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Thank you for purchasing,an Evan Moor e book, Attention Acrobat Reader Users In order to use this e book you need to have. Adobe Reader 8 or higher To download Adobe Reader for free visit www adobe com. Using This E book, This e book can be used in a variety of ways to enrich your classroom instruction. engage students by projecting this e book onto an interactive whiteboard. save paper by printing out only the pages you need. find what you need by performing a keyword search,and much more. For helpful teaching suggestions and creative ideas on how you can use the features of. this e book to enhance your classroom instruction visit www evan moor com ebooks. User Agreement, With the purchase of Evan Moor electronic materials you are granted a single user. license which entitles you to use or duplicate the content of this electronic book for. use within your classroom or home only Sharing materials or making copies for. additional individuals or schools is prohibited Evan Moor Corporation retains full. intellectual property rights on all its products and these rights extend to electronic. editions of books, If you would like to use this Evan Moor e book for additional purposes not outlined.
in the single user license described above please visit www evan moor com help. copyright aspx for an Application to Use Copyrighted Materials form. Correlated,to State Standards,www teaching standards com. This book is also available to view a correlation of. this book s activities,in a consumable student to your state s standards. practice book edition This is a free service,Benefit from the same targeted skills practice. in a time and money saving format,Save money,Consumable books reduce the cost of copying. to your school by at least 30,Say goodbye to copying collating and stapling.
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Andrea Weiss Making photocopies for additional classes. Copy Editing Cathy Harber,Art Direction Cheryl Puckett. or schools is prohibited, Cover Design Liliana Potigian For information about other Evan Moor products call 1 800 777 4362. Design Production Susan Bigger, fax 1 800 777 4332 or visit our Web site www evan moor com. Carolina Caird, Congratulations on your Entire contents 2008 EVAN MOOR CORP. purchase of some of the 18 Lower Ragsdale Drive Monterey CA 93940 5746 Printed in USA. nest teaching materials Visit teaching standards com to view a. in the world Correlated correlation of this book s activities to your. to State Standards state s standards This is a free service. How to Use This Book 4,Introducing the Six Traits 6.
Comprehensive Teacher Rubric 8,Unit 1 Ideas,Week 1 Choosing a Strong Idea 10. Convention Capitalizing Proper Nouns, Week 2 Writing a Topic Sentence and Supporting Details 16. Convention Possessive Nouns, Week 3 Developing Character Setting and Plot Ideas 22. Convention Punctuating Dialogue,Week 4 Elaborating on Ideas and Details 28. Convention Commas Between Adjectives,Week 5 Maintaining Your Focus 34.
Convention Commas in Dates and Addresses,Unit 2 Organization. Week 1 Sequencing 40,Convention Verb Tense Consistency. Week 2 Organizing Information Logically 46,Convention Homophones. Week 3 Organizing Information to Compare and Contrast 52. Convention Noun Pronoun Agreement,Week 4 Organizing to Persuade 58. Convention Using goodd and well, Week 5 Choosing Which Way to Organize Your Writing 64.
Convention Commas in a Series,Unit 3 Word Choice,Week 1 Writing Precise Descriptions 70. Convention Commas After Introductory Words and Phrases. Week 2 Writing About Action 76,Convention Using there their and they re. 2 Daily 6 Trait Writing EMC 6026 Evan Moor Corp,Week 3 Using Figurative Language 82. Convention Subject Verb Agreement, Week 4 Choosing the Right Words for Your Audience 88. Convention Correcting Run on Sentences,Week 5 Getting the Reader s Attention 94.
Convention Plural Nouns,Unit 4 Sentence Fluency,Week 1 Combining Sentences 100. Convention Commas in Compound Sentences,Week 2 Writing Complex Sentences 106. Convention Commas in Complex Sentences,Week 3 More Ways to Combine Sentences 112. Convention Compound Subject Verb Agreement,Week 4 Varying Sentence Beginnings 118. Convention Comma Review,Week 5 Writing a Smooth Paragraph 124.
Convention Correcting Run on Sentences,Unit 5 Voice. Week 1 Identifying Different Writing Voices 130,Convention Double Negatives. Week 2 Using Different Voices for Different Purposes 136. Convention Commas in a Series,Week 3 Using Voice in Poetry 142. Convention Homophones,Week 4 Writing from Different Points of View 148. Convention Using 1st 2nd and 3rd Person Pronouns,Week 5 Using Voice in Persuasive Writing 154.
Convention Using could have should have and would have. Proofreading Marks 160,Evan Moor Corp EMC 6026 Daily 6 Trait Writing 3. How to Use This Book, Daily 6 Trait Writing contains 25 weeks of mini lessons divided into five units Each unit provides five. weeks of scaffolded instruction focused on one of the following traits Ideas Organization Word. Choice Sentence Fluency and Voice See pages 6 9 for more information about each of these as. well as the sixth trait Conventions You may wish to teach each entire unit in consecutive order. or pick and choose the lessons within the unit, Each week of Daily 6 Trait Writing focuses on a specific skill within the primary trait as well as. one Convention skill The weeks follow a consistent five day format making Daily 6 Trait Writing. easy to use,Teacher Overview Pages,Trait Skill Reduced Pages Convention Skill. A specific writing skill for Reduced student pages. each trait is targeted provide sample answers,IDEAS Convention.
1 Capitalizing proper nouns, Refer to pages 6 and 7 to introduce or review the writing trait. DAY 1 Name Week 1 Day 1 Name Week 1 Day 3 DAY 3, Read the rule aloud Ask Which topic would you find Ideas. The best writing begins with a good topic Make your Ideas Choose ideas that will achieve your purpose. Read the rule aloud Say Good writers think about,topic as specific as possible. more interesting panda bears or a new baby panda at the their purpose for writing or what ideas they want to. zoo Say Most readers and writers find a specific topic A Read these informational paragraphs Both writers started with a similar A This essay was meant to persuade students to participate in team. communicate to their readers If you don t stay focused. more interesting than one that is too broad topic but the second writer narrowed it down to be more specific Fill in. the narrowing triangle for the second paragraph to show how the topic. sports Read the essay Then, Underline the negative ideas that the writer expresses that. on your purpose your reader may not get the point you re. was narrowed down do not support her purpose, Use proofreading marks to capitalize the proper nouns.
trying to make Guide students through the activities. Activity A Read the paragraph aloud Then ask Roller Coasters Topic. Roller coasters are exciting rides Every places to have fun Join a Team. Which paragraph is more interesting A Wild amusement park has at least one roller coaster. Playing on a sports team can be fun and educational One team sport. Activity A Read aloud the essay Ask What,amusement parks. Ride Why more specific has interesting details and every roller coaster has cars running on. tracks The tracks rise to great heights and the, that some students enjoy is baseball The barkeyville blast baseball team was the purpose of this essay supposed to be to. coasters practices every thursday afternoon Sometimes. y don t feel like, about a particular coaster cars climb slowly After the climb the cars fall. fast down the steep dips causing riders to scream,practicing. p g especially,p y when the weather is not great,g but they.
y have to convince students to join a sports team Does the. practice anyway,p y y The long,g practices,p can make it hard to get. g homework done, too Playing on a soccer team also takes a lot of time and co. coach allen yells, writer do this Would this essay persuade you to join. Say One way to make your topic more specific is to use A Wild Ride Topic at p. you don t make the p,y time he ll make y,a sports team in her town no Why not She tells. feel really, a narrowing triangle Draw a large inverted triangle Wild Goose Pa.
outside of Wi,Park is located five miles,Williamsville The first roller. places to have fun, Our community also has an ice hockey team for kids The team is mostly the negative things about team sports. on the board and write the following inside in a coaster in the state was built in this old park amusement parks coached by mr bordasian He is much nicer than the baseball coach but. g down on the hard ice can really, y hurt Interested students should call Have students underline the specific ideas that. over 100 years ago Known as the Wild Goose, column snacks salty snacks pretzels Klein s Chase it was designed by Jay T Allen Jr. Chase Jr Wild Goose Park ms graf, g at the barkeyville department of recreation for more information.
do not suit the purpose, It s still there Although the cars on the about joining a team. Pretzel Twists Point out that you narrowed the tracks are not the original ones they are. rides at Wild,Goose Park, topic by getting more and more specific painted to look like the geese that swim in the. lake at the center of the park A ride on the,Wild Goose. B What ideas could the writer of the essay have included to better. achieve her purpose List four positive things about team sports Convention Have students capitalize the proper. that she could have written about Sample Answers,Wild Goose Chase coaster is a must for any. 1 It s a g,meet other kids in the community,nouns on their own Review the answers as a class.
Call students attention to the triangle next to the visitor to this historic park. 2 You get to go out for pizza after every game, first paragraph and discuss what it shows how B Underline all of the proper nouns in A Wild Ride. It ss a good way to get exercise Activity B Ask What should the writer have focused. the writer narrowed the topic down to coasters Circle their capital letters 4 It will make you a better player if you want to make the team in high school. school on to persuade you the good things about team. Then guide students in filling in the triangle next 12 IDE S. IDEAS Daily 6 Trait Writing EMC 6026 Evan Moor Corp 14 IDE S. IDEAS Daily 6 Trait Writing EMC 6026 Evan Moor Corp sports Brainstorm details that the writer could. to the second paragraph to show how the topic have included Have students complete the activity. was narrowed down even further, Activity B Convention Say When choosing Name Week 1 Day 2 Name Week 1 Day 4 DAY 4. your ideas you want to be clear and specific One way Ideas Be sure your topic is appropriate for your audience Ideas. Be sure your topic and ideas suit your purpose Read the rule aloud Then guide students through the. and audience, to do this is to use proper nouns Review that proper activities. nouns are specific people places and things and Read this paragraph It was written for the newsletter of the Outdoor A Imagine that you have been asked to write an editorial for your school. are always capitalized Ask Which paragraph used Adventurers Club Use proofreading marks to capitalize the proper nouns. Then answer the questions, newspaper First think about your audience by answering the questions. Sample Answers, Activity A Say An editorial is a type of writing in.
1 Who reads the school newspaper students teachers parents. p other people, proper nouns to be more specific A Wild Ride My Favorite Weekend Activity. who work at the school, which you express your opinion on a topic and try to. Have students complete the activity If you re looking for something fun to do next weekend learn to play. zorn s outer space, z s battle It s a cool new computer game by a company 2 What are some topics that your audience cares about what is happening. pp g in the, convince your audience to agree with you Editorials. called galaxy, g Not only do you get to fly a spaceship but you also school problems.
schoo pro ms inn the,schoo what individual,and tteachers. are often appear in newspapers or magazines Ask Who. create alien monsters Just be sure to read the directions I learned that doing how to make the school better. Daily Academic Vocabulary 160 reproducible pages plus 32 transparencies Grade 2 EMC 2758 PRO Grade 3 EMC 2759 PRO Grade 4 EMC 2760 PRO Grade 5 EMC 2761 PRO Grade 6 EMC 2762 PRO Daily Paragraph Editing 176 reproducible pages Grade 2 EMC 2725 PRO Grade 3 EMC 2726 PRO Grade 4 EMC 2727 PRO Grade 5 EMC 2728 PRO Grade 6 EMC 2729 PRO

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