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SO YOU WANT TO,START A CLUB ON,YOUR CAMPUS,TO PROMOTE. ANIMAL RIGHTS,Creating a student organization at your. school is a great way to meet other like,minded people help spread awareness about. animal rights and get other students to help,volunteer at events with you. Your first steps, Starting a student group is really easy and while schools may differ to some extent.
their general requirements are the same,Here are some ways you can get started. Reach out to your friends peers or even that kid eating a veggie burger over there Plenty of people are willing. to support your decision to start a group just ask. See if having a faculty or staff adviser is a requirement for starting a club at your school If so ask your favorite. professor to act as an adviser to your group Professors usually love to help students and will be happy. to participate, Draft a constitution to serve as the backbone of your group It will let new members faculty and the. administration know what your mission is If you need help have a look at the sample constitution at the. back of this pack, Build your executive board or at least have a vice president lined up Having a right hand person there to. help you will be crucial to the club s success and to keeping everything running smoothly. Fill out all the paperwork that your school requires to register a new club on campus and be sure to turn it. in promptly The faster you get your paperwork filed the sooner you can start hosting exciting events. Advertise Even before you finish registering your club on campus you can start advertising to students. Do this by chalking hanging up fliers and creating a Facebook page Starting off with a solid foundation. will make you more successful in the long run,PETA S GUIDE TO STARTING A STUDENT GROUP 1. NOW IT S TIME TO,MAKE IT AN ANIMAL,RIGHTS POWERHOUSE.
The first thing you ll need to do is establish,your executive board This is important. to ensuring the stability of your club and,some sort of decision making body is the. cornerstone But what is a club without,Attending fairs hosting events tabling. and chalking are all great ways to advertise,your club and gain members Keep a sign. up sheet handy when you table as well as at,every event that you host in order to gather.
the e mail addresses of interested students,Host meetings Meetings are a time for. building a sense of community within your,group informing students about animal. rights and strategizing for your campaigns,Make sure you set a date and time that you. can stick to and that will also be convenient,for your board members Use all those e mail. addresses that you collect at tabling events,to send out weekly reminders for meetings.
and for any events that your club hosts,MailChimp is a great tool for sending out. professional looking e mails to everyone,on your list. Be sure to use social media to broaden your,iStock com Byrdyak. club s impact Facebook Instagram and,even Snapchat are all great ways to get your. club and your message out there Make,sure that your tables and displays always.
look neat and professional and take high,quality photos. One thing to think about is who will take,over your group once you ve graduated. Keep an eye out for potential leaders and,your group will last long after you re gone. PETA S GUIDE TO STARTING A STUDENT GROUP 2,ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR CLUB. ESTABLISHED YOU CAN START,PLANNING SOME FUN EVENTS.
Events even small ones do two things,1 They introduce people to the. idea of animal rights,2 They get people talking about. your group,They are easy to host take little effort. to plan and above all are fun,H ER E ARE SOME E VENT ID EAS TO CONSID ER. LEAFLETING This is a no brainer E mail College peta org to chance to share what you want to say with an engaged audience. request leaflets and stickers to hand out to passersby Students. WRITING LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Stay up to date about what s. always want to read something while they re sitting on the quad or. going on in the world Write letters to the editor of your school s. waiting for the bus, paper if you see someone mention a zoo or particular restaurant.
CHALKING Grab a box of sidewalk chalk and go to town on your Use the opportunity to explain to people that zoos are really just. campus Get some members of your group to join you in leaving animal prisons or to tell them about the delicious vegan options. slogans all over your campus walkways It s like leafleting to that students can get when eating out. everyone the next day while you re sleeping in, FILM SCREENINGS These are a great way to open the eyes of a. TABLING Get a table from the school set out some literature and lot of people at once and to share more information than you. stickers and do some outreach Be sure to keep your table looking would be able to do while tabling Check your school s screening. inviting and orderly and include some type of freebie or takeaway requirements some want you to have rights to the film or only. This will entice people not only to stop by but also to remember your offer it for free so make sure you re following the rules You should. message for years to come also consider teaming up with another student group having great. vegan food available or asking relevant professors to offer their. FOOD GIVEAWAYS Who doesn t like free food Providing munchies is students extra credit for attending your screening These are all. a win win outreach opportunity people get free eats and you have a great attendance boosters. PETA S GUIDE TO STARTING A STUDENT GROUP 3,AS YOUR CLUB GROWS. AND BECOMES MORE,ESTABLISHED ON CAMPUS,IT S TIME TO START. THINKING ABOUT A,CAMPAIGN TO WORK,ON AS A GROUP, Campaigns are an important way to make your campus a. vegan haven as well as to make your club more notable. For more information on campaigns specifically check. out our Campaign Guide,Here are some common campaign goals that you can.
achieve at your school with careful planning student. support and fun events, Petition for more vegan options in your dining halls. Talk with people in dining services show them how much. support there is for healthy vegan meals and make sure. there s a cruelty free option at every meal, Get a vegan station Once you ve established demand. for vegan food and maintained a positive relationship. with dining services start working to secure an all vegan. dining station, Score an all vegan dining hall Help your college keep up. with trendsetting schools by having a dedicated all vegan. dining hall,Cut out dissection Cut class not frogs Humane. alternatives have proved to be more effective at, teaching students as well as much more financially.
viable for schools,Keep cruel animal circuses away Let your school. administration know that these cruel 19th century relics are Don t forget to e mail College peta org for help with. not in line with the progressive environment of modern your larger campaigns We can hook you up with advice. universities and free literature and stickers or help with planning. events and strategizing campaign tactics, Ban live animal mascots Mascot costumes are ethical. and far less dangerous than a live animal such as a bear You can also get paid by PETA to host events on. Work with your school to have its live mascot retired to campus Sounds like a dream come true right Check. a sanctuary out our Campus Rep page or e mail us for more info. PETA S GUIDE TO STARTING A STUDENT GROUP 4,Sample Constitution of an. Animal Rights Club,Article I General, Section 1 The official name of this organization shall be the Animal Rights Club. Section 2 The club shall operate as a nonprofit organization. Section 3 The student group will comply with all university policies and procedures as well as local. state and federal laws and regulations, Section 4 This organization shall exist for the following purposes.
a To provide speakers with a forum to make presentations of timely interest to members on. contemporary aspects of animal rights, b To provide students who are vegan vegetarian or simply interested in learning more. about the animal rights movement with a support group. c To promote the rights of animals to the student body as well as the faculty by petitioning. for more vegan food options on campus an end to dissection in classrooms a campuswide. ban on animal acts and the surrendering of any live animal mascots to a sanctuary. d To provide the members with social activities and events. Article II Membership Impeachment, Section 1 Voting membership is open to all students faculty and staff at the university. Section 2 Membership is open to all students without regard to race religion color sex national. origin disability age veteran status creed marital status public assistance status or sexual. orientation, Section 3 To become a member you must fill out the membership application form and return it. to the secretary of the club, Section 4 Any member officer may be impeached for misconduct to be defined by the group e g. failure to perform duties poor attendance misuse of funds etc The member officer shall be given. a seven day notice and an opportunity to defend himself or herself This impeachment vote shall. require a two thirds majority vote,Article III Officers.
Section 1 The officers of this club shall consist of the president vice president secretary and. Section 2 The duties of the officers are as follows. a President Preside over all meetings of the club and serve as chair of the Executive. Committee Act as official representative of the club at other meetings and events. b Vice President Preside at meetings of the club and the Executive Committee in the. absence of the president Succeed the president if he or she is unable to complete his or. her term of office Coordinate committees, c Secretary Record and produce minutes of all meetings Handle the club s correspondence. d Treasurer Handle all financial transactions of the club Maintain thorough and accurate. records of all transactions Produce financial reports as required by the club. Article IV Meeting, Section 1 A regular meeting shall be held once each month during the academic year A special. meeting may be called by the Executive Committee or by a petition of 10 percent of the voting. membership, Section 2 Decisions of the club shall be enacted by a majority vote of the voting membership plus. one unless otherwise stated in this constitution,Constitution ratified month day year. Your first steps Starting a student group is really easy and while schools may differ to some extent their general requirements are the same Here are some ways you can get started Reach out to your friends peers or even that kid eating a veggie burger over there Plenty of people are willing to support your decision to start a group just ask See if having a faculty or staff

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