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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INSTALLERS SERVICING, These instructions are intended to guide installers on the The boiler should be serviced at least every twelve months and. installation commissioning and servicing of the Grant Vortex oil the details entered in the Service Log in the user handbook. boiler After installing the boiler leave these instructions with the. user FUEL TYPE, A user handbook is available to guide users in the operation of the All Grant Vortex boilers are suitable for use with Class C2. oil boiler Kerosene To use Bio Kerosene B30K refer to the information. SPECIAL TEXT FORMATS, The following special text formats are used in these instructions OPERATION ON BIO FUEL. for the purposes listed below All Grant Vortex condensing boilers manufactured since May 2011. are suitable for operation on both standard Kerosene Class C2 to. WARNING BS 2869 and also bio kerosene up to a 30 blend B30K. All burner settings and nozzle sizes as detailed in Section 2 2 of. these instructions are correct for both standard kerosene and bio. Warning of possible human injury as a consequence of not kerosene B30K. following the instructions in the warning, In order to operate this boiler on bio kerosene it will be necessary. to take the following actions, Use a bio kerosene B30K compatible flexible oil line in.
place of the oil line supplied with the boiler, Have the oil storage tank and oil supply line including all. Caution concerning likely damage to equipment or tools pipework sight gauges filters isolating valves fire valves. as a consequence of not following the instructions in the de aeration devices etc checked for their compatibility with. caution bio kerosene B30K, Where necessary some or all of these items may have to be. replaced with a bio kerosene compatible alternative. Check the suitability of the flue system with Grant UK. Use only bio kerosene B30K that conforms to OPS24, Used for emphasis or information not directly concerned IMPORTANT. with the surrounding text but of importance to the reader Under no circumstances should the boiler be used with. bio kerosene without the above actions being taken first. PRODUCT CODES AND SERIAL,NUMBERS COVERED, The serial numbers used on Grant oil boilers consist of a fifteen. digit numerical code with the final three digits being the product. identifier,This appliance can be used by children, For example aged from 8 years and above and persons.
100000200218746 with reduced physical sensory or mental. These instructions cover the following product codes and serial capabilities or lack of experience and. knowledge if they have been given,Product code Serial number identifier. supervision or instruction concerning,VTX15 21 746. use of the appliance in a safe way and,VTX15 26 747. understand the hazards involved,VTX26 36 748,VTX36 46 749. Children shall not play with the appliance, VTX46 58 169 Cleaning and user maintenance shall not.
VTX58 70 170 be made by children without supervision. VTXS15 26 750,VTXS26 36 751,VTXS36 46 752,GRANT ENGINEERING UK LIMITED. Hopton House Hopton Industrial Estate Devizes Wiltshire SN10 2EU. Tel 44 0 1380 736920 Fax 44 0 1380 736991,Email info grantuk com www grantuk com. This manual is accurate at the date of printing but will be superseded and should be disregarded if specifications and or appearances are changed in the interests of continued product improve. ment However no responsibility of any kind for any injury death loss damage or delay however caused resulting from the use of this manual can be accepted by Grant Engineering UK. Limited the author or others involved in its publication. All good sold are subject to our official Conditions of Sale a copy of which may be obtained on application. Grant Engineering UK Limited No part of this manual may be reproduced by any means without prior written consent. 1 INTRODUCTION 4 9 FLUE SYSTEM AND AIR SUPPLY 28, 1 1 How a condensing boiler operates 4 9 1 Air supply 28. 1 2 Boiler description 4 9 2 Conventional flue systems 28. 1 3 Flue options 4 9 3 Connecting a conventional flue 31. 1 4 Boiler components 5 9 4 Balanced flue systems 31. 9 5 Prepare the wall 35,2 TECHNICAL DATA 6 9 6 Flue clearances 36. 2 1 Boiler technical data 6,2 2 Sealed system data 6 10 COMMISSIONING 38.
2 3 Burner settings 7 10 1 Before switching on 39,2 4 Flue gas analysis 7 10 2 Burner settings. 2 5 Water connections 7 RDB 2 2 BX burners 39,2 6 Boiler dimensions 8 10 3 Burner settings. RDB 3 2 burners 41, 3 OIL STORAGE AND SUPPLY SYSTEM 10 10 4 Air adjuster disc. 3 1 Fuel supply 10 15 21 and 15 26 models only 42,3 2 Burner oil connection 12 10 5 Switching on 42. 10 6 Running the boiler 43,4 INSTALLATION 14 10 7 Balancing the system 43.
4 1 Introduction 14 10 8 Completion 43, 4 2 Boiler location 14 10 9 Information for the user 43. 4 3 Regulations compliance 14,4 4 Heating system design 11 SERVICING 44. considerations 14 11 1 Checks before servicing 44, 4 5 Pipework materials 15 11 2 Dismantling prior to servicing 44. 4 6 Connections 15 11 3 Cleaning the boiler 44, 4 7 Preparation for installation 15 11 4 Cleaning the burner. 4 8 Installing the boiler 15 Riello RDB 2 2 BX burners 46. 4 9 Filling the heating system 16 11 5 Cleaning the burner. 4 10 Before you commission 16 Riello RDB 3 2 burners 47. 4 11 Completion 16 11 6 Cleaning the burner all models 47. 11 7 Air adjuster disc, 5 PIPE CONNECTIONS 17 15 21 and 15 26 models only 47.
5 1 Water connections 17 11 8 Recommissioning 47, 5 2 Water connections system models 17 11 9 Burner components 48. 5 3 Water connections and,thermostat phial positions 17 12 FAULT FINDING 50. 12 1 Boiler fault finding 50, 6 CONDENSATE DISPOSAL 18 12 2 Burner fault finding Riello burners 51. 6 1 General requirements 18,6 2 Connections 18 13 SPARE PARTS 52. 6 3 Pipework 18 13 1 Boiler parts list 52, 6 4 External pipework 18 13 2 Sealed system parts list 52.
6 5 Condensate soakaway 19 13 3 Riello RDB 2 2 BX burners 53. 6 6 Condensate trap 19 13 4 Riello RDB 3 2 burners 56. 6 7 Condensate disposal pipework 19, 6 8 Inspection and cleaning of trap 19 14 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY 58. 6 9 External condensate trap fitting 20,15 HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION 59. 7 SEALED SYSTEMS 21 15 1 Insulation materials 59, 7 1 Sealed system requirements 21 15 2 Sealant and adhesive 59. 7 2 Filling the sealed system 22 15 3 Kerosene and Gas Oil fuels 59. 7 3 Venting the pump 22, 7 4 Pressure relief safety valve 16 END OF LIFE INFORMATION 60. operation 22,7 5 System models 23 17 PRODUCT FICHE 61.
8 ELECTRICAL 24 18 GUARANTEE 62,8 1 General 24, 8 2 Connecting the power supply 24 A1 WILO YONOS PARA RS RKC. 8 3 Frost protection 24 CIRCULATING PUMP 64,8 4 Control system wiring diagrams 25. 8 5 Boiler control panel wiring diagrams 27 A2 WILO PARA 25 130 7 50 SC 6 GRA. CIRCULATING PUMP 66,Contents Page 3,1 INTRODUCTION. 1 1 HOW A CONDENSING BOILER etc that have a 100mm internal flue diameter refer to Table 9 5. The Grant flue adaptor kit Grant product code CFA15 70 will. OPERATES also be required as this contains, During the combustion process hydrogen and oxygen combine. to produce heat and water vapour The water vapour produced a the flue adaptor required to connect the Orange system. is in the form of superheated steam in the heat exchanger This flue components to the boiler flue outlet no flue adaptor is. superheated steam contains sensible heat available heat and supplied with the boiler. latent heat heat locked up in the flue gas A conventional boiler b the adaptor to connect the single wall Orange system flue to. cannot recover any of the latent heat and this energy is lost to the the twin wall Green system flue. atmosphere through the flue The maximum vertical height from the top of the boiler to the. The Grant Vortex condensing boiler contains an extra heat terminal of the Hybrid Green Orange flue system is 19 metres. exchanger which is designed to recover the latent heat normally. lost by a conventional boiler It does this by cooling the flue gases. to below 90 C thus extracting more sensible heat and some of. the latent heat This is achieved by cooling the flue gases to their. dew point approximately 55 C The flue system materials and construction MUST be. To ensure maximum efficiency the boiler return temperature suitable for use with oil fired condensing boilers Failure. should be 55 C or less this will enable the latent heat to be to fit a suitable conventional flue may invalidate the. condensed out of the flue gases guarantee on the boiler. The boiler will achieve net thermal efficiencies of 100. To achieve maximum performance from the Grant Vortex boiler 1 3 2 FOR BALANCED FLUE APPLICATIONS. it is recommended that the heating system is designed so that a The following flue kits are available from Grant UK Refer to. temperature differential of 20 C between the flow and return is Section 9 4. maintained, The Grant Vortex boiler will however still operate at extremely.
high efficiencies even when it is not in condensing mode and Yellow system. therefore is suitable for fitting to an existing heating system Standard low level concentric balanced flue components. without alteration to the radiator sizes The boiler is capable of a available. maximum flow temperature of 75 C Low level concentric balanced flue short. Extensions 225 mm 450 mm and 675 mm,1 2 BOILER DESCRIPTION 90 extension elbow. The Grant Vortex Pro range of automatic pressure jet oil boilers 45 extension elbow. have been designed for use with a fully pumped central heating 45 elbow. system with indirect domestic hot water cylinder Plume diverter kits. They are not suitable for use with either a direct cylinder or a. primatic cylinder or gravity hot water,Green system. The boilers are suitable for use on open vented or sealed central Standard external high level vertical flue starter kit room sealed. heating systems System models are supplied with the necessary components available. components factory fitted Refer to Section 7, External high level vertical flue starter kit short room sealed. All boilers are supplied with the control panel and burner factory. fitted Extensions 150 mm 250 mm 450 mm 950 mm, All the models in the current Grant Vortex Pro range of boilers are Adjustable extension 195 to 270 mm. designed to comply with the maximum NOx emissions under the 45 elbow. Energy related Products Directive ErP High level terminal. From the 26th September 2018 the maximum NOx emissions Vertical terminal. for all new oil fired boilers up to and including 400kW for both. new build and replacement boiler installations is 120mg kWh. White system, High level and vertical concentric balanced flue kit components.
1 3 FLUE OPTIONS available, The boilers can be connected to either a conventional flue system Extensions 225 mm 450 mm 950 mm. or a balanced flue system as required Adjustable extension 275 to 450 mm. 1 3 1 FOR CONVENTIONAL FLUE Vertical concentric balanced flue kit. APPLICATIONS 45 elbow, Where a chimney is to be lined Grant recommends the use. of the Grant Orange flue system specifically designed for the Red system for 15 21 15 26 models only. Vortex range of condensing boilers Refer to Section 9 2 for A flexible vertical balanced flue system designed to be fitted inside. further details an existing masonry chimney, Where a rigid conventional flue is required Grant recommends Consisting of three sections. the use of the Grant Hybrid flue system which uses components. Concentric white painted flue pipe connected to the boiler. from the Grant Orange and Green flue systems Refer to Figure. 9 4 for details This flue system is suitable for all Grant oil boilers Vertical concentric flexible flue flexible stainless steel flue liner. up to and including the Vortex 58 70 inside a stainless steel air inlet liner. The Orange system flue components used for the internal part of Terminal assembly for chimney top mounting. the Hybrid system extensions and elbows are from the smaller Flue extensions and 45 elbows from the White system may be. 100mm size range e g WE45 100 elbow WX450 100 450mm used. extension etc refer to Table 9 3 Fitting instructions for the Low level High level and Vertical. The Green system twin wall flue components used for the. external part of the Hybrid system are from the larger 200 size balanced flue systems are supplied with the kits. range e g GTV 200B terminal GX950 200B 950mm extension. Page 4 Section 1 Introduction,1 4 BOILER COMPONENTS 1 4 1 BOILER CONTROLS. All burners are pre set for use with kerosene and are supplied To access the control panel remove the front door panel from the. ready to connect to a single pipe fuel supply system with a loose boiler The controls on the panel are as follows. flexible fuel line and 3 8 to 1 4 BSP male adaptor supplied with Boiler On Off switch. the boiler This switches the boiler on and off The boiler ON OFF switch. If required an additional flexible fuel line 900 mm in length incorporates a mains on neon which lights when the boiler is. product code RBS36 or 600mm in length product code switched on Please note that the mains on neon does not. RBS36XS and 3 8 to 1 4 BSP male adaptor product code necessarily indicate that the burner is firing. Z3003602 are available to purchase from Grant UK for two pipe. oil supply systems, The temperature of the water leaving the boiler to heat the.
12 FAULT FINDING 50 12 1 Boiler fault finding 50 12 2 Burner fault finding Riello burners 51 13 SPARE PARTS 52 13 1Boiler parts list52 13 2 Sealed system parts list 52 Riello RDB 2 2 BX burners 53 13 4 Riello RDB 3 2 burners 56 14 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY 58 15 HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION 59 15 1Insulation materials 59 15 2 Sealant and adhesive 59 15 3 Kerosene and Gas Oil fuels 59 16 END

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