this achievement as our cardiac program vies against. is among the busiest in the country, Our structural heart program remains one of the nation s most successful. 20 Cardiac and Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation,40 Sentara Advanced Heart Failure Center. more than 5 000 hospital programs nationwide for this recognition including. the most prestigious academic medical centers in the country. transcatheter aortic valve replacement TAVR centers. The cardiothoracic surgery program reached an important milestone with. The Sentara Heart network of hospitals and cardiac services impacts all of the 50 000 open heart cases. 21 Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program, 46 Sentara Heart Valve and Structural Disease Center. communities that we serve The care we provide wouldn t be possible without the. collaborative efforts of our 28 000 plus team members Our world class heart Cardiac research also continues to be an important focus Our heart experts are. actively participating in numerous studies This gives patients access to the latest. specialists strive for excellence in quality customer care and safety every day Each. 24 Interventional Cardiology,50 Sentara Aortic Center.
Sentara Heart service continues to uphold our long standing reputation for clinical. distinction with a proven record of exceptional patient outcomes Ten of our. hospitals have been recognized by the American College of Cardiology Foundation s. emerging technologies while simultaneously improving cardiac care. We are committed to the provision of safe effective and quality cardiac care for. the best value As we move toward the alignment of cardiac and vascular services. 26 Electrophysiology Program,52 Cardiac Nursing, National Cardiovascular Data Registry and the American Heart Association for. their outstanding treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction. within Sentara Healthcare we will continue to provide comprehensive and. innovative care to this unique population of patients. Our two regional councils ensure exceptional quality at more than 100 care sites. 30 Cardiothoracic Surgery, 55 Cardiac Education across our health system The councils oversight and national benchmarking. allow our care teams to identify areas of improvement implement timely action. We encourage you to learn more about our nationally recognized innovative. programs and services highlighted in this year s annual report. plans and share standardized best practices across all Sentara Heart locations Sincerely. 32 Cardiac Anesthesiology, 58 Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute This focus fosters the highest possible care processes and appropriate cardiac. programs at our hospitals and cardiac service sites. 35 Vascular Program 60 Glossary, In 2016 we expanded the successes of some of our most respected and sought. after cardiac care programs and innovations These successes include but are not. limited to the following, 38 Sentara Heart Arrhythmia Center 63 Transferring a Patient to Sentara Heart Sentara Heart s non invasive testing program partnered with IBM Watson to.
analyze structured and unstructured medical information This involvement put. Sentara Heart at the leading edge of a digital revolution to seek innovative ways. to improve patient care Ken Armstrong Thomas Klevan MD Audrey Douglas Cooke. Senior Divisional Vice President Medical Director Vice President. To view this report online go to AnnualReport SentaraHeart com Sentara Cardiac Service Line Sentara Heart Sentara Heart Hospital. Sentara Healthcare SENTARA HEALTHCARE,7 in Hampton Roads. AT A GLANCE,Acute Care,12 Hospitals,1 in Northern Virginia. 2 in the Blue Ridge Region,1 in South Boston,Sentara Norfolk. General Hospital,Norfolk VA,Sentara RMH,Medical Center. Harrisonburg VA,Sentara Williamsburg,Regional Medical.
Williamsburg VA,One healthcare system with many doors but a. shared commitment to quality care and creating,an extraordinary healthcare experience. 1 in Northeastern North Carolina 28 000 Members of the Team. More than 1 000 Quality Physicians,and Advanced Practice Clinicians. Sentara Albemarle Sentara Heart Hospital Sentara Northern Sentara Virginia Beach. Medical Center Norfolk VA Virginia Medical Center General Hospital 12 Acute Care Hospitals. Elizabeth City NC 112 Beds included in Sentara Woodbridge VA Virginia Beach VA. 182 Beds Norfolk General Hospital license 183 Beds 276 Beds. Advanced Imaging and,Diagnostic Centers,Hampton Roads. Blue Ridge Nursing and Assisted Living Centers,Northern Virginia.
Sentara Obici Hospital North Carolina Outpatient Care Centers. Sentara CarePlex Hospital Sentara Leigh Hospital, Hampton VA Norfolk VA Suffolk VA Physical Therapy Centers. South Boston, 224 Beds 250 Beds 176 Beds Harrisonburg Woodbridge Home Care and Hospice. Orthopaedic Hospital at, Orthopedic Hospital at in Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. Sentara CarePlex Hospital,Sentara Leigh Hospital,Hampton VA. Norfolk VA Charlottesville,18 Beds included in Sentara.
48 beds Optima Health Plan,CarePlex Hospital license Serving 450 000 Members. Sentara Halifax Regional,Sentara Martha,Jefferson Hospital. Sentara Princess,Anne Hospital, VIRGINIA Hampton Sentara College of Health Sciences. South Boston VA Charlottesville VA Virginia Beach VA. Williamsburg,Sentara Quality Care Network,192 Beds 176 Beds 160 Beds. Norfolk A Clinically Integrated Network,South Boston Virginia.
NORTH CAROLINA Elizabeth City NC SENTARA HEART 3, Staying Ahead Sentara provided 341 145 000 in Community Benefits in 2016. of the Curve SENTARA HEART HOSPITAL, Recognized for more than 17 years as one of America s best hospitals for. Our goal at Sentara is to be among the best Cardiology and Heart Surgery by U S News World Report. healthcare providers in the country We strive,for top 10 percent rankings in all areas where. care quality and service are considered,We re proud that we have been recognized. by many state and national organizations, for our work because it means that we are 310 123 000 18 923 000 12 099 000 341 145 000.
giving our patients the attention and help, they deserve From hybrid ORs to innovative Sentara Heart includes more than 140 board certified cardiologists. physicians and advanced practice clinicians cardiothoracic surgeons and anesthesiologists From diagnostic testing. to new models of care we ve always been to emergency heart attack care Sentara Hospitals provide quality heart. ahead of the curve Our world class heart specialists strive care to the residents of our service area and beyond Because each. Sentara Hospital is part of the Sentara Heart network each local heart. for excellence in clinical quality customer program shares innovative procedures cutting edge technologies and. Adult Hospital Admissions,centricity and medical innovation Each. Sentara Heart service continues to,best practices, Our programs are accessible located in convenient locations and. welcoming facilities throughout the community This remarkable. Sentara was FIRST We performed Sentara conducted We were one of. in the nation to Hampton Roads the WORLD S the FIRST health uphold our long standing reputation for delivery system is made possible through a sophisticated technology. 79 0 22 3 pioneer eICU FIRST heart LARGEST clinical systems to join infrastructure and a commitment to blending clinical teams with the. a remote monitoring and kidney trial of copper and provide clinical distinction with a proven record of common goal of advancing patient care. system for intensive transplants preventing health data for the IBM. ER Visits care in addition to the care associated Watson Health exceptional patient outcomes. FIRST open heart infections and global initiative,surgery we have copper. Ken Armstrong,infused linens and, hard surfaces in Senior Divisional Vice President Sentara Cardiac Service Line.
every hospital,Deliveries,4 SENTARA HEART 5,Sentara Heart Network FULLY INTEGRATED. Hospital abbreviation key, SAMC Sentara Albemarle Medical Center Research Institute. vascular SYSTEM OF,SCH Sentara CarePlex Hospital,dio Sentara Cardiovascular. Sentara Heart boasts a strong network of cardiac care throughout its integrated SHH Sentara Heart Hospital nta. Research Institute HEART CARE, system With the exception of heart surgery all Sentara community hospitals provide Se mbe. SHRH Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital M e, SCRI works collaboratively with local institutions.
a range of heart services Patients from throughout Virginia and North Carolina am puses and Physician. SLH Sentara Leigh Hospital Te t Cam Offi government agencies and biomedical companies on nationally. can receive emergency heart care in the Sentara location closest to them and be e n. s and internationally recognized clinical research trials. transferred by ground or air ambulance to Sentara Heart Hospital Sentara Virginia SMJH Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital u SHR H. Beach General Hospital or Sentara RMH Medical Center for open heart surgery SNVMC Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center SH SL. should they need this advanced care The other Sentara hospitals offer a range of SOH Sentara Obici Hospital. heart services from comprehensive diagnostic testing and diagnostic catheterization. Team Members,SPAH Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, to emergency interventional cardiology and rehabilitation within the fully integrated. SRMH Sentara RMH Medical Center Electrophysiologists Neurologists. network of Sentara hospitals, SVBGH Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital Diagnostic Cardiologists Hospitalists. ac Departments, SWRMC Sentara Williamsburg Regional General Cardiologists Primary Care Physicians. Medical Center Interventional Cardiologists RCES RCIS Certified Clinicians. Heart Cardiothoracic Surgeons,Vascular Surgeons,Quality Coordinators. Researchers,Cardiac Anesthesiologists Navigators, Advanced Practice Clinicians Education Specialists.
Nurses Transplant Coordinators,Infectious Disease Specialists. 12 acute care hospitals seven BG Perfusionists,in Hampton Roads Southeastern. H Intensivists CVT Technicians, Virginia one in Northern Virginia Pulmonologists Imaging Specialists. s Endocrinologists Cardiovascular Technologists,two in the Blue Ridge region of ter. Virginia one in Southern Virginia and lty,C Nephrologists.
one in North Carolina Multi,Cardiac Departments,Cardiac Medicine Aortic Disease. Outpatient Campuses Non Invasive Cardiology Heart Failure MCS Transplantation. Diagnostic Cardiovascular Imaging MR CT Structural Heart Disease. and Physician Offices Multispecialty Centers Preventive Cardiology Rehabilitation Thoracic Surgery. As an integrated healthcare system Sentara Heart Valve and Structural Sentara Advanced Heart Failure Clinical Cardiology Cardiothoracic Surgery. throughout Virginia and North Carolina Disease Center Center includes specialization Invasive Interventional Cardiology Pulmonary Hypertension. we operate more than 100 sites of care Sentara Heart Arrhythmia Center in pulmonary arterial Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing Cardiac Observation. and partner with local providers Sentara Aortic Center hypertension Heart Arrhythmia. 6 Sentara Cardiac Diabetes Center SENTARA HEART 7,Heart STEMI Catheter Based Non Invasive Advanced. Pacemaker Arrhythmia Structural Heart, Cardiac Surgery Transplant Receiving PCI Center Diagnostic Diagnostic Cardiovascular Cardiac Rehab. Sentara Heart Services VAD Center Center,ICD Implants Ablations. Testing Imaging,1 Sentara Albemarle Medical Center.
Elizabeth City NC 182 Beds,2 Sentara CarePlex Hospital. Hampton VA 224 Beds,3 Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital. South Boston VA 192 Beds,4 Sentara Heart Hospital,Norfolk VA 114 Beds Advanced. Procedures,Procedures,Procedures,5 Sentara Leigh Hospital. Norfolk VA 250 Beds,6 Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.
Charlottesville VA 176 Beds,7 Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center. Woodbridge VA 183 Beds,8 Sentara Obici Hospital,Suffolk VA 176 Beds. 9 Sentara Princess Anne Hospital,Virginia Beach VA 160 Beds Ornish Lifestyle. 10 Sentara RMH Medical Center,Harrisonburg VA 238 Beds Advanced. Procedures,11 Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital.
Virginia Beach VA 276 Beds, 10 11 12 12 Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center. Sentara RMH Medical Center Harrisonburg VA 238 Beds Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital Virginia Beach VA 276 Beds Sentara illiamsurg Regional Medical Center Williamsburg VA 145 Beds 2000 Memers o the eam More than 1000 ualit hsicians and Adanced ractice Clinicians 12 Acute Care Hospitals Adanced maging and iagnostic Centers ursing and Assistediing Centers utpatient Care Centers hsical

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