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From spear phishing to social engineering and Trojan horses the ways in which a. computer or network can be hacked have some rather obscure and technical names. But what do these dramatic sounding threats really mean to a small business and how. likely are they to occur,Introduction, The first step in tackling a threat is to understand it This guide will demystify. global hacking phenomena and explain how local and small businesses can inform. and prepare themselves, he Internet is growing at Many small businesses assume a But that s not all there are plenty more. a staggering rate Devices hacker won t be interested in their protective measures that you and your. proliferate user numbers data misguidedly believing that they d business can undertake. continue to surge and the means be more interested in hacking larger. of connecting devices data and corporations,applications with the users grow ever. more complex Sadly the evidence shows otherwise,with the FBI reporting1 hackers cost the. Joanna Brace is Vice President With accelerating levels of technological US economy 8bn in 2014 So what can. of Marketing Product integration comes the opportunity to businesses do to prevent those attacks. Marketing AVG Business live and work in new and exciting ways or at least lessen their impact. Her track record spans brand But with that change come certain. building product development risks The more means we have to be The answers are simpler than you might. and marketing strategy She connected the more devices we use think Surprisingly the number one. joined AVG from Skype the more windows of opportunity there solution to reduce the chance of being. are for hackers hacked is to use a strong password 1 https www fbi gov news news blog 2014 ic3 annual report. Be Safe Online Hackers and Hacking www avg com 3,Who are they.
Hackers are mysterious and secretive and their motivations vary Just as the. Internet has opened up new frontiers for trade so have hackers from all corners. of the globe found ways to identify new international targets. nonymity is the primary modus have the slightest idea how to hack are supplying Hackers know this too. operandi no matter what the into say NASA or even a standard. nationality of the hacker Hackers e commerce system And while hackers Anonymously and from international. in say Brazil can anonymously run have many and varied reasons for doing bases hackers produce programs and. phishing operations targeting web what they do it s not quite so hard to software designed to scour the web. users in Spain the UK and the US as understand who they target and why hunting for those weak links wherever. well as targeting their compatriots they may be, And they have done so Cybercrime is Larger corporates have more financial. so hard to police because of this lack of resource to invest in defenses Hackers Hackers don t just want purely financial. geographical restriction are well aware of this They then information personal profiling data is. logically target the weaker links in the highly valuable to them because it helps. Whatever else can be said about them chain the suppliers so often an SMB them acquire other account details later. hackers are highly skilled and technically on as is corporate data relating to new. competent people to say the least Don t be fooled by the The data that these SMB suppliers product research and development. don t be fooled by the geek label the geek label process is often extremely valuable. vast majority of web users would not both to the SMB and to the client they. Be Safe Online Hackers and Hacking www avg com 4,All too easy. The evidence is clear Regardless of company size and regardless of the hacker s. objective the main reason so many smaller businesses are still hacked so easily is. because of the low level security measures they have mistakenly in place A shift in. attitude is required, hat is not so clear is why don t spend days or weeks trawling the. businesses are still leaving Internet looking for sites to hack they. the time it takes, their keys in the ignition create code to do that for them which. Believe it or not the most popular ceaselessly scans for weaknesses flaws to guess a weak. password in 20141 was still 123456 and open doors mins password 3. Likewise when a business owner thinks, I m a small business hackers won t be A single hack may only result in a few.
interested in me they may not bother hundred sets of credit card details but Two thirds of. with higher levels of security If they do that data is still highly desirable because people use the The most common. they re letting their guard down on at of its value on the black market Even same password. least two counts a misguided belief and,much weaker security both of which. if the hacker doesn t sell or share the,data directly they can use it to set up. for multiple,accounts 2,3 types of breach 4,employee error. increase the attraction and ease with other accounts online and create false or crimeware. which hackers can break in duplicate identities based on real people. your customers in order to commit,insider misuse, It doesn t take long to find a site or fraud other crimes or more simplistic. network with poor security either Hackers disruptive activities 1 http arstechnica com security 2015 01 yes 123456 is the most common password but heres why thats misleading. 2 http www entrepreneur com article 242208 linkId 14760815. 3 https blog bit9 com 2015 03 15 dont be cracked the math behind good online passwords. 4 http www verizonenterprise com DBIR 2014 reports rp dbir 2014 executive summary en xg pdf. Be Safe Online Hackers and Hacking www avg com 5,Be on guard.
There are many ways to hack into a website or network and it won t always be. obvious that an attack has happened but the most common forms of attack to look. out for include,Phishing Spear Phishing SQL Injection. Hackers will send you an official looking email purporting to This is where the hacker adds Structured Query Language. be from one of the sites or apps you might use e g PayPal Or SQL code to a web form input box which then gives them. it may appear to come from one of your own employees who access to your resources or the ability to make changes to. occupies a position of high authority In the email they will the data in your systems This kind of hack can go undetected. ask you to click on a link or reply to it with a certain piece of and in certain cases seriously affect your search rankings. sensitive information, Social Engineering Malware Trojan Horses Viruses Worms Spyware. This is where a hacker attempts to gain the confidence of These programs contain malicious code sometimes hidden. an authorized user of your website or business systems and inside another apparently harmless looking program When. gets them to reveal information that will enable them to activated they gain control of your computer and can delete. later compromise its security They might reach out to your or amend files secretly capture your login details for other. employees on social media in and out of working hours or websites or conduct other disruptive activities without you. hang around a coffee shop near the office and strike up a being aware. leading conversation,Cross site Forgery Drive by Downloads. This is where a hacker tricks a legitimate user into giving out This is where a person visits a web page and a piece of. access details usually by email or sending http requests that malware is downloaded without their knowledge or even. will then enable them to exploit the computer or system e g deliberately clicking anything That malware may then allow. modify firewall settings post unauthorized data on a forum other types of hacking to take place. or carry out fraudulent transactions,Be Safe Online Hackers and Hacking www avg com 6. Risk analysis, Capturing storing and transmitting data through your business systems.
is a risk you can t avoid But it is a risk you can manage The greater risk is. assuming you won t be a target because you think your business has nothing. to offer a hacker, ou may not store any customer being in a constant state of compromise most virulent and prevalent attacks. credit card details on your server and flux This represents a constructive and. but your website can still be helpful shift in attitude It doesn t mean. defaced or taken offline for other reasons This isn t as pessimistic or alarming as that small businesses accept defeat or. If that happens it could it sounds It s actually more a pragmatic ignore the risks it means you accept. and realistically minded recognition that you can t always foresee every. Stop orders coming through that rather than trying to predict and attack and instead you take steps to. defend against all possible attacks at minimise the related impact. Cause a loss of customer,all possible times which is extremely. confidence in your site s security, brand or reputation resource intensive and costly it is In a short amount of time by carrying. better to accept that a certain amount out a few straightforward measures. Cause customers to log on to a of compromise is always likely coupled with some fine tuning you can. competitor s site easily raise your level of security against. With that in mind you can then the most common threats without it. An emerging trend in the security maximise and allocate whatever costing your business the earth Take. industry is to think of your business as resources are available in tackling the your time to consider them. Be Safe Online Hackers and Hacking www avg com 7,Protective steps. The best security policies start with the individual If every staff member is. well drilled in the subject of protective steps and security measures the chain. is immediately reinforced at every link, he first thing you and your Changing your passwords regularly at the past limiting the loss and helping.
staff can do is to use a strong least once a month is good A strong password you recover as quickly as possible if you. and unique password for each consists of a mix of the are hacked. account Not using the same password for following,multiple accounts Check your Code. The second important means of defense Uppercase letters F X W Assuming you do not have the. is to keep your passwords strong and Not writing down your Lowercase letters k g m appropriate internal resources invite. confidential You can put your business passwords Numbers 7 4 9 0 an IT professional to scan your systems. in a good position by Symbols and perform a penetration test to. Check Yourself 12 or more characters confirm that the coding and hosting of. Limiting how many people have Defeating or deterring the hackers your website is both robust and free of. access to your systems doesn t stop at strong passwords common errors. These simple checks will help ensure device in your network Leave nothing. Limiting what types of data people your IT security is in good shape out of date and no stone unturned You may need to invest in an SSL. can see and edit certificate too but this isn t expensive. Check your Firewall and AntiVirus Check your Backups. Changing the default password when Are they both up to date Are the right Running a daily backup means you can. you create an account settings applied Do this for every restore everything to a recent point in. Be Safe Online Hackers and Hacking www avg com 8,But what if. If you are unlucky enough to be hacked knowing how to respond and what steps. to take first could make all the difference It proves to your customers that you. are taking the problem seriously and reacting to their concerns and needs. Focus Call in an expert Upgrade and update, At this point you need to quickly Yes it might cost you but think of how If you were hacked because of. understand what has happened the much more it could cost if you cannot outdated software or hardware this. impact it is having the consequences fix things quickly or in the right way a is the time to update and upgrade If. and how to fix it This is not the time loss of new sales reputation and loyal you were hacked because of outdated. to go looking for a scapegoat it is time customers Can you afford that business processes implement new. for careful and considered action ones,Tell your customers. Be cautious When you know what happened and Stay vigilant. Don t dive in straight away and try to how it affects your customers tell Keep an eye open for news about the. fix it yourself because you might make them Be open upfront and honest latest hacks even if they happened to How secure is your. things worse or disturb important Your reputation is just as important a large company or government The business Click on the. evidence Only fix it if you are as your sales Ask them to change same flaw may exist in your software image above to use our. absolutely certain you have the skills their password if they have an online hardware website or network Find out SMB health check see. tools knowledge and authority account with you what the cause was and figure out if it back page for full URL. applies to you If you re not sure call in,Be Safe Online Hackers and Hacking www avg com 9.
Hackers want what you don t want them to have and will continue to look for. ways to get hold of it Whose will is the stronger and whose technology. will falter first, You don t have to leave it to chance you can improve your. Be Safe Online Hackers and Hacking www avg com 6 Cross site Forgery This is where a hacker tricks a legitimate user into giving out access details usually by email or sending http requests that will then enable them to exploit the computer or system e g modify firewall settings post unauthorized data on a forum

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