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E3TF0ED EN book Page 2 Wednesday March 17 2010 11 20 AM. Introduction,Precautions, WARNING TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT EXPOSE THIS. APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE,The lightning flash with arrowhead. CAUTION symbol within an equilateral triangle is,intended to alert the user to the presence. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK of uninsulated dangerous voltage within. DO NOT OPEN the product s enclosure that may be of. sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of,CAUTION electric shock to persons. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT The exclamation point within an. REMOVE COVER OR BACK NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS equilateral triangle is intended to alert the. INSIDE REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE user to the presence of important. PERSONNEL operating and maintenance servicing,instructions in the literature.
The important note is located on the rear of the cabinet accompanying the appliance. The symbol for CLASS II Double Insulation,Laser Safety Caution. This unit employs a laser Only qualified service personnel 1 Do not attempt to open the cabinet There are no user. should remove the cover or attempt to service this unit due to serviceable parts inside Refer all servicing to qualified. the possibility of eye injury service personnel, 2 Slots and openings in the cabinet at the sides and. CAUTION USE OF CONTROLS OR ADJUSTMENTS OR, PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER underneath are provided for ventilation To ensure reliable. operation and to protect the unit from overheating these. THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN MAY,openings must not be blocked or covered. RESULT IN HAZARDOUS RADIATION, EXPOSURE Avoid installation in enclosed spaces such as bookcases.
unless suitable ventilation is provided,CAUTION VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION. 3 Keep the unit away from radiators and other heat sources. WHEN OPEN AND INTERLOCK DEFEATED,4 Avoid use near strong magnetic fields. DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM, 5 Do not push objects of any kind into the unit through the. LOCATION INSIDE NEAR THE DECK MECHANISM, cabinet slots or openings as they could touch electrically. live parts or short circuit parts resulting in a fire or electric. Power Supply shock, The power supply is connected and the unit is live when the 6 To prevent fire or shock hazard do not expose this.
mains cable is plugged into a 220 240 V 50 Hz AC outlet apparatus to dripping or splashing no objects filled with. To operate the unit press STANDBY ON Q liquids such as vases should be placed on the apparatus. 7 Do not stand the unit vertically Use the unit in a horizontal. WARNING LIVE PARTS INSIDE flat position only, DO NOT REMOVE ANY SCREWS 8 Before attempting to operate the unit make sure that the. timer recording mode is off, 9 This product is in Stand by mode when turned off while. the mains cable is connected, The front panel display will not light up This is a. Power Saving Mode ECO for standby, 10 Do not place any combustible objects on the device. candles etc, 11 Before moving the unit be sure to remove any discs and.
unplug the mains cable from the AC outlet, 12 Disconnect the mains plug to switch off when the unit. becomes faulty or not in use,13 The mains plug shall remain readily operable. 14 Read the manual instructions to ensure correct and safe. installation and interconnection of the unit in multimedia. 15 Keep the distances 20 cm around apparatus of ventilation. E3TF0ED EN book Page 3 Wednesday March 17 2010 11 20 AM. Installation Location,Introduction,A NOTE ABOUT RECYCLING. This product s packaging materials are recyclable and can For safety and optimum performance of this unit. be reused Please dispose of any materials in accordance Install the unit in a horizontal and stable position. with your local recycling regulations Keep the unit away from electronic equipment such as an. amplifier TV etc to prevent warping damage fire and. This product consists of materials which can be recycled malfunction. and reused if disassembled by a specialised company Do not place anything directly on top of the unit. Connections, Shield the unit from direct sunlight and keep away from. sources of intense heat Avoid dusty or humid locations. Following information is only for EU member states Avoid locations with insufficient ventilation for suitable heat. The use of the symbol indicates that this product may not dissipation Do not block the ventilation holes on the sides of. be treated as household waste By ensuring this product is the unit Avoid locations subject to strong vibration or strong. disposed of correctly you will help prevent potential magnetic fields. negative consequences for the environment and human. health which could otherwise be caused by,Avoid the Hazards of Electrical Shock and Fire.
TV View Operation,Basic Setup,inappropriate waste handling of this. product For more detailed information Do not handle the mains cable with wet hands. about recycling of this product please Do not pull on the mains cable to disconnect it from the AC. contact your local city office your outlet Grasp it by the plug. household waste disposal service or the If by accident water is spilled on the unit unplug the mains. shop where you purchased the product cable immediately and take the unit to an authorised service. centre for servicing, Following information is only valid EU member States. Moisture Condensation Warning,Disposal of batteries and or accumulators. The crossed out wheeled dust bin symbol indicates that Moisture condensation may occur inside the unit when it is. batteries and or accumulators must be collected and moved from a cold place to a warm place after heating a cold. disposed of separately from household waste If the battery room or under conditions of high humidity Do not use the unit. or accumulator contains more than the specified values of for at least 2 hours to allow the inside to dry. lead Pb mercury Hg and or cadmium Cd defined in, the Battery Directive 2006 66 EC then the chemical About Copyright. symbols for lead Pb mercury Hg and or cadmium Cd, Unauthorised copying broadcasting public performance and.
will appear below the crossed out wheeled dust bin. lending of discs are prohibited This product incorporates. symbol By participating in separate collection of batteries. copyright protection technology that is protected by U S. you will help to assure the proper disposal of products and. patents and other intellectual property rights Use of this. batteries and thus help to prevent potential negative. copyright protection technology must be authorised by. consequences for the environment and, Macrovision and is intended for home and other limited. human health For more detailed,viewing uses only unless otherwise authorised by. information about the collection and,Macrovision Reverse engineering or disassembly is. recycling programmes available in your,prohibited,country please contact your local city office. or the shop where you purchased the,Pb Hg Cd Notice for the Progressive Scan Outputs.
Consumers should note that not all high definition television. Make your contribution to the environment sets are fully compatible with this product and may cause. Exhausted batteries do not belong in the artifacts to be displayed in the picture In case of picture. dustbin problems with 480 or 576 progressive scan output it is Function Setup. You can dispose of them at a collection point for recommended that the user switch the connection to the. exhausted batteries or special waste standard definition output If there are questions regarding. Contact your council for details your TV set compatibility with this 480p or 576p product. please contact our customer service centre, Do not place the unit on the furniture that is capable of. being tilted by a child and an adult leaning pulling. standing or climbing on it A falling unit can cause serious Manufactured under license from Dolby. VCR Functions, injury or even death Laboratories Dolby and the double D. symbol are trademarks of Dolby,Laboratories,Dolby Digital Stereo Creator enables consumers to. create stereo DVD Videos with stunning Dolby Digital. sound tracks at home The technology when utilised, instead of PCM recording also saves recordable disc. space allowing for higher video resolution or extended. recording time on each DVD DVDs mastered using Dolby. Digital Stereo Creator will play back on all DVD Video. Note This is true when the players are compatible with. actual recordable DVD discs, E3TF0ED EN book Page 4 Wednesday March 17 2010 11 20 AM.
Manufactured under license under U S Maintenance,Patent 5 451 942 other U S and. worldwide patents issued pending DTS CLEANING THE UNIT. and the Symbol are registered trademarks Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent. and DTS Digital Out and the DTS logos solution Do not use solutions containing alcohol spirits. are trademarks of DTS Inc Product ammonia or abrasives. includes software,DTS Inc All Rights Reserved CLEANING DISCS. If a disc becomes dirty clean it with a cleaning cloth Wipe the. disc from the centre out Do not wipe in a circular motion. HDMI the HDMI Logo and Do not use solvents such as benzine thinners commercially. High Definition Multimedia available cleaners detergent abrasive cleaning agents or. Interface are trademarks or antistatic spray intended for analogue records. registered trademarks of HDMI,Licensing LLC in the United DISC HANDLING. States and other countries Handle the discs so that fingerprints and dust do not adhere. to the disc surfaces, Always store the disc in its protective case when it is not in. DivX DivX Certified and associated use,logos are registered trademarks of.
DivX Inc and are used under license HDD HANDLING, HDD is a precision apparatus that is susceptible to vibration. strong impact or dirt Depending on the installation. environment or handling the unit may become partially. damaged or in the worst case recording or replaying may. not be available Especially while the HDD is in motion do. not subject it to vibration or strong impact or pull out the. is trademark of Eastman Kodak Company power plug And if a power failure occurs the content of the. recording replaying programme may be lost, HDD rotates at high speed when in operation Be sure that. DVB is a registered trademark of the DVB rotation has stopped and then move the unit without. Project subjecting it to strong impact or vibration. If the unit becomes inoperative do not try to correct the. MP3 SURROUND and its logo are trademarks of problem by yourself There are no user serviceable parts. Thomson S A inside Turn the unit off unplug the mains cable and consult. Note Supply of this product does not convey a license nor your dealer or an authorised service centre. imply any right to distribute content with this product in. revenue generating broadcast systems terrestrial CLEANING THE DISC LENS. satellite cable and or other distribution channels If the unit does not perform correctly even though you have. streaming applications via Internet intranets and or other referred to Troubleshooting and the relevant sections in the. networks other content distribution systems pay audio or Owner s Manual the laser optical pickup unit may be dirty. audio on demand applications and the like or on physical Consult your dealer or an authorised service centre for. media compact discs digital versatile discs inspection and cleaning of the laser optical pickup unit. semiconductor chips hard drives memory cards and the. like An independent license for such use is required AUTO HEAD CLEANING. For details please visit Automatically cleans video heads as you insert or remove a. http mp3licensing com cassette so you can see a clear picture. Playback picture may become blurred or interrupted while. the TV programme reception is clear Dirt accumulated on. the video heads after a long period of use or the usage of. rental or worn tapes can cause this problem If a streaky or. snowy picture appears during playback the video heads in. the unit may need to be cleaned, 1 Please visit your local Audio Video store and purchase a. good quality VHS Video Head Cleaner, 2 If a Video Head Cleaner does not solve the problem. please consult your dealer or an authorised service centre. Remember to read the instructions along with the video. head cleaner before use,Clean video heads only when problems occur.
E3TF0ED EN book Page 5 Wednesday March 17 2010 11 20 AM. Accessories Supplied Playback,Introduction,Remote control with 2 R6 1 5 V batteries. Owner s Manual Theatre surround sound E Page 19,CD ROM Quick search E Page 54. Warranty Card Variable skip E Page 51,Variable replay E Page 51. Connections,Playback from Original or a Playlist E Page 46. Virtual Surround System E Page 57,Playing back data files recorded in a USB device.
The following features are available with this unit E Page 48. Chasing playback during recording and simultaneous. TV View Operation,HDD DVD VCR playback and recording E Page 53. Basic Setup,Pausing a TV broadcast to resume later Pause TV. Recording up to 36 programmes HDD DVD,One touch timer recording. HDD DVD E Page 32 DVD, VCR E Page 74 Playing back MP3 JPEG DivX Kodak Picture CD. files E Pages 47 50,Automatic chapter mark setting E Page 30 VCR.
HDD amp DVD VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER TD6D D4413DB OWNER S MANUAL Introduction Connections Playback Editing Others Function Setup Recording VCR Functions Basic Setup TV View Operation For Customer Use Carefully read the Model No and Serial No located at the back of the unit and enter the information below Retain this information for future reference Model No Serial No

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