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INTRODUCTION, One of the key elements of the ILO s Performance Management THE GUIDE CONTAINS. Framework PMF is the establishment of outputs at the beginning THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION. of a performance cycle Outputs are specific statements of what you. aim to achieve in a given performance cycle and by when you aim to. achieve it The development of outputs through the PMF emphasizes WHAT IS SMART. the link between individual results unit workplans and organizational. outcomes Outputs contribute to the realization of outcomes and WHY ESTABLISH SMART OUTPUTS. outcomes in turn contribute to ILO s long term impact on the. world of work HOW DO I DEVELOP SMART OUTPUTS, This is a guide to assist you with writing performance outputs that HOW DO I USE ACTION VERBS IN SMART OUTPUTS. are SMART and aligned with your unit workplan and main areas of. your job A formal assessment of your achievements will be provided WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF SMART OUTPUTS. during the End of Cycle appraisal,WHAT SMART RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE. INTRODUCTION,WHAT IS SMART WHY ESTABLISH SMART OUTPUTS. SMART refers to an acronym Specific Measurable Achievable Establishing SMART outputs is important It focuses the organization. Relevant and Time bound and is built around the characteristics on delivering results over a period of time and can motivate staff. of meaningful outputs to meet the outputs set More specifically establishing SMART. outputs facilitates the, OUTPUTS SHOULD BE Creation of a shared understanding about.
performance activities and how the work, Specific State clearly and precisely what is to be delivered will be measured and assessed. Measurable Define quality how good quantity how many Setting of meaningful goals. time how long resources how much,Development of the professional relationship. Achievable Be within resources skills and competencies and communication between you and your. jointly determined challenging supervisor, Relevant Be linked to the unit workplan and be within. your job role It is important that outputs be written in an effective way The. SMART model is in line with Results based Management RBM. Time bound Have specific deadlines start and finish dates and provides a structured approach for thinking more deeply and. methodically about what needs to be achieved A SMART output. is one which describes to you and anyone else what products and. services you are expected to deliver within a performance cycle. WHAT IS SMART,HOW DO I DEVELOP SMART OUTPUTS,1 REVIEW RELEVANT INFORMATION YOUR UNIT WORKPLAN. The contribution of individual staff members should be aligned. When developing outputs it is important to be clear about what you with the unit workplan as defined by the Strategic Policy Framework. need to accomplish in the given performance cycle and how this is biennial programme and budget outcome based workplans and. going to be achieved In addition outputs should link to the unit other relevant management strategies and Office action plans such. workplan and the main areas of your job Together these establish as the action plan for Gender Equality Examples of management. the basis on which the Office will deliver on its goals and objectives strategies include Knowledge Management Evaluation HR IT. and Technical Cooperation, Please review the following information as a starting point for.
developing your outputs The unit workplan is drafted by the manager and serves as the. basis for the identification of priority outputs on which individual. performance will be assessed,YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION, The job description provides an outline of the expected job tasks. and level of performance in general terms The Office is taking steps. to ensure over time that all officials have up to date job descriptions. and that these are progressively revised to include references to. accountabilities,DEVELOPING OUTPUTS,HOW DO I DEVELOP SMART OUTPUTS. 2 ESTABLISH YOUR OUTPUTS SPECIFIC, You should normally set between three and five SMART outputs at Outputs should specify what you are expected to deliver Specific. the beginning of a performance cycle that reflect the priority areas of in this case does not mean detailed Rather outputs need to be. your work this may include a mix of new tasks and ongoing tasks clear and concise as opposed to generalized or ambiguous Use. Please keep in mind that the established outputs are not intended action verbs to describe what needs to be done. to cover all work related tasks, For some staff particularly when the work is project based outputs Questions to consider. often reflect different activities each cycle For others with more. routine duties outputs may reflect very similar tasks cycle to cycle WHAT actions need to be taken to deliver the output. However even in the latter situation it is many times the case that. some degree of change or improvement e g reassignment of tasks WHY is this important to do. looking for better ways to do things introducing a new procedure Will these actions lead to the desired result. will be required at the beginning or during the performance cycle. Outputs need to illustrate such expectations WHO is going to do what. Who else needs to be involved, Here is some additional information regarding the SMART criteria.
and questions to consider when formulating your outputs WHEN does this need to be completed. HOW will this be delivered,DEVELOPING OUTPUTS,HOW DO I DEVELOP SMART OUTPUTS. MEASURABLE ACHIEVABLE, Outputs should include a quality and or quantity reference s Outputs should be challenging but achievable Outputs should also. so that you can assess whether or not you have achieved them take account of the skills knowledge and resources required to. These references can be stated as rates 90 accuracy achieve them You may consider if you need any training. ranges 50 or absolute quantities 3 projects development or other support to achieve the outputs. They can also be stated to reflect specific requirements. for example to meet written specifications according. to project guidelines within the identified budget Questions to consider. Is the output challenging but still within your,Questions to consider skills and competencies. How will I know when the output has been delivered Can it be delivered in the proposed time frame. What will be the measures Do you understand the limitations and constraints. How many Are the resources available to deliver this output. What is the expected quality of the final product,Can these measures be obtained. DEVELOPING OUTPUTS,HOW DO I DEVELOP SMART OUTPUTS,RELEVANT TIME BOUND.
Outputs should be agreed between you and your supervisor Outputs should have a specific time frame or deadline for. and add useful value within the context they are being set in accomplishing the output If there is a long timeline involved. such as being aligned with the unit workplan and higher you may need to identify the key steps you need to take to deliver. organizational goals the overall output and identify how long each step is likely to take. in order to agree on a target date, Questions to consider Time frames can be specific dates 9 May times of the year. by the end of June tied to significant events before the launch. Does this output relate to what of the Century Project or ongoing daily weekly. the unit department Office,is trying to achieve,Questions to consider. What will be the impact,When must the output be delivered. What would be the consequence, if this output was not delivered Can it be delivered in the proposed time frame. Do you understand the constraints and limitations,DEVELOPING OUTPUTS.
HOW DO I DEVELOP SMART OUTPUTS, 3 ESTABLISH YOUR PERFORMANCE MEASURES This output can be linked to a unit workplan and the given measures. of performance as shown below, Measures of performance reflect the critical success factors that indicate. whether the outputs are achieved and to which extent They are estab. lished when outputs are set so it is clear to you what success will look OUTPUT MEASURES OF. like during a particular performance cycle The measures of performance PERFORMANCE. should be quantifiable and can include indicators regarding quantity. quality and timeliness By the end of the biennium Local Economic Development. at least 20 constituents toolkit finalized by 28 February. Below is an illustration of an output which is non SMART and SMART trained on the Local Economic including revised guidelines. Development LED toolkit, Non SMART output Tripartite Constituents will be trained in 2 ILO target countries Training materials developed. on the Local Economic Development LED toolkit and available in English French. and Spanish by 31 May, This output is not SMART because it is not specific measurable or time. bound It can be made SMART by specifically indicating the results UNIT WORKPLAN 2 workshops delivered in. you want to achieve how many constituents will be trained where Tunisia and Iraq for at least. they will be trained and by when the trainings will be conducted Capacity of Tripartite 20 constituents by 31 October. Constituents increased, SMART Output By the end of the biennium at least 20 to apply tools for peace LED guidelines revised.
constituents trained on the Local Economic Development reconciliation through by 31 December based on. LED toolkit in 2 ILO target countries technical training workshop evaluation feedback. DEVELOPING OUTPUTS,HOW DO I DEVELOP SMART OUTPUTS,4 HINTS AND TIPS. Focus on the results you want to achieve avoid writing Outputs should reflect the level and range of. outputs which describe what you are going to do responsibilities that you have. Review outputs throughout the performance cycle and Outputs should be challenging and aim to achieve. modify as needed positive results avoid setting outputs that are too. difficult or too easy as both can be de motivating. Outputs established at the beginning of a performance. cycle may not unfold precisely as planned especially in Outputs should be achievable within the period. a dynamic work environment such as the ILO This may covered by the Beginning of Cycle. require a redirection of efforts that could lead to changes. to the existing outputs or measures of performance. The Mid term Review provides a formal opportunity,to record any adjustments. DEVELOPING OUTPUTS,ACTION VERBS FOR SMART OUTPUTS, Use action verbs when writing an output to help your output be more forecast motivate report. action oriented and focused Action verbs are more measurable and formulate navigate represent. better able to communicate the intent of what is to be implemented generate negotiate research. Here are some examples 1 guide obtain resolve,handle open restore. help operate restructure, achieve communicate discover indentify organize retrieve.
acquire compile display illustrate originate review. act complete distribute implement participate revise. activate compose document improve perform schedule. adapt compute edit install plan secure, administer conceptualize eliminate instruct prepare select. advise conduct ensure integrate present solve,analyze connect establish interpret prevent staff. arrange consolidate estimate introduce process standardize. assemble construct evaluate invent procure streamline. assess consult expand investigate produce structure. assist coordinate expedite judge program supervise. audit counsel experience launch propose supply,budget define experiment learn purchase survey. build deliver facilitate lead quantify systemize, calculate demonstrate finalize make reconcile teach. centralize design finance maintain reconstruct test. clarify determine manage record train,classify develop market recruit translate.
coach diagnose monitor redesign unify,collaborate direct reduce. collect reorganize, 1 Adapted from SMART Objectives Checklist Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2006. ACTION VERBS,EXAMPLES OF SMART OUTPUTS, Below you will find some examples of SMART outputs and measures. of performance to be used for guidance and inspiration when writing. your own outputs and measures, Each output follows the SMART writing style and as such contains. a verb that conveys the action that will be carried out a specification. of the deliverable s that will be produced by the action and a deadline. for completion A reference to the unit workplan has also been included. to illustrate the link between unit outputs and individual outputs. Examples have been developed for the following areas. 1 SUPPORT WORK 2 TECHNICAL WORK 3 MANAGEMENT WORK,Administrative Research Supervision.
Documentation Publication Technical Support Coordination. Driver Project Implementation Representation,Finance Policy Guidance Outreach. Human Resources,SUPPORT WORK 1,ADMINISTRATIVE ADMINISTRATIVE. OUTPUT MEASURES OF OUTPUT MEASURES OF,PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE. Daily administrative support Staff inquiries regarding 4 Geneva based learning Invitations and agenda sent. provided to the Regional administrative matters events organized and delivered out 3 weeks prior to event and. Director and 20 officials answered within 24 hours in accordance with established include accurate information. Correspondence for Director Information communicated. organized on a daily basis to participants upon the. including drafting of routine supervisor s request Written. communications All corres communications are clear. The development of outputs through the PMF emphasizes the link between individual results unit workplans and organizational outcomes Outputs contribute to the realization of outcomes and outcomes in turn contribute to ILO s long term impact on the world of work This is a guide to assist you with writing performance outputs that are SMART and aligned with your unit workplan and main

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