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MAKE RESEARCH,EASIER WITH TAXMANN, Offering The Largest Online Database on GST Excise Service Tax State VAT Laws. ABOUT TAXMANN, Taxmann is the leading publisher on Tax Corporate Laws in India. We also maintain the largest and the most accurate online database. on Direct Taxes GST including Excise Service Tax and State VAT. Laws International Taxation Corporate Laws and Indian Acts. Our Products include,In Print Books Journals,Online Legal Database Website. e Books and Web Commentaries,Tax Compliance Tools,Taxmann App for iOS Android devices. We have developed the prestigious National Website of the Income. tax Dept and continue providing it with updated content. Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 3,Coverage 05,Search Engine 13.
GST Rates With Rate Finder Tool 19,Research Box 24. Top Stories 28,Mobile Application and Add on Features 31. Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 4,01 COVERAGE,GST TAXMANN COM TOTAL COVERAGE. Case Circulars,Acts Rules Forms,Laws Notifications. All About Articles,GST Tariff Your Queries Tools,GST Commentaries.
Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 6,GST TAXMANN COM CASE LAWS Database. gst taxmann com has a database of more than 13 000 customized Judgments Approx 40 000. Judgments will be covered shortly, All judgments in Excise Service tax and VAT have been wisely mapped with relevant Section. and subject of GST, Easy to search the relevant cases on GST on basis of. Classification of Goods,o Classifications of Services. o Subjects,o Section No of GST Acts, gst taxmann com covers almost all cases reported in the leading journals.
GST ELT STR,STC VST GSTR,Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 7. GST TAXMANN COM CASE LAWS Search,Courts and,Every case law Appeal Section and. Number Rule,has been tagged,These meta tags,with more than. can be used,10 meta tags for Meta tags,independently or. quick and pin,in conjunction,pointed results Name of.
In Favour of with other inputs,for better,Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 8. GST TAXMANN COM CASE LAWS Integration,See More Feature. Every case law comes with a unique,tool i e See More about this case. which helps you to identify the,Cases referred to i e the other cases. referred to in the given case,Forward case references i e the cases.
in which the given case is referred to,Cases on this section i e the other. cases pertaining to the same sections,to which the given case relates to. Sections involved i e the sections,which are relevant in the given case. Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 9,GST TAXMANN COM CASE LAWS Integration. List of Circulars and Notifications referred to in a Case Law. See the list of all cases which refer to a,particular circular or notification.
Click on the link a pop up window,displays the link to read the relevant. circular or notification and also the,list of other cases that refer to a. particular statute,Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 10. GST TAXMANN COM ACTS RULES,An updated database of Central States UT and. Integrated GST Acts Rules and Forms,Complete database of Circulars Notifications and.
other Statutes on GST, Instantly get the list of relevant Section or Rule. just by typing the Section or Rule number in the,search box. Dual filters to quickly change the view of Acts,from Section Wise to Chapter Wise in just one. Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 11,GST TAXMANN COM ARTICLES COMMENTARIES. Collection of articles on all,critical and burning topics.
Articles written by renowned,authors and leading experts in. the field of GST,Articles can be filtered on the,basis of Subjects Sections. Author s name and Citation,Complete Commentary on GST. by Mr V S Datey,Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 12. 02 SEARCH ENGINE,SEARCH ENGINE,Robust in built search engine to ensure a.
complete and quality research,It works on best algorithms and set of. instructions of popular search engines,Taxmann s editorial team has minutely. and carefully scrutinized the nature of,documents to create a search engine that. takes care of most of your research needs,Copyright 2018 All Right Reserved 14. SEARCH ENGINE KEY HIGHLIGHTS, Search habits of Corporate Professionals differ from other professionals on search engines like.
Google or Bing That is why while developing the search engine we kept in view the search. habits of Corporate Professionals, Taxmann s search engine works individually across all the modules GST Indirect Tax. Corporate Laws etc simultaneously, With expansion of query users can reduce the number of documents fetched by search engine. i e search within search This feature filters down the results to the desired level with an. expansion of query, Search query within double quotes will fetch you a document that would include the exact. phrase only,It gives suggestions on every spelling error. MAKE RESEARCH EASIER WITH TAXMANN Offering The Largest Online Database on GST Excise Service Tax amp State VAT Laws

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