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Guide to the Comics Collection 1970 2011,Special Collections University Archives. Overview of the Collection,Collection Title Comics Collection. Dates 1970 2011,Identification MS 0091,Creator Comics. Physical Description 18 75 linear ft,Language of Materials English. Repository Special Collections University Archives. 5500 Campanile Dr MC 8050,San Diego CA 92182 8050,URL http library sdsu edu scua.
Email scref rohan sdsu edu,Phone 619 594 6791,Biographical Information. The concept of the comic can be traced back as far as the visual narratives of prehistoric cave paintings and Egyptian. hieroglyphics The modern comic derives from what many term the golden age specifically with the introduction of. Superman The man of steel triggered a fascination with comic book heroes heroes who took flawed forms in the 1960s. Today the comic serves not only as a vehicle for super heroes but also as a channel for political thought education. alternative culture and critiques of society Contemporary interest in the comic trade spurred by conventions and. independent distribution fosters a creative environment in which new genres and edgy content drive the scene. Access Terms, This collection is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms. Topical Term,Comic books strips etc,Graphic novels. Underground comic books strips etc,2005 present,Conditions Governing Use. The copyright interests in these materials have not been transferred to San Diego State University Copyright resides with. the creators of materials contained in the collection or their heirs The nature of historical archival and manuscript. collections is such that copyright status may be difficult or even impossible to determine Requests for permission to. publish must be submitted to the Head of Special Collections San Diego State University Library and Information Access. When granted permission is given on behalf of Special Collections as the owner of the physical item and is not intended to. include or imply permission of the copyright holder s which must also be obtained in order to publish Materials from our. collections are made available for use in research teaching and private study The user must assume full responsibility for. any use of the materials including but not limited to infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced. Preferred Citation, Identification of item folder title box number Comics Collection Special Collections and University Archives Library and.
Information Access San Diego State University,Scope and Contents. The Comics Collection at SDSU has an emphasis in drawn books independent small press and mini comics as well as. materials that document the history of comic book culture and the creative process behind comic book production The. collection consists of comics artwork magazines and various pieces of popular and alternative culture and is filed. alphabetically by book title A brief description of each book s content is listed beneath its title. Guide to the Comics Collection MS 0091 2,Box 1 100 1 Ways to Take Over the World. Author Publisher Shalinda Wilkins,Category humor,Date Volume 2006. Scope and Contents,Chimps Usurp Man,Box 1 1602,Date Volume Part 1. Category history religion suspense,Author Publisher Neil Gaiman Marvel Comics.
Scope and Contents,Good and evil clash in 17th century Europe. Box 1 3 Knights in India, Author Publisher John Stevenson HappyGlyphs Comics. Date Volume 2006,Category adventure humor,Scope and Contents. Ready or not the Knight family is going to India,Box 1 3x3 Eyes. Author Publisher Yuko Takada Studio Proteus Innovative Corporation. Date Volume Vol 1 1 Sept 1991,Publication Place Wheeling WV.
Category Wheeling WV,Scope and Contents, A young man is tasked with helping a triclops girl become human. Box 1 A Sort of Homecoming,Author Publisher Damon Hurd Alternative Comics. Publication Place Gainesville FL,Date Volume Special Advance Preview Aug 2003. Category alternative death and grief slice of life friendship. Scope and Contents,Special advance preview,Box 1 Abandon the Old Tokyo. Author Publisher Yoshihiro Tatsumi Drawn Quarterly Publications. Category alternative short stories,Date Volume alternative short stories.
Box 1 A Bomb,Author Publisher various Antarctic Press. Date Volume v 1 3 10 1994 1996,Category adult humor sexuality. Scope and Contents,Comic book featuring adult content. Guide to the Comics Collection MS 0091 3,Detailed List of Contents. Box 1 Action Girl,Author Publisher Sarah Dyer Slave Labor Graphics.
Date Volume 1 2 4 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17,Scope and Contents. Anthological comics showcasting female art Girl positive and female friendly never. Box 1 Adventures of Chiz in Brooklyn Venus,Author Publisher Fay Ryu Full Orange. Date Volume n d,Category humor,Scope and Contents, Chiz walks along a bridge and takes pictures of an odd sight. Box 1 The Adventures of Dagny the Immortal Tantrika. Author Publisher Dagny A Boch DAB Enterprises,Date Volume 1 2004. Category human sexuality,Scope and Contents,Using the tantric to bring harmony.
Box 1 Adventures of Stickman and his dog Twig,Author Publisher Mike Purcell Bare Bones Studios. Date Volume 1 2006,Category humor,Scope and Contents. Stickman and Twig walk through their life and describe the characters they meet. Box 1 Aeon 1995 Product Catalog,Author Publisher MU Press MU Press. Date Volume 1995,Category catalog,Box 1 Affable Tales For Your Imagination. Author Publisher Lee Roy Brown self published,Date Volume 1986.
Category cerebral surreal,Scope and Contents,Spectacular First Issue Special. Box 1 After Shock,Author Publisher Various Last Gasp Eco Funnies. Date Volume No 1 1981,Category miscellaneous non linear humor adult. Publication Place Berkeley CA,Scope and Contents, Forty four frenetic pages from the frontlines of the sex wars. Guide to the Comics Collection MS 0091 4,Detailed List of Contents.
Box 1 Albedo Anthropomorphics,Author Publisher Various Thoughts and Images. Date Volume 12 March 1988,Category science fiction mature. Box 1 The All Seeing All Knowing Mathematician,Author Publisher Jake Lapsys self publsihed. Date Volume 1 n d,Category super hero,Scope and Contents. She stops a photofixtephiliac and a knife wielding prowler. Box 1 All Star Magazine,Author Publisher Various self published.
Date Volume Episode 3,Category indie alternative,Scope and Contents. Tale of No Great Inspiration,Box 1 Alternative Comics. Author Publisher Collective Alternative Comics,Date Volume 1 2003. Category non linear humor mature,Scope and Contents. Includes Power Stone Only in Oly and Slowpoke For mature readers. Author Publisher Jorge Ceja Vezun,Date Volume vol 1 2 2003.
Category adult hip hop,Box 1 Amazing Fantasy, Author Publisher Stan Lee Marvel Characters Incorporated. Date Volume Volume 1 1962 2006,Publication Place New York NY. Category super hero action adventure,Scope and Contents. Introducing Spider Man,Box 1 Amazing Heros Swimsuit Special. Author Publisher Various Fantagraphics Books Incorporated. Date Volume 1988 1989 1991 1993,Category super hero swimsuit special.
Guide to the Comics Collection MS 0091 5,Detailed List of Contents. Box 1 The Amazing Spider Man, Author Publisher David Mechelinie Tom Defalco Eric Fein Terry Kavenaugh Marvel. Date Volume 375,Category super hero action,Scope and Contents. 4 story compilation celebrating the web slinger s thirty years. Box 1 The Amazon,Date Volume 1 3,Category environment. Author Publisher Steve Seagle Comico,Scope and Contents.
Journalistic flavor exploring man s infringement upon the Amazon. Box 1 Anarky,Author Publisher Alan Grant DC Comics. Date Volume 8 1999,Category super hero action adventure. Scope and Contents,The Sins of the Father,Box 1 And Then One Day. Author Publisher Ryan Claytor Elephant Eater Comics. Date Volume No 1 2004 2005 No 5 Fall 2005,Category autobiographical. Box 1 And Then One Day Sketchbook, Author Publisher Ryan Claytor Elephant Eater Comics.
Date Volume No 6 2006 2007,Category autobiographical. Box 1 Animal Man,Author Publisher Jamie Delano DC Comics. Date Volume 63 65 68 71 79 81 82 84 85 n d,Category environment. Scope and Contents, Main character can channel the abilities of animals therefore what affects them so does. Box 1 Animangl,Author Publisher Paul Young self published.
Date Volume 1 1988,Category miscellaneous,Scope and Contents. Collective comics featuring the artwork of Donna Barr Shaindle Minuk Taral Wayne and Rich. Guide to the Comics Collection MS 0091 6,Detailed List of Contents. Box 1 Apocalypse Nerd, Author Publisher Peter Bagge Dark Horse Comics Incorporated. Date Volume 1 Jan 2005 2 Sept 2005 3 May 2006,Publication Place Milwaukie OR. Category apocalypse survival humor,Box 1 Arcane, Author Publisher David Quiles Infinite Line Comics.
Date Volume 1 1995,Category science fiction,Scope and Contents. A new alien is born to test the Arcanes,Box 1 Archie Friends. Author Publisher Ken Penders Archie Comic Publications. Date Volume 1998,Category humor drama,Scope and Contents. A Halloween Tale,Box 1 Argstein, Author Publisher Josef Rother Eckart Breitschuh Egmont Comic Collection. Date Volume 2006,Category supernatural adventure,Scope and Contents.
Der Verbotene Wald or Forbidden Parts,Box 1 Artistic Licentiousness. Author Publisher Roberta Gregory Starhead Comix,Date Volume 1 3 1991 1997. Category human sexuality,Scope and Contents, Adult Comic with as many sexual situations as could plausibly fit into a storyline. Box 1 The Assassin and the Whiner,Author Publisher Carrie McNinch self published. Date Volume 9 Winter 1998 10 Mar 1998 11 Mar 1999 12 1999 13 June 2000. Category humor,Scope and Contents,Zine consisting entirely of comics.
Box 1 At Home with Rick Geary, Author Publisher Rick Geary Fantagraphics Books Incorporated. Date Volume 1985,Category anthology,Guide to the Comics Collection MS 0091 7. Detailed List of Contents,Box 1 Large Tokyotribes,Author Publisher Ahmed Hoke Santa Inoue Tokyopop. Date Volume Preview multi release,Category manga hip hop. Scope and Contents, Large hip hop action Tokyotribes a look into Japan s concrete jungle.
Box 1 Axehandle,Author Publisher Dave Bort Bug Jar Press. Date Volume 2003,Category alternative 24 hour non linear. Scope and Contents, Comic finished in 24 hours includes copy of live journal documenting the process. Box 2 B A B E Force, Author Publisher Kirk Kushin Forceworks Publications. Date Volume 1 2 2004,Category action adventure,Scope and Contents.
Jurrasic Trailer Park,Box 2 Barbie,Author Publisher Lisa Trusiani Marvel Comics. Date Volume v 1 no 26 1993,Category all ages,Scope and Contents. Features Barbie and her friends,Box 2 The Barr Girls. Author Publisher Donna Barr Antarctic Press,Date Volume 1 1996 Coordination 1999. Category adult sexuality,Scope and Contents, Features several stories that touch upon sexuality and contain adult content.
Box 2 Barr Wars,Author Publisher various Quarter Horse Press. Date Volume 1 2 1989,Category WWII artists jam,Scope and Contents. One artist puts another s characters into weird and wacky situations. Box 2 The Barr Kiartan Jam, Author Publisher Donna Barr Kiarton Arnorsson self published. Date Volume 2 1989,Category humor,Scope and Contents. Collaboration utilizing each author s comic characters. Guide to the Comics Collection MS 0091 8,Detailed List of Contents.
Box 2 Bashi Bazouk or Orifice and Eurydice, Author Publisher Michael Daedalus Kenny Robot Publishing Co. Date Volume 2000,Category fantasy supernatural,Scope and Contents. Surreal encounters of a dying man,Box 2 Batman the Killing Joke. Author Publisher Alan Moore DC Comics Incorporated. Date Volume 1988,Publication Place New York NY,Category super hero action adventure. Scope and Contents,Suggested for mature readers,Box 2 Battle Chaser.
Date Volume 9,Author Publisher Joe Madureira Image Comics. Category science fiction,Scope and Contents,Tolkienesque tale of a young boy s journey. Box 2 Bear and Fox, Author Publisher Gloria In Excelsis Deo Word Press with Comic Press. Date Volume Issue 2,Publication Place Unknown,Category action adventure humor. Scope and Contents, Bear and Snake adventure through other fictional worlds such as Garfield Family Circus and.
the Matrix,Box 2 Bento Box,Author Publisher Deb Aoki Bento Box Press. Date Volume 2006,Category non linear humor,Scope and Contents. Selected comics from the Honolulu Advertiser 1996 2006. Box 2 The Best Comic in the Universe,Author Publisher Maddox Maddox Productions. Date Volume July 2006,Category mature fantasy action humor. Scope and Contents, Comic about a pirate named Maddox who goes out into the world and tries to get a job as a.
substitute teacher Illustrations by Leah Tiscione,Guide to the Comics Collection MS 0091 9. Detailed List of Contents,Box 2 Beyond the Great Chimney. Guide to the Comics Collection 1970 2011 Special Collections amp University Archives Overview of the Collection Collection Title Comics Collection Dates 1970 2011 Identification MS 0091 Creator Comics Physical Description 18 75 linear ft Language of Materials English Repository Special Collections amp University Archives 5500 Campanile Dr MC 8050 San Diego CA 92182 8050 URL http

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