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GROOVE OS 5 1, Thank you for purchasing the GROOVE X Serie with OS 5 1. Welcome Thank you for purchasing the GROOVE X serie Before you start plugging in all the connectors and using your GROOVE we suggest. that you carefully read through the instructions on the following pages. GROOVE FEATURES, New Linux Kubuntu 9 10 distribution 32 64Bit Realtime OS KDE 4 windows Enviroment. 11 custom designed LIONSTRACS system boards for audio MIDI graphics processing keys and LED functions. liquid TFT 8 4 touch screen display 800 x 600 pixel resolution 24 Bit color powered by PCIexpress VGA card Open GL support. Pitch and Modulation wheels for the Keyboard Joystick on X 76 Oriental version. Digital Mixer with XLR master outputs XLR monitor cue outputs 8 digital inputs 8 digital outputs 120 dB dynamic range. Dual hardware software transports for MIDI audio style players crossfade Realtime Time Stretch Pitch functionality. CD DVD DVIX MP3 MP4 Player CD DVD recording, Local area network LAN 6 USB Ports Mouse port Esata port for fast data transfer PC keyboard port. Internet browser email and utilities, Linux VST compatibility applications including always the last new Wine windows emulator Multiple ASIO driver and Windows VstHost. You are assured the best in 24 bit audio quality with all models of the GROOVE. HW DSP GM GS CORE SYSTEM Covers all GM GS setups Styles MIDI files WAV MP3 MP4 DVD DVIX AVI and CD audio files. HW AMD CPU CORE SYSTEM Covers all WAV MP3 MP4 DVD DVIX AVI and CD audio files. LINUX SAMPLER Allows loading of standard GIGA STUDIO LIBRARY files in GIG format without memory sample limitations. LINUX VstHost Allows user to open standard Windows VST Plug ins within the Linux OS. MULTIPLE ASIO HOST Allows user to open multiple ASIO Host servers in realtime. LINUX SYNTHESISER One of the best Linux ADD SUB PAD Synthesizers allows up to 127 oscillators per voice and up to 128 voices for. the whole synthesizer, LIONSTRACS MIDI ROUTER Allows routing of all music applications and functions in the hardware Sliders Silicon Buttons without use.
of the Touch Screen or PC Mouse 2 MIDI Inputs and 2 MIDI outputs hardware are standard. With the purchase of the GROOVE X 6 all software updates are available for download free from the LIONSTRACS website so your wor. kstation will always be ready for the future, With the new LIONSTRACS Digital Hardware mixer under control of the ENVY24 24 BIT Audio system the audio outputs have more than. 120 dB dynamic range with a 10 Hz to 21 kHz audio bandwidth High quality audio like this has never been heard before in any worksta. tion until now with the GROOVE system Audio can be routed via 8 digital audio inputs 8 digital audio outputs 2 XLR Main outputs 2. XLR Cue outputs 2 1 4 jack MIX outputs and a 1 4 stereo headphone output Two optional XLR microphone and 1 4 audio inputs are. WE SUGGEST YOU TO BROWSER THE ALL GIGA SOUNDS INSTALLED MANUALLY AND INSERT THE GIGA FILE DESIDERED. UNDER THE GIGA EDIT MODE GIGA SOLO,Page 2 LIONSTRACS. GROOVE OS 5 1,Setting Up,Unpacking and Powering up your GROOVE. The first time you open the box you should ensure that all the parts are enclosed Ensure that all components are included and that none of. them were damaged during the shipping like the LCD display keyboards DVD disk sliders or button keys Select a flat table top to unpack. your MEDIASTATION that is near a stable power supply. Check that the voltage of your GROOVE is switched to the correct setting for your local power supply The paper label which should be cove. ring the Power plug connector will display the factory setting. Rear Panel Lamps,Music Stand,Lamps Pow AC IN MAIN Xrl OUT. Music Stand MIC Interface,MIDI I O CUE Monitor OUT.
Keyb Volume Pedal Phones Jack OUT,Fan Pow AC IN PS 2 Mouse Keyb. Sustain pedal MIX OUT 2 OUT,Connecting the Cables, The GROOVE contains all the common interfaces you would expect to find on a computer workstation and professional Mixer. On the back panel you will find Main Power supply socket power supply sockets for an external monitor PS2 Mouse PS2 Keyboard 2 USB 2 0. ports Ethernet port 10 100 1000 2 MIDI IN ports 2 MIDI OUT ports Sustain Pedal Mono Jack Volume keyboard pedal stereo jack a. pair of Mono Jack MIX OUT 2 L R a pair of balanced XLR Male CUE Monitor and a pair of balanced XLR Male MAIN OUT sockets. With the Optional MICROPHONE interface 2 balanced XLR Female Inputs with trimmer and 4 LINE Inputs. Connect the supplied power cord to the AC inlets marked Main Inputs then plug the other end of the cord into a wall outlet Connect the two. XLR plugs named MAIN OUT to your external equipment amplifier P A System or Mixer You will need appropriate cables for your device. having XLR female plugs on the end that connect to the GROOVE e g a standard XLR male female cable can be used for connecting to ampli. fied speakers with XLR Inputs There are also Jack outputs for maximum flexibility The software will route all the sound outs to the MAIN OUT. XLR connectors If you want to use the MIX OUT 2 JACK connector you will have to route the JACK CONTROL SOFTWARE to the desired ou. Page 3 LIONSTRACS,GROOVE OS 5 1,Connect the GROOVE I O. In this section is explained how to connect the all Audio Midi connection to the external devices like P A system mixer and Midi sound modu. Rear Panel,Keyb Volume Pedal, MIDI I O Sustain pedal MIX OUT 2 OUT Phones Jack OUT CUE Monitor OUT MAIN Xrl OUT. Connecting the Cables, MAIN XRL OUTS Connect the two XLR plugs named MAIN OUT to your external equipment amplifier P A System or Mixer You will need.
appropriate cables for your device having XLR female plugs on the end that connect to the GROOVE e g a standard XLR male female cable can. be used for connecting to amplified speakers with XLR Inputs. CUE XRL OUTS Connect the two XLR plugs named CUE OUT to your external equipment amplifier P A System for your own live audio Cue. The CUE outputs under Jack are setup to duplicate your STEREO MAIN out controller by the CUE slider on panel. PHONES connect your stereo phones for listen the MAIN OUT audio OR the CUE audio Players DJ previste feature. MIX OUT 2 Connect the two Jack plugs named MIX OUT 2 to your external equipment amplifier P A System for two more separate outputs. Under Jack connection kit is possible routing the all desidered sounds engines to the separate outputs. FOOT PEDAL The foor pedal will control only the Keyboard midi data inputs to the selected sounds engines Sustain pedal will control the Su. stain Midi CC control and the Volume will control the CC7 Midi volume control. GROOVE X 6 EXPANDER MIDI CONNECTION, The GROOVE Expander can be remote controlled by one external standard MIDI Masterkeyboard or any MIDI Keyboard. The whole GROOVE system work by default on MIDI CH 1 same way as the Groove keyboards the Fatar keyboard can trasmit MIDI data only on. When you will use one external MIDI master keyboard for drive the GROOVE Expander you MUST to setup your external MIDI keyboard that. transmit the MIDI data on Channel 1, Connect your midi master keyboard on the GROOVE MIDI IN 2 port for manage in real time the all GROOVE features on the same way as the. GROOVE keyboards, Connect one second MIDI master keyboard with MIDI CH 1 on the GROOVE MIDI IN 1 for play the SECOND Manual of the Native Instruments B4. II ASIO Is also possible send any MIDI CC controller message and the selected Sounds Engines will reconize the all new MIDI CC controllers. Page 4 LIONSTRACS,GROOVE OS 5 1,Front Panel, The GROOVE is the first keyboard worldwide to use Silicon transparent buttons It features 176 double color buttons RED GREEN 11. hardware sliders 1 dial wheel 2 keyboard control wheels Pitch Modulation music stand support and XLR lamps with dimmer function HD. Stata HD and 8 4 TFT touch display 800x600 with 64k colors and multimedia Card reader. CUE Vol Sider Control C1 C8 BPM Qstyle Mode Player Transpose. MAIN Vol Power OFF,Player Mode,LCD Function Lamps Dimmer.
8 ASIO Host,CARD Reader VST Host,section WHOLE mode. Mute Tracks COMBI Mode,Keyb Transp,Page 5 LIONSTRACS. GROOVE OS 5 1,Switching ON and OFF the GROOVE, Once the cables are connected you can switch ON your GROOVE by pressing the key marked RUN which is located on the top right hand. side of the right hand front panel To switch OFF the GROOVE you have two possibilities you can log out of the system properly or you can. reset the device with a kill system command This can be useful when you re in a hurry and you have to quickly shut down the workstation. Logging Out, Press the key marked RUN which should be the second key in the top right hand group You ll see a pop up window on the screen from. which you can select these options,Reboot the OS linux system.
Completely turn off the GROOVE select this option and wait until the GROVE shut down procedure is completed and the power supply is. disconnected This is the preferred way of powering off the GROVE. Cancel and exit the dialog window and return back in the working GROVE OS. Kill System, Kill System The kill system command is activated by pressing and holding the RUN key for 4 seconds This procedure will immediately. switch off the power from the GROVE CPU This is not the recommended way to close your session but the Linux operating system can safely. handle this kind of hard power off command without problems. RESTART PLAYER RESET, The RESTART PLAYER is used for reload the whole OS Pla. yer application Musltiple ASIO host and so on, The Restart player is also linked on the GROOVE RESET. Key RESTART PLAYER, Mode 1 When the RESET key is pressed will automatically. send the GS sysex ALL midi note OFF rest CC controller. Mode 2 When the RESET key is pressed and HOLD for mo. re 4 seconds will automatically RESTART the complete Turn OFF PC. GROOVE application on default setup, If some mistake in realtime are made and the GROOVE ap Reboot PC.
plication NOT respond correct just press and HOLD for 4. second the RESET key OR double click on the desktop the Cancel. Restart Player icon, After the Linux operating system has loaded or rebooted you will see the KDE desktop Normally the GROOVE Player will start automatically IF. not touch the RESTART Player Icon on the desktop and the player will restart again in default mode. Page 6 LIONSTRACS,GROOVE OS 5 1,Main Volume Controls. The GROOVE uses digital audio volume controls which means that the sliders only control the volume in a digital way directly in software as. opposed to analog like other instruments All audio are routed fully digitally using 24bits 116dB dynamic range and 10 20kHz bandwidth. MAIN OUT Stereo volume is controlled by the first GREY slider on the left hand side marked MAIN MIX and the relative outputs are the two. male XLR MAIN OUT L R sockets on the back panel All the default software is routed automatically by the Jack Connection OS to these two. XLR outs Move the GREY slider and the Volume window will pop up You can then see the virtual slider moving up and down following your. movements The red light which appears under the virtual slider indicates that the hardware slider is locked on to the virtual controller. CUE MONITOR OUT these two XLR connectors are used to prelisten CUE or monitor your audio output using another power amplifier The. CUE audio is controlled by the second slider from the left which is BLACK and marked CUE It is possible to MUTE UNMUTE the output with. the CUE key directly beneath it, Phones OUT the stereo PHONES OUT jack is controlled by the first GREY slider Press and HOLD the PHONES key and move the GREY Main. slider to control the volume of the phones You should see a green light move to the virtual channel you want to control move the slider until it. locks on as indicated by the light turning red then it will be possible to alter the volume of the headphones When you play WAV MP3 files the. Player CUE key will route the audio to the phones Open Jack control to connect more audio devices to the phones or to the Monitor CUE. MIX OUT 2 OUT these two monophonic jack outputs left right can be used to freely connect to another output device of your choice. press and HOLD the key MIX 2 and then move the second black CUE slider it will control the volume of the MIX OUT 2. CUE Monitor Volume,Phones Volume,Main Volume,Mix OUT 2 Volume. Hardware ghost slider 4 MUTE OUT keys, LAMPS Towards the top rear you will find the two female XLR connectors on the extreme right and left hand sides of the GROOVE These.
connectors are used to control and turn ON OFF the external LAMPS Press the LAMPS key and move the CUE slider to dimm the lamps. Page 7 LIONSTRACS,GROOVE OS 5 1,PC Virtual Qwerty Keyboard. PC Virtual Keyboard, Press the key V KEYB to pop up the virtual PC keyboard When the virtual keyboard is displayed you can type text in by touching the scre. en like you would do on a standard PC Qwerty keyboard You can use V keyb when you need to enter text and do not have a physical keybo. ard connected First time prssed the key CALL will display the virtual keyboard on Bottom display press again CALL to turn off press again. CALL will display now on TOP display and so on,Page 8 LIONSTRACS. GROOVE OS 5 1,12 Virtual Desktops on KDE 4, The GROOVE uses a TFT Touch screen display with 800x600 pixels resolution It is driven by the KDE 4 3. desktop environment which allows you to switch between up to 12 virtual desktops in real time Each desktop can be calle. In this section is explained how to connect the all Audio Midi connection to the external devices like P A system mixer and Midi sound modu les Rear Panel Connecting the Cables MAIN XRL OUTS Connect the two XLR plugs named MAIN OUT to your external equipment amplifier P A System or Mixer You will need

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