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INTRODUCTION,Image from Department of Tourism, It s more fun in the Philippines These words remind us of. our wonderful experience in studying Philippine music in our Grade. 7 lessons Truly we should be proud to be Filipinos for having a. very rich culture especially in music and arts, We will now move on to our friendly neighbors in Southeast. Asia You will notice that our music is very similar to that of our. neighbors In this module you will find different activities where. you can learn and show your understanding of the basic concepts. and principles of Southeast Asian music You will also discover. how people from the Southeast Asian countries express their. feelings towards each other towards the environment and their. history and beliefs through vocal or instrumental music. OBJECTIVES,At the end of this module you are expected to. analyze the music of Southeast Asia,perform using the music of Southeast Asia. analyze examples of Southeast Asian music and describe. how the musical elements are used, relate Southeast Asian music to the lives of the people.
explain the distinguishing characteristics of representative. Southeast Asian music in relation to the history and culture. of the area, perform available instruments from Southeast Asia alone. and or with others, improvise simple rhythmic harmonic accompaniments to. selected Southeast Asian music, explore ways of producing sounds on a variety of sources. that would simulate instruments being studied, evaluate the quality of your own and others performances. and improvisations of Southeast Asian music using,developed criteria.
PRE ASSESSMENT, Before we formally begin our lesson let s find out if you know. something about the Southeast Asian countries Up next are a few. activities that will assess what you know what you can do and what. else you need to learn to achieve your targets for this module. Are you ready,Let s travel, Now wouldn t it be fun to visit different places In Southeast. Asia there are eleven countries to visit If you were given a chance to. visit these countries which one would you visit first Why. In your notebook make a list of Southeast Asian countries you. want to visit Arrange it according to your top priorities down to the least. and write the reason why you chose to arrange it in that way Use the. map to guide you in exploring Southeast Asia,Map of Southeast Asia. When you travel especially in a foreign,country you need to have an idea. about their culture You need to know,what kind of food they have their.
mode of transportation type of clothes,to wear important sights or places to. visit the religion music and so many,other things,Why do you need to know about the. country s culture before travelling,Each country has its distinct. characteristics and knowing about,them will help you adapt and cope with. their culture,One way of learning culture is through.
their music Are you ready to learn,Southeast Asian culture through. Let s start,Vocal Instrumental Music, Can you recall the differences between Vocal music and Instrumental. music Write their differences in your notebook,Were you able to identify the differences of. Vocal music and Instrumental music Vocal,music is music made specifically for voices It. may be performed with or without instruments,while Instrumental music is made solely for.
instruments In the next activity you will find,out if your answer above is correct. Vocal Music, The songs listed below belong to the different countries in Southeast. Asia Check the box beside the songs that are familiar to you. Burung Kaka Tua,Rasa Sayang,Chan Mali Chan,Bahay Kubo. Loi Loi Krathong Can you sing any of these,songs No need to worry if you. don t know all of them We just,want to see if you are familiar.
with any Southeast Asian,songs Maybe you know some. of the instruments on the next,page Let s check them out. Instrumental Music,Are you familiar with the instruments at the. next page Look at each picture and try to,guess its country of origin and identify how. it is played Try to remember the,Hornbostel Sachs classification of.
instruments that you learned in Grade 7 Is,it an aerophone chordophone idiophone. membranophone or an electrophone Put,a smiley face beside the instrument. to indicate if you think you can play it,How many instruments were you able. to name Were you able to guess how,they sound and how they are played. You can check your answers as we go on,with the lessons The instruments in the.
previous activity will be discussed later,Now based on your answers in the. pre assessment activities what do you,think you should learn about Southeast. Asian music,Write your specific goals in your,notebook following the guide below. LEARNING GOALS AND TARGETS,At the end of this module. I would like to know about,I would like to be able to.
I would like to understand,I would like to perform. Good job You re done writing your,goals for this quarter. It s time to formally start our,lessons As we move along try to look. back at your pre assessment activities,and check if you were able to learn the. things that you were not able to answer,before Turn to the next page.
PART I WHAT TO KNOW,This part of the module will provide. you a little tour of Southeast Asia It is,very important for you to learn the. historical background and basic,concepts that you will need as you go on. with the lessons,Our discussion will focus on the,vocal and instrumental music of. Southeast Asian countries particularly in,Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia.
Myanmar Singapore Thailand and,Angkor Wat, Cambodia is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia It is. also known as K mp ch a It was the center of the Khmer Cambodian. kingdom of Angkor a great empire that dominated Southeast Asia for 600. years Their music gained a world wide reputation in the 1960s until the. dramatic political problems in Cambodia, Art music is highly influenced by ancient forms as well. as Hindu forms, Cambodian court music is roughly similar to that of Java Indonesia. They feature choruses with large orchestras based on struck keys and gongs. Cambodian people also absorbed and adopted Indian Chinese. European and other cultures to suit their own traditions and tastes that. resulted in a distinct Cambodian culture, The Pinpeat is a Cambodian musical ensemble or an orchestra that. usually accompanies ceremonial music of the royal courts and temples Music. is always part of their court dances masked plays shadow plays and. religious ceremonies This group is similar to the Piphat ensemble of. Thailand and usually consists of nine or ten instruments. THE PINPEAT,ONEAT xylophones,SAMPHOR a double KONGVONG.
headed drum played gong circles,with hands idiophone. membranophone,SKORTHOM two big drums similar CHHING finger. to Japanese membranophone cymbals idiophone,TEACHER ASSISTED ACTIVITY. If you have access to the internet visit www youtube com and type in. the links from the next page to watch video clips of Pinpeat In case you don t. have internet access ask your teacher to lend you a CD copy of the Pinpeat. ensemble performances taken from the website After watching the. performances answer the questions found on the next page Write your. answers in your notebook, View this link from http www youtube com watch v 2tYa N6cKGY. View this link from http www youtube com watch v Vx5VzphVxRs. 1 In 3 to 5 sentences describe how the Pinpeat musicians play their. instruments, 2 How many instrument players were needed to form the Pinpeat.
3 Are their instruments made of wood or metal, You can also visit the following web pages for additional reference. http www istov de htmls cambodia cambodia start html. http en wikipedia org wiki Cambodian music,http www keosambathmusic com index htm. If Cambodia has the,Pinpeat ensemble do other,Southeast Asian countries. have their own musical,ensembles Let s find out, Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeast Asia comprising. approximately 17 500 islands With over 238 million people Indonesia is the. world s fourth most populous country and is the fourth biggest nation of the. world Through interaction with other cultures such as Indian Arabic. instruments that you learned in Grade 7 Is it an aerophone chordophone 8 10 they sound and http www keosambathmusic com index htm Indonesia

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