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2016 Brocade Communications Systems Inc All Rights Reserved. Brocade Brocade Assurance the B wing symbol ClearLink DCX Fabric OS HyperEdge ICX MLX MyBrocade OpenScript VCS VDX Vplane and. Vyatta are registered trademarks and Fabric Vision is a trademark of Brocade Communications Systems Inc in the United States and or in other. countries Other brands products or service names mentioned may be trademarks of others. Notice This document is for informational purposes only and does not set forth any warranty expressed or implied concerning any equipment. equipment feature or service offered or to be offered by Brocade Brocade reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time without. notice and assumes no responsibility for its use This informational document describes features that may not be currently available Contact a Brocade. sales office for information on feature and product availability Export of technical data contained in this document may require an export license from the. United States government, The authors and Brocade Communications Systems Inc assume no liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to the accuracy of this. document or any loss cost liability or damages arising from the information contained herein or the computer programs that accompany it. The product described by this document may contain open source software covered by the GNU General Public License or other open source license. agreements To find out which open source software is included in Brocade products view the licensing terms applicable to the open source software and. obtain a copy of the programming source code please visit http www brocade com support oscd. Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide,2 53 1003990 02. Document conventions 7,Text formatting conventions 7. Command syntax conventions 7,Notes cautions and warnings 8. Brocade resources 8,Contacting Brocade Technical Support 8.
Brocade customers 8,Brocade OEM customers 9,Document feedback 9. About This Document 11,Supported hardware and software 11. What s new in this document 11,Device Overview 13,Hardware features 13. License options 14,Port side view 14,Nonport side view 15. Device management options 16,Preparing for the Installation 17.
Safety precautions 17,General precautions 17,ESD precautions 18. Power precautions 18,Lifting and weight related precautions 19. Laser precautions 19,Facility requirements 20,Quick installation checklist 20. Pre installation tasks 20,Installation and initial configuration 21. Shipping carton contents 22,Mounting the Device 23.
Mounting options 23,Precautions specific to mounting 23. Standalone installation 24, Installing the Universal Four Post Rack Kit XBR R000296 24. Installation requirements 24,Time and items required 25. Flush front mounting 27,Flush rear recessed mounting 32. Installing the Universal Two Post Rack kit XBR R000294 38. Installation requirements 38,Time and items required 39.
Flush front mounting 39,Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide. 53 1003990 02 3,Mid mounting 43,Initial Setup and Verification 49. Items required 49,Providing power to the device 49. Establishing a first time serial connection 49,Configuring the IP address 50. Using DHCP to set the IP address 51,Setting a static IP address 51.
Setting the date and time 51,Setting the time zone 52. Synchronizing local time with an external source 52. Customizing the chassis name and switch name 52,Establishing an Ethernet connection 53. Setting the domain ID 53,Verifying correct operation 54. Backing up the configuration 55,Powering down the device 55. Installing Transceivers and Cables 57,Time and items required 57.
Precautions specific to transceivers and cables 58. Cleaning the fiber optic connectors 58,Managing cables 58. Installing an SFP transceiver 59,Replacing an SFP transceiver 60. Installing a QSFP transceiver 61,Replacing a QSFP transceiver 62. Verifying the operation of new transceivers 62,Monitoring the Device 65. Interpreting port side LEDs 65,System power LED 66.
System status LED 66,FC port status LED 66,QSFP port status LED 67. Interpreting nonport side LEDs 68,Power supply and fan assembly status LED 68. Interpreting the POST results 69,Interpreting the BOOT results 69. Running diagnostic tests 69,Power Supply and Fan Assembly 71. Power supply and fan assembly overview 71, Precautions specific to the power supply and fan assemblies 72.
Identifying the airflow direction 73,Power supply and fan assembly status LED 73. Power supply and fan assembly unit fault indicators 73. Power supply and fan assembly task guide 74, Installing an additional power supply and fan assembly hot install 74. Replacing a power supply and fan assembly hot swap 74. Replacing both power supply and fan assemblies cold swap 74. Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide,4 53 1003990 02. Time and items required 75, Recording power supply and fan assembly critical information 75. Removing a power supply and fan assembly 75,Inserting a new power supply and fan assembly 76.
Verifying the operation of the power supply and fan assemblies 77. Brocade G620 Technical Specifications 79,System specifications 79. Fibre Channel 79,Weight and physical dimensions 80. Environmental requirements 80,Power supply specifications per PSU 81. Power consumption typical configuration 81,Power consumption maximum configuration 81. Power consumption idle configuration 81,Data port specifications Fibre Channel 82.
Fibre Channel data transmission ranges 82,Serial port specifications pinout RJ 45 82. Serial port specifications protocol 83,Memory specifications 83. Regulatory compliance EMC 83,Regulatory compliance safety 83. Regulatory compliance environmental 84,Regulatory Statements 85. BSMI statement Taiwan 85,Canadian requirements 85,CE statement 85.
China CC statement 86,China ROHS 86,FCC warning US only 86. Germany statement 87,KCC statement Republic of Korea 87. VCCI statement 87,Cautions and Danger Notices 89,Danger Notices 89. General dangers 89,Electrical dangers 89,Dangers related to equipment weight 91. Laser dangers 91,Cautions 91,General cautions 91,Electrical cautions 92.
Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide,53 1003990 02 5. Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide,6 53 1003990 02. Document conventions 7,Brocade resources 8,Contacting Brocade Technical Support 8. Document feedback 9,Document conventions, The document conventions describe text formatting conventions command syntax conventions and important notice formats used in. Brocade technical documentation,Text formatting conventions.
Text formatting conventions such as boldface italic or Courier font may be used in the flow of the text to highlight specific words or. Format Description,bold text Identifies command names. Identifies keywords and operands, Identifies the names of user manipulated GUI elements. Identifies text to enter at the GUI,italic text Identifies emphasis. Identifies variables,Identifies document titles,Courier font Identifies CLI output. Identifies command syntax examples,Command syntax conventions.
Bold and italic text identify command syntax components Delimiters and operators define groupings of parameters and their logical. relationships,Convention Description, bold text Identifies command names keywords and command options. italic text Identifies a variable, value In Fibre Channel products a fixed value provided as input to a command option is printed in plain text for. example show WWN, Syntax components displayed within square brackets are optional. Default responses to system prompts are enclosed in square brackets. x y z A choice of required parameters is enclosed in curly brackets separated by vertical bars You must select. one of the options, In Fibre Channel products square brackets may be used instead for this purpose. x y A vertical bar separates mutually exclusive elements. Nonprinting characters for example passwords are enclosed in angle brackets. Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide,53 1003990 02 7.
Convention Description, Repeat the previous element for example member member. Indicates a soft line break in command examples If a backslash separates two lines of a command. input enter the entire command at the prompt without the backslash. Notes cautions and warnings, Notes cautions and warning statements may be used in this document They are listed in the order of increasing severity of potential. A Note provides a tip guidance or advice emphasizes important information or provides a reference to related information. An Attention statement indicates a stronger note for example to alert you when traffic might be interrupted or the device might. A Caution statement alerts you to situations that can be potentially hazardous to you or cause damage to hardware firmware. software or data, A Danger statement indicates conditions or situations that can be potentially lethal or extremely hazardous to you Safety labels. are also attached directly to products to warn of these conditions or situations. Brocade resources, Visit the Brocade website to locate related documentation for your product and additional Brocade resources. You can download additional publications supporting your product at www brocade com Select the Brocade Products tab to locate your. product then click the Brocade product name or image to open the individual product page The user manuals are available in the. resources module at the bottom of the page under the Documentation category. To get up to the minute information on Brocade products and resources go to MyBrocade You can register at no cost to obtain a user. ID and password, Release notes are available on MyBrocade under Product Downloads.
White papers online demonstrations and data sheets are available through the Brocade website. Contacting Brocade Technical Support, As a Brocade customer you can contact Brocade Technical Support 24x7 online by telephone or by e mail Brocade OEM customers. contact their OEM Solutions provider,Brocade customers. For product support information and the latest information on contacting the Technical Assistance Center go to http. www brocade com services support index html, If you have purchased Brocade product support directly from Brocade use one of the following methods to contact the Brocade. Technical Assistance Center 24x7,Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide. 8 53 1003990 02,Online Telephone E mail, Preferred method of contact for non urgent Required for Sev 1 Critical and Sev 2 High support brocade com.
issues issues,Please include, My Cases through MyBrocade Continental US 1 800 752 8061. Problem summary, Software downloads and licensing Europe Middle East Africa and Asia. Serial number,tools Pacific 800 AT FIBREE 800 28,34 27 33 Installation details. Knowledge Base, For areas unable to access toll free Environment description. number 1 408 333 6061,Toll free numbers are available in.
many countries,Brocade OEM customers, If you have purchased Brocade product support from a Brocade OEM Solution Provider contact your OEM Solution Provider for all of. your product support needs, OEM Solution Providers are trained and certified by Brocade to support Brocade products. Brocade provides backline support for issues that cannot be resolved by the OEM Solution Provider. Brocade Supplemental Support augments your existing OEM support contract providing direct access to Brocade expertise. For more information contact Brocade or your OEM, For questions regarding service levels and response times contact your OEM Solution Provider. Document feedback, To send feedback and report errors in the documentation you can use the feedback form posted with the document or you can e mail. the documentation team, Quality is our first concern at Brocade and we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this document.
However if you find an error or an omission or you think that a topic needs further development we want to hear from you You can. provide feedback in two ways, Through the online feedback form in the HTML documents posted on www brocade com. By sending your feedback to documentation brocade com. Provide the publication title part number and as much detail as possible including the topic heading and page number if applicable as. well as your suggestions for improvement,Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide. 53 1003990 02 9,Brocade G620 Hardware Installation Guide. 10 53 1003990 02,About This Document,Supported hardware and software 11. What s new in this document 11,Supported hardware and software.
The following tables list the power supply and fan assemblies and rack mount kits supported on the Brocade G620 FC switch running. Fabric OS 8 0 0 or later,TABLE 1 Power supply and fan assemblies. Part number Description Introduced OS Currently supported. XBR G250WPSAC F 250W AC power supply with nonport side exhaust Fabric OS 8 0 0 Yes. XBR G250WPSAC R 250W AC power supply with nonport side intake Fabric OS 8 0 0 Yes. TABLE 2 Rack mount kits,Part number Description, XBR R000294 Universal two post mid mount or flush mount rack kit. White papers online demonstrations and data sheets are available through the Brocade website Contacting Brocade Technical Support As a Brocade customer you can contact Brocade Technical Support 24x7 online by telephone or by e mail Brocade OEM customers contact their OEM Solutions provider Brocade customers

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