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ISBN 0 451 52993 6,Copyright 2004 by Penguin Group USA. For additional teacher s manuals catalogs,or descriptive brochures please email. academic penguin com or write to,PENGUIN GROUP USA INC. Academic Marketing Department,375 Hudson Street,New York NY 10014 3657. www penguin com academic,In Canada write to,PENGUIN GROUP CANADA.
Academic Sales,10 Alcorn Avenue Suite 300,Toronto Ontario. Canada M4V 3B2,Printed in the United States of America. A Teacher s Guide to the Signet Classics Edition of Charles Dickens s Great Expectations 3. TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S,INTRODUCTION 4,II PLOT AND CHARACTER SUMMARY 4. II STRATEGIES TO USE BEFORE READING 20,Building Background Knowledge 20. Conduct an Internet scavenger hunt to learn about the author 20. Play a research game What the Dickens 20,Teach the allusions and unfamiliar terms 21.
Prereading Journal and Discussion Topics 22,Create an anticipation guide 23. Vocabulary Three Strategies 24, Use word pictures to teach specific words frequently found on the SAT 24. Mark vocabulary to assist understanding the text 25. Enhance decoding skills by teaching students how to interpret dialect 25. III STRATEGIES TO USE DURING READING 26,Discussion questions 26. Chapter review groups 34, Beyond Journals Documenting Experiences With the Novel 35. Use expectation records 35,Keep a quotation journal 35.
Track readers questions 35, Sketch complicated settings and scenes to figure them out 36. Write one sentence summaries directly into the book 36. Teaching Literary Analysis 36,Examine the effects of figurative language 36. Analyze Dickens s strange personalities 37,Evaluate the hooks 38. Get students in the mood 39,See and share the humor 39. Make inferences about theme 40,IV STRATEGIES TO USE AFTER READING 41.
Analysis and Extension 41,Hold a Paideia seminar 41. Compare the protagonist and the author 41,Connect the novel to other literature 42. Connect the novel to its historical context 42,Make a recommendation about prison conditions 42. Watch a movie 42,Creative Application 43,Produce an illustrated book review 43. Write a new chapter 43,Create a scrapbook 43,V BIBLIOGRAPHY 43.
Works Cited or Consulted 43,Useful Internet Sources 43. ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND EDITORS 45,SIGNETCLASSICS COM 46. FREE TEACHER S GUIDES 47, 4 A Teacher s Guide to the Signet Classics Edition of Charles Dickens s Great Expectations. INTRODUCTION, Written almost a century and a half ago Great Expectations stands as one of the most enduring. novels ever written Even readers who have not turned a page of Dickens since senior English will. find themselves caught up in the story of young Pip a poor blacksmith s apprentice who. unexpectedly receives great wealth education and training to become a gentleman When his secret. benefactor turns out to be a convict whom Pip helped as a child he is forced to reexamine his. feelings about society criminality and what it means to be a gentleman Along the way he struggles. with issues of guilt and shame and labors to win the affection of a lady who has no heart As. Dickens spins his timeless tale even the most cynical readers will find themselves caught up in his. memorable characters rich humor intriguing plot twists precipitous cliffhangers and universal. themes such as the importance of honor honesty and empathy. Not only is the novel a great read it is a good tool useful in honing students reading and analytical. skills and providing a venue for them to discuss and write about issues they care about. Conveniently Dickens first published the novel serially building in enough action suspense and. humor to keep readers enthralled and buying magazines for more than two years And today s teens. buy it too Students instinctively relate to Pip to his embarrassment about his common family. and humble background to his strong drive to fit in and make something more of his life and to. his longing for an unrequited impossible love, Designed to assist high school teachers to plan and teach the novel this guide is organized into five.
parts The first section provides a summary of the chapters and highlights new characters and places. as they are introduced Section II describes practices teachers may use to build students background. knowledge and interest before reading They include research options prereading discussion and. journal questions vocabulary methods and tips for using an anticipation guide The third section. details methods to use while students read including extensive discussion questions alternatives to. traditional journal entries that help students understand the text and plans to teach literary. analysis Finally strategies to use after reading and a list of resources are provided at the end of the. guide The plans are designed to make this worthwhile novel more accessible to readers and to help. teachers achieve their own great expectations for students. I PLOT AND CHARACTER SUMMARY, How to use the Plot and Character Summary The novel has 59 chapters and is divided into three. sections of about twenty chapters each Besides reminding teachers about key events and characters. without rereading the novel each year teachers may copy and distribute the summary to students. for review or to help them understand the book as they read The summary may be used to create. quick quizzes or review assignments For example after reading Chapters 1 3 students could. complete the following type of assignment created from the summary. PLOT JUMBLE CHAPTERS 1 3, Can you put the following events in the correct order. Pip steals a pie,Pip hears gunfire,Pip sees a second convict. Pip visits his parents graves,Pip s sister marries a blacksmith. Pip returns to the graveyard with a file,Someone threatens to cut his throat.
Mrs Joe makes Pip drink tar water,Pip bolts his food. A Teacher s Guide to the Signet Classics Edition of Charles Dickens s Great Expectations 5. THE FIRST STAGE OF PIP S EXPECTATIONS CHAPTERS 1 19. CHAPTER 1 PAGES 1 5, PLOT DEVELOPMENT On the afternoon of Christmas Eve while visiting the graves of parents. he never knew seven year old Pip meets an escaped convict who tells him to be quiet or he will cut. his throat The convict orders Pip to steal some food wittles and a file from his blacksmith uncle. and convinces him that if he doesn t he will be killed Pip hurries home in fear for his life. NEW CHARACTERS PLACES, The marshes also referred to as the meshes these are the dark and misty places near Pip s. childhood home They symbolize the murky uncertain mysterious times in his life. Pip Philip Pirrip the protagonist and narrator of the story The book is told through his eyes. some 28 years later, The convict identified later as Abel Magwitch He says that he is working with a younger. partner who will hunt Pip down if he doesn t return. CHAPTER 2 PAGES 6 14, PLOT DEVELOPMENT Pip returns home to discover his sister angrily looking for him During supper.
he hides bread down his trousers leg His sister thinking that he s eating too fast or bolting his food. forces him to drink tar water At bedtime Pip hears guns signaling that another convict has escaped. Later he steals a pie some brandy bread cheese mincemeat and a meat bone from his sister s pantry. NEW CHARACTERS PLACES, Mrs Joe Pip s abusive sister who has raised him since his parents death Proud to have raised. Pip by hand she menaces him with a stick she ironically calls Tickler. Joe Gargery Mrs Joe s husband a large blacksmith who tries to shield Pip from the wrath of. his sister He is an honest good man who stays with his abusive wife because of his love for Pip. Pip s boyhood home In Kent Mrs Joe maintains a little cottage that is fastidiously clean and. includes an uncomfortable parlor Pip never enters It serves as a contrast to Miss Havisham s. opulent home that Pip will encounter in Chapter 8 Joe s forge is just outside the home. CHAPTER 3 PAGES 15 19, PLOT DEVELOPMENT Early Christmas Day Pip sneaks out into the misty marshes to meet the. convict Along the way he runs into another escapee who he mistakes for the man he met in the. graveyard The other convict lunges for him and then runs away When Pip finds his convict he. watches him gulp down the food and drink and he tells him about the other convict he saw. Hearing about the other prisoner causes the first man to become very angry As Pip leaves he. watches his convict filing his leg irons,NEW CHARACTERS PLACES. Second convict Pip believes him to be the man he met the previous day Later he thinks he. is the partner that the original convict had mentioned. CHAPTER 4 PAGES 20 28, PLOT DEVELOPMENT On Christmas Day Pip and Joe go to church dressed in formal totally. unsuitable clothes at Mrs Joe s insistence Later a variety of silly but interesting people attend. Christmas dinner During dinner Pip worries that the stolen food will be discovered Mr Wopsle. gives a dramatic blessing that reminds the narrator of Richard the Third Pumblechook gets sick. drinking brandy Pip had supplemented with tar water while he was stealing it for the convict Pip s. fears are realized when just as Mrs Joe discovers her missing pie soldiers arrive at the door with a. pair of handcuffs,NEW CHARACTERS PLACES, Mr Wopsle a pontificating dramatic clerk of the church who likes to brag that if it were.
thrown open to commoners he would welcome the competition. Uncle Pumblechook Joe s self important uncle who acts in concert with Mrs Joe. Mr Mrs Hubble minor characters Mr Hubble is a wheelwright who does not like children. 6 A Teacher s Guide to the Signet Classics Edition of Charles Dickens s Great Expectations. CHAPTER 5 PAGES 29 39, PLOT DEVELOPMENT The soldiers have come not to arrest Pip but because they need Joe to. fix a pair of broken handcuffs They are searching for a pair of escaped convicts and Joe Pip and. Wopsle agree to join the manhunt while Pumblechook the Hubbles and the sergeant stay home. and drink with Mrs Joe They find the two convicts the ones Pip has met fighting with one. another Pip fears that his convict will think he betrayed him but instead the convict looks at him. with gratitude The convict tells the police that he stole the food and file from the blacksmith. NEW CHARACTERS PLACES, The soldiers though pursuing escaped felons the soldiers appear to be more like Keystone. Cops than serious police, The convicts the men found by the party are indeed the two convicts that Pip encountered. in Chapter 3 Magwitch and Compeyson,The Hulks old ships used to house prison inmates. CHAPTER 6 PAGES 40 41, PLOT DEVELOPMENT Pip ruminates on recent events still fearful of being caught Later.
though he does not feel bad about stealing from Mrs Joe he feels shame for not telling Joe Mr. Pumblechook makes wild deductions about how the convict got into Mrs Joe s pantry. CHAPTER 7 PAGES 42 51, Pip attends a small inferior school taught by Mr Wopsle s great aunt On the side a local girl. named Biddy tries to teach Pip the most basic reading writing and math One evening Pip s poor. attempt at writing impresses Joe who has never learned to read or write so much that he refers. to Pip as a scholar He tells Pip that he was never able to stay in school because he and his mother. were always leaving his violent father He also reveals that he married Pip s sister so that he could. provide for Pip and take care of him In the midst of their conversation Mrs Joe and Pumblechook. arrive with news that a rich spinster Miss Havisham wants Pip to visit her house and play with her. adopted daughter They hope that Miss Havisham will bestow money on Pip. NEW CHARACTERS PLACES, Mrs Wopsle Mr Wopsle s inept great aunt who teaches a school in the evenings. Biddy a local girl Mrs Wopsle s granddaughter who attempts to give Pip a basic education. She works in the store beneath the school,CHAPTER 8 PAGES 52 63. PLOT DEVELOPMENT Pumblechook pompously drills Pip on his multiplication facts before. taking him to meet Miss Havisham A proud but pretty young girl comes to open the locked gate. She escorts him past the gardens overgrown with weeds beside the remnants of a brewery through. the dark mansion to a dressing room lit only with candles Here Pip meets a thin old woman. dressed in a faded wedding dress and one shoe Pip notices that the room is very dark and that all. of the clocks are strangely stuck at twenty minutes to nine Miss Havisham explains that her heart. is broken She orders Pip to play but he cannot because the place is so new and strange to him. Miss Havisham tells Pip to call for Estella and the young girl returns to play cards with him She. is rude and makes fun of his referring to knaves as jacks Miss Havisham notices that Pip despite. Estella s condescension and insults likes her and Miss Havisham plans for him to return On the. way out Pip thinks he sees Miss Havisham hanging from a beam by the neck As he leaves Pip. cries because he feels unworthy of Estella She laughs at him. NEW CHARACTERS PLACES, Estella a young girl being raised by Miss Havisham She deliberately treats Pip cruelly looks. down upon him and calls him boy Her name means star. Miss Havisham a dowager who adopted Estella and lives in the ruins of a once great estate. She takes delight in the fact that Pip seems attracted to Estella but she also encourages Estella. 4 A Teacher s Guide to the Signet Classics Edition of Charles Dickens s Great Expectations INTRODUCTION Written almost a century and a half ago Great Expectations stands as one of the most enduring novels ever written Even readers who have not turned a page of Dickens since senior English will

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