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night window,flames in the hearth,pull closer together Famous Reporter June 2011. crows in the pines,the wind tastes,of yesterday s rain FreeXpresSion September 2012. squashed in a rack,flimsy summer dresses,reduced Writers on Parade 2013. coffee for one,sharing a chat,on the mobile Writers on Parade 2013. JOHN BIRD Founder with Janice Bostok of the Australian Haiku Society Produced the. electronic collection Australian Haiku Dreaming,dawn shadows.
a crow rides the windmill,back to the trough Yellow Moon 10 2001 HC. starless night,pier lights disappear,into surf noise Yellow Moon 14 2003. barking dogs,the swaggies s slow progress,into town Yellow Moon 15 2004 2nd place. siesta hour,summer wind unpicks,the jacaranda Yellow Moon 15 2004. chain lightning,the mid summer sky,reseals itself Yellow Moon 11 2002 HC.
garbage collection,a spider rides our bin,into the sky Yellow Moon 12 2002 HC. spring morning,dog and I exchange,silly grins N Z Poetry Society 2002 Anthology. Australia Day,dot by dot she paints,yam dreaming Songs of the Unsung Heroes 2002. the dead centre,a disappearing roadtrain,lowers the stars Haiku Dreaming Australia 2008. horned moon,the fence rider stays,on his side Banjo Paterson Awards 2006.
JANICE M BOSTOK Founding patron HaikuOz Co founder with John Bird Australian. Haiku Society HaikuOz Acclaimed pioneer of haiku in Australia. evening bird flight returning less urgent,pregnant again. the fluttering of moths,against the window,amongst the graffiti. a tiny violet,in this blue,the scalloped flight,of one swallow. stationary bus,talking we visit places,with each other. dark house,only cat s eyes reflected,in the headlights.
no money for the busker I try not to listen,all from Amongst the Graffiti Post Pressed 2003. DAWN BRUCE former Vice President of the Australian Haiku Society HaikuOz. leader Ozku haiku group,the last page,of a loved book. autumn rain,First Prize FreeXpresSion April 2008 pub. FreeXpresSion Vol XV,a flow of shadows,along the river. Equal First Prize Jack Stamm competition 2010,pub moonrise bare hills 2010.
on a nasturtium leaf,I finger my pearls,Second prize Perth Library Haiku comp 2013. a mud puddle,ringed by butterflies,sunlight flutters. Presence Issue 43 2011,of old tea roses,faraway moon. Kokako Issue 12 2010,midnight silence,the carousel horses. moon glazed,FreeXpresSion HC May 2012 Volume XIX 5.
river stone,the current of years,in every shape,Windfall Australian haiku 3 2015. out of black silence,the wobble,of a burnt lamb,The Dreaming Collection. winter s day,a blue metallic sky,over the war zone. Cattails Issue 2 2014,misty rain,under the butterfly bush. a stone Buddha,Presence 41,ROSS CLARK co founder Paper Wasp Group.
lighting the gas ring,morning s first,veranda bed,corrugated sky. nailhole stars,wind in the long grass,every green thing. after the parade,the dragon head off,still smoking. LORIN FORD haiku editor Notes from the Gean A Hundred Gourds convenor Red Kelpies. a last year s lambskin where mushrooms gather dusk. 1st prize Katikati comp 2014 judge s report HaikuNewZ Oct 2014. moonshadows,the bunyip,in every snag,Modern Haiku 42 3 2011. a magpie s solo,floods the gully, Famous Reporter 42 Dec 2010 3rd Australian Haiku Anthology 2011.
winter starlight,the sound of the tuning fork,goes on forever. first published Presence 45 voted Best of Issue for 45 still. heading out an anthology of Australian and New Zealand Haiku. mother s secrets,I prise open,a dozen oysters,1st Prize 2014 FreeXpresSion Haiku Comp 2014. on a bare twig rain beads what light there is, first pub Shamrock Haiku Journal 3 Sept 2007 a wattle seedpod. PostPressed Australia 2008 Winner The Haiku Calendar. Competition 2011 Carving Darkness 2011 Haiku in English the. First Hundred Years W W Norton co 2013 Where the River. Goes Snapshot Press 2013,where creek willows weave the sunlight ducklings. tinywords Issue 11 2 25 10 11 still heading out an anthology of. Australian and New Zealand Haiku 2013,rusted hinge.
the butterfly s wings,close open, first prize paper wasp Jack Stamm Award 2005 first pub Pw. JS anthology rusted hinge still heading out an anthology of. Australian and New Zealand Haiku 2013,a dream time. before theirs and mine,Wollemi Pine, first published FreeXpreSsion March 2008 Haiku in English. the First Hundred Years W W Norton co 2013 Where the. River Goes Snapshot Press 2013,distant thunder,the future. in my bones, First Prize Contemporary Category THF HaikuNow Contest.
2010 Haiku 21 2011 Haiku in English the First Hundred. Years W W Norton co 2013 still heading out an anthology. of Australian and New Zealand Haiku 2013, BEVERLEY GEORGE Editor Yellow Moon 9 20 2000 2006 Editor Eucalypt a tanka. journal 2006 Editor Windfall Australian Haiku issue 1 2013 Presented haiku in Australia. paper at 3rd Haiku Pacific Rim Conference Matsuyama Japan 2007 convened 4th Haiku. Pacific Rim Conference Terrigal NSW September 2009 President Australian Haiku Society. from a lifted oar,a shimmer connects the sky,and sunlit river. 1st prize Genkissu World Wide Hekinan,Haiku Contest 2009. one tiny feather,all the colours of the bird,weightless on my palm. first published Presence 47 2012 republished,as a haiga with Mariko Kitakubo and Ron Moss.
on Haiga Online 15 1 2014,sultry night,the smell of jasmine. and old oranges,Highly Commended Presence HaikuAwards 2003. children s zoo,the one black faced sheep,gets all the pats. first published The Heron s Nest 2007 HSA,anthology 2007. closing day,vine tomatoes,warm my hands,2nd Prize Kaji Aso Studio 23rd Annual Haiku.
Contest 2011,train tunnel,the sudden intimacy,of mirrored faces. voted Best of Issue readers Presence 22 2004,country graveyard. a weathered sundial,tells the time,Spinifex Pardalote Press 2006. fireside knitting,the unfinished scarf,around my neck. first published Presence 42 2010,a baby s cry fills.
our minute s silence, Blithe Spirit 2006 Spinifex Pardalote Press 2006 The Humours. of Haiku edited by David Cobb Iron Press 2012,lengthening shadow. above her eggs the hen s heart,beats against my arm. winner British Haiku Society James W Hackett Award 2003. published Blithe Spirit 2004 A New Resonance 4 RMP 2005. all haiku from 1997 2014 from Spinifex haiku by Beverley George Pardalote Press 2006 A. New Resonance 4 RMP The Birds That Stay haiku by Beverley George Eucalypt 2013. MATT HETHERINGTON Australian Haiku Society HaikuOz Committee Member. over the spiral notebook,a caterpillar,2014 Creatrix Haiku Prize. the busy bee,is led astray,by my morning toast, World Haiku Editor s Special Mention selected by Debra.
Woolard Bender Editor in Chief World Haiku Review,winter solstice. scraping the last rice grains,from the pot,Presence 48. the red eye,of the traffic light,Going Down Swinging. but it makes the branches,Holland 1945,dark enough now. to show the moon,Page Seventeen,eating rice,looking at.
fields of rice,Cordite Poetry Review,awaits cremation. a goat has a nibble,Cordite Poetry Review,between her teeth. peril skin edition,a rotting flower,blocks the doorway. Shamrock Haiku Journal issue, JOHN KNIGHT co founder Paper Wasp Group editor owner PostPressed. mackerel sky and,now the wild geese are calling,into the sunset.
spring moon,lighting drunks and,poets home,and you shift my hand. from your breast,five years on,and still I haven t opened. mother s suitcases,on my hands now,grandmother s, PETER MACROW manager Blue Giraffe Press ed poam haiku. white clouds,hard to believe,I ve been there,rain filling. the hole you left,after rain,climbing the mountain.
as we pass,her tilted umbrella,drops silver,swirling loops. in her letter,ear plugs in,no traffic,RON MOSS former Secretary HaikuOz. bushfire moon fruit bats in the updraft,The Heron s Nest XVI 2 06 14. a sliver of moon,the old bluesman,breaks a string,The Heron s Nest XVI 1 03 14. father s dementia,the path that rain makes,through a cloud.
The Heron s Nest XVI 1 03 14,all that pain,in a country song. the ploughman s blade,The Heron s Nest XV 4 12 13,dead thistles. the feel of a key,in a rusty lock,The Heron s Nest XV 2 06 13. death of a friend,the empty moon stroke,still in my brush. Bottle Rockets No 29 2013,refugee huts,ravens rest inside.
the shadows,Shiki Internet Kukai Jan 2012,dead of night. the hoot of a barn owl,whitens the moon,Shiki Internet Kukai May 2014. long twilight,the first star twinkles,above stacked hay. Frogpond Fall 2011,fairy penguins,break the surface. winter light,Windfall Australian haiku issue 2013, JACQUI MURRAY co founder Paper Wasp Group Committee Member HaikuOz.
Editor paper wasp,writing till sunrise,a slice of moon and two stars. linger with me,pruned branches,sun already hot,on mother s grave. across sun,shower light a reckless,flash of parrots. after the storm,Southern Cross upside down,in tree tops. this letter,after your funeral,wishing me well,warmed by half.
a biscuit moon,I drink in,the lake s peace with the water. from my flask,eagle drops,with the last cloud into. haze of far off hills,freshly furrowed,field races a tractor. to the horizon,I withdraw,into the pages of a book. the serenity of tea, GREG PIKO former Secretary Australian Haiku Society HaikuOz.
my old face follows,a butterfly this floating world. Modern Haiku Vol 45 1 Winter Spring 2014,the way a mango. feels so heavy,her breast in my hand,Frogpond Vol 36 1 Winter 2013. too many clouds learning to share the sky,Bottle Rockets 27 2012. her grandson s lips,just a little like hers,chinese whispers.
First Prize Haiku Section N Z Poetry Society s 2011. International Poetry Competition,a quiet kind of love. autumn crocus,Modern Haiku Vol 42 3 Autumn 2011,a crow at dusk. ink sinks deeper,into the page,The Heron s Nest Vol 12 1 March 2010. I risk showing,a little more of myself,hibiscus bud. Bottle Rockets 20 2009,in the tea cup,no more to say.
The Heron s Nest Vol 8 1 March 2006,another summer. the butterfly still safe,under his steel pin,Modern Haiku Vol 37 2 Summer 2006. summer evening,the sea edges closer,to the sun,Yellow Moon 14 Spring 2003. VANESSA PROCTOR Committee Member Australian Haiku Society HaikuOz. all that I am mountain spring, Overall winner NZPS International Haiku Competition. 2014 Winner of Jeanette Stace Memorial Prize,published in the New Zealand Poetry Society 2014.
Anthology take back our sky,bushfire season,from dry leaves. the crackle of lizards,Second Prize 2000 Paper Wasp Jack Stamm Haiku. Award The Second Australian Haiku Anthology 2004,dust storm. the red kelpie,blending in,Third Prize 2003 Paper Wasp Jack Stamm Haiku. barbed wire,a magpie teases out,a strand of wool,Windfall 1 Runner up Haiku Calendar Competition.
2013 A Vast Sky Anthology 2014, sharpness of a winter s day gathering fallen limes. Third Place FreeXpression Haiku Competition 2014,storm clouds. a sea eagle s shadow,sweeps the treetops,Commended Haiku Presence Award 2013. such restlessness,the pinwheel in the plant pot,keeps on turning. Presence 48,the softest breeze,my daughter wakes,murmuring butterflies.
Presence 43 Jacaranda Baby Snapshot Press 2012,This Strange World YSP 2013. not a single shell the length of the beach,Presence 42. night of her death,through our telescope,the moons of Jupiter blur. Winner Kokako New Zealand Haiku Contest 2003, LYN REEVES editor Famous Reporter Publisher Pardalote Press Founding member and. office bearer Australian Haiku Society Contributing editor paper wasp. through dunes to surf,a trail of gold,toffee wrappers.
Frogpond 24 1,at the crematorium,a dark butterfly,alights on your casket. Frogpond 19 1,vapour trail,four black kites,circle the day moon. finalist inaugural Janice M Bostok Haiku Award,published Evening Breeze Paper Wasp. at her funeral,all the women feel,pain in their breasts. Walking the Tideline Pardalote Press 2001,in the wardrobe.
his dead wife s dresses,wear her perfume,Walking the Tideline Pardalote Press 2001. blurred moon,a snowflake melting,in the dark river. honorable mention Mainichi Daily News Haiku in,English Contest 1994. beginning rain,a soft wind brushes,the casuarinas, The Dreaming CollectionAustralian Haiku Dreaming 2009. winter park,the metal nametags,of dormant plants,Watersmeet haiku Pardalote Press 2005.
HAIKU IN AUSTRALIA Collated by Lyn Australian Haiku issue 1 2013 Presented haiku in Australia paper at 3rd Haiku Pacific Rim Conference Vol 36 1 Winter

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