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Graduation Toolkit,Graduation Program Overview 4,Foundation High School Program 5. Endorsement Options Choices 6,Going Above and Beyond 9. College and Career Resources 10,Graduation Checklists 12. Glossary 13,At least 60 of Texans ages 25 34 will have. a postsecondary certificate or degree by 2030,60x30TX com.
PROGRAMMER,ACCOUNTANT,SCIENTIST AGRICULTURE,FINANCIAL FIREFIGHTER. There are a lot of careers out there, Texas students have a wealth of choices for their plans after high school The careers displayed here represent. several of the many occupations that are in demand in the state of Texas The Foundation High School Program. and Endorsements help students e ectively determine their interests and plan for their postsecondary training. and education,MEDIAN UNEMPLOYMENT,EARNINGS RATE,High School High School. Graduates Dropouts,ENDORSEMENTS,BUSINESS PUBLIC ARTS. STEM DISCIPLINARY,INDUSTRY SERVICE HUMANITIES,Texas Education Agency Graduation Toolkit.
Graduation Program Overview,Foundation High School Program. A flexible graduation program that allows students to pursue their interests have been in place for all. students who enter high school since the 2014 2015 school year. Students may customize their high school experience beyond the Foundation High School Program. Foundation High Endorsement Distinguished Performance. School Program Options Level of Acknowledgments,Achievement. A student may graduate without earning an endorsement if after his or her sophomore year the student s. parent signs a waiver permitting the student to omit the endorsement requirement. Texas Education Agency Graduation Toolkit,Foundation High School Program. A Foundation High School Program is required to graduate and makes up the core of the. Texas high school diploma program,Course Credit What is a credit anyway. A credit is a unit of measure awarded for successful completion of a high school course Completion of. a one semester course typically earns one half of a credit for a student For the Foundation High School. Program the basic requirement is for Texas public school students to earn 22 credits. TheEnglish,Foundation,4 credits requirements 22 credits.
English I English II include An advanced English course. English III, Mathematics 3 credits Algebra I Geometry An advanced math course. Science 3 credits Biology Physics Chemistry An advanced science course. Social Studies 3 credits World History or World Geography U S History. U S Government one half credit Economics one half credit. Languages Other 2 credits in the same language or, Than English 2 credits 2 credits from Computer Science I II III. Physical Education 1 credit,Fine Arts 1 credit, Electives and Career Technical Education CTE 5 credits. Speech Demonstrated proficiency,Industry Based Certification. Know Students can earn a performance acknowledgement on their diploma. by earning an Industry Based Certification Industry Based Certifications. assist students in entering into careers,Work Based Learning.
Interactions with industry or community professionals in real workplace. settings or simulated environments at an educational institution that. foster in depth firsthand engagement with the tasks required of a. given career field which are aligned to curriculum and instruction. These experiences can include participation in cooperative education. internships apprenticeships or mentoring programs in high school. which are related to the career interests of the student. Texas Education Agency Graduation Toolkit,Endorsement Options Choices. Endorsements, Students can earn one or more endorsements as part of their graduation requirements Endorsements. consist of a related series of courses that are grouped together by interest or skill set They provide. students with in depth knowledge of a subject area. Students earn an endorsement by completing the curriculum requirements for the endorsement. including 4 credits in both math and science and 2 additional elective credits. Students can choose from 5 endorsement areas, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics STEM. one of the following or a combination of no more than two of these categories. Career and Technical Computer Science,Education CTE courses Mathematics. related to STEM Science,Business and Industry,one of the following or a combination of areas.
Agriculture Food and Natural Manufacturing English electives in public. Resources Technology Applications speaking debate advanced. Arts Audio Video Technology Architecture and broadcast journalism. and Communications Construction advanced journalism. Finance Business Management and including newspaper and. Marketing Administraton yearbook,Hospitality and Tourism Transportation or. Information Technology Distribution and Logistics, Students must select an endorsement upon entry into the ninth grade Districts and charters are not required to. offer all endorsements If only one endorsement is offered it must be multidisciplinary studies. Public Service,one of the following, Human Services Education and Training Training Corps JROTC. Law Public Safety Government and Public,Corrections and Security Administration. Health Science Junior Reserve Officer,Arts and Humanities.
one of the following, 2 levels each in two Courses from one or two Social Studies. languages other than English areas music theater art American Sign Language. LOTE dance in fine arts ASL, 4 levels in the same LOTE English electives not included. in Business and Industry,Multi Disciplinary Studies. one of the following, 4 advanced courses from 4 credits in each foundation 4 credits in Advanced. other endorsement areas subject area including Placement International. English IV and chemistry and Baccalaureate or dual. or physics and Algebra II credit selected from English. mathematics science social,studies economics LOTE or.
Students may earn more than one endorsement, Visit your school counselor to learn more about your options. Texas Education Agency Graduation Toolkit,Distinguished Level of Achievement. Distinguished Level of Achievement, A student may earn the Distinguished Level of Achievement and or a Performance Acknowledgment for. outstanding performance The Distinguished Level of Achievement requires more math and more science. than the Foundation High School Program The Distinguished Level of Achievement requires. A total of four credits in math including Algebra II. A total of four credits in science and, Successful completion of an endorsement in your area of interest. The Distinguished Level of Achievement must be earned to be admitted to a Texas public university. under the Top 10 percent automatic admission law Moreover any student receiving state financial aid. must have completed this rigorous program,Choices Determine Options.
Most of the high wage and in demand jobs available now and in the future require education and. training beyond a high school diploma Whether you intend to pursue a high demand industry workforce. credential from a community or technical college or a traditional four year degree from a university the. choices made in high school will determine your future options. To best prepare yourself now for the transition to post high school education and career entrance. choosing and taking the right classes is essential. Why it matters Benefits, The Distinguished Level of Achievement opens a world of educational and employment opportunities for. you beyond high school The Distinguished Level of Achievement. Allows you to compete for Top 10 automatic admissions eligibility at any Texas. public university, Positions you among those first in line for a TEXAS Grant to help pay for university. tuition and fees and other financial aid options, Ensures you are a more competitive applicant at the most selective colleges and. universities, Prepares you for college level coursework at community technical colleges and. universities, Provides opportunity for immediate enrollment in classes related to your chosen field.
of study and, Lays a strong foundation to successfully complete an industry workforce credential. or college degree, A student may graduate without earning an endorsement if after his or her sophomore year the student s. parent signs a waiver permitting the student to omit the endorsement requirement. Texas Education Agency Graduation Toolkit,Performance Acknowledgments. Performance Acknowledgments note outstanding achievement in specific areas These distinctions will. be included in your high school diploma and better position you for successful entry into college and or. the workforce,Performance Acknowledgments Areas,dual credit courses. bilingualism and biliteracy,PSAT ACT ASPIRE SAT or ACT.
Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams. earning a state nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license. OnRamps courses,Texas Education Agency Graduation Toolkit. College and Career Resources,Big Future Middle Galaxy. https bit ly 2EcKdJl https www middlegalaxy org, There are more than 2 000 colleges in the United Texas middle school students have big decisions to. States Find the right college for you make about their futures starting in eighth grade. This space themed game makes it easy to learn, Compare College TX about options in high school and beyond. www comparecollegetx com, Compare College TX is an interactive mobile Share Your Road.
friendly web tool designed to help students and https roadtripnation shareyourroad com. parents learn more about Texas public universities Need a little inspiration Learn how others got to. and community technical colleges where they are today from real stories of career. and life journeys of people from all walks of life. https www texasgearup com Texas Career Check, GEAR UP helps Texas students to be successful in https texascareercheck com. college and beyond Explore resources to answer Students can use this interactive tool to search. your burning college questions and explore occupations that interest them Labor. Market Information is provided regarding annual, Job s Y all salary and projected job openings and can be. https jobsyall com filtered by region, Jobs Y all is where you can explore meaningful high. wage careers in growing industries Here you will Texas Internship Challenge. discover rewarding jobs in your hometown and https www txinternshipchallenge com vosnet. throughout Texas Find the career that matches Default aspx. your interests and goals This internship connection site enables students. to gain valuable work based learning experience, MapMyGrad while in high school Students across the state can. https texasoncourse org tools mapmygrad search for an internship where they live. Students zero in on skills and interests to explore. careers and endorsements and plan a path Texas Reality Check. through high school https texasrealitycheck com, Students can use this lifestyle calculator to walk.
through the expenses that they are likely to incur. each month and decide how much to spend,on their lifestyle This tool provides a realistic. understanding of minimum salary needs and,explores occupations that enable students to earn. the salary they want, Texas Education Agency Texas Higher Education Texas Workforce Commission. www tea texas gov Coordinating Board www twc state tx us. www thecb state tx us,Texas Education Agency Graduation Toolkit. College and Career Resources,Preparing for Your Career.
Two thirds of the high demand jobs opening in Texas will require some postsecondary education You. can position yourself for successful career entry in several ways. While in high school you will want to, Determine which of the five endorsements offered under the Foundation High School Program best. aligns with your career goals, Complete your selected endorsement along with the required Foundation High School Program. Learn about industry fields and targeted occupations that provide high wages and are in demand in. your region, Research what training and education levels beyond high school are required to enter your industry. field of interest, Take every opportunity to connect directly with employers Ask your college advisor for help. Find training and certifications for specific occupations or skills through community colleges or career. and technical schools and community colleges at www texasworkforce org svcs propschools career. schools colleges html,Know over their lifetime a high school.
graduate with a bachelor s degree,students ranked in the Top 10. percent of their graduating class, earn 84 percent more1 2 than a from an accredited public or private. high school graduate Texas high school may be eligible. for automatic admission to a, the highest ranking graduate Texas public university if they have. at each Texas public high school completed the Distinguished Level of. receives a voucher from the Texas Achievement 3,Education Agency that can be used. as a scholarship to cover tuition over their lifetime high school. costs at any Texas public college or graduates with a workforce. university certification from a community or,technical college earn 20 percent.
more4 than those with only a high,school diploma

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