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Grade 6 ELA Pacing Guide, multiple meaning words and ELACC6L4 Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple ELACC6L4 Determine or clarify the. phrases based on grade 6 content meaning of unknown and multiple meaning words and phrases based on meaning of unknown and multiple. meaning words and phrases based grade 6 content meaning words and phrases based. on grade 6 content on grade 6 content, Supporting Standards Supporting Standards Supporting Standards Supporting Standards. ELACC6RI 3 5 6 7 9 10 ELACC6RL 2 5 6 7 10 ELACC6RI 3 5 6 7 9 10 ELACC6RL 5 6 7 9 10. ELACC6W4 5 6 9b 10 ELACC6W4 5 6 7 9a 10 ELACC6W4 5 6 7 9b 10 ELACC6W4 5 6 9a 10. ELACC6SL5 6 ELACC6SL5 ELACC6SL5 6 ELACC6SL3 5, ELACC6L2 5 6 ELACC6L2 5 6 ELACC6L 1 2 5 6 ELACC6L2 5 6. Common Formative Assessments Common Formative Assessments Common Formative Assessments Common Formative Assessments. Journal responses Journal responses Journal responses Journal responses. Reflections Reflections Reflections Reflections, Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension. Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary, Figurative Language Figurative Language Figurative Language.
AMONG THE HIDDEN FLIPPED WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM LIGHTNING THIEF. Integrated Writing Tasks Integrated Writing Tasks Integrated Writing Tasks Integrated Writing Tasks. Example Argumentative Writing Example Informative Explanatory Example Informative Explanatory Example Argumentative Writing. Tasks Writing Tasks Writing Tasks Tasks, Your goal is to inform the public Juli s perspective was different when Many individuals risked their lives for You work for H M Employment. about the population law through she was in the tree than when she equality Choose a person who was Agency heroes and monsters Now. an editorial and a political cartoon was on the ground Discuss active in a civil rights role in history that Medusa s Head is over. You are a journalist and your perspective How is Juli s perspective Perseus and Medusa are both in. Explain why they are known for their, audience is the readers of a local different from Bryce s need of a new job What kind of job. newspaper You want to persuade work what they did and what the lasting. do you think they should get, the public to change or to become Transferring to a new school can be effects of their work are Create a prezi. aware of the population law a difficult experience How can new or glog with questions for other students Write them a letter thanking them. students make the transition to a to answer for coming to your agency and. Your goal is to convince new school easier How can other explain the job you have chosen. consumers not to purchase one of students help their new classmate in The Civil Rights Movement was a difficult either for Medusa or Perseus not. the outlawed products in the book and out of school Design a time in American History People were both Give specific reasons WHY. by writing a jingle and a brochure that gives this information treated differently based on the color of that job would be perfect for them. commercial promoting the to new students and their. their skin Explain some specific ways, government s laws You are an classmates Use the friendly letter format You. advertising executive in an AD people were treated differently and how. can choose whether to write to, agency Your audience is those ways changed due to the voices of Medusa or Perseus Spell their.
consumers who watch TV and those who worked hard for change names correctly. Created By,Grade 6 ELA Pacing Guide, would potentially buy your Narrative Examples What did they do Address the non You must use simple compound and. product You want to persuade Bryce and his grandfather seem violence of Martin Luther King Jr as part complex sentences Compound. people that your product is bad unable to communicate well Write a of how change occurred sentences must use both semi. because they are now outlawed narrative about your communication colons AND coordinating. Remember the techniques that we with a grandparent or older person Narrative Examples conjunctions 4 quarter grammar. learned about Remember some What made your experience positive Put yourself in their shoes After supplement. of the banned products from the or negative Describe it completing the Youth Privilege Aptitude. book soda potato chips pets etc Test consider your findings Do you feel Narrative Examples. this is accurate Consider if you were on Write a concrete poem about a god. Your goal is to recruit members for the opposite end of the test someone or goddess using a symbol of theirs. the Population Police by creating a who was or was not judged How would example a poem about Zeus in the. PowerPoint slide to be shown on your life be different Give specific form of a lightning bolt. your school wide announcements examples Read the story about Echo. create a series of posters for the Create a blog for students after doing the Narcissus also in Nature Myths. hallways and write a 30 second bus boycott activity online Before the video Create a story about why. announcement to be read on the Boycott Riding the Bus Ask them to something exists that is not really. morning announcements You are describe what they saw and how they based on mythology example. a member of the Population Police felt about it Do they feel it was thunder happens because angels are. in training at your school Your effective bowling Then give the REAL reason. audience is prospective members why it happens,of the Population Police force. Remember to use evidence and Write a story about you accidently. persuasive techniques that we stumbling upon the sisters. learned in class Phorcides What happens,Make up a story about someone else. Informative Explanatory who was in Pompeii Write a. Examples paragraph using sensory details to, Writing Situation In the book say what they experienced through. Among the Hidden the main the volcano,character Luke Garner is a third.
child living in a society where it is Informational Examples. only legal to have two children Research volcanoes create projects. The population law in this book is to present poster power point. fiction however in China there cereal box Prezi Glogster. are regulations on how many, children people are allowed to Research Pompeii create projects. Create a mapquest of the path that,Created By,Grade 6 ELA Pacing Guide. Writing Directions For your Percy Annabeth Grover took Find. informative explanatory essay them hotels for each place places to. you will research the laws in China eat etc how much money do you. to inform your peers what the think they need Don t forget a car. regulations are and how they gas money etc Find an expensive. originated How are the laws way and an inexpensive way for. enforced How successful have them to go,they been Are these laws. popular or unpopular among the FREAK THE MIGHTY,Integrated Writing Tasks. Example Argumentative Writing,How does viewing the film.
adaptation of a novel compare to,reading the book Which do you. prefer Why Write an argument to,explain your preference Be sure to. include at least three reasons for,your preference and examples for. each reason,Example Informative Explanatory,Writing Tasks. What makes the characters in this,novel believable Cite specific.
details from the text to support your,Narrative Examples. Walk in a character s shoes,Imagine that by magic you. switch places with either Freak or,Maxwell Pick an important event. from the beginning middle and,end from the story three total. Created By,Grade 6 ELA Pacing Guide,and retell each scene with.
yourself in the character s place,be sure to show how you would. act differently and or make,different decisions, Evidence from or reference to texts should be included in all writing. AMONG THE HIDDEN FLIPPED WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM THE LIGHTNING THIEF. Example Speaking Listening Example Speaking and Listening Tasks Example Speaking and Listening Tasks Example Speaking and Listening. Tasks Paperless Chicken Research Project You will use a graphic organizer to Tasks. Your goal is to influence voters to You will research and present your document important information while You will be separated into a house. ban or not ban the population law findings on baby chicks hens watching videos and reading just like the demigods live in houses. by participating in a debate You biographies of Civil Rights activists in The Lightning Thief Together with. roosters eggs chicken coops and,You will discuss the knowledge you. are a supporter of banning the chicken feed You will create a Prezi your housemates you will. have gained about these individuals in, population law or you are a about your findings along with a a small group We will then discuss in research your god i e Athena. supporter of the population law properly formatted bibliography to a large group prior to reading Aphrodite Hermes etc Once your. Your audience is government document sources You will present Watson s research is complete your group will. officials as well as regular citizens your Prezi to the class and will be teach the rest of the class about your. who have an opinion about the graded on content and presentation assigned god You may choose any. Class Discussions type of multimedia presentation,population law You are to skills.
participate in a debate supporting glog prezi etc to accomplish this. Plot Diagram, the law or supporting the banning Class Discussions. Plot Diagram Class Discussions,of the law You must get evidence Conflict. Theme Mythology,to support your position and Response to Lit. POV Poetry,convince others to agree with you Allusion. Conflict Medical research per book, You will make questions and notes Response to Literature Allusion.
Suggested Tasks,for the debate Character Analysis,Civil Rights Leader s research project. Perspective Suggested Tasks,Presentation, Suggested Tasks Allusion Research Morquio s Syndrome. Prezi Presentations,Medical Research Presentation Presentation. Postcards Share th, Propaganda Discussion Suggested Tasks 6 Grade Dictionary Share. Parts of a book title page table of Body Biography Share Journal about friendship special. contents glossary index etc Chicken Research Project Presentation needs bullying Share. Journal entry from character s point of Compare contrast book vs movie. view Presentation,Connect songs to story s theme Share.
Created By,Grade 6 ELA Pacing Guide,Compare Contrast book vs movie. Presentation, Academic Vocabulary Academic Vocabulary Academic Vocabulary Academic Vocabulary. Informative Expository Imagery Characterization Citation Informative Expository Imagery Characterization Citation. Annotation Fact Analysis Genre Setting Analysis Sensory Annotation Fact Analysis Journal Genre Setting Analysis Sensory. Journal Non Fiction Summary Detail Plot Annotation Inferred Non Fiction Summary Primary Detail Plot Annotation Inferred. Primary Source Secondary Tone Explicit Evidence Figurative Source Secondary Source Tone Explicit Evidence Figurative. Language Plot Structure Climax Language Plot Structure Climax. Source Strategy Explicit Strategy Explicit Rhetoric Implicit. Antagonist First Person Narrative Antagonist First Person Narrative. Rhetoric Implicit Journalism Falling Action Protagonist Third. Journalism Objective Subjective Falling Action Protagonist Third. Objective Subjective Person Resolution Dialogue Extraneous Paraphrase Central Person Resolution Dialogue. Extraneous Paraphrase Omniscient Exposition Static Idea Bias Abstract Editorial Omniscient Exposition Static. Central Idea Bias Abstract Character Conflict Rising Action Introduction Fact Supporting Character Conflict Rising Action. Editorial Introduction Fact Dynamic Character Episode Diction Opinion Domain Specific Literal Dynamic Character Episode Diction. Supporting Opinion Domain Verse Rhythm Metaphor Rhyme Simile Figurative Idiom Verse Rhythm Metaphor Rhyme. Specific Literal Simile Simile Hyperbole Literal Rhyme Hyperbole Simile Hyperbole Literal Rhyme. Figurative Idiom Hyperbole Scheme Personification Connotation Connotative Nuance Scheme Personification. Connotation Connotative Onomatopoeia Lyric Poem Root Denotation Metaphor Suffix Onomatopoeia Lyric Poem. Alliteration Symbol Concrete Alliteration Symbol Concrete. Nuance Root Denotation Concrete Allusion Affix Claim. Narrative Poem Ode Ballad Epic Narrative Poem Ode Ballad Epic. Metaphor Suffix Concrete Compare Contrast Context Literary. Logic Testimonial Reasoning Compare Contrast Context Literary. Allusion Affix Claim Logic Period Primary Source Era Secondary Bandwagon Plain Folks Evidence Period Primary Source Era. Testimonial Reasoning Source Theme Allegory Perspective Pathos Induction Support Logos Secondary Source Theme Allegory. Bandwagon Plain Folks Deduction Valid Ethos Hasty Perspective. Evidence Pathos Induction Generalization Symbolism. Support Logos Deduction,Valid Ethos Hasty,Generalization Propaganda. AMONG THE HIDDEN PEAK WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM LIGHTNING THIEF. Short Text Literary Short Text Literary Short Text Literary Short Text Literary. The Quiet World Climbing For Goats by Stewart Zlateh the Goat Lit Book pg 240 Medusa s Head. Edward White I Was Not Alone Lit Book pg 350 Dog of Pompeii. Eleven Lit Book p 327 He Lion Bruh Bear and Bruh Rabbit. Grade 6 ELA Pacing Guide Created By 7 16 2012 Unit 1 Finding Your Voice Unit 2 Seeing Both Sides Unit 3 Speaking the Truth Unit 4 Using Your Voice Extended Text Among the Hidden In the addendum to this pacing guide and in the Safari Montage Playlist Unit One Finding Your Voice you have options in the approach of teaching this unit use of the novel Among the Hidden use of

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