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Attendance and Participation, Learning is a social process In order for this class to be successful your attendance. and participation are imperative We will conduct this class as a seminar performing the. roles of teachers and learners simultaneously This is possible only if everyone. prepares in advance for class by giving thoughtful attention to the assigned readings. assuming a constructive role in class discussions asking questions thoughtfully. attending to the ideas of others and sharing your own insights. If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to learn about assignments or any. class work missed ideally from other members of the class If that is impossible for. some reason you are certainly free to then contact you instructor. Due to the time constraints of this course you are allowed 2 free absences unexcused. this semester With each additional absence 5 percentage points will be deducted off. your final grade per absence Any student absence from class is considered unexcused. with the exception of personal or family illness requiring physician. assistance hospitalization UNT school sponsored activity religious holy day or death of. a family member Documentation must be provided within 1 calendar week after the. return to class A verbal explanation is appreciated but will not suffice as sufficient. documentation for consideration, Please note Most work related absences visits to the dentist stomachache car. problems other general dilemmas do not count as excused absences You are. encouraged to save your free days for such inevitable instances. Attendance Policy UNT, Responsibility for class attendance rests with the student I reserve the right to request. that a student be dropped from the course with a grade of WF upon the accumulation. of a stated number of unexcused absences An absence may be excused for the. following reasons a religious holy day including travel for that purpose active military. service including travel for that purpose participation in an official university function. illness or other extenuating circumstances pregnancy and parenting under Title IX and. when the University is officially closed by the President The student is responsible for. requesting an excused absence in writing as early in the semester as possible and. personally delivering to me satisfactory evidence to substantiate the excused absence. Religious Holidays, In accordance with Section 51 911 of the Texas Education Code UNT will allow a. student who is absent from class for the observance of a religious holy day to take an. examination or complete a scheduled assignment within a reasonable time Students. are required to file a written request with each professor within the first fifteen days of. the semester to qualify for an excused absence,Assignment Policies.
You are responsible for turning work in on time Late work will not be accepted. without a documented authorized absence as defined by UNT there will be no. exceptions You cannot make up quizzes under any circumstances Assignments are. always due at the beginning of class If you are unable to attend class on the day an. assignment is due or if there is any remote chance your car might break down you. might get stuck in traffic your printer won t work etc you must email that assignment. to me no later than the beginning of class to avoid penalties for lateness. All assignments unless otherwise noted must be typed Should you miss class due to. an excused absence you must complete the missed assignment and turn it in no later. than the beginning of the next class period You may also turn these in early. Please note If any assignment is missed due to any reason other than documented. death extreme illness religious observance UNT activity see absence policy above. you will be unable to make up the work You MUST plan ahead for all assignments. both major and daily as each constitute a significant part of your final grade and cannot. easily be redone due to timing and spatial issues, Please note You should keep store all graded work in case of a grade dispute at the. end of the semester,Grading of Assignments, All presentations and assignments are based upon a point system Students will receive. a thorough description of requirements for all assignments before they are due as well. as a detailed explanation of all assignments and grading procedures Your work will be. assessed in terms of concept comprehension and skill mastery In regard to the skill. mastery assessments it must be stressed that although objective standards exist that. can be used to determine the quality of an oral communication skill a certain amount of. subjectivity is inherent in the determination of the degree to which such standards are. It is your responsibility as the student to keep up with points accrued throughout the. semester Final points will be available at the end of the course. Please note Please do not contact your instructor via e mail or phone in an attempt to. receive any grades points or extemporaneous grading issues as course policy does not. allow for these transmissions If you have a question regarding point amounts please. email your instructor with the request and they will bring that information to you in class. After a graded assignment has been returned to you you must wait a minimum of 24. hours before contacting your instructor about a possible grade dispute After a graded. assignment has been returned to you you have a maximum of 1 week to contact your. instructor regarding a possible grade dispute,Academic Conduct. One fundamental goal of achieving a university degree is betterment of self upon. obtaining your degree you should be a more skilled writer and a more analytical thinker. To accomplish this goal and realize your true potential all work should be uniquely your. own in both word and thought You should correctly document all words and ideas. belonging to others according to APA American Psychological Association guidelines. Otherwise you will not only fail yourself but the course as well Please consult the. Code of Student Conduct for further information, Academic Integrity Standards and Standards for Violations. According to UNT Policy 18 1 16 Student Academic Integrity academic dishonesty. occurs when students engage in behaviors including but not limited to cheating. fabrication facilitating academic dishonesty forgery plagiarism and sabotage A. finding of academic dishonesty may result in a range of academic penalties or sanctions. ranging from admonition to expulsion from the University. Cheating The willful giving or receiving of information in an unauthorized manner. during an examination illicitly obtaining examination questions in advance using. someone else s work or written assignments as if they were your own or any other. dishonest means of attempting to fulfill a requirement of this course. Plagiarism The use of an author s words or ideas as if they were your own without. giving proper credit to the source including but not limited to failure to acknowledge a. direct quotation Exact wording from a source must be identified by quotation marks. and citation of the author Concepts and ideas from sources should also be identified. by citation of the author Rules for citing quotes and ideas can be found in the. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 5th edition Intentionality. is not a factor in determining plagiarism and its consequential penalties Students are. responsible for making themselves aware of the parameters and provisions of. plagiarism, Collusion Intentionally aiding or attempting to aid another in an act of scholastic.
dishonesty including but not limited to providing a paper or project to another. student providing an inappropriate level of assistance communicating answers to a. classmate during an examination removing tests or answer sheets from a test site. and allowing a classmate to copy answers, Punishments for cheating plagiarism or collusion range from a grade of ZERO. on the assignment in question to failure of the course. Policy on Incompletes, An Incomplete will be awarded only in cases where 75 of the coursework has been. completed and the grade is warranted by an exigent reason e g medical military. Inability to complete coursework in a timely fashion does not constitute an acceptable. reason for requesting or receiving an incomplete,Acceptable Student Behavior. Student behavior that interferes with an instructor s ability to conduct a class or other. students opportunity to learn is unacceptable and disruptive and will not be tolerated in. any instructional forum at UNT Students engaging in unacceptable behavior will be. directed to leave the classroom and the instructor may refer the student to the Dean of. Students to consider whether the student s conduct violated the Code of Student. Conduct The University s expectations for student conduct apply to all instructional. forums including University and electronic classroom labs discussion groups field. trips etc The Code of Student Conduct can be found. at deanofstudents unt edu conduct,Firearms Policy, The University of North Texas is committed to providing a safe environment for. students faculty staff and visitors and to respecting the right of individuals who are. licensed to carry a handgun where permitted by law Individuals who are licensed to. carry may do so on campus premises except in locations and at Activities prohibited by. law or by this policy Open carry is not permitted See 04 001 Carrying of Concealed. Handguns on Campus policy for more details,Access to Information Eagle Connect.
Students access point for business and academic services at UNT is located. at my unt edu All official communication from the University will be delivered to your. Eagle Connect account For more information please visit the website that explains. Eagle Connect and how to forward e mail eagleconnect unt edu. Emergency Notification Procedures, UNT uses a system called Eagle Alert to quickly notify students with critical information. in the event of an emergency i e severe weather campus closing and health and. public safety emergencies like chemical spills fires or violence In the event of a. university closure please refer to Blackboard for contingency plans for covering course. Retention of Student Records, Student records pertaining to this course are maintained in a secure location by the. instructor of record All records such as exams answer sheets with keys and written. papers submitted during the duration of the course are kept for at least one calendar. year after course completion Course work completed via the Blackboard online system. including grading information and comments is also stored in a safe electronic. environment for one year Students have the right to view their individual record. however information about students records will not be divulged to other individuals. without proper written consent Students are encouraged to review the Public. Information Policy and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA laws. and the University s policy,ADA Statement, UNT makes reasonable academic accommodation for students with disabilities. Students seeking accommodation must first register with the Office of Disability. Accommodation ODA to verify their eligibility If a disability is verified the ODA will. provide a student with an accommodation letter to be delivered to faculty to begin a. private discussion regarding one s specific course needs Students may request. accommodations at any time however ODA notices of accommodation should be. provided as early as possible in the semester to avoid any delay in implementation. Note that students must obtain a new letter of accommodation for every semester and. must meet with each faculty member prior to implementation in each class For. additional information see the ODA website at disability unt edu. Student Perceptions of Teaching Effectiveness, Student feedback is important and an essential part of participation in this course The. student evaluation of instruction is a requirement for all organized classes at UNT The. survey will be made available during weeks 13 and 14 of the long semesters to provide. students with an opportunity to evaluate how this course is taught Students will receive. an email from UNT SPOT Course Evaluations via IASystem Notification no. reply iasystem org with the survey link Students should look for the email in their. UNT email inbox Simply click on the link and complete the survey Once students. complete the survey they will receive a confirmation email that the survey has been. submitted For additional information please visit the spot website at. www spot unt edu or email spot unt edu,Distractions.
Turn off all cell phones and place them out of sight. Disclaimer, This syllabus is an agreement between the instructional faculty member teaching a. course and the students enrolled in that course The syllabus establishes the. instructional faculty member s expectations providing students with an overview of. course content and explanations of course guidelines procedures and requirements. Consistent with UNT Policy 15 2 20 Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility. instructional faculty have the academic freedom to design the course and present the. syllabus as they wish and instructional faculty have the academic responsibility to. du Pr A 2017 Communicating about health Current issues and perspectives 5th edition New York Oxford University Press ISBN 978 0190275686 Albom M 1997 Tuesdays with Morrie An old Man a young man and life s greatest lesson New York Doubleday ISBN 978 0767905923 Course Description Communication in medical settings origins nature and impact of communication practices

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