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Giedi Prime,Salusa Secundus,Wallach IX,Shai Hulud Great Sandworm. Nerve Poison,Weapons Equipment,General Information. Campaign Style, The original seed for this campaign was for the PC s to be a group of Fremen or a smuggling. orgainization operating on Arrakis Starting Point cost for such a campaign would be around 100 200. Other possibilities include,Minor House, The PC s consist of the key players of a Minor House starting point level 100 300 points. Great House, The PC s consist of the key players of Great House Atreides Harkonnen Corrino etc starting.
point level 200 400 most of it in political connections and status. Mercenaries, A band of mercenaries for hire or members of any of the standing armed forces of a House Major. or Minor Starting Point level 100 300 points,Campaign Tech Level. The Dune Universe is considered to be TL9 with some major anomalies Most of these anomalies can be. attributed to the various advancements afforded by the Holtzmann discoveries They include faster than. light travel faster than light communications force shields and contragravity These elements all exist in. an otherwise standard TL9 setting, The second major deviation from the standard GURPS world of TL9 is the almost complete lack of any. computers or thinking machines in the Dune Universe Computers above Complexity 1 are very rare. those above Complexity 4 do not exist This seemingly gaping hole in the technological fabric of the. universe is filled by several elements the most notable of which are the mentats Mentatas are human. computers trained from birth to perform complex logical and analytical functions at very high rates of. speed and reliability More on Mentats below The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood also performs several. similar duties although with a strikingly different purpose and ideological bent. Campaign Scope, According to the books and secondary sources the Imperium spans several galaxies however only a few. planets are detailed This provides the Gamemaster the possibility of limiting the scope of the campaign. to a smaller scale of a galaxy or part of a galaxy if that is desired In any event the FTL speed of the. starships should reflect relatively short travel times between inhabitable plants 1 12 days typically with. the longest trips being perhaps a month long,Campaign Political Background.
Name and type of stellar state The Corrino Empire or alternatively the Atreides Empire. Control Rating varies wildly depending on local governmental control. Brief Description The Empire of House Corrino is based on three bases of power the Emperor the. Landsraad and CHOAM The various Houses rule local planets and systems on the appointment of the. Emperor as vassals The Landsraad consists of the various Houses as a sort of Imperial Senate CHOAM. is an economic body concerning trade profits which ties the various houses together by economic means. not unlick a contemporary corporation and its shareholders Directoships in CHOAM represent. potentially vast wealth and economic influence, A crude disctinction between a major and a minor house is the size of the fief Minor houses are limited to. a planetary or smaller scale of local government Major houses are elected to representative positions in. the Landsraad and control one or more star systems. Other political bodies worth mentioning The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and the Spacing Guild are both. very active in politics although not usually in an overt manner. FTL comminucations speed range and availability Holzmann Waves. Speed instantaneous range 250 light years 77 parsecs without rebroadcasting. Availability common Ships in hyperspace cannot be contacted with any means of communication. Medical Technology Normal TL9 medical technology except for computerized diagnosis and treatment. technologies,Starship Rules, Almost all interstellar travel is handled by the Spacing Guild which holds a virtual monopoly on all. resources required for such travel namely starships starship navigators and interstallar navigational. information The Steersmen are a specialized sub race of humanity in the Dune Universe who navigate. by means of limited prescience By seeing into the future the navigator is able to adjust the course of his. starship and find the correct path through hyperspace so his ship arrives safely at its destination This. means of navigation requires very little in the way of navigational aids like sensors and computer. equipment Navigators are a highly specialized breed and probably not suitable for PC s Because of this. I include no rules for their development Below are suggestions for a campaign spanning roughly half of. the Milky Way,Faster than Light Travel,FTL Drive type Hyperdrive. Standard Hyperdrive engines mass 010 ton take up including engine room 030 cy and cost 400 per. ton of the ship s total mass These engines require 1 MW h per tone of ship to make the jump to. hyperspace and 01 MW of power per tone of ship to maintain the ship in hyperspace the rest of the trip. A ship so outfitted would achieve a FTL speed of 10 parcecs hour. Size and efficiency of hyperdrive both can be enhanced in order to achieve increased FTL speeds THis. works on a simple proportional relationship up to twice standard size and twice standard efficiency. Effiency is a function of cost size is a function of mass and weight Thus the maximum possible FTL. speed is 40 parcecs hour, The energy requirement of enhanced hyperdrives in increased by the square of the factor of final FTL. Speed increase, Example 1 An engine which is 10 more efficient but the same size would achieve a FTL speed of 11.
parcecs hour and would cost 440 per ton of the ship s total mass All other figures concerning size and. wieght would be as above It would require 121 MW h per ton of ship in order to skip and 0121 MW of. power per tone to maintain the ship in hyperspace, Example 2 An engine which is 40 larger than normal and 50 more efficient would mass 014 ton. take up 042 cy and cost 600 per ton of hte ship s total mass A ship so outfitted would achieve a FTL. speed of 21 parcecs hour 10 x 1 4 x 1 5 THe factor of FTL Speed increase for such a ship is 2 1 thus. energy requirements would be increased by a factor of 4 41 Per tone of starship it would require 441. MW h to skip and 0441 MW to maintain in hyperspace. FTL navigation 4 dimensional eliete astrogators, FTL side effects error effects special notes See other references for more details concerning the Spacing. Guild and interstallar travel,Slower than Light Travel. STL Drive Type Reaction Drives, Steamships are powered by a TL9 reaction engine which uses water as exhaust They produce 1. ton of thrust per 10 MW of power input with an exhaust speed of around 200 miles per second. This drive could accelerate at 1 G for a week or 1 G for ten weeks by using 18 of the ship s. original mass as reaction mass Weight mass and cost of this drive is 5 000 1 cy 05 ton per. MW of power consumed,STL Drive Type Reactionless Drives.
Torch Ships are powered by a TL9 reactionless drive which produces 1 ton of thrust per MW of. power input FOr each MW consumed the drive masses 1 ton takes 4 cy and costs 50 000. Power Plant Type Fusion Reactors TL9, Each plant takes a base 1 000 000 10 tons and 5 cy plus 100 000 5 ton and 5 cy per MW. Weaponry Shields, Ultraviolet Lasers TL9 TL12 equivalent Force Shields and unguided Rockets are all available. Rules Variants,Shield Fighting, Personal shields have made almost all forms of projectile weapons completely ineffective for man to man. combat Therefore a return to the ancient melee fighting styles has come about But the technological. advantage of the shield has forced a modified approach In game terms the skill Force Shield has been. slightly altered, The Personal Defensive Shields of the Dune Universe are not round projections of force but full body. shields which permit objects to pass through them only slowly An object attempting to pass through a. planar field at a right angle vector speed of more than the strike speed is faced with resistance which. grows more intense as the fourth power of the velocity When the speed is sufficiently high the field. becomes essentially solid to the impinging object Shields have varying strike speeds that speed at. which a normal object can pass a planar Holtzmann field that depends upon the electromagnetic. admissions spectrum of the planar field It is never less than 5 8 cm s for one angstrom fields and. increases only to 9 3 cm s for all absorptive fields Typical shields have a strike speed of about 7 cm s. admitting most visible light x rays and gamma rays. In hand to hand combat this translates to a PD of 8 for a typical military shield In addition the shield. provides a DR 3 against swinging crushing and swinging cutting damage because the full speed of the. attack can not be used Most hand to hand attacks are carefully timed impaling attacks with fencing style. weapons like the foil or the knife, Against ranged attacks of high velocity bullets rockets grenades etc the shield is extremely effective.
providing a PD 12 and DR 50 Slow velocity slug throwers do exist but are rare and not very effective. Bludgeoning attacks are very ineffective but locks holds and throws are just as effective against shielded. opponents as against unshielded opponents Against such attacks shields provide no defense. Defensive shields react explosively upon contact with the coherent light of laser weapons When coherent. light impinges upon a planar effect field from either surface all pseudo matter bound in the shield is. instantly converted to real matter This converted matter then converts explosively to pure energy. Fortunately the actual mass of a planar field is quite small on the order of 005 g for a personal shield. Thus a typical personal defensive shield if touched by a laser beam would result in an atomic blast with. a power of 1 kilotons The center of this blast is quite erratic sometimes originating within the shield. sometimes within the laser weapon sometimes both with no way to determine it beforehand making the. tactic of using laser weapons to take out shields explosively suicidal. The shield can also be used as an active defense like its medieval counterpart However because of its. full coverage it can be used not only to block incoming attacks but also to parry them A skilled fighter. can use his shielded arms to parry an incoming weapon attack without fear of being injured in the attempt. Effective parry is determined normally for the unarmed fighting skill but considerations about attacking. the parrying limb are ignored on a successful parry Even on an unsuccessful parry the parrying arm will. be uninjured unless it was the specific target of the attack. However the Holtzmann planar field is not impermeable and several shield fighting styles have. developed to exploit this weakness To model this development adequately a new combat manuever is. necessary For every melee combat skill there is also an appropriate shield fighting manuever. Moreover a very skilled combatant is familiar with the workings of a shield and can compensate in such. a manner as to make the shield s defensive value less than optimum When shield fighting assess a. penalty against the defense roll equal to the amount by which the attacker made his roll This rule is. similar to the optional Quicker Combats rule found in the sidebar on page B108. New Advantages,Elastic Body,250 000 40 points, A combination of rigourous training embyological manipulation and incredibly delicate surgery. allowing considerable changes physical appearance In a matter of minutes a character with this. advantage can change his height build facial features hair color and apparent length and even sex He. can become any indivivual he wishes to mimic A master user needs to see a person for only a minute to. produce a rough similarity Several hours of observation results in a likeness which can fool casual. aquaintences of the victim Given an opportunity to study the victim for several days the subject s. likeness is undetectable for short periods of time even by the closest of associates. An adult trained in the use of this advantage can increase his height by a maximum of 15 cm by. stretching special back muscles by constricting the same muscles the discs in the spinal column can be. squeezed to reduce height by a maximum of about 7 or 8 cm These changes could be maintained for. some hours though not indefinately Even the strongest need to relax the back muscles several times a. The ability to vary apparent weight is accomplished through use of the celomic sacs present in a normal. human body but altered to serve a special purpose The sacs are caused to migrate during embryonic. development to particular positions within the body and then surgically altered after puberty When the. subject achieves maximum growth tubes of artifical tissue are implanted connecting the repiratory. system to the celomic sacs The tubes contain internal valves The subject opens the valves by muscular. action and by closing the glottis pumps air from the lungs into the expanding sacs When the desired size. had been achieved the valve muscles were relaxed and the valves closed trapping the air inside the sac. until such time as the dancer decided to deflate, Pumping varying amounts of air into the pleural sacs alone gives an accurate appearance of breasts of the. GURPS Dune Sean Ware Written Chicago Illinois August 1993 Converted to HTML Chicago Illinois October 1995 Last Modified March 11th 1997 This is a preliminary draft of descriptions and rules alterations for a GURPS Space campaign balsed on the Dune series of novels by Frank Herbert It incorporates elements from GURPS Cyberpunk GURPS Martial Arts GURPS Martial Arts Adventures and

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